Cindy Sheehan—American Hero!

By David J. Stewart
Updated October 2005 | October 2018

Cindy Sheehan's SOAP BOX

Cindy Sheehan is NOT Antiwar, She is Anti-Corruption

I think I can say assuredly that Cindy Sheehan is NOT antiwar. Rather, she is anti-corruption and anti-murdering. Like me and every other patriotic American citizen, Cindy Sheehan is against corruption in the U.S. government (specifically within The White House administration). The New World Order is exploiting America's youth on the alter of global tyranny and takeover.

I'm so sick of hearing people say how proud they are of the troops, and how much they support the troops. Prey tell me, why? In an alleged attempt to remove ONE MAN from power, Saddam Hussein, American soldiers have killed 1,455,590 Iraqis so far as of July 2011. Who's kidding who? Alan Greenspan, who headed the Federal Reserve Bank as Chairman for 19-years, admitted that the Iraqi war is mostly about oil. If you support the U.S. troops, then would you also have supported Herod's henchmen, whom Herod sent to kill thousands of innocent children? Would you have supported Hitler's reign of terror and what he did to the Jews? Pastors and Christians who support the troops are in effect saying that they don't care about the innocent people being slaughtered in Iraq.

The stench from the blatant evils occurring in Washington D.C. cannot be covered-up any longer. It is sad how easily the average TV-controlled American is brainwashed. The global elite have succeeded at mass indoctrination through social engineering and the lying newsmedia. The masses of American society have been brainwashed into believing whatever the powers that be want them to believe. Lies for Lambs. The lies and blatant corruption spewing forth from the Bush Administration are unprecedented in U.S. presidential History. It's nauseating that any nation's people could be so gullible and blind as the American public. I say this with great sadness and love for my country. What have we deteriorated to as American citizens when we can idly sit back while hundreds-of-thousands of innocent Iraqis are brutally murdered, on the basis of deliberate lies and total disregard for the U.S. Constitution? We are responsible for thisOur government does everything they do in OUR name, and with OUR money; therefore, it is OUR business. 

What is Cindy Sheehan against? Why all the commotion? Why does she want to meet with President George W. Bush? If you listen to the lies coming from FoxNews and other pro-war groups, you'll have the illusion presented to you that Cindy Sheehan is a pacifist who wants to allow the terrorists to freely hurt other innocent people. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Cindy Sheehan is an American hero because she has the courage to stand up for what is right, against the tyrants powers in Washington D.C., in an attempt to save more needless lives from being lost. Cindy represents millions of Americans, like me, who are fed up with government lying, corruption and mass-murdering. What will it take to wake you up America?

The truth is that Cindy Sheehan wouldn't object to a war if America were ever in legitimate danger. But our troops are being exploited as paid mercenaries, being duped by our government leaders that they're fighting for freedom. They're not fighting for freedom, they're helping to further the New World Order, stealing Iraq's oil. All that oil is being sold and the profits stashed into a Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Not one penny is going back to the American people, who have been stuck with a $1,000,000,000,000 bill for the war in Iraq. So, our children are coming back in body-bags, our grandchildren are going to be stuck with a bill for trillions of dollars, and the elite power thugs at The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) are using the war profits to fund their New World Order. Think about that. Your children and grandchildren are paying with their own lives, blood and future for the selfish agenda of the global elite, to bring to fruition a Godless Global Totalitarian Communist Police State.

A mercenary is someone who is paid to fight someone else's war. America's troops are being betrayed, being sent into harms way, for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with America's freedom. Our borders remain wide open. Where are the troops to protect our borders? The truth is that U.S. troops are being exploited to accomplish agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with America's freedom or sovereignty. U.S. troops are being exploited as paid opium (heroine) farmers in Afghanistan. Our young people are being exploited for the interests of the New World Order gang. We attacked Iraq to steal their oil. America beared false witness against Iraq, coveted Iraq's oil, killed over one million Iraqi's, and have stolen their oil. God is not a part of anything that violates most of the Ten Commandments. Would to God that more Americans would get mad enough to make a difference like Cindy Sheehan has (and she is making a difference). She is A VOICE. America needs voices!

Most Americans are Woefully Ignorant of the Truth

It's sad when I talk with people who don't believe that the New World Order exists. One woman said to me, "I suppose you believe in the New World Order too." What? Lady, where have you been? Doesn't anyone read or listen to the news anymore? It's been in all the mainstream news! Pope John Paul II called for a New World Order (CNN news). President George W. Bush is calling for a New World Order. China and other nations recently said they want to do their part to further a New World Order. TIME magazine has reported on U.S. President Barack Obama's New World Order. Just do an internet search under “New World Order.” The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) even states on their website that one of their purposes is to further a New World Order. 

The plan for a world government has been in the works for centuries. This is the Beast System of the coming Antichrist, as prophesied in the Word of God. The world is moving towards a one-world government (a police state), a one-world economy (a cashless society), a one-world religious view (New Age), et cetera. Please read the eye-opening book, Pawns In The Game,” by William Guy Carr (1895-1959). The average person in America laughs and scorns at the mention of such things in the face of overwhelming evidence attesting to it's truth. It is disturbing to say the least.

Yes, America is under attack today, but it's not from an elusive terrorist network of thugs hiding in caves 10,000 miles away. Rather, America is being attacked from The White House. While our children are sent 10,000 miles away to fight a boogie-man that doesn't exist, aka, THE WAR ON TERROR, America's border are DELIBERATELY left wide open for "terrorists" to enter into America. Read the Time Magazine investigation. Doesn't this FACT tell you something about everything that you have heard from The White House? It should! We have all been lied to by the Bush administration. While U.S. borders remain wide open, American citizens are being physically groped in airports all across America to make sure they're not "terrorists." It's sickening! 

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ―Mark Twain

The citizens of New York have increasingly become victim to random handbag checks by militarized police... looking for explosives. Com' on! American citizens have deliberately been made paranoid by it's own federal government. The entire "terror alert" program is a deliberate scam. I remember a couple years ago when the government announced an "Orange Christmas," because America was on heightened terror alert at the time. The truth is that fear is an extremely powerful tool, which historically has been used by villains, to get people to do what they want them to do. The American people are already at the point of paranoia and are begging for government protection. If there's another bombing in America, the American people will sell their souls (their freedoms) to the Police State in exchange for security. In reality, they will receive neither security nor freedom.

Cindy Sheehan is Against the Lies, Tyranny and Corruption that Needlessly Murdered Her Son in Iraq

What is Cindy Sheehan against? She is against the evil leaders in America who knowingly sent her son to die for their own selfish agendas, while their own children remained comfortably at home. It is treason. Iraq's oil is worth trillions of dollars (TRILLIONS). It's obvious why the New World Order wants Iraq. Do you really think that the Iraqi people will receive the proceeds from all that oil? No way!!! The oil profits are being used to further the New World Order. Where do you think all those trillions of missing American taxpayer dollars are going? That's right, to fund the New World Order. Money is power. 

If you want to control the world, then you need to control the world's money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Nearly all Americans fail to realize that they are slaves to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. America is being destroyed by design. We are already at the point of no return in debt. The bankruptcy of the American government (and it's citizens) is inevitably approaching. I just wish people would wake up. I have to pinch myself sometimes, in disbelief over some of the things I learn. Few people realize, or care to realize, that America is being subverted from within in so many ways.

It is not uncommon for governments to use their troops for the benefit of selfish corporate interests. It was Nixon who sent troops into South America to secure Pepsi-Cola's interests. America's youth should not be sent into harms way to secure more business profits. I don't know about you, but I don't want my children being killed in a bloody battle for an agenda that has nothing to do with America's security. Most people in society today have been hoodwinked into believing that Saddam was a major future threat to the world. Folks, Iraq had absolutely NOTHING to do with 911, there's not one shred of evidence. Iraq never once threatened nor attacked America. Those WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) were never found. The Bush administration lied repeatedly. And if that's not bad enough, President Bush joked about not being able to find any WMD's.

Read Proverb 6:16-19 and you'll see that our government leaders are guilty of everything God hates... hands that shed innocent blood, a lying tongue, a false witness that telling lies, a proud look, sowing discord, et cetera. America attacked and destroyed a sovereign nation on the basis of lies to steal their oil. This New World Order gang is vicious. Clinton, Bush and Obama are mere puppets to the higher elite puppeteers. 

Look at the pictures from Iraq of little children who've had their arms blown off. Look at all the mutated children from the horrible depleted uranium that our military dumped and left on Iraqi soil. Is this freedom? Are the Iraqi people really better off today? Is America any safer now that we've made the whole world mad at us by our foolish, rash, and irresponsible actions? America is no safer. Iraq is no safer. Saddam Hussein was accused of alleged killing 50,000 people. American troops have already killed 1,339, 771 innocent Iraqis.

Every American Citizen Should Stand With Cindy Sheehan?

Sadly, America's churches are deader than dead. Where are all the preachers? Where are all the men? It's sad, but true, there are more women waking up today than men.

Sadly, many Christians have the misconception that the church shouldn't get involved in secular matters. Hitler and other tyrant dictators love churchgoers who think like that. The church was never intended to be pacifist. We need to fight to preserve our God-given freedoms. 

What gives us the right to STEAL another nation's oil? What gives us the right to rape, pillage, kill, desecrate, and steal? Did you see what we did to Saddam's sons? They were gutted from head to toe like pigs and then stapled back together. Oh, we're so tough aren't we? Don't mess with America! We are an arrogant bunch in America. One day, the American people will live to reap what they are now sowing.

Americans are woefully complacent and indifferent. Our troops are terrorizing innocent people (whom we wrongfully label as "insurgents"). Why is it that when we attack others, we call ourselves "freedom fighters" and "heroes;" but when others attack us (or defend themselves against us), we label them as "insurgents" and "terrorists?" It is pure hypocrisy and manufactured propaganda... Demonize our victims while sugar-coating our own evil war machine. 

Thankfully, Cindy Sheehan is doing what every Christian in America should be doing... taking a stand!

Cindy Sheehan is a True American Hero!

Cindy Sheehan is a hero because she is doing her best to wake up American citizens. 

Although most people won't listen to her because they've been blinded by the lying propaganda, MANY American citizens are waking up because of Cindy Sheehan. Don't you believe for one second that all her efforts are in vain. I thank God for anyone who has enough guts to take a stand for what they believe is right. 

Enough evidence exists to indict, convict and punish hundreds of America's top leaders in Washington D.C. for treason.

We've all been lied to by the federal government concerning everything from 911 to Iraq. Where are those weapons of mass-destruction? What evidence ever linked Iraq with 911? Did Iraq ever threaten the U.S.? Why did the Bush administration go to war without a declaration of war from congress (which the U.S. Constitution requires)? George W. Bush has publicly acknowledged that Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attacks; but in 2001 the Bush Administration strongly condemned Iraq for their involvement in 911, and used this claim as a pretext to invade Iraq. To date, the U.S. government hasn't provided one legitimate reason for invading Iraq. And why do we still have troops in Iraq? It's almost 2010.

The New York Times reported back in 2006 that the president of Venezuela called George W. Bush the Devil and said the stench of sulfur lingered after Bush left a speech at the United Nations...

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela bitterly and sarcastically assailed President Bush before the United Nations General Assembly today, portraying Mr. Bush as “the devil” who thinks he is “the owner of the world.” “Yesterday, the devil came here,” Mr. Chávez said, alluding to Mr. Bush’s appearance before the General Assembly on Tuesday. “Right here. Right here. And it smells of sulfur still today, this table that I am now standing in front of.”

SOURCE: Chávez Calls Bush ‘the Devil’ in U.N. Speech - The New York Times

Few people know the truth about 911. America needs more heroes like Cindy Sheehan. I get sick every time I hear about another one of our soldiers dying in Iraq, automatically being labeled as a "hero" by The White House. A hero? Who did they save? Were the Iraqi's ever in danger? Did the Iraqi people ever ask anyone to rescue them? No!!! Hero? I realize that every distraught parent of a son or daughter killed in Iraq wants to think of their child as a hero," but it's simply not the truth of the matter. The true “heroes” are the Americans back home who are exposing the bogus War On Terror. The true “heroes” are the Americans back home who are calling for our troops to come home. The true “heroes” are the Americans back home who are taking a stand against warmongering.

Please don't misunderstand me, I do believe that our young people have the very BEST of sincere intentions when they go into battle, but they've been misguided and betrayed by their leaders. I do believe that our troops have a heroic spirit and "THINK" they are defending America. 

The truth is that those young people are being exploited for the corporate interests of the global elite. By the way, nations don't rule the world, corporations do. Our young people are needlessly dying for the anti-American interests of the elite rich and greedy men and women. 

Our troops are being killed and permanently maimed under the pretense of "preserving freedom." The truth is that we are ALL losing our freedoms a little more each day. We are headed for a Global Police State Takeover. It doesn't have to happen, but it will inevitably happen because most people just don't care about the truth.

Thank God for Cindy Sheehan (and for those like her) who are trying to save other families from the same indescribable grief which they have experienced from losing a child needlessly in battle. Casey Sheehan died as a paid mercenary, but he didn't know it. Our troops have been lied to. It's up to us to vindicate their deaths and do what they would have done if they knew the truth, fight against the New World Order.

The troops all believe they are fighting for freedom. In reality, they are fighting to further the New World Order (elite thugs who are gradually taking over the world, and they're exploiting Americans to do it... with our tax-money... with our children... with everything). 

Take a look at the photos to the right. It's hard to imagine that President George W. Bush was willing to meet, hold hands and kiss the leader of a nation (Saudi Arabia) that could care less about America... and yet refuse to meet the grieving mother of a son slain in a battle... a battle President George W. Bush sent him to fight. 

President Bush called the reasons for which over 1,300 troops have died as "noble." Noble? And what might that be Mr. Bush? What is "noble" about dying for the selfish interests of the corporate elite? Is it too much to ask, for the public leader who sent your son into harms way to die, to simply meet with you?

Let us be diligent to preserve our First Amendment rights to religion, speech, press, the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to petition our government. The best way to preserve our freedoms is to exercise them... let your voices and opinions be heard. America could be saved from tyranny if we had enough people like Cindy Sheehan. ~by David J. Stewart, webservant of (published October 2005 | updated August 2014)

All wars could be stopped forever if our political leaders
were required to send their sons and daughters into war first.

Cindy Sheehan's SOAP BOX

“Ye that love the LORD, hate evil...”  —Psalm 97:10