The Movie “Saved” Blasphemes God Or;
Mandy Moore is a Disgrace to America!

Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

       PHOTO TO RIGHT: The shameless Mandy Moore plays the main role (Hilary Faye) in one of the most evil, demonic, rotten, God-hating and blasphemous movies ever made, called “SAVED” (2004). Mandy Moore is a genuine loser. Anyone who attacks my precious Savior is a loser.

As you can see in the picture to the right, Cassandra (played by Eva Amurri) is blaspheming God by giving the Satanic hand sign.

The entire movie mocks and desecrates Christianity. At one sick point in the movie, Cassandra looks at the crotch of Jesus on a cross and makes the statement “Now, that's what I call being hung on a cross.”1

I didn't draw those horns or halo, that's the actual movie ad. The movie is a horrible mockery of God and the Christian faith.

At the beginning of the movie, Mary (Jena Malone) states, I've been born-again my whole life. Accepting Jesus into your heart and getting saved is a big decision... especially for a three-year-old.”1 Clearly, the movie makes fun of those who profess salvation at an early age. The movie is evil and rotten. In particular, the movie attacks the Baptist Church.

Mandy Moore won the hearts of many Christians in her role as Jamie Sullivan in the 2002 movie, A Walk To Remember, also starring Shane West (who plays Landon Carter). As typical with Hollywood, they desecrate and defile everything that is good and pure. It is evil.

It doesn't come as a big surprise that SAVED movie writer/director Brian Dannelly is a known Homosexual.2 Mandy Moore is a disgrace to America! I mean no unkindness. Saved attacks my Lord and Savior, blaspheming His precious name. Moore certainly is NO Christian in any Biblical sense, nor does she claim to be. Her website is nothing but a whore site, which I won't even link to. Mandy Moore hates Jesus Christ.

Here's the movie transcript if you want to learn just how evil Mandy Moore and those other actors really are. To even partake of such an evil and blasphemous film is to sell one's soul to the Devil. Moore is arrogant, stiff-necked and a rebel against God. Matthew 12:31, “Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.” When people think about the vile movie SAVED, they think about Mandy Moore, because she is the main character, and because she had already won the hearts of many Christians by her Pollyanna-like performance in A WALK TO REMEMBER. Moore has publicly stated that she resents the religious stereotype that the movie has given her, and that she is no Christian (What Mandy Did, TeenAge magazine: 28. 2004).

Macaulay Culkin also plays in this sicko film, which I'm sure impressed his sicko friend and high-priest in the Church of Satan, Brian Warner (aka, Marylyn Manson). The inside of Manson's Antichrist Superstar CD displays band members drinking Manson's urine through tubes attached to his crotch.

 SAVED is not innocent satire; It's blasphemy against the holy God of the Bible!

Here's part of the Saved movie plot . . .

Teenage Mary (Jena Malone), who has "been Born Again [her] whole life," is about to enter her senior year at American Eagle Christian High School with her Fundamentalist Christian friends Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore) and Veronica (Elizabeth Thai), the three of whom have formed a girl group called the Christian Jewels. Everything seems perfect—until Mary’s "perfect Christian boyfriend" Dean (Chad Faust) tells her, as they’re swimming underwater, that he thinks he's gay.

In her shock, Mary hits her head in the pool and has a vision in which Jesus tells her that she must do everything she can to help Dean. Hoping for a sign, Mary goes to a shooting range with Hilary Faye, who has a "spiritual solution for everything" and tells Mary (not knowing about the situation with Dean) that if all else fails, Jesus could still restore their "spiritual and emotional virginity." Believing that Jesus will restore her purity, Mary sacrifices her virginity to have sex with Dean in an attempt to restore his heterosexuality.

SOURCE: Saved!

It just goes to show that Hollywood, underneath any superficial goodness, is rotten to the core. Even in the movie, A Walk To Remember, which apostate Christians praise so much, there is an evil spirit of sensuality at work. When Landon Carter (played by Shane West) approaches Jamie Sullivan (played by Mandy Moore) in her car, he asks if she's “feeling Christian,” because he needs a ride home. The camera immediately focuses between her legs, which are moving in and out under her thin dress, which creates a sexual invitation type of scene. It is definitely sensual and sexually suggestive. This is Hollywood at work. They can't even make a good movie without adding something sensual and sexually suggestive to it.

My pastor used to say: “Boy preacher, you have a dirty mind! No, I have a man's mind.” That is the truth of the matter. It is not a matter of a man having a dirty mind. One does not need a dirty mind to have seed thoughts of sexual immorality planted into their mind by demonic movies intended to do so. No wonder American society today is plagued with adultery, fornication, incest, pedophilia, and homosexuality.

At another point in the movie, Jamie's father (the local pastor) tells Jamie that she may not care what he thinks, but she should care what God thinks. Jamie replies, “I think God wants me to be happy.” That's some dangerous thinking. God wants us to OBEY the Bible and please Him; and not ourselves (Revelation 4:11). God's will for our life is for us to obey Him, even though this often means living a life of sorrow and tribulation (John 16:20; 2nd Timothy 3:12).

At another place in the movie, A Walk To Remember, a group of teenage girls are filmed doing cartwheels in tight Daisy-Duke shorts. This is sinful. Women, young and old alike are to dress modestly as the Bible commands in 1st Timothy 2:9. Deuteronomy 22:5 forbids women to dress like men, nor for men to dress like women... “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” Any child knows which bathroom door is for the men... the sign with the pants (and the door for the women has the sign with the dress on it). It's common sense.

The same people who laugh, scoff and take lightly the moral issue of dressing modestly are the same heathens who see no harm in aborting children, fornicating and committing homosexuality. Those who make light of small moral matters are going to disregard the large as well. It's very interesting that those Christians who CARE and try to please God are also concerned about small matters.

Here are the shameless cast members of the vile movie SAVED:

MARY - Jena Malone
HILARY FAYE - Mandy Moore
ROLAND - Macaulay Culkin
CASSANDRA - Eva Amurri
PATRICK - Patrick Fugit
TIA - Heather Matarazzo
PASTOR SKIP - Martin Donovan
LILLIAN - Mary Louise Parker
DEAN - Chad Faust
VERONICA - Elizabeth Thai

I wouldn't want to be standing in the shoes of anyone who had anything to do with the movie, SAVED, when they stand in judgment before God (Hebrews 9:27). Certainly, none of them are Biblical Christians. None of them are “saved” in the Biblical sense. They are a bunch of heathen brats, so typical of the California sicko lifestyle.

When I went for neck surgery in 2009, I realized something while in the Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood Los Angeles area. I realized that all those sicko shows like The Simpsons, South Park and movies like SAVED are not just the product of someone's sick mind; but rather, they are the outflow of an entire community of fruitcakes—vile heathens that hate God, love-sin and are completely devoid of Biblical Christianity. That is why California is infamous for more weirdoes, cults and Christ-rejecters than anywhere else in America. They are Godless. While I was there I saw fortune tellers, psychics and astrologers all over the place. The whole area is saturated with demonism.

2nd Timothy 3:1-2, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.

Hollywood is Evil to the Core!

Right along with the movie SAVED, I would list THE GOLDEN COMPASS as one of the most evil films ever produced. The Golden Compass is book one of a fantasy trilogy written by English author Philip Pullman in the late 1990s called His Dark Materials. Philip Pullman is a sinfully proud, God-hating, militant atheist. In a 2001 interview with the Washington Post, Mr. Pullman said:

“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”

—Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass.

And he certainly does in his movie. The movie is indescribably evil. The word “demon” is repeated several dozen times throughout the movie, as each child has it's own lovable demon. Witches by the hundreds are featured in the movie, and are portrayed as being good, helpful and rescuers. In the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS, there are at least 50 references to a child's "DEMON." In one part of the movie, a missing boy (Roger Parslow) is found, but he is out of his mind and looks distraught because his DEMON has been taken away from him. Talk about twisting the truth around. The little girl who stars in the movie, Lyra, vows to find and return the boy's demon.

Whether it be JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, SAVED or the blasphemous THE DA VINCI CODE that portrays Jesus Christ as an adulterer, Hollywood producers are a bunch of God-hating, homosexual, arrogant, Christ-rejecting, Bible-attacking heathens.


I wrote this article because someone had told me about the movie, A WALK TO REMEMBER. I, as many people, cried when I watched the movie. It really is an emotionally touching movie, despite the problems with it. After the movie was finished, out of curiosity I wanted to know where Mandy Moore was today (7-years later in 2009). Mandy's website comes up first on Google when her name is typed in the search box. I was deeply saddened, but not surprised, when I saw that she is dressed and sitting like a prostitute on the main page of her website.

Obviously, this is what she wants people to think about her, to distance herself as far as possible from any decent image from the role she played in A WALK TO REMEMBER. Moore has publicly expressed her disdain for her role in the film. She openly states that she is not a Christian. It's really a shame because Mandy Moore could have been a positive role model for many spiritually struggling teens; but instead, she is just leading teenage girls into worldliness, whorish clothing and heathendom.

Ironically, in real life Mandy Moore fits in perfectly with the troubled kids, the rebels, the “animals” as Landon Carter (Shane West) terms them in A WALK TO REMEMBER. Christian kids who carry a Bible and live for God have always been mocked, mistreated and made the object of cruel jokes and pranks by worldly kids. A WALK TO REMEMBER addresses that reality and sends a positive message to kids.

Tragically, in real life Mandy Moore despises that positive message of the movie and does herself a woeful injustice by lowering herself to that of the punks in the movie. Moore's role in the movie SAVED is tragic, damaging her image in the eyes of anyone who thought she was a decent person. I do not judge anyone, certainly not Mandy Moore. It is not my place to judge. The Bible, God's Word, condemns all of us as hell-deserving sinners. Yet, it is my duty and every other Christian's duty to take a stand against anyone or anything that casts a negative reflection upon Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. The movie SAVED is 100% blasphemy against the Lord!

Ecclesiastes 11:9 and 12:14, “Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment . . . For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

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