The Evils Of Bestiality

By David J. Stewart
September 2006 | Updated June 2015
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"Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death." —Exodus 22:19

       As of January 1, 2012 sodomy and bestiality are now legal in the U.S. military. Sodomy has been practiced so much in the U.S. military that a bill has now been passed in order to make it harder for people in the U.S. military to get justice if they are sexually abused. Male soldiers are being raped by other sodomite male soldiers in the U.S. military. Last year nearly 50,000 male veterans screened positive for “military sexual trauma” at the Department of Veterans Affairs, up from just over 30,000 in 2003. Men are being raped by their own peers in the U.S. military.

No wonder President Obama signed NDAA into law to protect homosexual offenders and suppress the truth. Homosexuality is synonymous with every sexual sin, including gang rape, pedophilia and bestiality. Madonna has been photographed with animals numerous times in graphic pornographic magazines and books. Bestiality is on the rise in America!

Increasingly, soldiers have been reporting incidents of male-on-male rape in the military. Now such crimes will be more difficult to prosecute.

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

December 1, 2011

( – (Updated) The Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals--or bestiality.

On Nov. 15, the Senate Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.

SOURCE: Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military |

There's nothing more abominable than homosexuality and bestiality (sex with animals). Insane! The Bible prohibits such sinful acts, which were punishable by death under Mosaic law in the Old Testament (Leviticus 2:15). On a recent episode of THE VIEW, bi-sexual Whoopi Goldberg was making fun of the evils of bestiality, mocking at sin like a fool.

I was talking with someone about homos not long ago—how they refuse to admit that homosexuality is a sin—and how that society thinks it’s a normal thing. 

And while I was talking about homos … I suddenly remembered something … Do you remember—there was a mini-series on American TV called "Beauty and the Beast"? The "Beauty" was played by Linda Hamilton (she was the wife of that guy who made "Titanic"), and the beast was played by actor Ron Perlman. 

In that program the two meet and at first their love is spiritual, but then becomes romantic. I think that they even had a child together. Now this is something truly amazing … because this guy "Vincent" that the "Beauty" was so crazy about was not human but an animal (a lion). This is pure bestiality, but the American public never saw it this way, for them it was the most torrid romance on TV. 

I even read an article about the show and many women said how jealous they are of Catherine, that she has someone so wonderful and "noble" as this Vincent to love, and many women wanted to be in her shoes. 

The demonic media was grooming the naïve public to accept bestiality and everyone thought that it was "natural" and "beautiful" and oh-so-romantic!—I don’t remembers anyone complaining about this show! So if American public accepts bestiality without a problem—they will sure accept homosexuality!

"And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." -Leviticus 20:16

The world has gone totally insane...

Animal Brothels Legal in Denmark

ICE NEWS | News from the Nordics | May 20, 2008

Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal, so long as the animal involved does not suffer. According to the Danish newspaper 24timer, this interesting gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which people pay in order to have sex with animals.

On the internet, several Danish animal owners openly advertise their services. The newspaper contacted several such individuals and was told that many of the animals have been engaged in this kind of activity for several years and that the animals crave the sexual stimulation. The newspaper found that the cost charged by the animal owners varied from DKK 500 to 1,000 (USD$85 to $170).

Since Danish laws are so similar to Norwegian laws, the animal bordello phenomenon has led many to question if such a practice could be legal in Norway as well.

Torunn Knaevelsrud is the section chief for animal welfare for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. “It is difficult to say yes or no,” he replied to a question about the legality of animal bordellos in Norway.

“It could be that the animals don’t really care,” Knaevelsrud said. “But I think it is in the nature of the case that animals will often be victims of injury, stress or suffering in connection with sexual acts with humans. Either that they are held fast, or frightened, or suffer pain or physical injury,” Knaevelsrud said.

Norway is currently reviewing its Animal Protection Act and several groups, including the Norwegian Animal Welfare Alliance, have proposed making amendments which forbid sexual intercourse with animals.

“The acts provoke moral disgust. The question is whether immorality should be made illegal. The FSA group discussing the new animal protection act has been in disagreement about this,” Knaevelsrud said.

SOURCE: IceNews - Daily News » Animal brothels legal in Denmark Comments Feed


Bestiality Brothels Spur Call for Animal Sex Ban

The Local (Germany's News in English)
by Berlin Freeper | February 3, 2012

Animal sex abuse is on the rise in Germany, with bestiality brothels being set up across the country, according to a state animal protection officer demanding stronger laws to protect mankind's furry and feathered friends.

Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals – known as zoophilia – a crime.

“It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,” she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday.

“There are even animal brothels in Germany,” she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable.

“The abuse seems to be increasingly rapidly, and the internet offers an additional distribution platform,” she said.

SOURCE: Bestiality On the Rise

What Next?

       America has just legalized bestiality in the military as of December 31, 2011 through the NDAA law which President Barack Obama signed. Civil rights? Where will the insanity of the communist Civil Rights Movement take America? We're right behind Norway, ready to open brothels for humans to have sex with animals. You'll see clothing catalogs with negligees for animals. Do you think I'm kidding? Norway is already doing this!!! Civil Rights do not permit nor include Immoral Rights! No one has a right to be immoral.

Liberty gives us the right to be wrong, not to do wrong. The feminist movement and sexual liberation have destroyed our once moral nation. Anything goes nowadays! Aleister Crowley taught, "Do what thou wilt be the whole of the law." That's the only law that the Devil's crowd lives by... if it feels good, do it! That's also the road to Hell and damnation!

~by David J. Stewart

Exodus 22:19 —"Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death."

Leviticus 18:23 —"Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion."

Leviticus 20:15 —"And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast."

These verses speak for themselves. Bestiality is an abominable sin unto God.

Ephesians 5:11,12 —"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret."

This wickedness is going on around the world today. Women in the Philippines and other third world nations are committing bestiality as sport to make money from tourists. Sadly, the U.S. military is one of the biggest supporters of strip joints, prostitution and every other abomination imaginable. I've heard military men brag that there are no child protection laws south of the equator. Sadly, Americans account for 25% of all child-sex tourism around the world. SOURCE 

It is not surprising that America is so messed up, considering our nation's love for immorality. It's hard enough to even try to comprehend the life of a transvestite, let alone someone who desires relations with an animal. Bestiality is a sin and shouldn't be taught to children...


Women with goats and horses, men with lambs and cows... it is an abomination unto God. I remember reading in the Chicago Sun Times about a man caught having sex with a cow at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Truth is stranger than fiction.



Although obvious that a gorilla the size of King Kong would have difficulty sharing in a intimate union with a human women, it is also quite obvious that the American public is thrilled at the sinful thought. When you stop and think about all the movies in America that contain references to bestiality, it is quote disturbing. 


Madonna Promotes Bestiality

Madonna is a sicko! She not only blasphemes Jesus Christ in her filthy book, SEX, but also portrays herself as receiving oral sex from a dog...

Not long after signing this agreement Madonna founded Maverick, a multi-media entertainment company. Since by contract she had total artistic control over any of the work released by Maverick, the agreement she signed with Time Warner concerning what not to do in Sex became obsolete. As a "tongue-in-cheek" way of demonstrating her power to the executives who had so vehemently opposed the book, Madonna included two photographs that "broke the rules"—a photo where she is tied à la S&M on a low cross-shaped table surrounded by candles with a large crucifix behind her, and another photo of her kneeling on the ground with a dog underneath her on its back, creating the impression that she is straddling the animal while it is giving her oral sex. [emphasis added]

SOURCE: Sex (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Madonna is a known lesbian and sexual degenerate...

By 1992 Madonna's popularity stretched across the world, and she had established herself as a sharp, confident businesswoman. She signed a sixty million dollar contract with Time-Warner, which included her own record company (under the Maverick label) and called for her to make videos, films, books, merchandise, and more than six albums. The announcement of the deal was timed with the release of the album Erotica, an extended video, and an adults-only picture book called Sex, featuring black-and-white photographs in which Madonna appears mostly without clothes with everything from men and women (in all combinations, positions, and numbers) to chairs, dogs, and slices of pizza. She was even shown hitchhiking wearing nothing but high heels. The book was a best-seller across the country. [emphasis added]


It is tragic that tens-of-millions of teenage girls around the world have been corrupted by the evil influences of Madonna. Only God know how much fornication, adultery, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, and other sins have been caused by Madonna's whorish influence on women. My question is: Why would any parent allow their child to listen to the music of a devil-worshipping lesbian who promotes bestiality? Hell will be hot enough!

Bad Dog!

Above photo: A popular Iams dog food commercial which appeared on television in early 2013. The woman is apparently a soldier returning on furlough. The commercial is disgusting, clearly suggestive, making it appear that the man-sized dog is having sex with her. I don't have a dirty mind, I have a man's mind, and this picture is highly suggestive of bestiality. Women shouldn't behave like that anyway, it's uncouth and disgusting.

Due to America's sex-perverted television round-the-clock, most people have filthy minds, making the sexual connection in images like this. Hollywood uses this technique to promote pedophilia in hundreds of it's movies. Hollywood has also produced over 100 homosexual films in recent decades. Hollywood producers are some of the most sex-perverted people on earth. A closer view of shows like 'THE BIG BANG THEORY' perhaps explains why many Jews are so perverted. Television producers are perverts. Perversion is not a Jewish thing per se, but the fact of the matter is that Tel Aviv, Israel is the most homosexual tourist destination in the world. Elite, wealth, Hollywood Jews have very low morals, which is evidenced by the movies that they continually produce.

To be fair, the problem of perversion goes far beyond the Jewish-owned TV networks in America. Japan has a major problem these days with pedophiles. Japan's crime rate has soared. The nation's officials are complicit to the problem. The reason is largely because of Japan's perverted TV networks, just as in America. Americans prefer to make their young girls appear sexy, whereas Japanese prefer the schoolgirl look. Navy uniforms are extremely popular in Japan on young girls, displaying them in sensual Karaoke music videos in miniskirts and suggestive positions. It is wickedness and evil. Society creates its own nightmares.

I once heard a Florida police officer say that he looked through a kitchen window while on duty, answering a call of a disturbance at a residential home, and he saw a woman trying to have sex with a dog. You'd be shocked the things that go on in this world. The Bible establishes the death penalty for bestiality (Leviticus 20:15). Whoopi Goldberg, on her Godless show THE VIEW, made fun of this Biblical teaching, saying that the animal shouldn't be killed because it didn't do anything wrong. Whoopi is an admitted bisexual. As with most homosexuals, they make light of Biblical morality. Bestiality (sex with animals) is a horrible sin. I recall hearing in the news years ago about a drunken Chicago man who was arrested at Lincoln Park Zoo for having sex with a cow. I once overheard a man at work tell his friends that he paid $5 while in a third world country to watch a woman have sex with a goat. These are just things I've heard; I don't even want to imagine the wicked things that happen in this sick world. But God sees it all, from Whose eyes nothing can be hid (Ecclesiastes 12:14; Hebrews 4:13; Proverbs 24:12). Judgment day is coming for all mankind (Hebrews 9:27).

1st John 5:18-19, “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not. And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” The entire world is saturated with wickedness. Wicked men and seducers are only going to become worse-and-worse (2nd Timothy 3:13) as we continue in these last days toward the Lord's return. Jesus foretold that the world would once again return to the horrible type of apostasy and wickedness that existed before the flood of Noah's time, when people only lived to party and enjoy life (Matthew 24:37-39). I hear a lot of people stating that their goal is to enjoy life, but that's the wrong attitude. The Bible says that we were created for God's pleasure. Ecclesiastes 12:13 says, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” I fear God, do you?

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

President Obama Signs NDAA, Legalizing Sex With Animals in U.S. Military

Things are Definitely Going Insane!

Happy New Year: Obama Signs NDAA, Indefinite Detention Now Law of the Land
President signs authorization to indefinitely detain, torture and deny trial to Americans; grants power to all future presidents. | January 1, 2012?
Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones

Indeed it is a new day. Ushering in the New Year, President Obama signed legislation that helps to further destroy the principles the nation was founded upon.

President Obama, who pledged to veto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), has now signed it. Of course, his promise was only for public consumption. After all, lying to your enemy is what invading corporate takeover armies do. It was the Obama administration all along that demanded the indefinite detention provisions be added while at the same time telling the American people he was fighting to protect their rights. This is treason on parade, in your face all out despotism– that is, for those paying any attention!


Ye Must Be Born Again!


"Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..." —Psalm 97:10