There is NO U.S. War On Drugs!


The Rise Of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction

(Note: The preceding video titled, “THE OXYCONTIN EXPRESS,” is being censored from YouTube. If this link goes dead,
please search the internet under the same title for new uploads. Truth is being suppressed!!! You've got to see this documentary!)

Read “Heroine Hits Small-Town America

U.S. Government Admits they Deal Heroin, Terrorize Families for Pot

From the fraudulent War On Terror, to the fraudulent War on Drugs, to the fraudulent War On Illiteracy, American citizens have been woefully deceived and lied to by our entrusted leaders. 

It has been proven that anytime the U.S. government declares a war on anything, the problem only gets much worse. Who's kidding who?

The Grand Deception

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U.S. Hypocritical When it Comes to Drugs

While the U.S. FDA and federal government has been waging a phony and hypocritical “war on drugs” as an easy way to increase repression in inner cities, and confiscate millions of dollars in private assets through unconstitutional forfeiture laws in order to fund its burgeoning police state, it has also been an active participant in the illegal drug trade using public resources to bring heroin and cocaine into American inner cities since the 1960's. Crime is managed and the money is laundered.

Across America government leaders are complicit to evil. The state of Florida was complicit in allowing pill mills all over Florida until late 2011 (due to public outcry over record overdose deaths).

The most recent scandal involved the Central Intelligence Agency selling crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles in order to fund the U.S. covert war against the people of Nicaragua.

While the CIA's heavy involvement in the drug trade (and especially the crack cocaine trade), has been well documented by scholars such as Dr. Peter Dale Scott at least since the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980s, the mass media are only now beginning to take notice. And even when they do take notice, most of the sheep-like journalists and anchor-people continue to parrot the absurd government line in contradiction to the blatant facts (which are available to anyone who reads beyond the corporate bullcrap summaries of government press releases). The newsmedia are liars!

Dr. Ron Paul Blasts
the War On Drugs!

7,000,000 Americans are presently behind bars, at least half of those are for minor drug offences!

Kansas Mother With 1/16 oz.
Cocaine Gets
Life In Prison!

(Yet Ricky "Freeway" Ross is out free after selling hundreds-of-millions in street cocaine under the freeways of Los Angeles for years! Justice is very human!!!)

The enemy is coming in
like a flood! (Isaiah 59:19)

America Run By
Criminal Syndicate!

It's the 11th hour, the 59th minute and the 59th second of America's freedom. Stand now or lose the country!

Jim Wallis’ Drug War Deceit

7,100,000 Americans Are Now Incarcerated In Prison Because Of The Bogus War On Drugs!

According to retired FBI agent Gary Aldrich, in his book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, pg. 105-106, when First Lady Hillary Clinton was in charge of the White House Christmas tree, her idea of festive ornaments included crack pipes, condoms and various sex toys.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The biggest conspiracy theory is
that there are no conspiracies!

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time” —U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

Making a Killing: The Untold
Story of Psychotropic Drugging

The Marketing Of Madness:
Truth About Psychotropic Drugs

There is no justice when it comes to the banks, U.S. government and illegal drug-trafficking!

Ecclesiastes 5:8, "If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they."

Remedy To The Drug War

Prisons ARE the problem!!! The answer to the U.S. drug problem is immediate public whip lashings or death penalty for all convicted drug-dealers!!! ...

Ecclesiastes 8:11, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Locking offenders in a cage destroys families, it doesn't better society. This foolish woman thinks drug dealers aren't to blame. Yeah right! The Bible plainly teaches that delayed justice promotes more CRIME! Let God be TRUE but every man a LIAR!

The drug cartels will NEVER stop what they are doing. They must be destroyed! The Holy Bible has the answer! As long as drug dealers avoid the death penalty, they will continue to destroy families. If the government really wanted to stop the drug-trafficking, they could! They want it to continue, evidenced by the U.S. military protecting the poppy fields in Afghanistan, where over 90% of the world's heroine comes from! It's a trillion dollar racket!

(a needful video sermon by Pastor Danny Castle)

(a 2 Hr. 17 Min. free video by former LAPD narcotics detective, Mike Ruppert, who exposes the CIA drug trade into the U.S. and the true agenda behind the 911 attacks. Please watch this!)

The U.S. Justice Department Protected the criminal HSBC Bank, who laundered $800,000,000 in drug cartel money! Nobody was arrested! HSBC are above the law, literally!!! This is a criminal scheme to look the other way, an intentional plot to commit crime, and it is ongoing in the big banks!!!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Former LAPD Detective, Michael C. Ruppert, 
Exposes Criminal CIA Drug-Trafficking!

Former narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert, and author of “The Truth and Lies of 911,” was forced out of the LAPD in 1977 when he exposed evidence of drug trafficking by the CIA. This is one of his first appearances caught on Video in 1997 at the Granada Forum in Tarzana, CA. Topic is “CIA Drug Running”

George H. Bush In Charge
Of South Florida Anti-Drug Unit!

CIA Created in 1947 by Wall Street
Investment Bankers And Lawyers
(U.S. run by banking cabal)

Heroin Overdose Deaths Nearly
Quadruple In 13 Years In United States
(11-fold in Midwest!)

I'm not for anybody taking recreational drugs. However, I am for the decriminalization of drugs simply because the international Banksters make a startling $500,000,000,000 (500 BILLION DOLLARS) a year just in the United States by trafficking the drugs into the country. Hundreds of books, films, videos, investigations and testimonies have been documented evidencing the matter. One of the most popular is DARK ALLIANCE by Gary Webb, who was murdered by the criminal syndicate. The CIA has been identified time-and-time again, involved in trafficking drugs into our country. This webpage that I've created merely touches the tip of the iceberg, but it is intended to spark your interest and hopefully you'll research the subject further to become aware.

Mexican Drug Cartels Have
Infiltrated All Of These U.S. Cities!

90% Of World's Heroin Coming Out Of CIA-Illuminati Thug-Controlled Afghanistan Crime Nation!

Narco News Bulletin

WHITEOUT: The CIA, Drugs & The Press

Job 9:24a, “The earth is given into the hand of the wicked...”

50 Years of Drug-dealing by the CIA

Oliver North -Drug Trafficking Hero!

Opium Brides
(heroine & 7-year old girls taken
in Afghanistan for pedophile global elite)

Hell Will Be Hot!

(backup... video's being censored!)

OXYCODONE HITS SMALL-TOWN AMERICA!!! The blood of millions of families is on the hands of Florida's leaders for allowing Pill mills to operates for decades. In just the last 6 months of 2008, 50 Florida doctor's carelessly prescribed over 9,000,000 Oxycodone pills. Most of the customer's came from out of state. Drug dealers nationwide came to Florida to stock up, selling the pills for 10 times their cost. Millions of families throughout Kentucky, North Carolina and across the nation were adversely affected. Many “Pill Billies” died from overdose!!! A Kentucky sheriff said, “All the profits are in Florida, but all the pain is up here!” While the drug-dealing doctors were untouchable, thousands of Americans went to prison for selling the drugs to put food on the table. There's no excuse for wrongdoing, ever, but the rich elite have put Americans in this situation. Baltimore is selling ads on firetrucks!

Privatized Prisons And
The Global Drug Syndicate

How the War On
Drugs Scam Works!

Lying Godless Newsmedia

Few people realize that the owners of the Federal Reserve Banking system are behind the economic destructive of America!!!

America's Economic Woes Are
Not That Hard To Figure Out!

The government brings in the illegal drugs to America, and then pays addicted mothers to be sterilized. Groups like Project Prevention hide behind extreme cases to justify sterilization as the norm (most of whom are African American). So at a weak time in their life, when they're battling drug addiction, the best solution society can come up with is to first make sure you never have any children again! You're finished in the game of motherhood. And yet, illegal drugs continue to flood into America, while government CIA planes loaded to the ceiling with 4 tons of cocaine crash while coming into the United States. God sees this blatant evil and Hell will be hot enough!

"If we stuck to the Constitution as written, we would have: no federal meddling in our schools; no Federal Reserve; no U. S. membership in the U.N.; no gun control; and no foreign aid. We would have no welfare for big corporations, or the "poor"; No American troops in 100 foreign countries; no NAFTA, GATT, or "fast-track"; no arrogant federal judges usurping states rights; no attacks on private property; and no income tax. We can get rid of most of the cabinet departments, most of the agencies, and most of the budget. The government would be small, frugal, and limited." ~CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL

Government's sole purpose is to
protect our person, property, and freedoms―that's it!

Drugs & Human Trafficking

Heroin Afghan Drug Wars 1 Of 4
(global elite use U.S. and NATO troops
to support pedophilia and heroine)

Frontline On Opium Brides!

Psychiatry Documentary!!!

(it's massive medical fraud!!!)

If you're foolish enough to smoke
cigarettes, don't you dare complain
about drug addiction!!!

Commander William Guy Carr says:

Satanism controls also all that is evil in this world: all that serves the Devil’s negative purposes. Take drug peddling! Only the pushers, never those who control it AT THE TOP are prosecuted Satanists could not control illegal traffic and trade, and use that control to enslave thousands of victims, and blackmail other thousands of influential people, if the traffic and trade wasn’t made illegal in the first place. What we are trying to say is this: if legislation, supposedly passed to protect humanity against the powers of evil, had never been passed, a few individuals, who lacked the self-control would suffer the result of their immoderation. But once legislation makes the selling or possession of a commodity a crime, the Synagogue of Satan can then form syndicates which operate to defeat the ends of justice while making millions of dollars profit for themselves. Thus they extend their powers from individuals to organizations, societies, and governments. I realize some readers will think this is a terrible thing to say, but prohibitory legislation is against God’s plan. SOURCE: Commander William Guy Carr (1895-1959), “Satan: Prince Of This World,” Pg. 40.

If you DO GOOD,
it will BE GOOD!

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words...

Gary Webb—Murdered By CIA?
(I clearly think Gary was murdered! The only way you can shoot yourself TWICE
in the head with a shotgun is if you miss the first time! There's no way Gary killed himself.)

Invasion Of The Drug Cartels Chart

Evidence Begins To Indicate Gary Webb Was Murdered!

Gary Webb—Murdered by CIA?

Scum lobbyists have paid off lawmakers to extend prison
sentences to boost
Corrections Corporation of America profits

“Freeway” Ricky Ross, released from prison in 2009, ran what was known as the Wal-Mart of crack cocaine. Ricky cornered the crack market, using his gang contacts to deal drugs in other cities nationwide. Journalist Gary Webb interviewed Ross in prison, and Ross provided a name establishing a CIA connected according to Webb; but then Gary Webb ended up dead with 2 shotguns slugs to the head (ruled a suicide). Right!

Former LAPD narcotics office, Mike Ruppert says that the CIA is trafficking drugs into the U.S. Search Mike Ruppert's site for "drugs CIA." I did and over 300 webpages came up.

Notice the foreword by Congresswoman Maxine Waters! This is no conspiracy theory. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has also spoken out against this woeful evil lurking within our government. Journalist Gary Webb was found with 2 shotgun slugs in his head. Suicide? I don't think so. The official autopsy ruled Webb's death a suicide. The only way a person can shoot them self in the head twice with a shotgun is if they miss the first time. The CIA assassinated Webb to silence him.

(a needful video sermon by Pastor Danny Castle)

The Bogus War On Drugs!

Every time the federal government declares a war on something, the problem becomes much worse. The War on Education has failed. Teens coming out of public schools are dumber today than ever before in U.S. history. The War on Terror is a big fraud, intended to scare U.S. citizens into submission to increasing tyranny and oppression. The War on Obesity is not working. Our foods are served in gigantic proportions, loaded down with fructose corn-syrup (which causes obesity).

If you vote Democrat or Republican, you are part of the problem. We need a new government or America WILL face certain financial, economic and moral doom. Wall Street is Washington D.C. and Washington D.C. is Wall Street. All recent U.S. Presidents have appointed dozens of Wall Street insiders to work in head positions of government. Please watch the free 1:53 hour online video: THE OBAMA DECEPTION to learn the frightening truth. I am not a REVOLUTIONIST; but rather, a RESTITUTIONALIST, i.e., I believe that we ought to restore the U.S. Constitution and get back to small government. That is what Texas Congressman Ron Paul stands for, and I stand behind him 100% on that issue.

The Globalists know that the average American is ignorant, cowardly, and naive. The CIA are trafficking the illegal drugs into the United States. The evidence is solid, overwhelming, and irrefutable. If you love thy neighbor as thyself as God commanded in the Bible, then you should care.

Americans are being sentenced to life in prison for minor possession, being forced to work as slaves making license plates to help bring down real wages (just like all the illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. are bringing down real wages); while Wall Street bankers working through the fraudulent Federal Reserve system have stolen $23,700,000,000,000 just in 2009 and 2010. It is evil beyond description. America is in big trouble! You can rest assure God is very angry! Judgment Day is coming (Hebrews 9:27).

The drug war is rigged. The stock market is rigged. The war on terror is rigged. The housing market is rigged. The medical industry is rigged. The music industry is rigged. Even the religious community has been rigged to serve the almighty State. It's all a big stinking market of slavery! America has become the land of the cowards and the home of the slaves. The merger of State and corporate powers is called fascism. This is not Socialism in America today; it is Communist tyranny and Nazi Fascism!

Countless police have been caught on video planting drugs on innocent people. The victims have their homes confiscated and lose everything, going to prison. It's a gangster mafia ladies and gentleman, all operated and owned by offshore banks (rightfully called "Banksters" by author, William Guy Carr). This scam has been going on for a century. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the most hideous evil to ever overtake the U.S. government, plunging America into the Great Depression and the bankruptcy of the U.S. government in 1933. Today in the U.S., we are in debt for TRILLIONS of dollars to the privately owned Federal Reserve criminal gang who are shamelessly STEALING everything we own.

In Mexico, politicians and lawmakers have been murdered for trying to shut down the illegal drug cartel. It's now happening in America. This is all a raw exercise of tyranny and abuse of power. Fox News even reported in May of 2010 that the U.S. has no choice but to grow poppy (heroin) in Afghanistan or else the terrorists will do it instead. What a bunch of lying propaganda! The mainstream newsmedia are a bunch of paid LIARS, media whores, who have sold their souls to Satan for filthy lucre! “Hell hath enlarged herself” (Isaiah 5:14). Evil people like the mainstream newsmedia don't care. They lie to please their network bosses. They don't care about suffering people. All that matters is their multi-million dollar salaries. They're all going to Hell.

If you're a Christian who is loyal to the Republican Party, you had better get down on your knees and beg God to open your eyes to the blatant wickedness that exists within BOTH parties. The left/right paradigm is a big scam intended to divide and conquer the American people. The same politicians who seem to devour one another in the newsmedia, golf and vacation together in reality. It's all a big fake show intended to deceive the public. Tragically, most people are sold out to either the Democrat or Republican parties, but there's not a dime's difference between the globalist agendas of both parties. The globalist agendas of the occult-inspired elite are all aimed at achieving a New World Order, i.e., the Beast system of the coming Antichrist.

The CIA is bringing illegal drugs into America to sell on our streets. Our children are dying and our neighborhoods are suffering. Every U.S. President since John F. Kennedy have been puppets of the Globalist elite, the scumbags behind the New World Order. You don't get to be President of the United States unless you can keep your mouth shut and play the game. Reagan's alleged would-be assassin shot him with a .22 caliber. Obviously no one wanted him killed. The malicious attack was meant to scare him to submit. I believe the same thing happened when George W. Bush had a beat up face, claiming he fell while choking on a pretzel. Right? And I'm Buck Rogers in outer space. They're all puppets in a global scheme to destroy America

Don't be stupid, look into this matter because you will be an accomplice if you vote for these people after reading this. Our Representatives in Congress have repeatedly warned us that the CIA is involved with illegal dru7g trafficking into America. Here's a video of Congressman Ron Paul from 1988 speaking out against the government's illegal drug trafficking. Here is a recent video of Dr. Ron Paul in 2010 decrying the CIA as a government unto themselves, who are involved with the drug business, war and assassinations. Here again is Dr. Paul commenting on the CIA's assassination policy.

There is much spiritual wickedness in high places, including the CIA's opium drug business in Afghanistan. Afghanistan produces 90% of the world's heroine supply (a half-trillion dollars worth). They control the U.S. military, exploiting our children in the military as heroin farmers in Afghanistan. Russia complained to NATO in 2010, calling for the destruction of Afghan's opium crops because of the 70,000 Russians dying every year from heroine addiction. NATO said no way! The evil is massive, the stench reaches into the heavens, and you had better believe God sees what's going on. Ecclesiastes 5:8, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.” ~David J. Stewart


Listen to former LAPD narcotics office, Mike Ruppert at

Top Secret CIA Drug Smuggling Operations  |  The CIA and the War on Drugs!

The Government's Dirty Little Secrets  |  Mother gets life in prison for drug possession

How The CIA Plants New Stories In The Media
(I've noticed that they do it a lot [called psyops] to discredit a source. For example: They'll upload their own YouTube video, pretending
to tell the truth about Sandyhook, but then they'll talk about aliens and bizarre subjects to link the truth with nut case groups.)

The CIA's Drug-Trafficking Activities (The CIA, America's Premier International Terrorist Organization)

Uncovering The Pedophile World Of “Bacha Bazi”
(the sexual trade of Afghan's boys)

Heroin Afghan Drug Wars 1 of 4
(global elite use troops to support pedophilia and heroin)

Heroine Drug War
(Note: Any videos exposing the CIA, U.S. government, Afghan Heroine or related criminal activities are being censored from YouTube. If these links go dead on this page, please search the internet under the same title for new uploads. Truth is being suppressed!!! You've got to see this documentary!)



7.1 Million Americans are in Prison system so Corporations can Profit from your Tax money!

Gangs Without Borders

The popular perception of illegal aliens crossing our southern border is that they are merely poor Mexicans trying to find a better life here. But increasingly, the border is being crossed by hardened, often violent criminals. During the past five months, more than 42,000 of the illegal aliens caught at the border were convicted criminals or people being sought in connection with crimes, according to federal officials. About 139,000 of the illegal aliens arrested last year fell into the same category.

Mexican Cartels Rule Drug Trade, Gangs across the border now top supplier to U.S.
Mexico's drug gangs have been highly successful in the past two decades, gradually replacing Colombian gangs in the United States to control the profitable distribution of cocaine from coast to coast. Colombia remains the world's largest producer, but Larry Holifield, the DEA's director for Mexico and Central America, says Mexican cartels are now the most powerful in the world. In 2003, Mexican traffickers supplied 77 percent of the cocaine that entered the US. Last year, it was 92 percent, Anthony Placido, the top DEA intelligence official, told a congressional panel in June.

Mexican gangs also dominate the growing methamphetamine trade, producing 53 percent of the drugs on the market in "super-labs" in Mexico as the U.S. tightens its laws. Much of the rest is made in clandestine labs in California, also run by Mexicans, U.S. officials say. And as has been the case for nearly 100 years, Mexico is the biggest marijuana supplier to the United States and produces nearly half the heroin consumed north of the border, behind only Colombia.

The drug trade permeates life in Mexico. In Miguel Aleman, drug traffickers boost the local economy and rule with a combination of fear and awe, threatening or bribing anyone who dares to try to stop them. In this city of 35,000 across from Roma, Texas, hit men are easily identified by their bulletproof pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. The traffickers have lookouts at every entrance to the city and informants on bicycles looking for anyone suspicious, townspeople say. They will photograph newcomers, including reporters, and question strangers.

SOURCE: Illegal Alien Gangs in America News

Privatized Prisons And The Global Drug Syndicate

The Biggest Drug Dealers In America Are Our Politicians

Shockingly, George H. Bush (senior) was in charge of the anti-drug efforts in South Florida. In reality Bush Sr. was the biggest drug dealer of them all...

In the 1980s, Daddy Bush, actually running the White House, and former head of the American secret political police, was in perfect position to be part of the drug trafficking. The elder Bush was the head of the South Florida Anti-Drug Project, supposedly clamping down on drug trafficking from Colombia to Mexico.

During the 1980s, U.S. drug enforcement was near totally compromised and corrupted. A huge, heavy opus, mentioned in a moment, tells how the top people in the elite units of U.S. drug enforcement actually worked the other side.

From time to time, they went to parties at palacial estates in Mexico and elsewhere owned and operated by the major druglords. The drug police rubbed elbows there with movie stars and bigshots from Hollywood, users as well as traffickers with dope. [In recent years. George W. Bush, William Rockefeller Clinton, and Mexico President Vicente Fox have visited and stayed at the estates of Mexico's major druglords.]

For naive, poorly informed persons to risk their neck reporting druglords to the drug police is both tragic and laughable. [See that very thick book about the top drug enforcers, being for sale and totally corrupt, "The Underground Empire---Where Crime and Government Embrace", by James Mills, Doubleday, N.Y., 1986.]

One of those convicted of the satanic cult mass murders in the Brownsville/Matamoros region and elsewhere was a fellow named Henry Lee Lucas.

SOURCE: READ MUCH MORE: Conspiracy Planet - Bush/ Clinton Crime Family

When the OXYCONTIN EXPRESS (backup video... video is being censored!) got so out of hand, even prompting the state of Kentucky to file a lawsuit against the state of Florida for turning Kentucky into the hillbilly heroine state, the governor of Florida, JEB BUSH, did everything in his power to keep the bogus drug business flowing. A dozen people were dying daily in Florida from overdosing on Oxycontin. For $500 anyone from out of state could come to Florida and leave with a bag of opiates, no questions asked. As a consequence, legitimate pain sufferers are having to move out of state due to a lack of Oxycontin now. Since the racket was stopped, they're punishing everyone now. The Bush family is steeped in the drug trade! The globalists own and control all of the opium crops in Afghanistan (with a street value of $500 billion).

Illegal Alien Gangs In American News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Armed gangs dressed in military uniforms often illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border, providing cover for the trafficking of drugs and illegal aliens into the United States. U.S. government officials and sheriffs from border areas told a Senate panel of U.S. lawmakers these intruders were becoming more sophisticated and ruthless, often clashed with U.S. Border Patrol agents and committed crimes in the United States.

"We are indeed aware of criminal organizations that wear military-style uniforms, use military-style equipment and weapons and employ military-style vehicles and tactics while conducting illegal activity in border areas," Border Patrol chief David Aguilar told a joint hearing of the Senate subcommittees on immigration and terrorism."

The Border Patrol has intercepted over 400,000 aliens trying to cross the border in the first two months of this year, compared to around 100,000 a month - 1.2 million -- last year. About 120,000 or 10% of those caught had criminal records.
That's 40,000 with criminal records caught so far this year!!! How many have not been caught?

SOURCE: Illegal Alien Gangs in America News

CIA = Cocaine Import Agency

"The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people," he said in a 2003 sermon. "God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme." Pastor Jeremiah Wright

The Mena Connection: Exposing The CIA, Bush, Clinton, North, Iran Contra And Drug Running

How The Drug Money Works

The Editor of discusses Drugs, terrorists, illegal money and official complicity in all with researcher Daniel
Hopsicker at the Venice Beach by the Venice Airport in Florida, which Hopsicker suspects is the Mena, Arkansas airport of today.

January 8, 2003- Why does the War on Some Drugs and Users continue despite the obvious failure of every tactic tried by prohibitionists? Could it be that the illegal drug trade engenders such massive untraceable black market profits and forms of social control that the Warriors really do not want the War to end?

When one takes the endless tales of corruption, greed and lies on the part of so many Drug Warriors into consideration, it isn't such a stretch of the imagination. Some researchers insist that the Warriors in positions of influence and power are making too much money waging the War on Some Drugs itself to ever allow honest Drug Policy Reform to happen, that these Warriors will stoop to any levels to make sure their profits and control never end, including enabling and even engaging in illicit drug trafficking themselves. This deadly sort of greed is by no means limited to Drug Warriors alone, but extends throughout government, military and corporate cultures around the world, lead by the US military/industrial/law enforcement complex, as evidenced by the numerous reports compiled at the websites linked below.

All wars pay if one is in the business of supplying the weapons to all sides, controlling the means of spreading public information and spending tax dollars. It's a symbiotic relationship. Drug Crime certainly does pay if one is in the lucrative business of drug crime fighting, or shipping large amounts of pricey illegal drugs, made so expensive and profitable by prohibition itself. - Preston Peet | END

THE OXYCONTIN EXPRESS (the new cash cow!)
(backup video... video is being censored!)
The truth is being suppressed!

Hollywood Brainwashing Propaganda

In the movie CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER starring legendary actor Harrison Ford, the movie contains propaganda which paints the CIA as being honest and good, but the President of the U.S. is corrupt. The truth is that they're ALL 100% corrupt, evil and criminal... a bunch of treasonous traitors and cutthroat thugs. There's nothing decent, wholesome or good about the CIA. The fact that former U.S. President George H. Bush lead the CIA for decades prior to becoming president, speaks volumes as to the sinister nature of the highly secretive organization.

It's hard for the CIA to deny trafficking illegal drugs into the country when their planes are crashing loaded with tons of cocaine. Their own agents have testified in court that the CIA is trafficking illegal drugs into the U.S. They assassinated Barry Seal. They tried to recruit Mike Ruppert, but he exposed them instead.

Not surprisingly, the CIA started the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through which they are quickly turning America into a Nazi-style, fascist, Police State! The NDAA is treason! NDAA shocked and finally woke up many sleeping America. NDAA allows DHS to make citizens disappear without a right to an attorney nor trial. It is a total violation of our constitutional rights as American citizens. Soviet monster, Joseph Stalin did the same exact thing during his reign of terror between 1920 and 1950 when he died. Stalin's death brought about the cease fire armistice agreement which ended the brutal Korean War in 1953. There are many unpunished war crimes throughout history. God will judge each and every act and word done by men (Ecclesiastes 12:14; Proverbs 24:12; Matthew 12:36).

The Patriot Acts were just the beginning. NDAA is much worse, completely the Police State. They can fly you out of the country, torture you and you'll never be seen again.

The point to remember is this. EVERY form of internationalism, EVERY totalitarian idea, EVERY racket, EVERY negative organization and movement, serves to further the secret plans of those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy AT THE VERY TOP.

SOURCE: Satan: Prince Of This World (.PDF book), by Commander William Guy Carr, p. 46.

More Drug Links . . .


The Narco News Bulletin<br><small>Reporting on the War on Drugs and Democracy from Latin America

Heroin Hits Small-Town America!

By David J. Stewart | May 4, 2003

ABOVE: a clipping from the May 4, 2003 Chicago Tribune.

Read the Complete Article HERE

NATO Ignores Russia's Plea Concerning Afghan's Growing Heroine Production

Another family destroyed by illegally smuggled drugs. How horrible! How can this be happening in America, the once land of the free? I mean, where are all these drugs coming from? Do they just materialize out of thin air? The government has spent literally hundreds-of-billions of tax-payer dollars to fight a non-existent war against drugs. There is NO war on drugs! The money is being used to finance the continuation of drug-trafficking into the U.S.A. Please keep reading and you won't be able to argue with me. There is no war on drugs! It's all a big scam! 

Did you know that 16 billion dollars of our tax money is spent each and every year on the alleged war on drugs? Read Catherine Crier's book, "The Case Against Lawyers" to learn how lawyers, judges and lawmakers are completely destroying America. They're selling their souls for filthy lucre (and selling us into slavery). Learn how the government is looting the economy at our expense (Like the 59 billion dollars that mysteriously disappeared from the HUD program, then Clinton pardoned the HUD kingpin involved even though the man had been convicted in a court of law. The money was never found!

That was pocket change compared to the criminal pillaging that has happened under President Obama's watch... $23,700,000,000,000 has been looted from U.S. taxpayers!!! That's $30,000,000 spent every day since Jesus Christ walked this earth until today. That's a lot of money! What a bunch of deceivers and bandits!

Read how 13 of the top 24 governments agencies have not been audited for a decade because their financial records are so screwed up (intentionally?). She explains how the alleged war on drugs is a giant waste of taxpayer money and should stop immediately. We are being lied to and cheated by our own government. Read Catherine Crier's Book, it is eye-opening to say the least.

Please understand that as a Christian I am fully supportive of governmental authority and submission to authority. But Romans 13 in the Bible does not teach submission to tyranny, theft and oppression. The Bible speaks of good government, where leaders are a terror to evil (not to good people). TSA are sticking their hands down people's pants at all U.S. airports today. Our government has become a terror to good people, to law-abiding citizens, to freedom itself. They are the criminals. Meshach, Shadrach, and Abed-nego refused to submit to king Nebuchadnezzar, choosing rather to obey God than a wicked government (Daniel 3:16-18).

(a needful video sermon by Pastor Danny Castle)

In 2008 the number of pain treatment clinics tripled in south Florida! As unbelievable as it sounds, doctor shopping is completely legal in Florida. You're not supposed to do it, but who's going to stop you? Oxycontin is the new cash cow for street gangs across America. People are driving down to Florida from all around the country to obtain prescription drugs. The epidemic is so bad that families have been destroyed throughout North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky et cetera. Florida has no database (no drug monitoring plan). It's a doctor-shopper's paradise. In the following video Todd (an addict) was going to 5 doctors per month and his wife to 4 other doctors. Eventually his wife died from a drug overdose. It's commonplace in Florida. Oxycontin is often called “Hill Billy Heroin” and the users “Pill Billies.”


(Note: The preceding video titled, “THE OXYCONTIN EXPRESS,” is being censored from YouTube. If this link goes dead, please search the internet under the same title for new uploads. Truth is being suppressed!!! You've got to see this documentary! The new cash cow for organized crime!!!)

There Is No Legitimate War On Drugs — The War On Drugs Is A Big Scam!

If you think it is only a conspiracy theory that the CIA is trafficking massive quantities of opium and cocaine into the United States, you are dead wrong! It is a PROVEN and WELL DOCUMENTED FACT friend (Lots more documentation). Let's start with California Congresswoman, Maxine Waters. She has taken trips to drug-infested countries like Nicaragua to investigate and document what our own CIA is doing to fight drug trafficking into the US, absolutely nothing! 

Maxine says, "There is no war on drugs going on in America today!" She is doing everything possible to stop the CIA from further destroying south Los Angeles with tons-and-tons of drugs being trafficked in at an alarming rate. This is not some nut on the internet saying these things, this is a respectable congresswoman of the United States of America!!! And might I add, I am proud of her for taking a stand (Psalm 94:16)!

Also, Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney. By the way, it's a crying shame that there are hardly any men in congress willing to stand up for what is right as these bold ladies have. Thank God for Congressman Ron Paul, who does raise awareness of the CIA's drug business. I admire Cynthia McKinney on this matter and you'll see why HERE. Also read THIS. Families are being destroyed all across America (just like the family featured in the tragic article above)! Children are losing their parents and homes! Half the incarcerated people in America are in prison for drug offenses (Catherine Crier addresses this in her book). Clinton made sure to build many more prisons while in office. Incarcerations more than doubled while Clinton was in office. Read "A Prison Nation HERE." The federal government through Black Water) completed building a $27,000,000 prison complex in the tiny town of Hardin, Montana in 2010. They are scary people indeed. What are they planning for? A police state

 Hey, type in the name "Barry Seal" and then the word "drugs" and see what you get. Was Bush connected with Barry Seal? Wow!  You'll find umpteen articles on the biggest drug-dealer (CIA agent) in American history. He admitted to U.S. judges that he had flown tens-of-thousands of pounds of illegal drugs into the U.S. for the government. No wonder the CIA had him assassinated. 

Barry Seal even explained to the court how he did it. Seal owned several farms in Louisiana. He would fly guns and ammo down to Columbia and then bring drugs back into the U.S.! He would fly over his farms and drop the cocaine-filled duffle bags with parachutes onto his property. Slick huh? Then he flew to Mena Arkansas to complete his flight. Do you think it is mere coincidence that Clinton became president, after governing one of the most corrupt drug-trafficking states in the county? Do you think is was coincidence that the Bush brothers governed the two border states of Florida and Texas? No way! Where do you think the drugs are coming in? Friend, you have no idea what is going on in this crazy world today unless you read and listen to alternative news like

Michael Ruppert used to work as an LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) narcotics officer in the late 1970's, trained in narcotics by the U.S. Justice Department. The CIA tried to recruit Officer Mike Ruppert to traffic drugs with them. When Mr. Ruppert tried to expose the corruption that he found (the ONLY right thing to do), he was fired without cause. Mike Ruppert has spent the last 25-years fighting the system, trying to expose the lies and tyranny of the CIA (and many other offices of our government). This is no conspiracy theory, Mike Ruppert has presented over 6,000 documents indicting the U.S. government's involvement in decades of heroin and cocaine drug-trafficking into the cities and towns of the United States. 

CIA, Drugs and Wall Street  |  The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire  |  Bush and Barry Seal

Drugs and Dollars  |  Drug Trade in Asia (Golden Triangle)  | Dirty Money And U.S. Banks

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The Mena Connection: Exposing The CIA, Bush, Clinton, North, Iran Contra And Drug Running

The CIA's Drug-Trafficking Activities (The CIA, America's Premier International Terrorist Organization)

Ecclesiastes 5:8, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they.” —King James Bible

How much more proof do you want that we are being scammed as U.S. citizens by our own government whom we blindly trust, support and vote into power? There is no end which can justify the destructive means (drug profits) which have destroyed millions of families across America. It is evil men, greedy evil men and women who are to blame in all this.

Just as the Bible teaches in 1st Timothy 6:10, "For the love of money is the root of ALL evil..." If the CIA is hedging up our economy to offset a 300 billion-a-year trade deficit, then the government should eliminate the trade deficit. It's greedy corporations (men and women) who are largely to blame for all this. Nations don't rule the world, corporations do.

The Federal Reserve never should have been created in 1913. It was evil from its inception. The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor have they any gold reserve. It is privately owned and operated by Wall Street bankers and others. Our government should not be spending borrowed money from the Federal Reserve. Remember, OUR government does what they do with OUR money, and in OUR name, and with OUR children in the military; hence, it is OUR business. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Our government is woefully in debt, a debt they created without our permission. America is NOT a democracy friend! The republic has fallen. The white-shoe-boys-club has taken over. When they speak of "justice," they mean "JUST US!"

We are headed towards a totalitarian government . We should not be paying federal income taxes. In 1914 when the income tax 16th amendment was passed, you didn't pay any taxes unless you made six times the average American salary (which was only $500 at the time). So unless you made at least $3,000 a year in 1914, you paid no federal taxes. My how we have been scammed since then. 

There have been no amendments to the constitution since then concerning taxes. My point is that America has become a nation of scandalous thieves, liars and thugs running our nation. The whole Enron ordeal is pathetic, and the government was in on the whole affair. No one went to prison. The HUD scandal, the fraudulent Federal Reserve System, the Housing and Loan scandal, the bogus Banker Bailout, and umpteen other scandals have left our nation in economic ruin. Only a fool believes everything he hears in the news, and only a fool doesn't believe anything he hears.  

Alex Jones is another of my favorite Journalists, he really takes a stand for our rights. I greatly admire Alex Jones for his zeal for justice. Here's his other website. Be sure to listen to him on internet radio every Monday through Friday at There is a war on for your mind!

There are literally hundreds of books available on the subject of drug-trafficking in the US. The problem with most people is that they simply don't read or listen to alternative newsmedia sources, like Information Clearing House. Some people are lazy thinkers, and others simply DON'T CARE. Some people are afraid to embrace the truth, because that means responsibility to do something about it. But people will care when their looking up the barrel of an M-16, and foreign troops march on American soil in the New World Order. 

Greed and power are an addiction to the global super-rich elite. The more power they gain, the more they want to exert that power over their victims in the New World Order. By reaching down into American's pants, the government is conditioning the public to accept tyranny as the norm. I hear moronic people saying, it's all necessary to protect us from Al Qaeda. Folks, it's Al-CIA-da! Al Qaeda doesn't exist, and it never did. The War on Terror is a bogus boogeyman created by the criminals being the New World Order, in order to achieve their New World Order. David Rockefeller admits this...

"This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

David Rockefeller speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994.

Job 20:5, “That the triumphing of the wicked is short,
and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?”

America Is Headed For Destruction

By David J. Stewart | June 2004

       Companies want to make money so bad these days that they're willing to "cook the books" in an attempt to lie to the public. The Federal Reserve Act (the fractional reserve banking system) was passed in 1913 in order to allow the Globalists (who created Communism and Nazism) the unconstitutional power to recklessly borrow in the name of the American people, using our own money against us to start and finance both sides of World Wars I and II, killing our loved ones, and using those wars as a pretext for founding the United Nations (whose goal is to bring to fruition global government).

The fake money printed since 1913 is known as "fiat" money (funny money), not backed by either gold nor silver as originally before 1913. Our government over the decades has spent itself (the American people) into massive insurmountable debt, even in spite of all the ridiculous and unconstitutional increases in our taxes. The American people have been lied to, robbed, and betrayed by multitudes of our leaders. When I speak out against the evils in government, I am NOT speaking about government itself, for government is ordained of God; I am talking about those criminals who have betrayed their oath of office, swindling the public, sinning against God in Heaven by oppressing the citizens they were entrusted to serve.

Today, our dollar is worth almost nothing and Uncle Sam is scrambling to hide from the American people what he has done, ran the country into the ground. The average American takes for granted all that we have, failing to realize that more and more it is only an artificially created splendor. There will come a day when the gravy-train will come to a sudden end. It's just a matter of time before all the drug-dealing and corruption will not patch things up anymore. Social security will run dry. People will start losing their property at an unbelievable rate. Last year alone, property forfeitures were up 316%. Our economy is a great big mirage, like the one in the Wizard of Oz. 

The little guy behind the curtain is the U.S. government. Do you have any idea what is going to happen when the bubble bursts? Massive layoffs, shortages of food and supplies. Lack of Police and fire protection. Crime will skyrocket. The U.S. will become a Police State overnight with the US military shooting US citizens by the thousands for revolting against the government in anger. Question: don't you think the families of all the millions of dead people from drug-overdoses would have a right to be angry if they found out that the US government was the source of those drugs? Sure they do!


UPDATE! As of February 2012, everything I predicted based upon observation has happened. 10,400,000 American Families are Sliding Toward Losing Their Homes in Foreclosure. Millions already have. Americans are now competing with ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants for the remaining minimum-wage jobs. As of July 2014 the southern borders effectively don't exist in the United States. A nation without borders ceases to be a country. Millions of illegals are treasonously being called “undocumented citizens” by the shameful Obama Administration and their immoral supporters.

Hispanic children are being escorted by the U.S. government into the U.S. to stay at an alarming rate, whatever it takes to break the back of American sovereignty once and for ever. The globalists have stated adamantly in public since 1950 that they WILL get their New World Order. Hundreds of hospitals are being forced into bankruptcy because of the illegals. The law says they cannot be turned away and the government doesn't reimburse the hospital. Best-selling author and minister, Max Lucado thinks we should welcome the illegals (what a demonic fraud). Our economy is in the gutter. A BBC documentary titled POOR AMERICA was released this month showing the dire conditions which Americans are now struggling with (300-400 people surviving in the storm drains beneath Las Vegas casinos).

It's because of evil Wall Street Injustice. The Feds controls EVERYTHING economic in America! The Federal Reserve is Evil! They caused The Great Depression between 1929-1939. The world financiers paid for World Wars I and II by bilking Americans through debt-borrowing (reckless spending). We paid to have 20,000,000 people killed in World War I and another 50,000,000 in World War II. They've stolen trillions over the past couple years alone. The U.S. government is saturated with crime, corruption and evil of the worst sort at the highest levels.

President Barack Obama shamefully signed the NDAA bill into law on December 31, 2011 removing a previous ban on bestiality and homosexuality in the military. Already soldiers are coming out of the closet, celebrating their vile lesbianism! Such wickedness brings the judgment of God upon a nation (Romans 1:32; Colossians 3:5-6). If the Lord tarries His return, I believe America will eventually become worse than the Soviet Union under Stalin between 1920-1950. This is exactly what NDAA is setting the stage for... making anyone disappear who opposes the evil system! The New World Order will make the oppressive Communist Soviet Union look like a nice place to live. Technology will make it happen. END

Illegal Drugs and New World Order Prisons in the News . . .

Speech: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), Tuesday 8/14/00

There is no war on drugs going on in America today, and Barry McCaffrey needs to resign right now. He needs to stop pushing policies that send our tax dollars to Columbia supporting these right wing dictator-types! And move out of the way and allow us to develop some good drug policies that's going to stop incarcerating the victims of this so-called drug war. I want you to know that you are seated in this building right on the edge of the community that the CIA allowed to be over-run with drugs.

They turned a blind eye to the dumping of tons of cocaine into this community all the way back down through South Central Los Angeles that has destroyed lives, destroyed families, literally destroyed our communities. As a result of what they have done, they have left a lot of broken homes, a lot of young people were incarcerated. One young man, stupid enough to go along with the okiedoke, found himself with a life sentence for cooking up the cocaine that was dumped into the community who the profits from which were used to fund the war down in Nicaragua, the contras verses the Sandinitas. I know it happened, I investigated it, I worked on it for a couple of years.

Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury unveiled what had taken place, spent a year investigating it. Oh, they tried to quiet him, to put a muzzle on him but he was correct. I went all the way to Nicaragua myself and met with someone in prison who had worked with the Mitaline cartel who had been involved at the time the drugs were being dumped into our community; however, they would tell you they've had a war on drugs and a lot of those victims are now in prison or dead, but it's time for a new drug policy and we are going to lead the way for it right here in California.

I'm going to tell you why, why we've got to lead the way for it in California. In my own state, California ranks #1 in the incarceration of drug offenders. Nearly half of all drug offenders imprisoned in California last year, were imprisoned for simple possession of drugs. In New York, 91% of those imprisoned last year for drug offences were locked up for possession of one of the states three lowest level drug offenses. Despite these bleak numbers, there were efforts to stop the madness surrounding the so-called war on drugs. Let me tell you, is Bill Zimmerman in the house.

I want Bill Zimmerman to stand. There he is back there. Because we have an initiative on the ballot, Proposition 36. Are you aware of this? We're going to turn this state around because we're going to create a policy with this initiative that will stop locking up people for these simple offenses, many of them who are victims who are people who need help. We're going to stop putting them in jail.

We're going to give them an opportunity to be rehabilitated. The Congressional Black Caucus is supporting this initiative. Over the majority of us have signed on so that we can send a message that we want California to be successful so that we can serve as a model for the nation about what we can do in creating a real war on drugs and saving lives. Thank you, Bill, for your leadership. I don't know how many people are at this convention from California and how many of you are willing to come back and help us. We can win this initiative but we need all of the bodies in the street. We need all of the help we can get. Will you help us?

I'm going to just wrap up by saying to you with less than five percent of the world's population, the United States has one-quarter of the world's prisoners. The rapid expansion of the U.S. prison industrial complex has been fueled by the so-called war on drugs. On June 8,2000, the Human Rights Watch released a report which found that African-American men are imprisoned for drug crimes 13 times more than others even though absolutely right. I have said over and over again, America has a problem with drug addiction and we cannot continue to incarcerate our way out of the help crisis. I have introduced HR1681, the Major Drug Trafficking Prosecution Act of 1991 to correct the misguided policy of mandatory minimum sentencing.

I want to bring on a friend of mine but I just want to close by saying this lock 'em up and throw the key away mentality has got to stop. We have got to understand we cannot continue to spend more money on prisoners than we are spending on education. I want you to start to call the politicians to task. Look at where they are getting their campaign contributions. They're getting their campaign contributions too often from those who have a stake in us keeping people in prison. They want the prisons to grow so that they can make money in this privatization of the prisons. You have to understand there is a direct connection between the growth in this industry and the campaign contributions and the public policy. We're smarter than that. We're not going to continue to let them do it.

This is the beginning of everything at this Shadow Convention. God bless you! Thank you! Thank you! I want to introduce to my friend...Thank you. I want you...Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I want to introduce you to a man that you need to know, Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Religion, religious study at the DePaul University. You think I've got some thoughts about this imprisonment of young people; I've got some thoughts about this lack of a real war on drugs; I've got some thoughts about the prison industrial complex, you ain't heard nothing yet. Michael Eric Dyson, come on out here. END

America is going to hell while Christians continue to foolishly
vote for the evil criminals who are destroying our country!

Ecclesiastes 5:8 and 12:14, “If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter: for he that is higher than the highest regardeth; and there be higher than they. ... “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

Hebrews 10:31, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Stop voting for The White House (what a cover for darkness, it should be called The Black House) politicians who are making the drug problem even worse by supporting the fake War On Drugs. It's a cover operation for the CIA to bring in more drugs! Read, read, read!

As a God-fearing Christian, I cannot vote for any of the recent presidential candidates. In 2004 we were given a choice of a Skull & Bones John Kerry or George W. Bush. The swell of brimstone still lingers from Bush's term in office.

Why Are The Churches Silent?

The Fundamental Top 500   

 “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil...” —Psalm 97:10