by Texe Marrs

Texe Marrs
Texe Marrs

America's so-called "War on Terrorism" is a cruel and sick joke! Why do I say this? Because, while a pitifully small contingent of U.S. troops and air power are striking at hundreds of would-be terrorists 10,000 miles away in remote Afghanistan, literally tens of thousands—that's right, thousands of potential Arab terrorists—may be operating right here in our midst.

"We Have Met the Enemy—And He Is Us!"

Our President, George W. Bush, has warned that any nation that harbors, financially aids or gives comfort of any kind to terrorists makes itself our enemy. By that definition, then, America is its own worst enemy. A deranged and confused America is, in fact, at this very moment harboring, funding, aiding, abetting, and comforting many of the world's most ruthless terrorists. As a character in the popular cartoon, Pogo, once exclaimed, "We have met the enemy-and he is us!"

Consider these shocking facts and statistics:


    The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization (INS) admits there are seven million illegal immigrants now inside our borders. But some authorities warn there may be up to 25 million illegal aliens in the U.S.A.



    The INS does not have any way to make sure foreign "tourists" visiting the U.S.A. go home after their visas expire. The INS does not keep statistics nor does the agency report the names of illegal aliens to law enforcement authorities.



    Annually, the U.S. Armed Forces train over 100,000 foreign troops—Turkish, Syrian, Lebanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Moroccan, Saudi Arabian etc.-on U.S. soil. At Fort Polk, Louisiana; Fort Drum, New York; and other posts, the foreign marauders are taught how to attack American towns, break into peoples homes, confiscate weapons, and commit a variety of acts of terror.


    According to the FAA, eighty percent of airport screeners—the people charged with finding terrorist bombs and weapons before they are taken aboard U.S. airlines—are non-citizen foreigners. Many are Arabs! Most of the airlines' food service and janitorial employees are also non-citizens.


    In Sacramento, California, 75,000 Ukrainian immigrants crowd public facilities. Most are on welfare, and many are illegals. In Los Angeles and San Diego, most of the residents are foreigners—many are illegal aliens, including Arabs, Red Chinese, Mexicans, etc. California is now an "alien nation!" The corrupt, pro-diversity INS laughs and says, "So What?!"


    In New York City, 90% of the cab drivers are either Arabs or Russians. Few have legal status in the U.S.A. The INS doesn't care. Neither does Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


<USA Haters
This Moslem crowd at this rally in Pakistan shouted, "Death to America." Soon, such rallies may begin right here, in America. Our nation is now populated by six million legal resident Moslems-and untold millions of illegal alien Moslems.

Americans Told to "Shut Up and Take It!"

Do these statistics and facts disturb you? They do me! Indeed, a Gallup Poll shows that a vast majority of U.S. citizens are alarmed. They want the open and free influx of illegals to stop, pronto! But our politicians, Democrat and Republican, say, "No Way!"

To citizens who complain about America being taken over by illegal foreigners, our politicians say, "Go to Hell. We're going to keep our borders open and the illegals coming in droves."

"Shut up, Americans," say President George W. Bush and his New World Order pals in Congress. "Welcome to the New World Order!"

State Tax Money Goes to Educate Terrorists and Other Aliens

Our State universities and colleges are now clogged with foreign students. At the University of Texas, Arabs from Moslem countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, and Yemen are learning aerospace engineering. Why? So they can use their knowledge to make weapons of mass destruction and use them against Americans, their teachers?

At U.C.L.A. and the University of California (Berkley), Arab Moslem students are being taught molecular biology. Why? So they can construct anthrax, smallpox and other bioterror weapons for use against us, their benefactors? They are also majoring in nuclear physics and engineering. These Moslems will thus be able to make nuclear bombs and kill millions of Christian Americans.

You don't believe me? Check it out. I investigated and found, for example, that at the state taxpayer funded University of Texas, where I once taught, an astonishing 93% of the advanced graduate students are not Texans. They're not American. They are foreigners: 93%.

I also discovered that an eye-opening 85%-yes, 85%!-of married student housing is now occupied by foreign students. American taxpayers paid millions to build these residential units. Now, Arabs, Chinese and others live in them.

The same is true for State-supported universities in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and every other state. American universities are training future terrorists on how to use computer viruses to destroy our computers, how to build nuclear weapons, how to demolish buildings, how to kill people with diseases, and more.

Harvard Paid to Teach Moslem Garbage

At Harvard University in Massachusetts, Osama Bin Laden's oil-rich family has donated four million dollars. The catch: To get the tainted money, Harvard had to agree to teach their students "Islamic law." The Wall Street Journal (September 19, 2001) quoted Robert Clark, the Harvard Law School Dean, boasting of how wonderful it is now to teach "mutual understanding" and help U.S. students learn about Mohammed and Allah's legal system. Sure.

Mexico's President Vicente Fox just got his nation to change its laws. Mexicans in the U.S.A. can now simultaneously be citizens of both countries. That's great, says Leticia Quezada, a Mexican school board member in Los Angeles. "I have become a United States citizen," explained Ms. Quezada, "but it's sort of an intellectual commitment, whereas emotionally I'm Mexican. I want to be Mexican." (Middle American News, p.5, September 2001).

So she wants to be Mexican, while plundering the prosperity she enjoys here in the U.S.A. Well, I have some advice for you, Ms. Quezada. If you want to be Mexican, go back to Mexico! Leave us alone-and take your foreign socialist culture with you!

Nations like Israel, Czechoslovakia, and many others have joined the bandwagon. They're telling their people to live in America and prosper financially while becoming dual citizens. In Israel, the despicable authorities will allow any Jew-even murderers and rapists-to immigrate. Now, such criminals are coming here to the U.S.A.-and the INS is letting them in.

Criminal Psychotics Allowed in U.S.A. by Corrupt INS

One such foreign monster, a Muslim Croatian, was legally branded a criminal psychotic by his native country, Croatia. The INS saw that as no problem, and our Embassy abroad gave the wacko a visa. He was the crazy who cut the throat of the Greyhound bus driver, hijacked the bus, and killed five passengers by running the bus off the road.

In Sacramento, another criminal psychotic, a Ukrainian, went on a rampage, killing most of his family and threatening townspeople. Meanwhile, in Indianapolis and Atlanta, hundreds of Third World immigrant women and children have been discovered by police locked up and imprisoned, used as sex slaves. Their captors were themselves illegal immigrants.

President Bush Says, "We Want More Aliens in the U.S.A.!"

The incredible irony is that President Bush, his Republican cohorts in Congress, and the Democrats, too, are in favor of expanding the huge and gaping loopholes now existing in our immigration laws. No one in Washington, D.C. is serious about excluding potential terrorists from our shores. They all favor bringing in more and more foreigners, to open up borders, promote "free trade," and usher in the globalist paradise of the New World Order.

Illegal immigrants from Arab Moslem countries are not being tracked down. No law enforcement agency cares a whit. No police checks are made. Racial profiling is called bad, though we are told that all nineteen of the September 11th hijackers were of one race, one religion. Our borders are open sieves. Osama Bin Laden (minus the beard?) and his entire gang of thugs could today be living peacefully in a suburb of Dallas or Philadelphia for all the government cares.

America is the worst promoter of terrorism in the world. Foreign terrorists live side-by-side with Americans, enjoying our prosperity, hating our country and despising our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Fox TV News reported that an Arab professor, Sami Al-Arion, who teaches at the University of South Florida, is even the chief fundraiser for the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas. And he teaches at a Florida State school. Governor Jeb Bush—where are you, man?

This same Professor Al-Arion brought into this country one of the Arab terrorists who hijacked an airline jet on September 11th and smashed it into the World Trade Center. Yet, this filthy crud is still receiving his full salary from his state-supported university employer. Moreover—get this!—the Hamas terrorist professor and his son last year had their picture taken with President Bush. And the son was even invited by Bush to the White House for an exclusive visit! Yassir Arafat must be proud.

Time recently published this ad
Time recently published this disgusting ad, offensive to every Christian, in its magazine. The caption blasphemously declared, "God, Allah, Krishna, Waheguru, Jehovah bless America." Also in the ad, Time's editors stated: "America's diversity is united under one ideal." Really? What ideal would that be?—that America is unted under a multitude of false gods?

Foreigners Favored by Affirmative Action Laws

In most states, cities, and towns in the U.S.A., affirmative action laws and regulations actually require that foreigners—even illegal aliens—be hired for jobs in preference to U.S. citizens. Why? Because the illegal aliens and the non-English speakers are classified as "minorities."

Thanks to this cockeyed rule, State universities, government agencies, and other employers are now packed to the brim with foreign workers who can't even speak English. Call most federal offices in Washington, D.C. and many city offices throughout the U.S.A. and often a person with a heavy foreign accent answers the phone. I tried to communicate with one such federal employee—an IRS receptionist—and gave up when she couldn't understand one iota of what I was saying.

Hospitals Packed With Foreigners

And, of course, there are the hospitals and medical clinics—populated now with incompetent, foreign-trained, alien doctors and nurses. Many are Islamic, and some no doubt are glad to see Christian patients suffer and die.

Please don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. My 52 year-old brother, Troy, died after being referred by his family physician to a Pakistani doctor, a supposed heart specialist in Houston, Texas. The Pakistani quack looked at my brother's chart and told him, "No problem. You are healthy." The Pakistani doctor told my brother that his family physician, an American citizen, had erred in his earlier diagnosis.

My brother left the Pakistani's office without medication or treatment, satisfied that he was fit and healthy. One week later, he was dead—of a heart attack. The county coroner who did the autopsy was horrified at the incompetence of this foreign Muslim quack. How many other Americans have died at the hands of these inept, alien medical "specialists?"

No Security, No Safety

My friends, we will have no security, no safety, in our homes and in our communities as long as our multicultural nation is under this staggering assault from within. Why wage war overseas when the real enemy is here, now, among us?

Six million Moslems live as our "neighbors." Many are sympathetic to terrorist causes. Tens of thousands of non-citizen Arab and other alien terrorists—no one really knows how many—may now be operating within our borders, organized in cells, preparing bombs, bacteria, and viruses, plotting our destruction. And no one is doing anything about it. How many illegal alien Arabs and other foreigners do you see being deported today? That's right, almost none!

In fact, our politicians want it this way. Their "War on Terrorism" is a joke. They're laughing at you and at me. They've got the vast majority of us brainwashed into believing they're sincere. In reality, they surrendered up this nation to the foreign invaders a long time ago. Yes, the leadership of America is, finally, united. United behind our conquerors: The foreigners in our midst.



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