The Hopeless Stupidity of Mankind

44 Veterans Memorial Photos I Took At 'Admiral Mason Park' In Pensacola, Florida

By David J. Stewart

Proverb 12:17, “He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit.”

       I agree with Radio Host Alex Jones, who stated on December 16, 2009...

“America has become a rat-infested worm hole... wicked nations go into bondage.”

I also agree with Evangelist Texe Marrs, who stated in his Power of Prophecy newsletter from November 2011..

“The New America is an imperialist power. Fed by Zionist ambitions, it craves for global dominion. Already it has prosecuted Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen. It now lusts for blood in Lebanon, Venezuela, Mexico and North Korea. The New America has troops and military bases in 130 foreign nations, and its insane, warmongering citizens clamor for more and more war. In their minds, concepts like disarmament, isolationism and peace are for idiots and fools. The New America's leadership insists that perpetual war will eventually bring peace, but it never does.”

History always repeats itself. Our freedoms are disappearing fast in America. Idiotic Americans continue to sing praises (literally) to treasonous leaders who have have sold us out!

The Bible foretold that Russia would align herself with five nations (Germany, Libya, Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia). We are witnessing Bible prophecy before our very eyes. Prophecy is history written in advance. Please watch the sermon, IS AMERICA A SIGN OF THE TIMES? Also, listen to the MP3 sermon, THE ALIGNMENT OF THE NATIONS FOR THE END TIME WAR. God told us 2,700 years ago that Russia and her allies would attack Israel in the end times. America has fought some foolish wars. We lost 135,000 men in the Korean War and it cost $20,000,000,000!!! The Vietnam War was based upon a false-flag staged terror attack, needlessly costing 58,000 American soldiers their lives. Americans never learn!

It's incredible how stupid people are! I mean, the government gives our jobs away to foreign slave labor, destroys America's sovereignty, opens the borders for tens-of-millions of illegals to flood into our nation, forces us to support those illegals with taxpayer money, forces us to compete with illegals for remaining American jobs, does nothing while 84 hospitals are forced into bankruptcy in California because of illegals, murders over one million victims in Iraq based on a rotten lie, rewards the criminals who have cost millions of Americans their homes, has stolen TRILLIONS of dollars from taxpayers, and hundreds of other injustices; and yet Americans vote, support, and tearfully sing praises to their top leaders, failing to realize that they are completely controlled by a criminal gang of thugs. Some of our faithful leaders admit this.

The average Christian thinks President Reagan was such a wonderful man. Reagan was a mass-murdering villain and you're an idiot to honor such a wicked person. Your problem is that you weren't the victim, so you think Reagan was the greatest, based upon whitewashing propaganda dispersed by the same criminal gang who put him into office. Most people don't realize that the criminal thugs who control Washington politics have the newsmedia power to make or break anyone.

If you play the game and be a good puppet while in office as U.S. President, then you're home free when you leave office, and your name is made wonderful, even if you were impeached as Clinton and Bush both were. This sicko American society that we live in makes criminals out of saints, and saints out of criminals. It was under Reagan that 30,000 General Motors employees were kicked out on the street in Flint Michigan and their jobs given to foreign slave labor instead. Millions of American jobs left America during the Reagan years and even more since. When will we wake up as Americans and stop supporting these evil people?

When you kill babies, saturate your land with homosexuals and forbid teachers from leading children in prayer, freedom and liberty cannot last. Take a sorrowful look at America's abortion dead as compared to America's War Dead.

Massive Needless War Casualties

According to William Guy Carr (1895-1959), in his eye-opening book PAWNS IN THE GAME, the International Banking Cartel, aka, the Banksters, have financed both sides of every war and revolution since the Revolutionary War of 1776. Myron Fagan (1887-1972) explains the reason for this . . .

“Why war? Simple, the only excuse for a One-World Government is that it will supposedly ensure peace. The only thing that can make people cry for peace is war. War brings chaos, destruction, exhaustion; the winner as well as the loser—it brings economic ruin to both. Most important it destroys the flower of the young manhood of both. To the saddened and heartbroken oldsters—the mothers and the fathers, who are left with nothing but memories of their beloved son, peace becomes worth any price. And that is the emotion upon which the conspirators depend for the success of their Satanic plot.”

SOURCE: Myron Fagan, The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

Government has murdered 200,000,000 innocent people over the past 200 years—more than all the diseases, plagues and acts of God combined. Ruthless dictators such as Lenin, Mao and Hitler killed over 100,000,000 combined. Those numbers will be dwarfed by the number of deaths we will see from World War III, which is right around the corner.

James 1:20, “For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”

Those Stupid Americans

I realize that it is mankind's wickedness first and foremost that has caused so many hundreds-of-millions of deaths from war; however, I have to agree with the opponents of war who largely consider most Americans stupid. The Average American, including religious people, are stupid. That may not seem like a very nice thing to say, but it is the honest truth, which needs to be spoken. Are you stupid? If you think George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are good men, you're stupid. If you think Bill Clinton and Al Gore are good men, you're stupid. If you think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are good men, you're stupid. I'm not condemning anyone, I'm just saying that Washington is blatantly evil to the core.

“We're developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won't be able to think.” —Rod Serling (1924-1975)

The only “CHANGE” we have seen under Obama's watch is more dead troops, more unemployment, more illegals coming across the border, more lies, more thievery on Wall Street, more reckless debt-spending in Washington, more Americans losing their homes, et cetera. There will be NO CHANGE for the better. There are many striking similarities between our recent Presidents and Hitler. Obama = Hitler? Is it nothing to you that we are being lied to and deceived?

It doesn't surprise me in a society that kills its babies without conscience, that they would also support war. Somehow the American people never figure out that it is their children that die and not the children of the elite. All wars would stop immediately, forever, if the elite were required to send their sons into war first. They don't mind killing your child; but not theirs.

People are so gullible that they believe anything they hear from the newsmedia. It's sad, but true, most people want to fit in with the popular majority. Few people dare stand alone and think independently.

This is why religious cults flourish in America; namely, our biggest churches. Yes, that is correct, our biggest churches in America have become false religious cults, which support Communism (Barack Obama), deny the inspiration of the King James Bible, support the totalitarian tyranny of a forming Police State, support the murder of over a million innocent people in Iraq, have joined the government's Clergy Response Teams. This is not God's will. God is not a liar nor a warmonger, regardless of what wannabe U.S. President Sarah Palin says. 

Think about how insane America has become. Go to the average church and you'll be hounded for money, while it's almost impossible to find a high-paying job anymore. While pastors throw the Scriptures at their congregation to “give until it hurts,” only the pastor and elite members of the church can afford to take trips to the Holy Land (and they sure do!).

It's sickening. While America is in a dire financial crisis (caused by the evil Federal Reserve bankers), God's so-called ministers are vacationing in Israel. It's a shame. Don't you feel bad for not giving more money to your church when your pastor drives a new car every year, vacations regularly, lives extravagantly and dips his sails concerning the truth. The average so-called government-controlled 501c3 “church” in America today is a sham and a shame. Christianity is in the heart; not in a building (Luke 17:21). The true Church today has little to do with America's churches.

In almost 6,000 years of recorded history, there has been 14,531 documented wars. In the past 3,500 years there has only been 227 years of peace, and 3,200 years of war. The ratio of years-of-war to years-of-peace throughout history is 13-to-1. There has been over 8,000 peace treaties in history, most of which didn't last more than 2-years. The preceding statistics are from Pastor Danny Castle's excellent sermon titled, IN A WAR FOR GOD.” I like what General George Patton said: “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way!”

Lies, Lies and More Lies

In the 20th century alone there were over 100 million people executed by Socialist/Communist dictators. The Germans loved and supported Hitler, just as stupid Americans supported George W. Bush and today, Barack Obama. So far, 1,366,350 Iraqis have been slaughtered since 2002. The war was based upon a lie. No Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found. Barack Obama has continued where President Bush left off, sending 80,000 more troops to the Middle East since taking office. Why do you foolishly support these people?

In fact, they're probably your heroes. Kids today are being taught to praise these evil leaders...

The kids in the preceding video are all wearing shirts that read “hope”; but there is no real hope, only brainwashing propaganda. Barack Obama has already borrowed more money from the criminal Federal Reserve Bank than all presidents combined since it's criminal beginning in 1913.

Here's a disgusting video of some poor brainwashed children who have been lied to. At 40 seconds into the video, one of the children is holding up a big card that reads, “Jobs, higher pay and peace.” If you're stupid enough to believe that, then I DON'T feel sorry for you when you learn the hard way. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who rejects the plain and obvious truth. Obama has called this a “jobless recovery.” It doesn't require a rocket-scientist to know that there are NO JOBS to come back, because they've all been sent to foreign countries to exploit the poor. What jobs Mr. Obama? There is no such thing as a “jobless recovery,” only lies.

I'm ashamed to be an American. We may trust in greed or goods; but we certainly don't trust in the God of the Bible.

The preceding video goes on to address Martin Luther King's alleged “dream of freedom” for everybody. Unfortunately, what most people don't know (and many don't care to know) is that King was a Communist. Feminists, abortions, homosexuals and every other Godless group are using King's Communist “dream” to legalize wickedness. The problem is that a morally corrupt society becomes enslaved to sin and the consequences of sin. Liberty and freedom cannot co-exist with moral depravity in a society. This is why the honorable Judge Roy Moore fought, even willing to lose his career as a judge, to defend the presence of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom.

King's widow (Coretta Scott King) spent the remaining years of her life after King's death to rally for homosexual rights in America. The “reverend” King was really a rat, devoid of genuine Christianity and a servant of Satan.

On the back of EVERY one dollar bill is a creepy illuminati pyramid, with one eye (the Eye of Horus). Well, God gave us two eyes to see the truth if we desire to know it. Those elite, who control everything from behind the scenes, worship Satan in various occult organizations. The eye represents enlightenment (secret knowledge) for occult members, whose god is Lucifer, the Devil. Satan deceitfully appears as an angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:14).

We don't need to open the sewer to know what's in it. The stink of The Council On Foreign Relations [CFR] and everyone associated with their history is a massive sewer of demonic occultism, humanitarian abuse and Communist dictatorship. It's not surprising that Obama's White House cabinet is saturated with CFR members, as was President Bush's and Clinton's.

The Word of God is brutally honest, which is why so many heathens hate it. This is why greedy, evil, people corrupt the Bible, watering it down to appease the wicked. John 18:20, “Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing.” Jesus spake openly, because the truth needs no apology.

It is the ruling elite who are secretive (which is what the word “occult” means). They are cowards, evil, billionaires, masquerading as humanitarians; but they are of the Devil, desiring to dominate mankind, reduce the world population through any means, control all the world's natural resources and enslave mankind. They are masterminds of looting, killing, lying propaganda, media blackouts, blackmail and every sin imaginable.

Oh that people would stop falling for high-tech propaganda over and over again. Unfortunately, the general public is stupid. While the general public was figuring out that President George W. Bush was a thieving, lying, thug; they were already praising Barack Obama as some type of savior; but since being elected as U.S. President, Obama has lied about bringing the troops home, lied about repealing the Patriot Act, lied about stopping the illegal wire-tapping of Americans, lied about renegotiating NAFTA, lied about not hiring lobbyists and donors, lied about cleaning up government, lied about closing the torture camps in Guantanamo Bay, lied about waiting 5-days before signing any new laws, and so on.

The Secretary of the Treasury is in reality, the manager of the American bankruptcy (i.e., the Federal Reserve system). The Federal Reserve is no more “federal” than Federal Express. The Federal Reserve Bank is totally private. Since 1913, they have been above the law, exempt form being audited. They are the true villains of the American society. They are the criminals. It's the Banksters who have cost you your job, home, retirement, and drained your Social Security. The Democrat/Republican feud is all staged to keep our house divided as a nation, and the newsmedia is a part of the deception. If you don't care, then God will judge you accordingly. God will reward those of His children who stand for the truth, go against the falsehood common consensus and speak the truth in Jesus' name. The silence of America's churches is deafening. Where are all the pastors, ministers, Christian leaders and born-again Christians? Part of the Christian faith is taking a stand for the truth. Proverb 12:17, “He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit.” God is on my side, because I am on God's side.

Stay in your free-speech zone or else!They're all a bunch of liars! Are you stupid enough to continue supporting them? Obama has done the exact opposite of everything he promised to do as U.S. President. Where's the positive change Obama promised? The banker bailout money, 9.7 trillion, was stolen and unaccounted for by the privately owned banking cartel. Banks are hording the money. And they laugh in our faces. Hell will be hot enough! These people are incredible actors and professional liars. Mankind is hopelessly damned to continue buying into the same destructive lies as have generations before. Every generation must rediscover the truth for itself. Wake up! Americans have been fattened up as cattle and now we're going to be eaten!

The Police State control-grid will be completed in the next few years in the United States. Then it will be too late and the American people will all be slaves. If 40,000,000 decent Russian citizens were exterminated under Lenin and Stalin during “the people's war” (1925-1940), do you think it can't happen here in America? If Hitler killed millions, and Tao in China murdered 60,000,000 Chinese, do you think we're invincible as Americans from tyranny and oppression? No, we are next. Americans will get what they deserve for being willingly ignorant, complacent and stupid. I pray to God that more people will wake up and start fighting against the Godless, evil, unjust and thug-controlled New World Order.

Why Ignorant Americans Continue to Die in Needless Wars

Freedom Isn't Free!

They're NOT kidding!This is not club fed folks!


Police State USA!





Do you know your Bill of Rights?



“They're setting up a Police State because
our standard of living is going to implode.”

Alex Jones

Here is Dr. Henry Makow's definition of the Illuminati . . .

“The Illuminati refers to a tightly organized network of family dynasties representing Anglo American and European aristocracy and Jewish finance joined by intermarriage, belief in the occult, and hatred of Christianity. Freemasonry is their instrument. They care nothing for their non-Illuminati brethren, Jewish or not. They will destroy billions as they create a neo feudal world characterized by the superrich, their support staff, soldiers and serfs.”

SOURCE: - Countdown to World War Three

The New World Order is not coming, it is HERE, now! The Beast system is upon us. Nearly everyone is worshipping the Beast. Nearly every company is committed to the Beast system. Most mainstream religions worship the Beast. The music industry worships the Beast. Will you also follow the Beast?

The smoke and mirrors can only hide the truth for so long, as we saw with Enron. As the U.S. economy implodes, private police forces (i.e., foreign mercenaries) will be used to police American citizens. Our nation is imploding! The economy is in shambles. The Federal Reserve Banksters are calling this a “Jobless recovery.” Yeah right! How can you have a “Jobless recovery”? No job means no income. It's simple economics. 35,100,000 Americans are now receiving government Food Stamps!!! The more people become dependent upon the government, the more power the government has over them.

Americans wouldn't need nationalized healthcare if they could find a decent job to afford health insurance. Nationalized healthcare amounts to more government welfare and; thus, more government control (Communism). America's debt-spending days are soon coming to an end. If Communism didn't work in Russia, it won't work here. 24,500,000 Russians (one-third of their population) live on less than $5 a day!1 That's where America is headed!

It's just insane that Christians continue to support, vote for and praise America's criminal politicians, who have sold us out, committing thousands of acts of treason, and trashing out America. Tens-of-millions of American jobs have been outsourced to foreign labor; while 20% of Americans are unemployed. We are living under a nightmare scenario, right out of the Outer Limits or a James Bond movie.

The Bible prophecies in Matthew 24:7 that “nation shall rise against nation” in the Last Days. Interestingly, the word “nation” means “a race” (i.e., different ethnic groups). In other words, foreign troops will rise up against American citizens, and vise versa. American troops have risen up against Afghanistan and Iraq, and now foreign private armies are being trained to rise up against Americans (and they're training right here in our own backyard!)...

Matthew 24:7, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.”

Whereas American troops might find themselves hesitant to police American citizens, foreign troops won't hesitate to exert tyranny against U.S. citizens.

Again, to have mercenary companies which have operated in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the War On Terror, essentially declaring themselves above any effective laws, now deploying on the streets of U.S. cities, should be seen as an ominous threat. BLACKWATER was used during hurricane Katrina to confiscate U.S. citizen's guns and evict them from their homes.

With the continuing economic collapse, blatant abuse of political power, the militarization of local police forces and the fascist Police State control grid that is being implemented, Americans who resist tyranny will be put into FEMA detention camps. The truth is so obvious nowadays that you literally have to not want it to remain ignorant.

We Couldn't Control the People Without You

Jay Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard to security!

Freedom of speech WON'T last.

George Orwell's 1984

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell
people what they do not want to hear."
—Author George Orwell

“They're setting up a Police State because our
standard of living is going to implode.” 
Alex Jones

Daniel 12:4, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

The best antidote for fear is the truth!

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing” Thomas Jefferson

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