The Satanic Band, MINISTRY

by David J. Stewart

 1st Kings 21:20, “...thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the LORD.”

       One of the most evil Rock 'N' Roll bands to ever form is a sicko demonic group called, MINISTRY; started by Al Jourgensen in 1981. Jourgensen retired in 2008 after serving Satan for nearly 30 years. Their type of music (noise) is called Industrial Metal. It's just a bunch of hate and screaming. This is not music by any acceptable standards. Anyone can bellow out noise and call it music. They mock Christianity by referring to their satanic band as “MINISTRY.”

They are serving the Devil, in fact. The truth of the matter (if you understand the nature of the Rock music industry) is that they are indeed a ministry, but they are serving Satan. In the following lyrics they even refer to the listeners as their “congregation.” In their services (Rock concerts) they make an offering to Satan. Literally, most Rock bands are worshipping Satan through their music, by attacking God and the Bible with their lyrics, and every fan that idolizes them have sold soul to Satan.

Hell will be hot! MINISTRY are totally blasphemous against the Bible, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. Here are the repulsive lyrics to their despicable song PSALM 69, from the album titled, Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And To Suck Eggs lyrics...

PSALM 69, by the band MINISTRY (written by Al Jourgensen)

congregation, please be seated and open your prayer guides to the book
of revelations, psalm 69

drinking the blood of jesus
drinking it right from his veins
learning to swim in the ocean
learning to prowl in his name

the body of christ looked unto me
a preacher with god-given hands
he wants you to suck on the holy ghost
and swallow the sins of man

psalm 69

the invisible piss of the holy ghost
comes down like acid rain
they're making a bonnet of terminal guilt
the scavengers go on parade

the fathers who write that eternity
is used to fight the sword
have filled you up with the devil's cock
and he'll come in the name of the lord

the way to succeed and the way to suck eggs 

It is not coincidence that the band chose Psalm 69. The exact title of the album is taken from Satanist, Aleister Crowley's THE BOOK OF LIES, chapter 69. Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And To Suck Eggs is the title of chapter 69. Admittedly, there is an entry at Wikipedia showing that Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was making reference to a sex act...

The title of the album is directly linked to chapter 69 of The Book of Lies, a written work of Aleister Crowley, where he uses the expression "The way to succeed and the way to suck eggs" as a pun for the 69 sex position ("suck seed" and "suck eggs").

SOURCE: Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs

The number 69 is a very popular sexual term which refers to a specific sex act. I can't show you the album cover because it is too graphic, but it features a naked women with wings. In this blasphemous song, MINISTRY sings the lyrics, “he wants you to suck on the holy ghost and swallow the sins of man.” The song is about performing oral sex on God. The God-haters go on to sing, “the invisible piss of the holy ghost, comes down like acid rain.”

Aleister Crowley was a sexual degenerate, mass child-killer, homosexual, fiend, and enemy of mankind. Crowley was known for openly having sex with his wife in front of guests to their home, committing all despicable manner of homosexual sins, biting his lovers with fangs (he filed 2 of his teeth down into sharpened fangs), eating a woman's excrement during ritual sex, group orgies, and boast of being the self-proclaimed, WICKEDEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Even more shocking is that President George H. Bush is married to Aleister Crowley's daughter. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

Aleister Crowley (the self-proclaimed "World's Most Wicked Man" ate the feces of women during bizarre sexual acts involving Luciferian worship and Satanism. According to the shocking documentary film titled, "IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT BEAST" directed by Robert Garofalo and produced by Lyn Beardsall (2007), Barbara Bush (wife of President George H. Bush) is the daughter of the world's most infamous Satanist, Aleister Crowley. 

On their album, Houses of the Molé and Rio Grande Blood, MINISTRY again blasphemes the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as mocking President George W. Bush. Notice the crown of thorns showing Jesus Christ being crucified, the El Diablo satanic hand-signs showing worship of THE BEAST, President George W. Bush's face, Freemasonry's official logo on Bush's left wrist, the official logo of Skull and Bones on the right wrist, the New World Order's The Great Pyramid on Bush's forehead, et cetera. The picture is a denial and mockery of Jesus Christ, it expresses praise for the Devil, it promotes anarchy (which is exactly what the elite want... order out of chaos), it shows that whoever controls the production and sale of oil controls the world, and it is an admission that the band is supportive of the occult-driven New World Order.

May I say, it is sinful to make fun of the Office of President and show disrespect for authority. It is acceptable, and our duty as caring citizens of our nation, to speak up against evil and protest peaceably against crimes being committed by our government leaders; however, we should always maintain a Christian respect for the office of authority. The album cover below is sinful. I want to see president Bush Jr. brought to trial as much as anybody else, but it likely won't happen in this wicked world. Certainly in eternity, Mr. Bush cannot escape the Judgment of God.

I'm going to teach you something that few people understand. There is much fighting, misunderstanding, and debate amongst religious groups, Christians, and the public in general concerning the proper way that people should respond to evils in government. What I want to say is this: A nation cannot be salvaged that refuses to repent and turn back to God (2nd Chronicles 7:14). Millions of Americans are now waking up to the reality of tyranny, and tension is building. When the pressure-cooker blows, the Banksters will bring in foreign troops to march on American soil and harshly prosecute any resistance to their oppression and tyranny. Many Americans will be killed in battle. We won't stand a chance against them. God has promised to heal our nation only if we'll turn our faces toward Him in prayer, forsaking our sins, and humility. The problem is that Americans are too sinfully proud and infatuated with their sins to obey God.

The truth is that the only way out of this mess is for America to repent and come back to the God of the Bible. Anarchy won't work. The American people want to live in sin and have their liberty too, but it doesn't work that way. Sin leads to the moral breakdown of society, which leads to the demand for immoral rights, which leads to immoral people rising to power, which means corruption and abuse of power. To think that a nation can live in all manner of wickedness, while at the same time retaining a decent, godly, and honest government is insane. Americans have been deliberately dumbed down.

Since the 1930's, when our government went bankrupt, secretive powers have been diligently at work to bring down our nation. The U.S. government has been operating under emergency powers since the 1930's, staying afloat through reckless debt-spending. We're on the Titanic here in America, rearranging the deck chairs; while ignoring the gapping hole in the ship's hull. We're going down, it's just a matter of time.

The widespread immorality of individual citizens can only mean widespread wickedness and corruption in government. God allows men to dig their own graves. And so have we done in America. God gave us enough rope to hang ourselves. What was once a halo has turned into a noose. It must be remembered that God planted the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, from which Adam and Eve ate in rebellion against God and lost paradise. God tested them and they failed. A faith must be tested.

The hideous Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave unprecedented powers to a thug group of private bankers. He who controls the money controls everything. The Banksters are the biggest and worst thieves of the past century. They hi-jacked the F.B. I. through flaming homosexual, J. Edgar Hoover, first director of the F.B.I. who reigned in terror for 3 decades. Hoover collected dirt on hundreds of high-level government leaders, setting them up using immoral sex, criminal favors and dirty money to blackmail everyone. The Banksters backed Hoover, assassinated John F. Kennedy, and have taken control of the White House ever since, placing their puppets into power at Bilderberg meetings. When Hoover died, he left his worldly estate to his gay-lover (leaving not a penny to his daughter). Hoover was dirty, rotten, and wicked.

Speaking out as a tax-paying citizen who is tired of being oppressed by the government, and standing up for one's legal Bill of Rights is far different than the punks, rebels, and satanic bands like MINISTRY who attack authority in general. All authority is allowed by God, and therefore put in place by God. Unless Americans get right with God, we will go into tyranny. Satan's crowd are playing both sides of the nightmare. At the top, demon-inspired occultists are behind the evils of the New World Order; but at the bottom, heathens are working toward anarchy and revolt against them, which will be used as a pretext for smashing the American public. God is the only way out. The wicked are coming down from the top, and the wicked at the bottom think they're going to resist and fight against them; but the end result will be complete chaos, from which will arise the Antichrist. God help us.


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