Martin Luther King's Communist Connections

“But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.” —2nd Peter 2:1

Martin Luther King was a Communist!

Some people claim that Martin Luther King Jr. was not a Communist, even though he did everything possible to promote the Communist's agenda.  That's like saying that Hitler was not a murderer because he didn't actually do the killing.  Martin Luther King Jr. was a Communist!  Martin Luther King was affiliated with 60 Communist Fronts.  He openly incited violence under the banner of "nonviolence."  King led a bizarre sex life which included acts of shocking perversion.  On Jan. 31, 1977 Coretta Scott King obtained a federal court order sealing for 50 years 845 pages of FBI records about her husband, "because its release would destroy his reputation!"  Still a cowardly, spineless Congress voted to make King's birthday a national holiday.  This is should be an outrage to all Christians.  The King Holiday act must be repealed!

The life story of Martin Luther King is shocking and disgraceful from beginning to end. He was born with the name Michael King on Jan. 15, 1929. In 1935 his preacher father, "Daddy" King, decided to name himself after the great Protestant reformer Martin Luther. He announced to his congregation that henceforth he was to be called Martin Luther King and his son Martin Luther King, Jr. "Daddy" King never bothered to have this act legalized in court. Thus, his son's real name is Michael King! The holiday should actually be called "Michael" King Day!

It was not some "right-winger" who had King's office and hotel rooms bugged. This order was signed by then U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy on Oct. 10, 1963. Evidence proved that King was under the direct orders of Soviet spies and financed by the Communist Party. The Kennedy tapings continued for 5 years and also developed shocking revelations regarding King's sexual practices.

African American, Bayard Rustin is a former organizer for the Young Communist League. He spent 60 days in a California jail on a 1953 conviction for performing lewd homosexual acts in public. He also served 28 months in prison for draft evasion. Today Rustin is paid by Jewish organizations for use of his name as a "signer" of ads urging "Black-Jewish Unity." He was King's secretary and advisor from 1956 to 1960. During this period Rustin attended the National Convention of the Communist Party in 1957 as an "honored observer." King called him a "a brilliant, efficient, and dedicated organizer." It was Rustin who introduced King to a Soviet spy named Stanley D. Levison. He was a New York Lawyer and vice-president of the N.Y. Council of the American Jewish Congress.

Levison's job was to launder the $1million subsidy Soviet Russia gave to finance the U.S. Communist Party. Levison proved important financial, organizational and public relations services for King. After King's death his wife, Coretta Scott King described Levison's role as, "always working in the background, his contribution has been indispensable." Levison wrote an obituary for King and described America as a "nation tenaciously racist... sick with violence...and corrosive with alienation. The civil rights liberation struggle is the most positive and rewarding area of work anyone could experience."

The money which the Soviet Union funneled to Levison came from a Jew named Isidore G. Needleman.  He was a KGB secret police agent who fronted as an officer of AMTORG, the trading company in New York City which buys U.S. goods for shipment to Russia.  There are so many Jews in the Communist Party the FBI hired two Jewish brothers, Morris Childs and Jack Childs as spies planned inside the Communist Party.  For 30 years, Morris Childs was formerly a member of the National Committee of the Communist party and once served as editor of the Daily Worker.  Childs reported that after the death of the Jew William Weiner, who was treasurer of the Communist Party, it was Stanley Levison who took over this vital post.

His [Martin Luther King Jr.'s] closest advisor Stanley Levison was a Communist, as was his assistant Jack O’Dell. Robert and later John F. Kennedy repeatedly warned him to stop associating himself with such subversives, but he never did. He frequently spoke before Communist front groups such as the National Lawyers Guild and Lawyers for Democratic Action. King even attended seminars at The Highlander Folk School, another Communist front, which taught Communist tactics, which he later employed.


In 1945 the International Labor Defense and the National Federation for Constitutional Liberties merged with the Marxist inspired National Negro Congress to form the Civil Rights Congress (CRC). The CRC was led by an open black Communist lawyer by the name of William L. Patterson who defended minority hoodlums and left wing radicals.  King knew, respected, and worked with Communists including members of the Communist Party USA. He was an admirer of Ben Davis, a fellow native of Atlanta who was elected "the first Communist Councilman from Harlem." He certainly admired William L. Patterson, a Communist leader nicknamed "Mr. Civil Rights."

King Pictured With Three Top Reds

The photo to the left of King is extremely important as it identifies King with Carl and Ann Branden. They are lifelong Communist Party activists out of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Both were leaders in SCEF, Carl Branden was convicted of criminal sedition in 1954. He and his wife purchased a home for blacks in a white neighborhood to incite racial violence. 

Later they were charged with bombing the same house to win sympathy for their cause and to raise money. 

Ann Braden today is a founder of the Atlanta based "Center for Democratic Renewal" which smears Conservative patriots.

Below is a Photostat of an SCEF (Southern Conference Education Fund) check to King signed by Dombrowski and Benjamin Smith, who was a registered Foreign Agent for Fidel Castro.


Photo of King at Communist Party Training School

On this page is the photo taken Sept. 2, 1957 of King attending the Highlander Folk School which the Communist Party operated at Monteagle, Tennessee Identified in the picture is

No. 1 King,

No. 2, Abner Berry, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and writer for the "Daily Worker,"

No. 3, Aubrey Williams, Communist Party agent and president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF) a red front organizing blacks in southern states.

No. 4, Miles Horton, head of the Highlander Folk School King was listed on the schools' letterhead as a "sponsor."  

The Highlander school was financed by the Julius Rosenwald Fund. At one time Rosenwald headed Sears Roebuck Co. He spent $22 million financing civil rights groups. His daughter Edith Stern continued to give money to the SCEF and Highlander Folk School after her father's death. Her husband, Alfred stern of New Orleans, fled to Russia just before he was to be arrested on spy charges.

Communists Promoted King

A number of communists who left the party have reported they were ordered to do all within their power to support King's activities.  A black woman, Julia Brown, was a Communist in Cleveland for nine years.  She said"

"We were told to promote King, to unite Negroes and Whites behind him, and to turn him into a sort of national hero . We were to look to King as the leader in this struggle, the Communists said, because he was on our side. While in the party I learned that King attended a communist training school, that several of his aides were communists and that he received funds from Communists and took directions from them. He was one of their biggest heroes."

The U. S. Congressional Record of March 30, 1965 quotes Karl Prussian, an FBI counterspy inside the Communist Party as swearing: "At all of these (Communist Party) meetings Rev. Martin Luther King was always set forth as the individual to whom Communists should rally around... King has either been a member of, or willingly accepted support from over 60 Communist fronts... King accepted support from communist fronts , individuals and organizations which espouse communist causes."


August 12, 1993

Dear Editor, 

Salt Lake City council's announcement that they are renaming the main boulevard, 600 South, after Martin Luther King (Daily Herald, 8/11/93, p. B-3) is yet one more example of the dangerous trend to make a hero out of one of America's most vociferous traitors.

I am not expressing opinion; but fact; based on documented evidence that Martin Luther King was vigorously promoted by the Soviet-financed CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) in order to foment a violent polarization of Americans along racial lines (divide and conquer). The subsequent raising of Martin Luther to ever more elevated hero status is only a follow-up of that initial motive. (I do not intend to address the lie that Communism is "dead," other than to merely note that this particular case is yet one more evidence that the subversion of our beloved country is ongoing and alarmingly successful.)

Here is a sample of the documented evidence of which I speak. I am referring to an essay by Evans-Raymond Pierre, a native black of New York City who earned a degree in political science and history at the University of Vermont. In it he quotes from a member (FBI plant) of the CPUSA who testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee in 1979 that "the [communist] cells that I was associated with in Cleveland were continually being asked to raise money for Martin Luther King's activities and to support his movement.... While I was in the Communist Party, as a loyal American Negro, I knew Martin Luther King to be closely connected with the Communist Party...."

Another example of M.L. King's Communist support and ties documented by Pierre was his close association with Stanley David Levison, who "assisted King in organization matters and political strategy, wrote some of his speeches, and advised in hiring personnel to staff King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference." At the time, Levison was "knowingly being used as a conduit for the Soviet funds" to the CPUSA, and also "assisted in managing the secret party coffers."

'Yet one more example of calling evil, good. Let's see if we can't convince the city council to reverse this decision.

Anyone desiring to peruse further evidence of M. L. King's close connections with the CPUSA is invited to request free (if you order within a month) reprints of Pierre's essay from The New American, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913. (January 13, 1986.)


Sterling D. Allan, Fountain Green, UT
and Brian Gibson, Provo, Utah

Martin Luther King Jr. was a sinister minister, a Satan-inspired imposter... NOT A CHRISTIAN!

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