Kenny Chesney's Hypocrisy

By David J. Stewart | July 2008

       Kenny Chesney released an album in 1997 titled "I WILL STAND." One of the songs on his album is "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE." It's a song about a man who has lost everything because of BOOZE, and now finds himself attending Alcoholics Anonymous. The following is a portion of the lyrics from the song...

It's the simple things in life
Like the kids at home and a loving wife
That you miss the most, when you lose control
And everything you love starts to disappear
The devil takes your hand and says no fear
Have another shot, just one more beer
Yah, I've been there, that's why I'm here

That's very true, and I used to admire Mr. Chesney for singing that song until I found out that he recently did a beer commercial promoting Corona Beer... 

If you were watching the ACM Awards Sunday night [May 18, 2008] you probably caught Kenny Chesney’s new commercial for Corona beer! Corona is one of the sponsors for Kenny’s current “Poets and Pirates” concert tour.

The commercial was filmed in Cancun, Mexico, and the behind-the-scenes video above includes a great interview with Kenny talking about working with Corona and his Poets and Pirates show.



It just goes to show that some people will do anything for a buck. The Corona Beer Company is helping sponsor Chesney's present music tour. Chesney's 1997 song spoke the truth about alcohol... "The devil takes your hand and says no fear. Have another shot, just one more beer." It is utterly hypocritical in my opinion that Mr. Chesney acknowledges the evils and temptation of booze in one song; while promoting the sale of booze in another song. I have always believed that it is wrong for anyone to use the talent which God gives them to promote the sale of alcohol. 

Alcohol is a menace to society, and no amount of lame excuses, blame-shifting, or disclaimers can tame the wild beast. Alcohol is inherently deceptive (Proverb 20:1), prone to lead it's victims astray. No one in their right mind wants to kill someone while Driving Under the Influence [DUI]; YET, it happens every day all across the world. It happens because beer drinkers AREN'T IN THEIR RIGHT MIND! The very act of consuming alcohol is affecting one's ability to use good judgment. So the more one drinks, the more likely they are to do what they normally do every day—drive their car!

Even one beer is enough to degrade a person's driving performance... 

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) position on the relationship between blood alcohol concentration and driving is that driving performance degrades after just one drink."


So then why do our hypocritical lawmakers set the acceptable Blood Alcohol Concentration at .08 BAC? Most companies which enforce a Zero Tolerance Policy will fire an employee whose BAC is .04!!!

Shame on Kenny Cheney for promoting the sale and consumption of alcohol. Mr. Chesney isn't alone in his foolishness. Toby Keith sang his hit song, "Get Drunk And Be Somebody." It is a shame that so many events nowadays are sponsored by evil beer companies. It's a dirty business that is synonymous with gambling, immorality, and debauchery.

I was saddened to see Kenny Chesney in a TV commercial holding a bottle of Corona booze, promoting it. I stood over the dead bodies of a mama and her little baby, who were killed by a drunk driver. I saw the little white casket being lowered into the ground alongside it's mother.  You don't forget something like that. They didn't have a good time. Corona wasn't there at the funeral. Budweiser didn't pay for the burial expenses. Coors didn't send their condolences. Miller didn't send any flowers. No, but I was there with my Bible in hand. 


Having said that, my eyes filled with tears the first time I heard Kenny Chesney's song, "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE," because the message of the song is very true. The Devil has destroyed countless lives with booze. And after the Devil destroys a person's life with booze, he takes you by the hand (as if he were a friend in time of need) and says... "Have another shot, just one more beer." Booze is never the answer. Satan is a liar!

I was very disappointed in Kenny Chesney when I saw him holding a bottle of Corona Beer and using his God-given talent to promote the sale of alcohol. I thought he was bigger than that. It reveals the emptiness of any personal conviction in the music he sings. It makes me wonder if anybody believes anything they sing anymore.

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