Den of Thieves

by David J. Stewart

"And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves." -Matthew 21:13

It is sad that most churches in America today are more concerned about making ends meet than they are about reaching the souls of lost sinners for Jesus Christ and bringing America back to God.

Dead Churches Are Squandering God's Money

There are tens-of-thousands of churches all across America, most dead spiritually.  Their services are more resembling of a funeral.  No one dares shout amen or glory to God.  London's greatest man of God, Charles H. Spurgeon was asked the question "what should be done about people who fall asleep during church?"  Spurgeon replied, "WAKE UP THE PREACHER!"  America's preachers are asleep, NOT fighting the good fight of faith!  The result is that America is going to hell in an avalanche of moral decay and government evil. 

By the way, I don't refer to the crimes in government as corruption anymore because the word "corruption" has been redefined over the years to mean "normal business" in American government.  The U.S. government has committed great evils against the American people and the rest of the world.  Our government can be easily likened to a ship without a captain, running amuck on fumes.  Where is America?  Where has our country gone? 

If most churches in America closed their doors, it would be a good thing because they are doing NOTHING for God.  Most churches are simply wasting tax-exemptions that legitimate organizations should be benefiting from.  Such churches are robbing God.  It is robbery because the money coming into the offering plate belongs to God, NOT the church.  Many churches don't care about ethics (doing the right thing).  ALL the money that comes into a church belongs to God; thus, it should be spent very carefully.  

What is your church doing with GOD'S MONEY?  It is sickening how so many pastors/preachers live like a king, parasiting off their congregation.  Like mosquitoes sucking the life's blood out of their victims, most so-called "men of God" are mainly concerned about making a living.  Of course, most of them would deny such an allegation, failing to realize that they are guilty of trimming their sermon every Sunday in fear of losing support.  America needs men of God who aren't afraid to speak the truth.  If the churches in America would conscientiously reach out to their communities with THE TRUTH, we could save America!

We Need to Start Offending People with the Truth

Everything that ever became a big issue started as a tiny idea in someone's mind.  You never know what your small efforts can achieve.  It is a grave mistake to do nothing because you think that your small efforts are too insignificant to make a difference.  Every Christian in America needs to start contending for the faith.  America's Christians have been brainwashed into believing that they're supposed to never hurt anyone's feelings by speaking the truth.  Cowards!  I receive letters from spiritually dead believers all the time accusing me of being hateful and lacking God's love.  Oh really?  Have you ever heard of the term "tough love?" 

Who loves America's people more...The believer who talks about love while never taking any action to change anything; or the believer who takes action and tries to influence people for God?  The answer is obvious.  Who loves you more...the guy who tells you about God's love while failing to tell you that your home is on fire; or the guy who throws a big brick through your window to get your attention because you were sleeping when your home caught fire?  You would be forever grateful to the guy who threw the brick! 

We need to start throwing bricks!  We need to start making a big deal out of right!  We need to start making a big deal about ethics!  We need to start making a big deal about honesty, integrity and good old fashioned decency.  We need to start speaking out about abortion.  We need to start letting our local communities know how we feel about homosexuality.  We need to start voicing our concerns over sin.  We need to start speaking out against the evils of government.  We need to start demanding accountability in every level of government. 

Maybe we can't change a nation, but we can certainly change our local community for God.  The American people are foolishly complacent about everything.  People take their rights for granted, failing to realize that we have already lost a substantial portion of our rights and privacy.  It is alarming!  Read "It Can't Happen Here" by Congressman Ron Paul of Texas.  You will lose your remaining rights!  We are already slaves to the system.

Churches are Getting Paid, but Others are Doing Their Job

Where are the churches?  Why is the ACLU fighting for our First Amendment rights? (You know, those really bad people that defend the heathens too).  America's churches should be fighting the government's evils, but it seems that they are amongst the last of groups to fight the government.  God never commanded us to obey bad government.  Romans 13 commands us to obey the higher powers, and God is higher than the government.  I realize that there is no perfect government. 

However, the evils and BLATANT injustices being committed by our top government officials is a stench to high heaven.  It is sickening (stolen elections, the theft of trillions of dollars from the American people, corporate crimes condoned by government officials, lack of accountability, blocked investigations, obstruction of justice, murders, fraud, lies told to the American people, wars against innocent nations, depleted uranium poisoning, unconstitutional income taxes, the Patriot Act, etc, etc, etc.) is all unbelievably wicked!!!

In spite of the fact that America's faith-based organizations took in billions of dollars last year...America is still going to hell faster than ever.  Something is very wrong folks!  All that money and yet children are starving around the world.  All that money and yet there's not enough money to support new missionaries.  All that money and yet the local community never hears the gospel of Christ.  Where's all that money going? 

There Is No Den of Thieves Like America's Churches

America is filled with spoiled little babies who get all bent out of shape when they hear the truth.  Everyone has THEIR own opinion but WHAT ABOUT GOD'S OPINION?  We may have the freedom as U.S. citizens to express our own opinions, but no one has the right to disobey God.  God has given us the freewill and freedom to do as we please, but God has also commanded us to repent and live for Him (Acts 17:30).  Like it or not, you need the truth!  God wants me as a Christian to tell you the truth.  This is love.

Americans enjoy a freedom which cost them NOTHING.  Sadly, most U.S. citizens take their freedom for granted.  Freedom isn't free, it brings with it the price tag of responsibility and accountability.   If you ignore these two duties, then you will surely lose your freedom.  America's churches are wearing horse-blinders to the blatant evils which our government is committing. 

The entire invasion of Iraq is a horrendous evil by the American government and people.  The entire matter is an undeclared illegal war to begin with.  "Thou shalt not kill" is still in the Bible.  So why are U.S. troops being misused as paid mercenaries to go out and kill innocent people in Iraq?  They're being used to secure the financial interests of a small group of rich elite snobs.  It is wicked!

Love is a verb friend, not a noun!  Love is not a feeling, contrary to what your dictionary may say.  Biblical love involves compassion, an act of helping someone.  You can talk all day about what you believe but it means nothing until you've turned it into action.  We must EACH give account to God for our own efforts.  God will reward us accordingly as believers for our labors in the Lord.  Let us be diligent and fight the good fight of faith. 

America needs voices.  If we as Christians don't speak up for what is right, then who will?  The ACLU?  The liberal democrats?  Sadly, they're taking more of a stand against government wickedness than the average church in America.  If your church takes in money but does not fight the good fight of faith, then you are just a den of thieves!  Sadly, most churches are stealing God's money and squandering it.  God help us.

"Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." -Luke 6:26

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