America Is Mentally-ill

By David J. Stewart

Luke 8:35, "Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid."

       We see in Luke 8:35 that even those possessed of demons come into their RIGHT MIND, and put their clothes back on, when they trustingly sit at the feet of Jesus Christ.

Americans have lost their minds! Any society that murders its babies by abortion is mentally-ill. We've now quietly passed the 50,000,000 mark for babies murdered. Only a mentally-ill person would sincerely expect God to bless a nation as sinful, rebellious, arrogant, thankless and wicked as the United States of America. Mentally-ill people sell diced up baby parts. Americans are out of their minds!

How do we show our appreciation to God for our freedoms? We teach our children that they originated from stardust, formed into slime and then somehow evolved from primitive mindless creatures into intelligent human beings. Only a complete idiot would even try to legitimize such nonsense. Only a mentally-ill person could believe that there's any truth to the bogus claims of evolutionists, especially considering that there's not even one credible shred of evidence to support it. The Bible makes more sense than any secular explanation for the origin of the universe... “In the beginning God” (Genesis 1:1a).

Any society that legalizes porno, gives honor awards to pornographers and recognizes porno as a legitimate business is mentally-ill. Tragically, pornography has become a multibillion dollar lucrative industry in the United States. And now the sickos have made their filth accessible from your cellphone. A society which legalizes public nudity is mentally-ill. It would be a blessing if God cursed America, to wake us up!

Only a mentally-ill society praises sexually suggestive music, sang by immoral freakish singers, who hate God and live wicked lives of whoredom and fornication. Madonna has been an icon and role model to tens-of-millions of America's daughters over the years, a sicko freak who published a book called, Sex, in which she is portrayed as receiving oral sex from a dog. Can you honestly tell me with a straight face that American society is not mentally-ill for praising and honoring such a person? Certainly, someone who pretends to receive oral sex from a dog is mentally-ill. Yet people walk around like idiots singing Madonna's hit song, LIKE A VIRGIN, all across America. You mean, like an idiot! I just typed in “Madonna honored” on Google and 362,000 webpages were found. I could list HUNDREDS of groups that have honored Madonna. May I ask, why? Madonna ought to be publicly reprimanded and shamed. Instead, Americans honor her wickedness by playing her music in nearly every workplace, store and public place. This is evil.

I don't judge or condemn anyone, for the Bible condemns all of us as rotten, hell-deserving, guilty sinners. I am just saying that Americans who praise sick-minded people are sick-minded people. The naked crazy man in Luke chapter 8 found Jesus Christ, went and put some clothes back on, and then came in his RIGHT MIND and sat down at the feet of Jesus. Amen! When Peter was fishing naked and then saw Jesus, he immediately grabbed his fisherman's coat and jumped into the sea (John 21:7). Jesus is the cure for nudity. In America's mentally-ill society, people are going naked. We've got plenty of religion these days, but America needs Jesus Christ.

People don't care anymore because their hearts are not right with God. As Christians we must look beyond the words and actions of people and consider what is going on in their heart. Because people have forsaken the God of the Bible, they have consequently lost their minds and have become mentally-ill. So don't be surprised when people act weird, don't care, trample upon your feelings, treat you like garbage, slander and persecute you and try to hurt you—they're mentally-ill as part of an entire society that has gone insane. Sin always brings a culture to ruin.

America sat back as poor Terri Schiavo was tortured to death in Florida. If Terri had been a terrorist, mass-murderer or dog, she would have been protected by law against such insane cruelty. Terri's crime was simply being unable to feed herself, and so some mentally-ill judge sentenced her to death. Her family offered to freely take care of Terri in their own home, at no cost to anyone except themselves; yet, our insane American society said, “Crucify her!,” and they did.

I was in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2008 to see a surgeon about my neck. While there I visited the Marriott hotel to hear some Hawaiian steel guitar. At the end of the performance, everybody began to sing GOD BLESS AMERICA. I was the only one not singing. I noticed a few people giving me dirty looks. I just couldn't sing the song and mean it, for I would have been a partaker of a mentally-ill society that actually expects God to bless this sinful, wicked, filthy, sicko, society that murders it's children; idolizes pornographers like Paris Hilton; allows homosexuals to get married and adopt children; takes God's name in vain in nearly every Hollywood movie produced; and even names one of its biggest cities “SIN CITY!” God bless America? Are you mentally-ill?

I'm actually wondering if Steven Spielberg has ever made any movies that don't use God's name in vain—Independence Day, Jurassic Park, Deep Impact, Jaws... all curse in God's name. It's Hollywood's insignia, to blaspheme the God of the Bible and desecrate the Person of Jesus Christ, and no wonder, because Hollywood is predominantly Jewish and they HATE Jesus Christ. When I went for surgery in July of 2009, I was staying in Hollywood. I saw the big “Hollywood” sign against the mountains. I also saw Jewish temples all over the place. I love Jewish people, and I am NOT anti-Semite, God forbid; but most Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. This is why Hollywood produces blasphemous movies like SAVED, starring the ever so shameful Mandy Moore. It's one of the sickest, most malicious movies to ever come out of Hollywood. It doesn't come as a big surprise that SAVED movie writer/director Brian Dannelly is a known Homosexual.1

I don't watch TV anymore. It's too corrupt. You can't even watch the news anymore without seeing some miniskirt-wearing-whore, hearing the Devil's Rock 'N' Roll music, seeing sex-perverted commercials, and hearing all sorts of slanderous gossip about people. It's heathendom! I hate the television! Christ-honoring believers call it “hellivision” for a good reason. I don't care who you are, you will always end up watching the programs that you shouldn't be watching. That's the inherent evil sin-nature of mankind. If you allow evil influences into your mind and heart, then they WILL spiritually hurt you. You may not realize it at the time, but it's happening. Images, sounds and ideas are being programmed into your mind for life. Any society that glamorizes and craves bloodthirsty violence on TV is mentally-ill. Something is very wrong with a society that craves every form of sin imaginable on the TV screen. Sad to say, most Americans are mentally-ill. So don't be surprised or upset when Americans act the way they do, they're mentally-ill.

Even Communist China has banned America's filth from coming into their country...

China Bans Sexually Suggestive Ads on Radio, TV

Thursday, September 27, 2007

China's broadcasting watchdog has banned all sexually suggestive advertising on radio and television. Commercials featuring sexually suggestive language or behaviour or featuring scantly dressed women were “detrimental to society,” the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said in a circular on Tuesday.

All stations are prohibited from broadcasting commercials and programs involving drugs, sex-related health supplements, drugs for sexually transmitted diseases, sex toys, as well as "vulgar" ads for breast enhancement and female underwear, according to the circular.

Commercials in which celebrities testify to the effects of products are also banned, reports Xinhua. The SARFT also ordered an end to programs with names including sex-related drugs, products or medical institutions.

“Sexually suggestive ads and bad ads not only mislead consumers seriously and harm public health, but are socially corrupting and morally depraving, and directly discredit the radio and TV industry,” the circular said. In July this year, the SARFT released a notice to stop ads with inappropriate content or sex implications from appearing on TV screens.

A total of 1,466 ads involving two billion Yuan (US$267 million) have been removed since August, statistics from the SARFT showed. The administration warned stations that failed to monitor the quality of commercials and programs would face severe penalties. Since September 5, China's broadcasting watchdog has punished ten radio stations for talk shows involving sexual topics.

SOURCE: China Bans Sexually Suggestive Ads on Radio, TV

It's sad when a Communist nation is starting to look like a better place to live than America. American TV is saturated with sexual enhancement products, sexually-suggestive commercials and TV shows containing an abundance of dirty-mindedness. In fact, it's hard to find anything on TV that's not perverted. Walt Disney is terrible.

The root cause of America's mental-illness is her spiritual-illness. If one's heart is not right with God, then neither can one's mind be right. It doesn't come as a surprise to me that people are so mean, rude and discourteous nowadays. They are mentally-ill and don't care. They have no regard for God nor man. Kids are brats nowadays, shoving adults out of their way and showing no respect for their elders. The parents are just as bad, littering and only thinking about themselves. It's heathendom. The hallmark quality of being a born-again Christian, who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, is CARING. I care!

John 16:20 and 22, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, That ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy ... And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.

It is sad and sorrowful to live in this sin-cursed world of sin. No Christian should be happy living in this hellhole world. Certainly, we should have joy in knowing that our name is written and Heaven, and we praise God over souls saved; but we cannot rejoice as the world does in their sinful pleasures. The unsaved world cares not about the things of God; It's wine, women and song. Fornication is so prevalent nowadays that it has become an inherent part of America's culture in every aspect. It's so bad that public schools are passing out free condoms to the children.

Throughout the 1970's and 1980's, Americans sat in their living rooms enamored with the vile HeeHaw show, which featured lewd scantily unclothed whores, many of whom posed naked for Playboy porn magazine. HeeHaw honored Hugh Hefner as a frequent guest and then they blasphemously ended each show with a Gospel song. This is the sick mentality of Americans still today.

Americans sing God Bless America while fornicating in SIN CITY Las Vegas, going topless in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, and murdering their babies at local abortuaries

In 2001, Katy Perry recorded a Gospel album; but she is most notable for her singles, “UR So Gay” (released in 2007), and “I Kissed a Girl” (which was released in 2008 by Capitol Records). Talk about departing from the faith.

I recently visited Mattel's website to read up on their Secret Spells Barbie doll, and was sickened by the whorish presentation on their main webpage, The Barbie® Official Music Video 2009. They have a bunch of women in miniskirts, shaking their butts, singing the lyrics... You can do anything, dream a dream, the world is yours. I brought lots of friends, the party never ends... Come on Barbie let's go party. They're a bunch of whores! This is what kids are being taught to do. This is what America's society has become. Kids don't stand a chance nowadays of turning out right for God unless they have someone who cares enough about them to teach them the Word of God, and that it is a sin to dress immodestly and dance provocatively in public. I'm talking about good old-fashioned morality.

Sadly, Mattel is providing immoral role models for kids to follow. Barbie dolls have become synonymous with miniskirts and partying. sells the Barbie Dance Party Plug N Play Dance Mat, so your child can prepare for the nightclub life. Does anyone care about what God thinks about all this? Call me what you will, I'm just preaching the truth. America is a sinful culture of miniskirts, partying and sensual dancing. You say, I don't like what you're teaching. That's ok, God doesn't like how you're living. The Bible says in Romans 12:2, And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” If you care at all what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God, then you have to speak out as a Christian against sensual advertising used to sell lewd Barbie dolls. Barbie is a whore!

Americans are truly mentally-ill to teach their daughters to dress like whores, and behave like whores, and then give them free condemns to fornicate, and then provide free abortions for them when the condemns fail. And how's this for insane... the same U.S. laws which do not allow a minor to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or watch 'R' rated movies, DO permit abortions to be performed on teenagers without a parent's knowledge.2

I want to go vomit every time I hear Lee Greenwood's, God Bless The USA? Why should God bless our sin?

I did not write this article to be unkind, but to speak the truth. While recently pondering why so many people today are insensitive, greedy, insulting, rude, liars, unappreciative, self-righteous, hateful, slanderous, high-minded, cold-hearted, deceitful, self-centered and cruel... I realized that we're living in a mentally-ill society, where people have gone crazy—murdering their own children, throwing away their own marriages by divorce, lewd women going topless at music concerts, legalized same-sex marriage, adoption rights for homosexuals, people swarming to watch a movie about some lunatic killing people with a chainsaw, et cetera. Where does it end? The world is a large insane asylum and the United States has become the main attraction. People behave the way they do because they're mentally-ill, being part of the loony and insane American culture of death, fornication and love for sin.

I don't judge anyone. God's Law condemns all of us as guilty sinners. It's not my place to judge. My website is not about me; but rather, the truth. There are things on my website that I don't necessarily agree with, but I believe them to be the truth and I promised God I would preach the truth. I don't enjoy exposing people as bad influences or false prophets, but the Bible tells us to do so (Romans 16:17; Ephesians 5:11). Someone needs to take a stand for God! The feminists take a stand for rebellion! The homosexuals take a stand for perversion! The witches take a stand for idolatry! Bless God, I'm going to take stand for Jesus!

Heavy-metal Rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, is infamous for biting the head off a live dove (and a bat), dressing up like a woman, substance abuse, desecrating the Alamo in Texas by urinating on it, blaspheming Jesus Christ repeatedly, et cetera. Every one of Ozzy's album covers from the year 2000 until present feature Pan on the album cover...


"The Ultimate Sin" album is released. Once again, Ozzy ran into trouble with the looks of his album cover. The original cover had 3 crucifixes atop a hill in the background and the girl had no pants on. Ozzy had actually written a whole album before the "Ultimate Sin", but scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch because he wasn't happy with it. The album hit hit #8 in the U.K. and #6 in the U.S., and eventually went double platinum.


A girl with no pants on in front of 3-crosses? This is the sick mind of Ozzy Osbourne! Yet, millions of Americans idolize Ozzy and have made him filthy rich from buying his works of darkness. Americans are mentally-ill to support such bizarre, demonic and crazy entertainers. As another tribute to the perverted Pagan god of Pan, the movie Pan's Labyrinth has become extremely popular, even being recommend by ChristianityToday and receiving 4-stars from them, go figure. They should rename their organization to ApostasyToday!

What is wrong with the American public? It's gruesome enough just listening to the daily news, but that's not enough for the unquenchable bloodthirsty American public, they want gruesome reality shows and every form of violence and filth imaginable on TV. It's just a fact, people watch the worst stuff on TV. It seems that the American public just can't get enough blood, guts and perversion in their lives. Only a mentally-ill society would produce movies about psycho killers going around dicing people up, and then pay money to go watch it. Please read, Think On These Things.

Americans are Out of Their Minds!

Certainly, a large proportion of the American public are OUT OF THEIR MINDS! They fornicate and then murder their children by abortion. Then they go home and listen to KC & The Sunshine Band sing wicked songs like...

Baby give it up
Give it up, Baby give it up Can you give it

Can you give it Give it up
Come on baby I need your love
Do you know I want it baby
Come on baby I want your love
Give it up, some of your love
Come on and play the game of love
Give it up, some of your love

So they date some whoremonger and “GIVE IT UP” and end up right back in the abortion clinic to murder another child. Then they go watch movies about some psycho dicing people up with a chainsaw, and then have to go to a psychiatrist for help. Then they go buy an album sang by a homosexual, Elton John, who's married to another man and he has a witch write all of his lyrics. Of course, Elton and his husband now want to adopt children. Then Americans go fornicate while listening to Madonna (a lesbian) sing, “DO IT LIKE A VIRGIN,” and make more babies to abort.

Then they pay thousands of dollars for breast implants, which cause them aching back problems and have to be removed 10-years later for another few thousand dollars. Then they teach their kids that humans evolved from slime, and then freak out in disbelief when their kids become statistics. American women dress like prostitutes and get upset when men stare at them in public. Then Americans eat like pigs and sue McDonalds for making them obese. And then they attend some apostate church on Sunday, whose associate pastor is a lesbian, so they can feel good about themselves, singing GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Courtship has become a thing of the past. Fornication has become mainstream in America. It is obvious from the perverted and sensual programming aimed at teenagers that fornication has become an acceptable lifestyle in America today. Instead of teaching young people that marriage is sacred, holy and God's Law; kids are simply encouraged to use a condom and have fun. You won't find anything on TV teaching teens that premarital-sex is sinful. Teenage boys are irresponsibly taught that it's normal and acceptable to be dirty-minded, and to “score” any chance they get. It's evil. Then when unwanted children are conceived, society's answer is abortion. I don't call them “illegitimate” as some do. Whether conception was intended or not, every baby is legitimate!

And now public school children are being encouraged to dabble in homosexuality, with the sick mindset that you shouldn't condemn something you haven't tried. Public school teens are being taught how to have “fist sex,” just in case they discover they've always been gay. It is an abomination unto the Lord. God doesn't make mistakes. No one is born “gay.” The only “gay marriage” is between a man and a woman. Only a mentally-ill person would teach teenagers how to have FIST SEX. Any child knows that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

This whole nation has flown over the cuckoo's nest! Brian Warner (aka, Marylyn Manson) is a total fruitcake. The inside of Manson's Antichrist Superstar CD displays band members drinking Manson's urine through tubes attached to his crotch. Americans have bought over 11,000,000 albums from Marilyn Manson, a degenerate God-hating freak who rips up Bible in concert, sells shirts that say “Kill Your Parents,” and calls himself the Antichrist. Marilyn Manson is of the Devil. Please watch, THE SAD TRUTH ABOUT MARILYN MANSON.

Americans watch every form of Godless filth on TV and then wonder why they're so depressed. Then they go to their doctor for a drug prescription that causes all sorts of additional health ailments due to adverse side-effects. And now the “experts” are talking about adding lithium to our drinking water to prevent suicide! How about bringing back prayer and the holy Bible into our public schools in America?

Americans donate millions-of-dollars in an effort to save the whales, while 5,000 babies are aborted every single day in our nation. While Terri Schiavo was legally murdered; a Florida man was sentenced to 9-months in federal prison for killing a bald eagle (after a yearlong joint investigation!). Sadly, animals are protected more than humans these days. While there are laws in Florida which require that a horse be humanely euthanized, no such law exists for humans like Terri Schiavo. Only a mentally-ill person would value animals more than human life.

Even after losing their jobs, their homes and their life-savings due to the criminal Federal Reserve Bank (which is neither federally owned nor has any reserve), insane Americans continue voting for a two-party, monopolized, failed system of Democrats and Republicans who are dishonest, crooked and treasonous traitors. The American people still haven't figured it out... our politicians rob us of our jobs, homes and savings and yet convince us through the lying newsmedia that they're doing us a big favor... and most Americans applaud and insanely Sing Praises to Obama. Obama is an intelligent man and likable, which is why he was hand-selected to be President by the powers behind the scenes. Tragically, Obama is a Communist. It's hard not to like Barack Obama because of his winsome personality, which makes his Presidency even more deceptive.

As informed Christians, we realize that Obama is simply a puppet of the higher powers, which John F. Kennedy warned the American public about 10-days before he was assassinated...

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight.”

SOURCE: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - In a speech made to Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination!

Now you know why they killed Kennedy! Obama is simply following in the footsteps of Bush, and so will the next President to... DESTROY THE AMERICAN'S FREEDOM! It is happening right before our eyes every day, little-by-little, law-by-law, change-by-change, treason-by-treason. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

A Spoiled and Wacko Nation!

While 18,000 children starve to death every day in this world, Americans spend $5,000,000,000 on pet toys every Christmas in the U.S. While children in Haiti eat mud cookies to survive, America's use kitty-litter made from corn for their pets to poop in. Hollywood spends billions-of-dollars every year making moves for spoiled American brats, while the poor die of starvation in third-world nations.

P. Diddy splurged on a gigantic birthday party, inviting 1200 people including Martha Stewart and Penny Marshall. The party was held at Cipriani restaurant in New York City in 1998. The party was estimated to cost $500,000. 

Liza Minnelli reportedly spent $4 million on her 2002 wedding to music producer David Gest. Donald Trump has a taste for fine dining. He has a 24-hour on-call chef and a $365,000 mobile champagne cooler. Singer Mariah Carey owns a penthouse worth $9 million, which reportedly contains 500 pairs of high heels. Kate Hudson reportedly owns a pair of $30,000 pajamas. Singer Christina Aguilera owns a $5 million Hollywood Hills home with a 25-foot waterfall and a plasma-screen TV she built into the fireplace. Paris Hilton was 13-years-old when she got her first credit card. On her 21st birthday, she celebrated in five different locations, having $75,000+ parties in Tokyo, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. 

18,000 kids die every day from starvation... "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by?" (Lamentations 1:12)

A survey published by has brought to light the buying and spending habits of top celebrities in the United States. The survey was conducted by wealth-research firm, Prince & Associates, of Redding, Connecticut, which recently polled 92 business managers representing 288 actors and musicians by asking them about their clients’ shopping plans for the holiday season. It was found that pop star Britney Spears spends an average of $16,000 a month on clothes alone. She spends about $4,758 on eating out, $10,250 on utility bills and $17,000 on automotive and other transportation costs. Britney spends an average of $102,000 a month on “entertainment, gifts, and vacation,” according to court filings in her child custody battle.

Americans have made Britney Spears filthy rich, millions of young girls buying her works of darkness. Here's a quote from Britney Spears' filthy song, SODA POP...

" . . . we might start riding to the music tonight. . . a WICKED TIME to the end . . . we'll flex tonight until they break down the door . . . It's cool Britney when we get down on the floor. . . and we go on and on until the break of dawn"

No wonder our mentally-ill society has to give out condoms to all the public school kids! So your teen's in an abortion clinic from listening to this kind of sicko music, which has made Miss Spears filthy rich. You just lost your job because of the recession, while Britney Spears spends $16,000 a month just on her clothes! Yep, I'd say Americans are mentally-ill.

Katy Perry bought a $2,700,000 penthouse in New York. She has become rich by going from gospel singer to a lesbian whore! Katy Perry is a lewd she-devil. She blasphemes God in the song ROCK GOD, as does Selena Gomez. Perry invites males to stick their hands down into her skin tight pants in her song, TEENAGE DREAM. The album is coated with cotton-candy scent; but it should smell like sewage and have maggots falling out of the album because it is spiritual rot. God help our teenagers in America!!! God help us!!!

Young girls today, they want to have fun. Young girls today just wanna party. Today young girls wanna go to a nightclub and have open sex on the floor of the nightclub, and then put it on YouTube, and if they should get pregnant they want to throw the baby into a dumpster. That's the new America! No morals. No self-respect. No nation. No borders. No language. No culture. No responsibility. Now that's America today!

There is much mockery of God and the Bible these days. Late night TV host, Conan O'Brien, in January of 2007 portrayed Jesus Christ as a homosexual voyeur on his show. Conan has also been praised by millions for singing the blasphemous song, "I'm a Gonna Go To Hell When I Die" (hear for yourself). Woe unto America!

Hollywood's Satanic Agenda
(1:28 hour documentary exposing the occult roots of Hollywood)
“Movie stars are like gods and goddesses.”  Hollywood's Satanic Agenda

Look to Jesus!

Luke 8:35, “Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his RIGHT MIND: and they were afraid.” Even those possessed of demons come into their RIGHT MIND when they cast themselves at the feet of Jesus. No demonic power on earth can prevent the salvation of a soul or the mending of a broken man when childlike faith is present in Jesus Christ.

The only hope for America is Jesus Christ! When sinners look to Jesus, they put their clothes back on. When sinners look to Jesus, they stop acting crazy. When sinners look to Jesus, they stop killing their children. When sinners look to Jesus, they stop following the Devil. When sinners look to Jesus, they start caring. When sinners look to Jesus, they stop praising the wicked. When sinners look to Jesus, they have a RIGHT MIND. LOOK TO JESUS!

Luke 8:35, "Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind: and they were afraid."

“There's something haywire in this country and we need to return to the Word of God and to Jesus.” Pastor Lester Roloff (Video) | Thank God for the Roloff Homes!

Ye Must Be Born Again!

You Need HIS Righteousness!