Where is America?

       I remember years ago when someone came up with the unique idea of placing missing people's faces unto milk cartons for all of America to see.  Unfortunately, it appears that America's face needs to also be placed onto a milk carton because America is missing.  Where is our once great nation?  What happened? 

How is it that our dollar has become so weak against the Euro?  It now costs $1.36 to buy one Euro.  For the first time in 45 years, the U.S. has no agricultural surplus.  The national trade deficit is widening more and more.  Does America even produce anything anymore worth exporting?  Where is America?

Manufacturing jobs have fled America by the millions.  It's sickening.  While American corporations move their manufacturing plants to foreign nations to exploit children and the poor, Americans are left without jobs.  When General Motors closed down their Flint Michigan assembly plant in the late 1980's, they fired 30,000 workers.  A plant was opened in Mexico which paid Mexican laborers a whopping 70 cents per hour. 

Of course, half the city of Flint Michigan ended up on welfare within a year.  Why did our government leaders allow this tragedy to happen?  Why was nothing done to prevent this from happening again?  Where is my country?

Only 12% of the steel used in America is actually manufactured here.  The rest is all imported from China and other nations.  In 2004, hundreds of American auto part companies faced bankruptcy because of the price of steel doubling.  China is building their cities so fast that there is a strong demand for steel.  The price of steel doubled to over $600 per coil.  Why should American companies suffer because nearly all of our steel is imported?  It is crazy!  Where is our common sense?

Where is America?  What Enron executives committed and got away with is appalling!  The White House and other top government agencies basically looked the other way.  A few slapping of the hands, no one actually goes to prison.  Hundreds of millions of dollars were STOLEN from the American people.  Why was this great evil not justly handled?  Why the cover-up and blatant injustice?  Where is the judicial branch of our government?  Even K-mart attributed their bankruptcy in part to Enron's crimes and that of accounting firm Arthur Anderson.  Where is justice?

Over 45,000,000 babies have been murdered.  Why has this mass killing machine been allowed to continue for decades?  Where is responsibility?  Where is fidelity?  Where is decency?  The American citizens are the laughing stock of the world.  How dare we wallow in the pleasures of life with NO regard nor accountability for our actions.  We are an irresponsible nation. 

Our children are smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.  Hollywood, movies and the music industry target young people and expose them to lasciviousness and perversion (all in the name of making more money).  Where is decency?  Where is innocence?  America's youth have lost the beauty of innocence!  Why has this been taken from them?  Sex education is an utter complete failure in the public school system.  It should be eradicated. 

Where is America?  Where are the churches against abortion?  Where are the churches against government evils?  Where are the churches against the police state which is forming?  Where are the churches against the Patriot Acts?  Something must be done soon.  America's churches are also missing.  Where are the churches?  Where are the men of God?  Where are the Billy Sundays? 

I ask you from my heart, where is America?

Do you know your Bill of Rights?

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

—Thomas Jefferson

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