Public Schools Are Of The Devil!

There is nothing more damning and destructive to America's youth today than the Godless public school system!

I thank God for the Bill of Rights. I thank God for the wisdom of our founding fathers. I thank God for the the First Amendment which gives us the legal right to freedom of speech, press, religion, and the right to peaceably assemble and protest. I am exercising my God-given freedom, by publishing this desperately needed article about the Godless and heathen public school system. There is no evil today like the Communist, humanistic, sexually immoral public school system. I detest the public school system! It is destructive to the faith of children!

Sex Education Program in Our Public Schools: What Is Behind It?

Perhaps you are asking, "What is so wrong with the public school system? In a word, EVERYTHING! Perhaps a better question is: What is right about the public school system? The truth is intolerant my friend. 1 + 1 = 2. Now you can ignorantly claim that 1 + 1 = 3; but you'd be wrong (and probably a product of the public school system). Children are robbed of faith in God in public schools. Instead, children are taught that they evolved from "stardust" which somehow formed into a planet, and then life just happened. Children are taught that humans are animals. If this is true, then bestiality is acceptable, right? This is what the evolutionists teach is it not?

Satan's crowd fully understand that children are a weapon in the hands of the Devil, which the Holy Bible confirms. Psalms 127:4, “As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.” He who controls today's youth, sets the future. The communist dictator Vladimir Lenin also understood this truth, who said: “The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals.” If you grasp this truth, then it becomes obvious why wicked men have usurped control of the government's public fool system! Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy your children, and your family! It is not a coincidence that children's public school curriculum is so senseless and confusing, that parents cannot even help their children do their homework. They are intentionally dumbing-down the children!!!

A good Christian family is a bulwark for good morals, the soil for the planting of good character, the tool and means for the furthering of Biblical Christianity and confirming it upon the earth. The family is also the foundation of the nation, as Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow, wrote, “In the family lie the seeds of everything that later sprouts and grows into the greater family which is called the nation.” Satan knows this truth better than any Christian. Why do you think the family is under demonic attack from all sides?

The Bible, God's Word, foretold that the time would come when people would be lovers of their own selves, woefully ignorant of the truth. We are certainly living in such a time. The same sun that melts the wax, hardens the clay. I'd like to quote some Scriptures from the Holy and Preserved Word of God (i.e., the King James Bible)...

 "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.  For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." —2nd Timothy 3:1-7

Faith MUST come before knowledge. Character must come before knowledge. To educate a man beyond his character is to produce an educated fool (Romans 1:22, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"). To educate a man who lacks faith in God is to produce an educated heathen. The public school system produces educated fools. Young children who should be taught about God are instead brainwashed with Evolution and worldly philosophies. I call Evolution, Devilution, and for good reason (Hitler was a big fan of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species). Communism, Nazism, Godlessness and Evolution are all synonymous in ideologies. Welcome to the public school detention-camp. America's school children long ago were taught HOW TO THINK, but for the past half century have been taught WHAT TO THINK!

“Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” —Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin (1934)

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” —Adolf Hitler

Oh!, but you say, "Parents are supposed to teach their children about faith and character; not the schools." That's like saying that you should push and pull at the same time. The arguments presented by advocates of public education are as senseless and lame as is their educational system. No child, I don't care how good a home they come from, is going to develop properly spending hours each day in a heathen learning environment! You can't teach a child at home that God created mankind; and then expect that same child to learn from a heathen teacher that mankind evolved from apes, without there being a spiritual conflict. It is difficult for a Christian child to have to attend a Godless prisonhouse like the public school system. Satan has a bid for your child.

Communism is of the Devil. Communism is not an ideology; but rather, a secret weapon of THE ILLUMINATI intended to enslaved the human race. It was Karl Marx himself, unquestionably the father of modern Communism, who said:

“My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” —Karl Marx

Satan wants your child. There is no book series and movie any more evil than THE GOLDEN COMPASS, a fantasy trilogy written by English author Philip Pullman in the late 1990s called His Dark Materials. Philip Pullman is a sinfully proud, God-hating, militant atheist. In a 2001 interview with the Washington Post, Mr. Pullman said:

“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”

Pullman targets children, as does wicked Hollywood. Hollywood's Satanic Agenda (1:28 hour documentary exposing the occult roots of Hollywood). The wicked elite who control America want to indoctrinated and control your child. It is indeed a satanic conspiracy. A conspiracy is simply two or more people plotting to do evil. Why is it so hard for people to receive the word “conspiracy.” Do you really think Jane Roe solely caused the legalization of abortion in America? Do you really think Madalyn Murray O'Hair was solely responsible for removing prayer and the Bible from America's schools?

Freemasonry is connected with every form of evil imaginable. Anything that subverts, corrupts and destroys America is perpetrated by Masons. Please understand that 95% of masons are a front for the inner elite who worship Lucifer. It's an organization within an organization, just like Mormonism. The outer 95% are normal everyday people; but the innermost group are sick-minded, secret society, arrogant, Kaballah-controlled, Satan-worshipping scum. People have no idea what's going on in our nation. Watch the following movie in its entirety and you'll feel sick... Obama Rothschilds Choice. Criminals have taken over our nation. President John F. Kennedy tried to warn us about secret societies and a White House coup.

Freemasons are behind the Communist government schools. California and other states have outlawed homeschooling, to ensure that your child is INDOCTRINATED. And to add injury to insult, California just made a law requiring school curriculum to teach homosexual history and promote the Homosexual Agenda. Gay History to Become a Part of California's School Curriculum (LGBT want to live in Sodom).

It was Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist and Soviet spy, who said:

“The Communist vision is the vision of man without God. It is the vision of man's mind displacing God as the creative intelligence of the world.”

Dethrone God? Man without God? Can a person dethrone God? Absolutely not! The very essence of Communist philosophy is the absence of God. That's why public school teach the lie of Evolution!

Congressman James Traficant faithfully represented the people of Ohio during his years of office. Anyone who has studied the details behind his court conviction knows that he was wrongfully persecuted and prosecuted because he was working relentlessly to establish an oversight office with the sole purpose of investigating the crimes of the Justice Department. The criminal powers behind the Federal Reserve Banks, Washington D.C. and the legal system of America, wouldn't stand for that, so they made an example out of him. Rep. James Traficant is a man whom I respect and honor tremendously for his faith in God, zeal for truth, and courage to stand up against the evildoers in high power.

The public school system was designed to brainwash children to bring to fruition a New World OrderChildren are deliberately being dumbed down. If voting could change anything, it would be outlawed. Freemasons were instrumental in starting the public school system, as a fulfillment of Karl Marx's 10th Plank of the Communist Manifesto (thus enabling the government to brainwash and take total control over children). They're dead serious! Those people today who scoff at the notion of a New World Order are ignorant of the times. Also see: Quotes on the NWO.


Public Schools No Place for Teacher's Kids

They Spit in His Face!  |  The Nation that Forgot God!

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) EXPOSED!

In case you didn't know, the 10th Plank of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto
called for a "public school system." Public schools are government schools!

"I am unalterably opposed to the public school system"
—Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)

Though some advocates of the public school system would lead us to believe that there are many good schools in the system, there are none.  It all depends on how you define "good."  Sure, I know that there are a few academically great schools in the system; but a child requires more than mere "academics" to develop properly.  A developing child's moral mindset will be determined by the presence (or LACK OF) Biblical principles being instilled in them.  Remember that the Heaven's Gate cult was composed mostly of the collegiate type.  Education must never be exalted above faith in God, for without faith in God there is NO morality.  If there is NO God than man becomes his own god, i.e., humanism.

Every child should be taught the Ten Commandments.  Every child should be taught faith in God.  Of course, this is ILLEGAL in public schools.  However, contrary to what many parents have been led to believe, it is NOT illegal for a child to pray or read the Bible in a public school (although many teachers have removed such children wrongfully because teachers don't understand the law).  However, it is illegal for a public school or teacher to sponsor such activities.  A child can bring a Bible into class, but the teacher cannot read that Bible to the class.  So sad!  A teacher could be fired for leading the class in prayer.  Is it any wonder why the United States today makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a nice place to live?

“Parents give up their rights when they drop the children off at public school.”1  —Shameful Texas Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon

The official position of the government-operated public school system is that God and the Bible are NOT welcome, and are NOT to be promoted. Perhaps you think that this is good because it separates religion from state. Or does it? Is not Evolution the religion of Humanism? Yes, it most certainly is! "Humanism" teaches that mankind is inherently good and that we are our own gods. Though most humanists would deny this, the fact that they look to humanity to solve all their problems proves it. Humanism excludes God. Our government excludes God. Excluding God can only lead to Communism and a Godless Totalitarian Police State, which is where the U.S. is headed

Don't take my word for it. Following are the words of one of the most influential sickos that engineered the public school system... George Brock Chisholm:

The responsibility for charting the necessary changes in human behavior rests clearly on the sciences working in that field. Psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, economics and politicians must face this responsibility..." said G. Brock Chisholm in his article, "The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society," in PSYCHIATRY, February 1946. He said, "There is something to be said... for gently putting aside the mistaken old ways of our elders, if that is possible. If it cannot be done gently, it may have to be done roughly or even violently."

"The only psychological force capable of producing these perversions is morality, the concept of right and wrong... For many generations we have bowed our necks to the yoke of the conviction of sin. We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers...

" has long been generally accepted that parents have the perfect right to impose any points of view, any lies or fears, superstitions, prejudices, hates or faith on their defenseless children. It is, however, only recently (1946) that it has become a matter of certain knowledge that these things cause neuroses, behavior disorders, emotional disabilities and failure to develop to a state of emotional maturity which fits one to be a citizen of a democracy... (Translation: Citizen of the New World Order)

"Surely the training of children in home and schools should be of at least as great public concern as their vaccination for their own protection... Individuals who have emotional disabilities of their own, guilts, fears, inferiority's, are certain to project their hates on to others... They are a very real menace... Whatever the cost, we must learn to live in friendliness and peace with ... all the people of the world..." [1]

The public school system was born out of an antichrist, antifamily, and anti-country mentality.  Here's a couple more quotes from the godless G. Brock Chisholm:

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."-George Brock Chisholm

"The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy."-George Brock Chisholm

Wake up parents! There is a conspiracy to brainwash your child with New World Order thinking:

Public Schools: Turning Children and Parents into Peons

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The UN's Sinister Plan for Your Child's Mental Health

Homosexual Agenda in Our Public Schools

Hear The Truth!

Audiotape of Massachusetts public employees discussing how teens can fist their sex partners at a GLSEN - sponsored conference at Tufts University in 2000."

Listen for yourself!

GLSEN Wants Your Child Gay!

GLSEN Teaches Public School Teens How to Have Homosexual “Fist Sex” (MP3s)

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) EXPOSED!

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If you are a Christian parent, your children will be targeted in the Public School System. They will be deliberately subjected to Harry Potter movies (promoting witchcraft), New Age philosophies (denying the Bible), environmental whackoism (placing animals and the earth over humans), and turning your child into an immoral sexual deviate.

Obama Appoints Sicko GLSEN Founder, Kevin Jennings, to Head “Safe Schools” Effort

The Illusion of Separation Between God and State

We often hear about separation between religion and State; however, there is no such thing as separation between God and State. If you eliminate God, you have Humanism... and humanism will eventually lead to the destruction of America.

Why should God continue to bless a nation which increasingly honors and caters to Sodomites? Why should God bless a nation that worships immoral celebrities and praises the ungodly? God will not continue to bless this wicked mess! Why should God bless a nation of baby-killers, whoremongers and warmongers?

Our founding fathers never intended for God to be ignored by our lawmakers, Supreme Court and political leaders. By the deceptive creation of the 501c3 tax-exempt organization, even our churches have backed off and are eerily silent concerning blatant and massive government crimes against the American people and innocent people abroad. If the church, i.e., the righteous, refuse to rise up against the evildoers (Psalm 94:16), then who will? The wicked?

It is a deception to think that God can be separated from government. The degree by which God is abandoned determines the level of wickedness amongst our leaders. Faith in God is the very foundation of freedom. Without God there is no absolute moral standard by which to guide our lives. Communism is rooted in atheism.

Removing God from the public school system was the nails-in-our-coffin as a nation. The notion that the absence of God isolates the State from religious belief and bias is untrue. The absence of God always leads to Humanism.

To educate without God is humanism in pure form.

The the entire public school system is of the Devil! Humanism is of the Devil. Humanism is an insane form of human thinking that invades the human mind, convincing it of it's superiority over God and His Word. It is humanistic reasoning that banned teacher-led prayer and Bible reading in the first place. 

The public school system teaches the religion of Humanism, i.e., man is his own god. In sharp contrast, the Bible says we are to trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6).

The Bible teaches that humanity is sinful, prone to evil and self-destruction. History itself proves this. Look at all the hundreds-of-millions of people who have been killed over the centuries in bloody wars. 

Yet, you can hear these Godless fools today still taking about how education is going to make this world a better place to live. Garbage! Some of the craziest sickos on this planet are rich educated people. The solution is not reformation, nor rehabilitation, nor education; but rather, regeneration by the Spirit of God. Jesus said “ye must be born-again” (John 3:5).

Research the days of the Russian Gulags (1920-1950) where an estimated 60,000,000 people were killed in slave labor death camps. Do you think it couldn't happen here in America? It will eventually! The Patriot Acts, Homeland Security and Operation Garden Plot were created to police U.S. citizens. We are fast losing our First Amendment rights.

The best education is SELF EDUCATION. 

Do your own homework and THINK FOR YOURSELF! 

Public Schools INDOCTRINATE; They Don't Educate

A child by nature believes in a supreme being Who created all things (Romans 1:21). It's not until their faith in God is shaken by some godless teacher that they start doubting. Where do all the atheists and heathen philosophers come from? They come out of heathen schools and universities! One atheist begets another atheist.

It is evil to mislead a child to believe that Evolution is a fact. Evolution is an unproven theory, a demonic malicious lie intended to apostatize children. Public school children are being lied to, being taught that they evolved from stardust and slime, and that they came from a primitive blob of life which allegedly evolved from a chaotic explosion to form the universe. How demeaning! No wonder society is so messed up nowadays. Without God, children have no moral compass.

To teach Evolution is to attack God's Word and the Creator (John 1:1-13; 2nd Peter 3:5). Any fool knows that this world didn't evolve from a piece of rock which broke off from the moon. That's the commonly accepted theory today! 

Can the universe have boundaries? What is beyond the tangible universe? Can there be nothing? Even the blackness of space is something! Can time begin or end? When did time begin? The only LOGICAL answer is God (2nd Peter 3:5).

A proper and good education must include God. We are all created in God's image. To teach children without including faith in God is to produce an educated fool. 

"...Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of THE TRUTH." —2nd Timothy 3:7

This Scripture speaks of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is tragic that prayer and the Bible were banned from public school in 1962 and 1963, respectively.

The world is filled with highly educated fools who know not God. They have never come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

They are always studying and learning; yet they have rejected the greatest knowledge of all, the gospel. It is foolishness to them (1st Corinthians 1:21).

They have never been born-again (John 3:5). Only by believing on Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, can any sinner be forgiven (John 20:31; Romans 4:5).

Even the best academic schools in the world are detrimental to a child if God is not a part of the child's education.

Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto is a living reality in the United States today. Children have been incredibly dumbed down.

The average American today is completely brainwashed. America's public schools are a disaster. There has been a hidden agenda for decades to DUMB DOWN America's children...

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - E Book download is NOW FREE TO ALL!!!
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There is a war on for your mind America! Marx's 10th plank of his Communist Manifesto called for a public school system. The stated purpose of which is to enable government brainwashing and control of children and thus society. Public school children are being fed the scam of Global Warming, the vile homosexual agenda, whacko environmentalism, spying on parents, unquestioning support of government tyranny, demonic New Age philosophies, et cetera.

Read for yourself what the sickos behind public school policy think about parents...

"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being... It's up to you, teachers, to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future."

SOURCE: Kathy Collins, "Children Are Not Chattel," Free Inquiry, a publication of CODESH (Council, for Democratic and Secular Humanism, Fall 1987, pg. 11).

The government has NO BUSINESS educating our children. The government was originally intended to PROTECT our property, person and freedom (now they're confiscating our property, harming our person and robbing our freedoms).

Tragically, the government doesn't even know what education is...

"In 1979, a newsletter called EDUCATION USA reported that at least one judge stated that no one knew what education was. That rather revealing conclusion was offered by a judge in a court case involving a mother who sued the San Francisco Unified School District in 1976 because her son, who was a high school graduate, could not read or write. She sought damages for remedial education and the wages her son would be unable to earn because of his lack of educational skills. The judge disagreed, according to the newsletter, saying:

'Schools have no legal duty to educate. If there is no legal duty to educate, there can be no malpractice where education fails.' (Education USA, September 24th, 1979, pg 29)

The judge in the district court that heard the case reported that 'schools have no legal duty to educate,' because the purpose of education was not known. Not even the educators know what they are to do with the children forcibly brought to their schools.

The judge in the appeals court explained:

'The science of pedagogy [defined as the art or science of teaching] itself is fraught with different and conflicting theories...'

As a result, he said, there is no way to assess the school's negligence when they do not educate any child. So the courts do not know what the purpose of education is."

SOURCE: The New World Order, pg. 268, by Ralph A. Epperson; 1990; ISBN: 0-9614135-1-4; publisher: PUBLIUS PRESS, Tucson, Arizona.

The public school system is evil. Their real goal is not education, but indoctrination! The teaching of Evolution is indoctrination. It is a deliberate attempt to shake the faith of young people in a divine God. Teaching young people that they are animals (mammals) is evil. The Bible teaches that people are not animals, we are human beings (1st Corinthians 15:39).

A society that abandons God and the Bible to appease a small group of God-haters and atheists is headed for imminent destruction. This is why America is in such a mess today. Our government leaders wouldn't have been able to sell us out to the Banksters, deliberately bankrupting America's economy, if Americans had simply cared. Americans didn't care in 1913 when the Federal Reserve criminal act was passed, and they couldn't care less today.

Our pastors are ignorant, having sold out to the government, allowing their churches to be government-licensed as 501c3 organizations. Billy Sunday saw the apostasy 100 years ago, and it's much worse today...

“It would be a godsend if the Church would suffer persecution today; she hasn't suffered it for hundreds of years. She is growing rich and lagging behind. Going back.” ~Billy Sunday, The Need for Revivals, From "Billy Sunday: The Man and His Message", by William T. Ellis, Philadelphia: John C. Winston Co., 1914

Americans don't care about the next generation. The economic debt which we've allowed our government to place upon us and our children's children is tragic. It is all fraud. Most churches today are supportive of government tyranny and are completely silent on the issues. This country is going into depression, while pastors are enjoying trips to the Holy land. Wake up America! Sin always undermines any nation. Americans have become complacent, indifferent and irresponsible.

"Humanistic universities often shoot their satiristic barbs toward fundamental schools and say they are prisons. Nothing is further from the truth! The humanistic school is the prison. Many of the students there are bound by liquor, bound by narcotics, bound by homosexuality, bound by immorality, bound by nicotine and bound by rock music. No one loves them enough and no one is wise enough to build a wall of standards around them in order that they may be free from those things which enslave. Freedom is not in the university which has no rules; freedom is in a university which loves its students enough to build rules of protection around them. Love is not breaking down the walls; love is building the walls! Love is not freedom to go to the captor; love is freedom from the captor!" —Quoted from Pastor Jack Hyles' book, Jack Hyles Speaks On Biblical Separation, Chapter three - Liberty Through Separation.

Children need to be educated in a God-friendly environment, not the public school abyss. Public schools will show a Harry Potter movie, but never anything about Jesus. It is evil. Now even homosexuality (which the Bible calls Sodomy) is inherent in the INDOCTRINATION curriculum. It is not education. Sodomy is not acceptable as a lifestyle, it is wicked sin which brought the judgment of God upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah! Children need to be taught that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. 

“The main thing wrong with the public school system is not what they teach, it's what they don't teach.” —Pastor Jack Hyles

The Devil owns and controls the public school system...

"The Masons/Communists/Humanists/Illuminists all want the government to train the children of the nation in government run schools. 

Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, wrote:

'We must win the common people in every corner.  This will be obtained chiefly by means of the schools.' (Proofs Of A Conspiracy, pg. 111)

'We must acquire the direction of education -- of church -- management -- of the professorial chair, and of the pulpit.' (Proofs Of A Conspiracy, pg. 109)

And professor John Robison wrote in his book about the Illuminati entitled PROOFS OF A CONSPIRACY that:

'They [the Illuminati] contrived to place their Members as tutors to the youth of distinction.' (Proofs Of A Conspiracy, pg. 75)"

SOURCE: The New World Order, pg. 263, by Ralph A. Epperson; 1990; ISBN: 0-9614135-1-4; publisher: PUBLIUS PRESS, Tucson, Arizona.

The public school system is evil. Evil is a plot, a conspiracy, a plan to do evil. The public school system is a diabolical plot to brainwash children for the Devil. The curriculum is worldly and anti-God in nature. No matter how good the school may be academically, if the child is not being taught morals and God's law, that child is being prepared to live a life of sin and rebellion against God. No wonder this once great nation has plunged into the moral abyss. 

Parents Are Under Attack

Families are under attack in America. Children don't belong in public schools. If there's a mark on your child, the school nurse (known as a “mandatory reporter”) will call CPS and the State confiscates your kids forever. Even if a child gets hurt playing, a parent will likely be blamed and charged with abuse. God forbid that you actually spank your child when they misbehave. CPS will take your children from you. It happens every day. You'll lose your kids forever.

The United Nations is planning to take control over America's children. Good parents lose their children every day in America, because of CPS thugs who think they are God. Even yelling at your child is considered mental cruelty and abuse nowadays. It's insane! Hell will be hot enough!

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” —Charles de Montesquieu

Satanists are Still Abducting, Raping and Killing Children

Genesis 18:20-21, “And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous; I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.”

Opium Brides
(heroine & 7-year old girls taken in Afghanistan for pedophile global elite)

DynCorp Disgrace!
(Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney exposes Pentagon's child sex trafficking)

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: CPS History of Abuse! pt1 (

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show CPS History of Abuse pt2

CPS workers, according to court video, says Rodge Weidner MADE a kiddie PORN video on orders of Portland, Oregon bureaucrat of Child Protective Services supervisor, Larry Lawson, who still works there in Portland even after Hazel confessed on Court video. Roger, a former prosecutor for Oregon came down to California to be on this TV show and expose the Crimes of the Lawliars, social Workers of Oregon, and especially the crooked evil judges.

CPS involved in child trafficking?
Mike Adams, Infowars)

There is an enormous amount of evidence to categorically prove to the genuine seeker of truth and justice, that the Secret Societies-run Intelligence Network are sexually abusing, and murdering children all around the world.

Shock study: 12% of kids sexually abused in govt. custody

Child Protective Services Are Pedophiles, Killers and Abusers?
(Alex Jones, Infowars)

Bureau of Justice Statistics: Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth

Boys Town Abuse

Nancy Schafer Was Murdered

CPS Corruption

Whether you realize it or not, public school nurses regularly take children into the medical office and ask them to remove most of their clothes for abuse inspections. A lot of public school teachers resent Christian parents. So if you tell the teacher you don't want your child watching a Harry Potter movie being shown in class that day, expect to be targeted by the school medical office.

Be careful when you ask your child's teacher why your child isn't learning in class. You'll likely be turned into the medical office for anything and everything. They're a dirty bunch of cut-throats. All of them... the teachers... the principles... the State... their lawyers... the judges... et cetera. Parents have become the enemy of the State. If you think I'm over-exaggerating, you need to READ THIS.

In 1946, Dr. Chisholm presented a paper entitled The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress at a US conference on mental health. Two years later, his message was published by the (now prestigious) magazine Psychiatry, and by his Communist friend, Alger Hiss, the publisher of the socialist magazine, International Conciliation. Alger Hiss, the presiding Secretary General at the 1945 founding of the United Nation, wrote the Preface to Dr. Chisholm's paper, which now bore the above title. Ponder Dr. Chisholm's radical views of faith and freedom.

Any decent parent would be alarmed and angered, and never enroll your child into a public school again, if you truly understood the Satanic power and ungodly agenda at work to destroy your child...

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” 
George Brock Chisholm, in a Speech given at the, Conference on Education, Asilomar, California, September 11, 1954

Satan's Bid For Your Child

The Fundamental Top 500  

101 Reasons to Homeschool Your Kids

Homeschool Digest

Homeschooling Today

Scholastic Company Marketing Harry Potter in All Public Schools!

All spiritual power comes from either God or Satan. We see this truth in the Bible, when Pharaoh's magicians imitated the Lord's miracles wrought by the hand of Moses and Aaron (Exodus 7:11). Satan is a master counterfeiter and disguise artist (2nd Corinthians 11:13-15). Satan is all about deception and lies (John 8:44). There is no such thing as “white witchcraft.” There's only one kind of devil... A BAD DEVIL! All forms of witchcraft are Satan's works of darkness. It is tragic that children are being introduced to witchcraft, sorcery, magic, spells and all sorts of demonic practices which the Bible condemns.

Scholastic is a demonic company that publishes all of the books marketed to public school children. Here is their Harry Potter webpage. Scholastic advertises on their website...

“For 90 years, teachers and parents have recognized Scholastic as a trusted name in learning. Scholastic continues this successful history by remaining focused on encouraging children to learn to read and love to learn, helping teachers carry out their important jobs and supporting parents in their role as their child’s first teacher.”


Harry Potter's witchcraft is being taught, pushed, and required by public schools. Whereas the Word of God is banned in all public schools; Scholastic is allowed to push their demonic witchcraft onto children, and they do! They're mission is to INDOCTRINATE children, especially with witchcraft...

“Scholastic, the global children's publishing, education and media company, has a corporate mission supported through all of its divisions of helping children around the world to read and learn.”


Children are learning the evils of witchcraft through Harry Potter books. These books are pushed, promoted, and being distributed into the hands of all public school children. Wicca has a chaplain in the military service; hence, witchcraft is a recognized religion. Harry Potter teaches the witchcraft religion to children. Tragically, Harry Potter has become an international phenomena.

(a red-hot sermon by Pastor Danny Castle)

TRUTH is Hate to Those Who Hate the TRUTH!

Schools Lie to Parents and Children, Say Vaccinations are Mandatory

Vaccines, by Dr. Len Horowitz (a frightening 121 Minute MP3 audio presentation, 37.3 MB. Please note that I DON'T agree nor support Dr. Horowitz's bizarre religious beliefs in any way. Albeit, he does an excellent job exposing the dangers of vaccinations. Did you know that public schools receive government money for vaccinating your child? ...Potentially deadly vaccines that parents are NEVER made aware of or given the option to refuse. You can LEGALLY refuse vaccinations and Dr. Horowitz tells you how in this presentation. Dr. Horowitz' own child was forcibly taken by the state government, you'll be shocked why. He advises people how not to make the same mistake. If you're a parent, you need to hear Dr. Len Horowitz!)

“You Can't UNVaccinate!
Dr. Cheryl Tenpenny

Emerging Viruses, by Dr. Len Horowitz (a frightening 204 minute MP3 audio presentation, 114 MB. Dr. Horowitz exposes the evil conspiracy behind AIDS, Ebola, and other emerging manmade viruses. Learn how your own government has conspired against you. AIDS didn't just happen!)

Doctors Against Vaccines...