In Denial About Booze

By David J. Stewart

       The average American is in denial about the dangers of booze. The popular excuse is that people kill people, not booze. Granted, that is true; but it is also very true that our booze-crazed, partying, pleasure-seeking, irresponsible, American society teaches youth by example to live on the edge. The wrong message is being sent to teenagers today. Telling people not to drink and drive is still a game of Russian Roulette.

The following chart is FACT, not opinion. Despite all the political hype, warnings and disclaimers from the booze industry, alcohol related traffic fatalities had only reduced by 3 percent between 1997 and 2007. . .

Traffic Deaths Caused By Alcohol
(most of these traffic deaths are due to drunk driving)

Although alcohol related fatalities from car crashes have declined steadily over past decades, it is still a major problem and cause of premature death amongst America's youth.

The booze cartel are filthy rich, multibillionaire, tycoons who don't have to accept responsibility for the lives they destroy. Although it is true that irresponsible drinkers are mostly to blame for their own actions, the booze companies fully understand that PEOPLE ARE DYING because of their dirty business. Alcohol has always been a dirty business, associated with every house of sin in existence. Anywhere in this world where sin is found, so also is alcohol.

Beer company executives don't have to care personally for the maimed, burned and tormented victims of car crashes and other horrible things that beer does to families. By definition alcohol is a narcotic. The blood of millions of victims are on the hands of the booze cartel.

  Alcohol tastes and feels good, but is rotten to the core!

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