Ozzy Osbourne Is Of The Devil, Literally

by David J. Stewart | February 2006 | Updated November 2015

Ozzy Osbourne is straight from Hell!

Ozzy Osbourne has been sued in court repeatedly by angry parents who blame Ozzy for their teen's suicidal death. I will grant that those parents are totally irresponsible for allowing their teens to listen to such demonic music, but Ozzy will be held liable by God because he's the one producing that demonic trash. And don't think for one second that Ozzy doesn't know that teenagers are listening to his loathsome music.

I fully agree with World Net Daily editor, Joseph Farah, who described the creep in a May 12, 2002, article as follows...

“Satanic lyrics, evil worldview, disgusting mouth, no musical ability, drug abuse. This is Osbourne. He is a depraved moral terrorist, seducing young kids who don't know any better into deadly lifestyles.”

SOURCE: World Net Daily, The Ozzy And Dubya Show, May 12, 2002.

Ozzy Osborne (pictured at above left and lower right) is well-known for using Satanic imagery to sell his works of darkness, yet oddly enough Ozzy denies being a Satanist. One thing is for certain Mr. Osborne... your music is Satanic, literally! 

“I've now been sued by about 25 people who claim their kids committed suicide from listening to my music.”

SOURCE: Ozzy Osbourne (interview: Ozzy Meets Marilyn Manson, 1997).

Ozzy denies being responsible for any deaths, claiming that his music doesn't make people crazy, it just gives crazy people a vehicle to ride on. The Supreme Court defended Ozzy on the basis of Free Speech. We're talking about teenagers here who killed themselves while listening to Ozzy's music! Ironically, Christians are going to jail for preaching the Word of God; but Ozzy is just exercising his "free speech." Satan is truly the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

This should be a clear WARNING to all parents to get involved with what their kids are listening to and watching. Only God knows the total number of young people who have died, or had their lives ruined, as a result of Satanic music's influence. Millions of youth have been led into Satanism, sexual immorality and drug abuse by Osbourne's influence. Many of Ozzy's music (noise) videos contain sexually graphic images of promiscuous whores, violent acts and torture. This is because the Devil wants young people to act this way, to ruin their lives. Ozzy was born in 1948 and is getting old. He'd better enjoy the riches, pleasures and fame that Satan has given him, because Hell is coming up to meet Ozzy the second he breathes his last breath. All forms of heavy metal are sinful, and especially “Christian rock” because it causes people to let their guard down against Satan.

The Men Who Rejected Jesus Christ (an article I wrote which exposes Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne). I wouldn't trade my salvation and walk with Jesus Christ, my God and Savior, for all the wealth in this world. Purportedly, Ozzy is a member of the Church of England (it wouldn't surprise me because they're so apostate, teaching a false plan of salvation, as unsaved as the Devil). God is not pleased with the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11), and neither should we be. It is sad and tragic that Ozzy is going to spend eternity burning in Hell, after he bows the knee to confess that JESUS IS LORD OF ALL! (Philippians 2:9-11). Millions of people will burn in Hell with Ozzy, who wilfully rejected Jesus Christ as their personal Savior because of the influence of ungodly men like Ozzy, George Carlin, Marilyn Manson and Paul McCartney. Satan can only give you fame, pleasures and fortune in this earthly lifetime, “but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

Ozzy's Suicide-Inducing Music!

Few parents realize that there are existing technological devices (evil inventions, Ecclesiastes 7:29) which have been used to develop music which contains subliminal messages... messages that deliberately mess with the listeners head. The following contains shocking information from the Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research (IBAR):

"In October 1984, a nineteen-year-old teenager named John M. shot himself in the head, while listening to Ozzy Osbourne's "Suicide Solution". When the coroner entered the room, he found the headphones still on John's head. This would be one of the tragedies that caused Ozzy immeasurable grief.

In 1986, Ozzy had just gotten off a plane at LAX airport when people began asking him about the "lawsuits". Ozzy knew nothing about any lawsuit but the details quickly emerged. Three lawsuits had been launched against Ozzy, claiming that his lyrics had caused youths to commit suicide. The family of John hired attorney Thomas Anderson in a lawsuit against Ozzy. Mr. Anderson claimed on the "Don't Blame Me" Ozzy video, that the song contained tones known as 'hemisync' and would cause a person to be unable to resist what was being said in the song.

The Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research, Inc. (IBAR) was hired to evaluate the song. They claim to have found subliminal lyrics that weren't included in the lyrics sheet. These subliminal lyrics were sung at one and one-half times the normal rate of speech and are not recognized by a first time listener. The IBAR institute claimed the subliminal lyrics, "are audible enough that their meaning and true intent becomes clear after being listened to over and over again." The subliminal lyrics in question were "Why try, why try? Get the gun and try it! Shoot, Shoot, Shoot", followed by a hideous laughter.

Further analysis by IBAR revealed the hemisync tones, which result from a patented process that uses sound waves to influence an individual's mental state. The tones have been found to increase the rate at which the human brain assimilates and processes information. IBAR claimed these tones made John vulnerable to the suggestive lyrics which Ozzy sang.

Ozzy's lawyer claimed that this was nonsense and relied upon the First Amendment of the Constitution to argue that Ozzy could write about anything he wanted. Three people had now taken their lives, and in each case it was Ozzy's 'Suicide Solution' song which was the focus as the cause of the deaths. Mr. Anderson claimed that the words, "shoot shoot, get the gun, get the gun" were audible in the song. There is an effect which can be heard on the song, that could be interpreted as that if one tried hard enough. The sounds were just Ozzy messing around with the soundboard." -SOURCE

Did you read that? ... “The Institute for Bio-Acoustics Research, Inc. (IBAR) was hired to evaluate” Ozzy's music. They claim to have found subliminal lyrics that weren't included in the lyrics sheet. These subliminal lyrics were sung at one and one-half times the normal rate of speech and are not recognized by a first time listener. The IBAR institute claimed the subliminal lyrics, “are audible enough that their meaning and true intent becomes clear after being listened to over and over again.

Ozzy's lawyer argued that Mr. Osbourne could sing about anything he wanted, claiming Ozzy's rights to free speech. Ozzy won! Isn't it crazy that you can be arrested for preaching against abortion at the Liberty Bell; BUT, it's acceptable for someone to sell music that causes countless teenagers to commit suicide. America is mentally-ill.

Here's a section of the lyrics from Ozzy's hit song, “Suicide Solution”...

Breaking laws, Knocking doors
But there's no one at home
Made your bed, Rest your head
But you lie there and moan
Where to hide,
Suicide is the only way out
Don't you know what it's really about

Although Ozzy claims that he never intended for his music to cause anyone to commit suicide, the statistics are FACTS. In October 1984, a nineteen-year-old teenager named John M. shot himself in the head, while listening to Ozzy Osbourne's “Suicide Solution.” When the coroner entered the room, he found the headphones still on John's head.1 Dozens of parents have sued Ozzy Osbourne over the suicide of their children from listening to this song.

“I've now been sued by about 25 people who claim their kids committed suicide from listening to my music.”

SOURCE: Ozzy Osbourne, interview: Ozzy Meets Marilyn Manson, 1997).

Sony Music Entertainment sponsors the official Ozzy Osbourne website at ozzy.com, where one of the bloggers calls parents who have tried to sue Osbourne “idiots,” citing no proof that Ozzy's music influenced those victims to commit suicide.

However, psychological studies have proven that emotionally vulnerable teenagers are at a higher risk of committing suicide from listening to music like Ozzy's.2 In other words, most people can handle it, but some can't. If a teenager is having a difficult time adjusting to life, Ozzy's music is going to put harmful ideas into their head. Unquestionably, apathetic parents are mostly to blame; but Ozzy is also responsible in my opinion. Ozzy's music is like handing a loaded gun to a person who is suicidal. The music itself is a medium through which demons enter into one's mind and soul. Even Ozzy admits Satan's influence upon him...

“I really wish I knew why I've done some of the things I've done over the years. I don't know if I'm a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it's not what I think it is — Satan.” (Ozzy Osbourne (Hit Parader, Feb., 1978, p.24)

The 1978 blockbuster Academy Award Winning sicko movie, THE DEER HUNTER, features the deadly suicidal game of Russian Roulette, which has tragically inspired numerous suicides amongst viewers over the years...

Russian roulette was made famous worldwide with the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter, which features three soldiers who are captured during the Vietnam War and forced to play Russian roulette as their captors gamble on the results. Their captors demand an especially brutal variation of the game: the game is played until all but one contestant is killed. The game takes place in a bamboo room above where the other prisoners are held, so that the losers' blood drips down on future contestants. Several teen deaths following the movie' release caused police and the media to blame the film's depiction of Russian roulette, saying that it inspired the youths.

SOURCE: Russian roulette in popular culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By 1981 THE DEER HUNTER film was attributed to at least 25 suicides from Russian Roulette Suicide, and by 1989 that number reached at least 35 known suicides...

The full body count attributable to "The Deer Hunter" suicides will likely never be known because often such deaths are solitary affairs, leaving no one around to explain what influenced the deceased to take his life. Some have attempted to take measure of this phenomenon, including Dr. Thomas Radecki, a psychiatrist who often spoke on behalf of the National Coalition on TV Violence and who in 1981 stated there had been 28 shootings and 25 confirmed Russian roulette deaths in the United States involving persons who watched the movie on television or videotapes. In 1989, columnist Paul Simon was quoted in a Louisville Courier-Journal article as stating that this number was then up to 35.

SOURCE: The Deer Hunter and Suicides

The power of suggestive thought cannot be reasonably argued. Whether it be Ozzy's music or Michael Cimino's film, what people see and hear do affect their minds, and all it requires are a few weak minds to carry out copycat crimes. The plain fact of the matter is that if it weren't for the movie, at least 35 people (and it's likely over 50 now) would still be alive. My opinion in this matter is that are likely THOUSANDS of suicides that we'll never know about, because as mentioned in the preceding quote... suicide is a solitary affair (i.e., it's done alone and often without giving a reason to anyone). Only God knows the true number of suicide deaths inspired from Ozzy's music and films such as, THE DEER HUNTER.

Apostasy in America!

Tragically, there are even some professed "Christians" who associate and perform heavy metal with Ozzy. One example is As I Lay Dying, a heavy metal band from California since 2001. All band members claim to be Christians. Their lyrics are featured on Christianrocklyrics.com (which is a misnomer—There is NO such thing as "Christian rock." ALL rock-n-roll music is from the Devil).

Why in the name of Jesus Christ would ANY professed "CHRISTian" have anything to do with such a vile Satanic person as Ozzy Osbourne?  The Word of God commands us to EXPOSE the works of darkness, NOT fellowship with them!

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." —Ephesians 5:11

The band members of As I Lay Dying on NO Christians, they are imposters! They are liars when they claim to be "Christians." How dare any professed Christian fellowship with Ozzy Osbourne and perform at Ozzfest (2005). 

Ozzy Osbourne and Satanism

Photo to right: Album cover for Ozzfest 2002. The beast is “Pan” (the god of sexual deviance, pedophilia, and rape—who represents Satan). Although Ozzy denies being a "Satanist," this photo clearly exposes him as a liar. Every witch and Satanist knows exact who pan is, and so does Ozzy! Sex is the God of Satanism!

"1969 marked the beginning of the evil career of Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne formed the band Black Sabbath. The group modeled itself on the Rolling Stones. The next fifteen years would witness a procession of young drugged-out rock performers, like Osbourne, each competing for the "big money" and the recording contracts that came with it. The key criteria of those who would "make it" was their ability to portray decadence and evil. These were the "heavy-metal" groups.

In 1985, New Solidarity newspaper, which has since been forcibly shut down by the federal government, conducted an interview with Hezekiah Ben Aaron, then the third-ranking member of the Church of Satan. Ben Aaron is now a devout Christian. In the interview, Aaron revealed that it was his Church that started such "heavy-metal" rock groups as Black Sabbath, The Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, and many others. The Church of Satan was then led by its high priest, Anton LaVey. Many report, however, that LaVey, a former circus lion tamer, was just a front man for the real high priest, Kenneth Anger, the man who earlier recruited the Rolling Stones to the occult." —Donald Phau


Both Satanists and Wiccan witches adore and worship the Pagan god, Pan, the world's most infamous sex predator! Pan is the embodiment of Rock 'N' Roll music!

Heavy Metal rocker and known Satanist, Ozzy Osbourne, has featured Pan on all of his recent album covers (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008). Ozzy is bound for Hell. The Rock 'N' Roll industry is infamous for worshipping Pan, who is the very embodiment of Rock music. Pan represents Satan, which is what the ever-so-popular Satanic hand sign shows, allegiance to the Devil.

Photo to left: Paul McCartney fondles the horns of a ram on his 1971 album cover, RAM. Clearly, this is Paul's way of identifying himself with Satanism. McCartney's own statements professing himself to be an Atheist.

Few people are aware of the Satanic roots of rock-n-roll. One of the 20th centuries most renowned Satanists was Aleister Crowley, who's face appears on the Beatles, Sgt. Peppers album cover.

In 1922, Crowley published Diary of a Drug Fiend, which was about the use of cocaine. He described the widespread use of cocaine among Hollywood stars, which he described as “cocaine-crazed sexual lunatics.” Crowley died a wasted heroin addict given to rages and doubts. His last words were “I am perplexed…” Crowley worshipped the demon god Pan, the god of sexuality and lust. His “Hymn to Pan” was read at his funeral: “I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend/ Everlasting world without end!”

Ozzy Osbourne called Crowley “a phenomenon of his time” (Circus, Aug. 26, 1980, p. 26). Ozzy even produced a song and an album titled “Mr. Crowley” (pictured to right). In the song Ozzy sings the lyrics: “You fooled all the people with magic... You waited on Satan's call... Mr. Crowley, won't you ride my white horse.”

It was Brain Wilson of the Beach Boys who professed...

"We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music."

Brian Wilson of THE BEACH BOYS, quoted in Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff (pg.27.)

The group Black Sabbath have actually given invitations during their concerts for young people to receive Satan. Their 'live' album is titled 'Live Evil.' One of their albums is truthfully titled, 'We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'N' Roll.' Their song N.I.B. (Nativity In Black) is one of the most openly satanic songs ever recorded. It is a love-song from Lucifer, in which Lucifer invites the listener to 'please take my hand':

Some people say MY LOVE cannot be true
Please believe me, MY LOVE, and I'll show you
I will give you those things you thought unreal . . .
YOUR LOVE FOR ME has just got to be real . . .
Look into my eyes, you will see who I am

Ozzy Osbourne was the lead singer for the Black Sabbath band in the 1970's. It was Ozzy who sang the above blasphemous lyrics. It was Ozzy Osbourne who sang praises to Aleister Crowley. How could any group of professed "Christians" (such as the so-called Christian Rock group, AS I LAY DYING) fellowship and partake of such wickedness? This is a clear sign of the apostate condition of the United States! They're imposters! Don't believe the lie! When professed "Christians" are performing heavy metal music at Ozzfest, with one of the world's most renowned haters of God (Ozzy Osbourne), then you know that America has forsaken God!!!

I did not write this article to be unkind, nor to attack Mr. Osbourne. I wrote this article to EXPOSE Ozzy Osbourne as a Satanist, even though he denies it. Yet, ironically, Ozzy admits the likelihood that Satan works through him...

"I really wish I knew why I've done some of the things I've done over the years. I don't know if I'm a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it's not what I think it is - Satan."

SOURCE: Ozzy Osbourne (Hit Parader, Feb., 1978, p.24)

For Ozzy to deny that he is a Satanist is like a child with candy all over his face, denying that he went into the candy jar. It's like the Catholic who bows to statues of Mary, praying 53 "Hail Mary's" in each Rosary; but then deny that they worship Mary. Who's kidding who? Isn't it interesting that the Wiccan witches deny the existence of Satan?  Isn't it interesting that occult Freemasons deny their allegiance to Satan, even though many books about Freemasonry include the Pentagram. 

One needs to look no further than the Pentagon in Washington D.C., which forms the center of a Pentagram. Not surprisingly, American was founded as a Freemasonry nation. Take a look at any one dollar bill and you'll see more Freemasonry. Interestingly, Aleister Crowley (who Ozzy Osbourne called “a phenomenon of his time”) was also an occult Freemason

Thank God for Word of God that exposes Satan's works of darkness! Thank God for sending His Son into the world to die for our sins. Let the heathen rage! If Ozzy Osbourne and all the hordes of Hell want to curse God and go to Hell, then that is there choice; but, God surely does NOT want them to go there. 2nd Peter 3:9 states...

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”


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