HEE HAW is of the Devil

By David J. Stewart

       The HEE HAW television series debuted on CBS on June 15, 1969 and ran weekly for more than 20 years.  By 1977, HEE HAW was the nation's No.1-rated non-network show and it ultimately became one of the longest-running syndicated TV shows in history with more than 585 one-hour shows produced.  HEE HAW reached 90 percent of U.S. households and was seen on 220 television stations at its height. 

HEE HAW attracted hundreds of celebrity guests from virtually every segment of the entertainment industry, including Hugh Hefner, Dolly Parton, Minnesota Fats, Garth Brooks and Richard Petty.  Quite risqué for its time, HEE HAW is still remembered by many for the group of women cast members known collectively as the "HEE HAW Honeys."  "HEE HAW Whores" is more appropriate. 

HEE HAW was one of the most godless and evil television shows ever produced; yet, many Christians watched it regularly because Roy Clark, Buck Owens, and others, sang a Gospel song towards the end of each show.  During the rest of the show, much of what you saw was women's breasts exposed, whores laying in suggestive positions, dirty jokes, women wearing miniskirts, women being sensual, women and men flirting with each other, men looking at women's breasts, etc.  It wasn't just clean fun.  There's nothing "clean" about lasciviousness. 

eprobate Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner, even made guest appearances on the show.  How wicked and sinful.  The producers of Hee Haw were godless heathens who exploited Christianity to boost their ratings, and corrupted society.  No doubt, Hee Haw destroyed many marriages and families with their whorish lascivious programming.  The producers of Hee Haw have greatly contributed to the spiritual deterioration of America.  To no surprise, some of the women who posed on Hee Haw have been featured in Playboy magazine.  If you don't see the evil harm in a show such as Hee Haw, then you are not right with God!

Jesus clearly warned us in Matthew 5:28, "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart."  HEE HAW caused hundreds-of-millions of men around the world to commit adultery in their hearts, because of the sensual and immodestly dressed whores on the show. 

The producers of HEE HAW are in trouble with the Lord, for making a mockery of decency and promoting evil heathens such as Hugh Hefner.  I wonder how many little girls have been molested because of Hugh Hefner's filthy Playboy magazines?  And to think, HEE HAW promoted such a detestable pervert.  I wonder how many men cheated on their wives because of HEE HAW's filth and lasciviousness?  I'm sure the numbers are shocking. 

Only God knows the number of victims, and God DOES know!  Do you know what "lasciviousness" is?  It is unhealthy sexual desire that causes people to commit sexual sins.  Shows like HEE HAW lead men into adultery, fornication, and every other sexual sin imaginable.  It is an abomination unto God Almighty!

I call these types of people "entertainment Christians."  Such people speak like Christians; but live like heathens.  They sing Gospel songs; while drinking booze, chasing women, cursing God, and living like fools.  They are phonies.  They never tell a lost sinner how to go to Heaven.  They have been choked by the cares and riches of this world.  They are adulterous ... "Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children" (2nd Peter 2:14). 

Yet they sing a Gospel song here and there in an attempt to fool weak and immature believers into accepting them as spiritual.  Do you think the producers and cast members of HEE HAW were spiritual?  Do you think they were Christians?  Would Christ-honoring believers PROMOTE a degenerate pornographer like Hugh Hefner?  NEVER!  It is a shame unto God.  Hugh Hefner is a perverted monster. 

I do not hate anyone.  I do not hate Hugh Hefner.  I DO hate the pornographic filth which Hugh Hefner has produced since 1954 in the United States.

It is appalling and utterly disturbing to any separated, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring, sin-hating, soulwinning, Christian--to hear a group of people singing Gospel sings; while simultaneously showcasing immodestly dressed woman, laying in whorish positions, with their breasts exposed, and promoting vile sickos like Hugh Hefner.  I mean, some of the same whores singing Power In The Blood on HEE HAW have posed naked in Playboy magazine.  This is where Christianity is at nowadays!!!

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