Bill O'Reilly On Bush, Terrorism And Torture

by David J. Stewart
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       I was watching CNN the other day and heard Bill O' Reilly say some really disturbing things.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing... talk about misinformation.  Though I admire O'Reilly's directness and agree with many of his views, I certainly do NOT agree with him on the issues of Bush, terrorism and torture.

O'Reilly said that President Bush's many critics had much to complain about but none of them offered any solutions on how to deal with the terrorists.   The problem with O'Reilly's reasoning is that it is based upon the assumption that there are terrorists in the first place.  Folks, there are NO terrorists!   As shocking as a statement like this may be to the typical TV enamored American, it is a fact.  No wonder God calls us "sheep" (Isaiah 53:6).  People can appropriately be called "sheeple."  The average brainwashed American believes almost everything he or she hears on the TV.  If it's on TV for everyone to hear, then it must be true, right?  Wrong!  Much of the propaganda we hear over the radio and TV is deigned to misinform us, to keep us in the dark, and to give moral cowards an excuse not to face the truth.  Most people are indifferent concerning the truth, they refuse to investigate anything.

Actually, there are terrorists, but they're not the terrorists you have erroneously been led to believe.  Bin Laden is not a terrorist, he is an asset of the CIA.  The CIA trained, groomed and fine-tuned these "terrorists."  Bin laden is probably living it up on some island in the pacific (along with Tim McVeigh, who was still breathing according to a WLS reporting after he was pronounced legally dead).  Saddam Hussein was never a terrorist!  Did he ever threaten America?  No!  Did Saddam ever attack America?  No!  Did the Bush Administration ever find even one shred of evidence linking Iraq to 911?  No!  Were the weapons of mass destruction ever found?  No! How about this mysterious group called "Al-Qaeda?"  Where and who are they?  No one knows!  The reason is because Al-Qaeda is a creation of the CIA.

Al-Qaeda is CIA!  Do you mean that the U.S. government is behind all these terrorist attacks?  Yes, that is exactly true!  But you ask, "Why in tarnation would our own leaders do such a diabolical and evil thing to their own people?"  The answer is simple...To create a police state.  To invade Afghanistan (world's largest producer of opium...heroin).  To build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan.  To invade Iraq.  To rip off another $280,000,000,000 from the American people.  To steal Iraq's oil.  To gain power and control over people.  To build a New World Order!  To scare us to death of an undefined, ambiguous, undisclosed, invisible, indefinite enemy.  Think about it..."TERRORISM" is the PERFECT enemy because it CANNOT be defeated.  How can you defeat something that only exists in the news?

Shortly after 911, within months the Patriot Act was passed.  Members of congress weren't even given time to read the legislation before it was voted on.  Why did congress foolishly vote for such a damning piece of anti-American law which eviscerates much of our Bill of Rights?  The answer is simple, because congress is as scared of the "terrorists" as the average American is.  Folks, we have been duped!  George W. Bush signed presidential directive W199i prohibiting the FBI from investigating the alleged terrorists.  Why would the president protect suspect criminals

As a matter of FACT, FBI Deputy Director, John O' Neil, resigned from his job because he felt that the government's administration was blocking the FBI from investigating the Bin Laden's and other terrorist suspects.  Why would Mr. Bush do such a thing to obstruct justice?  John O' Neil was given a new job as Security Director of the Trade Towers in New York.  He was killed his FIRST DAY on the job when the towers collapsed...on 911.  It doesn't get much more obvious than this folks...John O, Neil was murdered to keep him from talking later on.

Nationally known lawyer, David Schippers, is representing several former FBI and CIA employees who are suing the government for blocking their investigation of the terrorists.  The Justice Department refuses to even speak with David Schippers on behalf of his clients.  Why would the Justice Department ignore such credible evidence?  The answer is obvious.

So Mr. O'Reilly, the real terrorists are not in Iraq or Afghanistan, they are employed by the citizens of the U.S.  We are paying their salaries.  I am not saying that the American government is evil, I am saying that there are evil people lurking within our government at the highest levels.  W199i is a smoking gun.

Bill O'Reilly also commented that the terrorists would use a nuclear bomb against us if they had one.  He stressed for us Americans to keep this thought in mind the next time we hear reports of abuse and torture occurring at terrorists detention camps.  Whoa!  Mr. Reilly, are you condoning torture?  Again, what terrorists?  The men of Iraq are NOT TERRORISTS!  Has the whole United States gone wacko?  Show me one piece of evidence inking Iraq to 911.  You can't.  The Bush administration  looked like a bunch of idiots after invading a sovereign nation on the BASIS OF LIES.   Where are the dreaded weapons of mass destruction?   With all of our military intelligence and technology, don't tell me that we made a mistake.  No, we have a bunch of liars running (and ruining) our country. 

As are many journalists, I believe that Bill O' Reilly is a moral coward.  Dan rather was made an example to anyone else who dares veer off the main stream propaganda path.  In my opinion, O'Reilly is afraid to speak the truth (afraid of losing his career).   I have the utmost admiration for Dan Rather for exposing the truth.  Though he was lynched by the higher powers and his cowardly peers, his news was indeed accurate.   George Bush never went to Vietnam, he was protected by his daddy.  The truth is very lonely these days, most people run from it like the black plague.  I wish Dan Rather would have featured presidential directive W199i.  I hope Dan Rather writes a book, but then again, he might not live to publish it if anyone finds out before.   Already, many authors have mysteriously committed suicide who were attempting to write biographies about Jr. Bush.

Is Bush the antichrist?  Do you remember the woman who claimed that George W. Bush raped her and then she was found dead (with a bullet in the back of her head) weeks later?  Do a web search under "Bush rapes woman."  it's sickening.

I don't hate President Bush, I hate evil as the Bible commands me to (Psalm 94:10).  God hates evil and so should we.  George Bush is no Christian.  If you can't see that, then you need God yourself.  It is so disgusting to know that most Christians back George W. Bush 100%.  I was taught in religious circles when I was being trained that we should always have complete unwavering loyalty to authority, no matter what.  Well, that's what the devil wants.  I'm not a rebel and I hate anarchy.  I believe that we are obligated Scripturally to OBEY the higher powers, but God is much higher than any human government.

There are foolish Christians all across America that have unquestioned loyalty for their president, George W. Bush.  Yet, those SAME Christians would never in a thousand years allow a practicing Freemason or a mass murderer to be respectable members of their churches.  George Bush is a mass murderer, responsible for the deaths of tens-of-thousands of Iraqis who did no evil.  As a member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, he is a friend of Satan.  What about Enron Mr. Bush?  What about the environment in Texas Mr. Bush?  Why do you want us to carry a National ID Card?  Why do you want to force our children to be mentally-screened?

Open your eyes sheeple, God never commanded us in the Bible to have blind loyalty for a heathen government.  If Christians keep looking the other way while our government robs more and more of our freedoms and money, we will become VICTIMS of our own foolish negligence and arrogant indifference.  You can get mad at me if you want, you are being loyal to an occult controlled criminal.   Did you know that Mr. Bush gave $288,000,000 to Planned Murderhood last year?

Bill O'Reilly made President Bush look like a good president who is doing the best he can.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The people like me who are criticizing the evils being committed by the Bush administration have plenty of solutions...arrest President Bush and his accomplices for treason, conspiracy against the American people, mass murder, lying, license, obstruction of justice, falsification of evidence, aiding and abetting terrorists, and for betraying an oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution!!!  Benedict Arnold is a national hero compared to George W. Bush.  I will criticize anyone who causes the deaths of tens-of-thousands of innocent people.  Even America's own youth have been sent off to die needlessly by the thousands.  For those who aren't killed in the battle, they'll return home with all sorts of illnesses due to the horrifying consequence of DU (Depleted Uranium).

The news media has brainwashed the average American to accept torture as a viable means of protecting us against, oh my...terrorists.  I realize that there are crazy people in this world who like to go around blowing things up, but our government blows up more things than anyone.  We are the only nation to ever have nuked another country, Japan.   Why is it that America can invade other nations, but they dare not do the same?  Who are we to tout about "human rights?"  We are the abortion center of the world!  We've been brainwashed!  The FBI has released the most bizarre warnings to the American public about exploding model airplanes and exploding pens... do you really buy this crap?

Com' on folks, they're trying to scare us into a police state, and we're falling for it hook, line, and sinker.   Why is the U.S. military torturing Iraq's men?  What evil did they commit against America?  Furthermore, why would hundreds-of-thousands of Iraqi men defend Saddam if he was such a monster?  Did you ever stop to think that perhaps they are defending their country, just like we would America?  You had better wake up sheeple, because foreign troops will one day invade America.  We are a vulnerable people, placing our blind trust in a government that has BETRAYED us in every way.

I disagree strongly with Bill O'Reilly, we "Bush-whackers" have plenty of solutions, but their is NO JUSTICE anymore in the United States.  Our own FBI was prevented from doing their duty and job.  How about that Mr. O'Reilly?  I have a solution Mr. O'Reilly, why don't you call attorney David Schippers and arrange to interview all the former CIA and FBI employees he's representing to hear their allegations against the Bush administration.  Why don't you find out WHY president Bush signed W199i to hinder the FBI's and the Defense Department's efforts to investigate the terrorists?

Okay Mr. O'Reilly, I'd recommend that you interview the firefighters of 911 who have stated publicly that they believe the trade towers were detonated from within with explosives.  How about Larry Silverstein, the owner of WTC building # 7 (which no plane ever struck...yet it fell to the ground the afternoon of 911)?  Why don't you interview Mr. Silverstein who stated publicly in an interview that the feds asked if they could "pull" his building.  What about FEMA, who was already getting positioned in New York the evening before 911?  How about the several top Washington officials, including the mayor of Washington DC, who said they were warned not to fly the morning of 911?

The Truth About 911

You can be blind Mr. O'Reilly if you want to, but the truth is right in your face.  Torture is wrong, especially when the people you are torturing have no information to share.  It's not about obtaining's about psychological warfare, dehumanizing it's victims.  Listen folks, American is under NO threat from any terrorists.  If there is a horrific attack in this nation, you can be assured that it will come from within our own government.  Don't believe the lies on the TV coming from CNN and Fox News.  Don't believe anything coming from the mainstream media until you've done your homework.   A recent article in Popular Mechanic's magazine debunking the myth's of 911 was a hoax.  The man who wrote the article is a cousin of the new director of Homeland Security.

When it comes to Bush, terrorism and'll have to get the truth from somewhere other than the mainstream news media because they're NOT going to give you honest journalism for fear of ending up like Dan Rather, or worse...James Hatfield. END

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” —Thomas Jefferson.

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