Rock 'n' Roll's Hall of Shame

People have been asking me what secular albums are "safe" to listen to.  As a good guideline, ask yourself this... "Does the band / music you wish to listen to include any of the following themes:

Nihilism (belief in nothing) / Apathy
Escapism /
Drugs / Alcoholism
Sexual Perversion / Fornication / Pornography

Dissonant / Offensive Sound
The Occult / Satanism
Anti-God / Anti-Authority
Cult-like Organization, Terrorism

If so, you should steer well clear.  The Bible, God's Word, teaches us anything that promotes or embraces any of these factors is predominantly anti-Christian, and against all that God's Word stands for. The following are just a few God-haters you should definitely avoid like the plague...

Rock Music: Straight From The Pits Of Hell!

  • AC/DC: song Hell's Bells, inspired "Night Stalker" serial killer, pentagrams on album art (Highway to Hell), violent cover art (If You Want Blood You Got It), guitarist admitted to being 'possessed' while on stage. Band-name AC/DC purportedly stands for Assault Christians Destroy Christians. Promote pedophilia (guitarist dresses like a school boy on stage), extremely offensive and harsh sound, produces a spirit of hatred and anger. Lead singer, Bon Scott "drank himself to death" at age 33. Avoid this band like the plague.

  • Aerosmith: drug and alcohol abuse, equating sex and religion on "Angel," glorifying homosexuality and cross-dressing on “Dude looks like a lady”

  • Agnostic Front: violent and rebellion-themed album art (Cause for Alarm)

  • Amen: objectionable album art (Disorderly Conduct)

  • Anthrax: violent album art (Fistful of Metal)

  • Bad Religion: objectionable band name, objectionable album art (Back to the Known)

  • Bauhaus: backwards Latin Satanic incantation in "Father, Son and Holy Ghost", Satanic imagery, anti-Christian lyrics

  • Beach Boys: Brian Wilson said they were trying to create "witchcraft music" in 1966.  One band member drowned when he fell drunk off a boat

  • Beastie Boys: more than 90 references to drug and alcohol abuse on Licensed to Kill

  • Beatles: promote Communism in "Back in the USSR," sexually degenerate lyrics... "Why don't we do it in the road (1968)," rebellion, fornication, false religion (Catholicism and Eastern Mysticism).  Lennon called Jesus a 'garlic eating fascist bastard.'  Paul McCartney is an admitted atheist.  'Sgt. Peppers' album cover has Aleister Crowley's face on it

  • Billy Idol: rebellion, fake crucifixion in "Hot in the City" video, mock crosses in "White Wedding" video, has ‘Idol’ as name (Blasphemy - There shall be NO Idols before God)

  • Birthday Party: likened Jesus to "bad seed", indecipherable lyrics about "post-crucifixion baby"

  • Black Flag: violent and suicide-themed album art (Family Man)

  • Black Market Baby: objectionable band name and album art (Senseless Offerings)

  • Black Sabbath: number of the beast, crucifixion imagery, objectionable album art (Born Again, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)

  • Blink 182: rebellion, tattoos, perverted lyrics about sexually abusing animals (F*ck a dog)

  • Blaspheme: objectionable band name and album art (Last Supper)

  • Blue Oyster Cult: the occult, promotes Satan worship in the song 'Don't Fear The Reaper'

  • Boston: promotes fornication, wild immoral parties, drug abuse, indifference, smoking pot, lead singer commit suicide in March 2007 (left a suicide note saying, "I am a lonely soul")

  • Britney Spears: bi-sexual whore, promotes sexual immorality, lasciviousness, and feminist rebellion

  • Carlos Santana: Says he's been communicating with a demon named "Metatron" regularly since 1994, promotes New Age, immorality.

  • Cheap Trick: promote rebellion against parents, fornication

  • Celtic Frost: use crucifix as slingshot on album cover (To MegaTherion), occult links, rebellion

  • Christian Death: Gnosticism, sex- and occult-themed album art (Only Theatre of Pain, The Scriptures, Sex and Drugs and Jesus Christ, What's the Verdict)

  • Coil: devotees of Aleister Crowley

  • Alice Cooper: on-stage mutilation, rebellion, "School's Out" prevents mice from solving mazes, objectionable album art (Constrictor)

  • Cramps: "degraded" sexuality (Date With Elvis)

  • Crass: crucifixion-themed album art (Christ the Album, Yes Sir I Will)

  • Crown of Thorns: objectionable band name and album art (Pictures)

  • Cure (The): alcohol abuse, blasphemy in "The Blood" and "Holy Hour", Satanic imagery in artwork

  • Cradle of Filth: openly satanic music, t-shirts proclaiming 'Jesus is a c*nt, mockery of Christ, anti-Christian lyrics

  • Danzig: Use satanic imagery

  • Damned: crown of thorns imagery (Grimly Fiendish)

  • Dark Angel: objectionable band name and album art (Darkness Descends)

  • Dark Wizard: objectionable album art (Reign of Evil)

  • David Bowie: occult, recorded "Quicksand" about Crowley.  Promotes rebellion in "Rebel, rebel."

  • dc Talk: This so-called "Christian" Rock band is of the Devil. DC Talk's Kevin Max Says, "I'd love to hang out with him [Marylyn Manson]." They also promote Jesus as being a "freak."

  • Dead Kennedys: objectionable album art (In God We Trust, Inc.)

  • Death: objectionable album art (Scream Bloody Gore)

  • Death Cult: objectionable album art (Death Cult)

  • Def Leppard: Promotes pornography in the song, "photograph"

  • Depeche Mode: songs about sex and sadomasochism, recorded "Blasphemous Rumors"

  • Deftones: rebellious message, encourages violence

  • Deicide: vocalist claims to be antichrist, burns inverted crosses on his head, blasphemous lyrics, Satanic imagery

  • Diamanda Galas: recorded album Litanies of Satan, proclaimed herself the Anti-Christ ("Sono l'Antichristo"), provided music for voodoo-themed movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, objectionable album art (Divine Punishment)

  • Dickies: mock Jesus on album art (Second Coming)

  • Doors (The): Patricia (Kennealy) Morrison is a devout Wiccan witch.

  • Eagles: 'Hotel California' is a tribute to the Church of Satan, proven by COS founder Anton LaVey's picture inside the album cover.

  • Earth, Wind, and Fire: occult imagery on albums, promote New Age

  • Electric Hellfire Club: promotes Satanic ideologies

  • Elton John (Sir): open homosexual legally married to another man, promotes New Age

  • Elvis Presley: sexual degenerate, fornicator, music promotes lewdness and immorality

  • Eric Clapton: promotes drug abuse in the song 'Cocaine,' immorality, worldly lyrics

  • Eurhythmics: "Missionary Man" warns listeners away from salvation

  • Exodus: album art shows union of God and Satan

  • Fog Hat: promotes immoral sex

  • Foreigner: promotes sexual immorality in songs "Dirty White Boy" and "Urgent," also promote alcoholism in "Double Vision"

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood: rebellion, songs about sex and sadomasochism, objectionable album art (Welcome to the Pleasure Dome), ruined Live Aid, homosexuality

  • Good Charlotte: nihilism, rebellious lyrics 'young and hopeless'

  • Godsmack: voodoo

  • Generation X: objectionable album art (Valley of the Dolls)

  • Guns 'n' Roses: "sexual violence" in music, album art; inverted cross (Appetite for Destruction), music caused Virginia Tech Massacre

  • Harvey Danger: promotes Satanism, nudity, blasphemes Jesus Christ, and mocks the King James Bible.

  • Helloween: objectionable album art (Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2), Has the word ‘Hell’ in band name.

  • Impaler: objectionable album art (Rise of the Mutants EP), eating raw meat on stage

  • INXS: recorded song "Devil Inside," committed suicide

  • Iron Maiden: mascot Eddie told fan to kill himself; necromancy, occult, rebellion, objectionable album art (Killers, The Number of the Beast, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son)

  • Jimi Hendrix: hypnotizing people through music, voodoo rhythms, rebellion, violence, "If 6 Was 9" used in interstitials

  • Jane's Addiction: drug abuse, objectionable album art (Nothing is very shocking)
    Judas Priest: suicide, rebellion, objectionable album art (Hell Bent for Leather, Sin After Sin)

  • Jimmy Page: "one of the leading occultists of the rock generation," owns occult bookstore, bought Aleister Crowley's former home and had it refurbished by a Satanic decorator

  • John Lennon: Original member of The Beatles and solo artists for many years. Blasphemed the name of Jesus Christ, promoted immoral sex, substance abuse, rebellion, Communism, false religion.

  • Killing Joke: mock Christianity in video, promote satanic ideologies

  • KISS: bloody stage show, sex, rebellion, violence, perverted bassist sticks his tongue out frequently (A major blasphemy in the Bible), band name KISS purportedly stands for Knights In Satan’s Service.  Lead singer, Gene Simmons, claims publickly to have had sex with over 4,600 women in his lifetime

  • KMFDM: promote satanic ideologies, inspired Columbine High School Massacre

  • Kreator: objectionable album art (Pleasure to Kill)

  • Led Zeppelin: backward-masked messages and references to Pan on "Stairway to Heaven," Zoso = number of the beast.  Guitarist Jimmy Page idolizes Satanist Aleister Crowley, and even bought his castle.

  • Linkin Park: encourage violence, rebellious lyrics

  • Madonna: bi-sexual whore, sexual degenerate, promotes fornication, rebellion, and Satan worship.  In the song, "Beautiful Stranger," she mentions the 'Devil,' calls him beautiful, and says "To know you is to love you."

  • Marilyn Manson: too many evils to mention here, blasphemy, ties to Church of Satan, mocks God, rebellion.  Manson tears up Bibles in concert and leads the audience to praise Satan.

  • Megadeth: occult, rebellion, objectionable album art (Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good)

  • Mercyful Fate: "take their Satanism seriously", rebellion, occult, objectionable album art (Don't' Break the Oath)

  • Metal Church: objectionable album art (Metal Church)

  • Metallica: promote suicide on "Fade to Black"

  • Monster Magnet: Use occult symbols on album art

  • Moonspell: songs about vampirism, paganism

  • Motley Crüe: equate sex and violence, used pentagram in album art (Shout at the Devil)

  • Motörhead: crucifixion-themed album art

  • Mudvayne: promotes Satanic ideologies

  • My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: Satanic message, objectionable album art (I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits)

  • Neko Case: sings, "It's the Devil I love"

  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Satanic imagery

  • Ozzy Osbourne: rebellion, attacking Jim Bakker in "Miracle Man," Satanic imagery on album art (Blizzard of Ozz, No Rest for the Wicked), promote suicide on "Suicide Solution," released album 'Mr. Crowley' devoted to Aleister Crowley, scary face

  • Offspring: rebellion

  • Papa Roach: Use occult symbology on album art

  • Pink Floyd: lyrics about rebellion

  • Poison Idea: mutilation-themed album art (Kings of Punk)

  • Iggy Pop/the Stooges: bloodletting at concert

  • Nirvana: nihilism, anti-Christian lyrics, violent lyrics, song 'rape me', mock the crucifixion, singer committed suicide, hardly a role model for fans everywhere, and led to fans committing suicide to emulate him.

  • Nine Inch Nails: rebellious lyrics, nihilism, sex, sick lyrics 'f*ck you like an animal/closer to God.'

  • Petra: falsely so-called "Christian" Rock band, cross-dressers, purported to be homosexuals.

  • P.O.D.: (Payable On Death) is another falsely so-called "Christian" Rock band. They blaspheme Jesus Christ with their "Rasta Jesus."

  • Possessed: general Satanism and witchcraft

  • Psychic TV: music arm of Crowley-linked sect Thee Temple of Psychick Youth, objectionable album art (Live at Thee Circus)

  • Queen: backward-masking, drug abuse, homosexuality, cross-dressing; perverted lead singer, Freddie Mercury, died of aids at age 46 (he was purported to have lovers all around the world).

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: use occult symbols on album art, rebellion, inspired violence and arson at Glastonbury '99

  • Rod Stewart: bi-sexual, promotes immoral sex

  • Rolling Stones: recorded song "Sympathy for the Devil" on Their Satanic Majesty's Request, objectionable album art (Goats Head Soup, Undercover, Tattoo You), bankrolled sect called The Process, made Satanic movie Invocation of My Demon Brother.  Mick Jagger curses in God's name in the song 'Beast of Burden,' and in other songs.

  • Sex Pistols: rebellion, self-mutilation, rotten designed t-shirts with upside-down crucifixion

  • Sepultura:  promotes Satanic ideologies

  • Silverchair:  song ‘israel’s son’ made 18 year old goth Brian Bassett murder his parents

  • Siouxsie and the Banshees: recorded song "Sin in My Heart"

  • Sister: pentagrams

  • Sisters of Mercy: Satanic imagery

  • Slayer: used pentagram on album art, lyrics glorifying the Devil (Reign in Blood)

  • Slipnot: use Satanic imagery on album art, violence in lyrics

  • Smiths: Satanic imagery

  • Sonic Youth: obsessed with death ("Death Valley '69")

  • Spooky Tooth: album cover depicts Jesus with hand nailed to head (Ceremony)

  • Styx: promotes fornication, shacking up, rebellion

  • Suicidal Tendencies: pentagrams

  • Suicide: promote suicide

  • Therion: promote satanic ideologies

  • Tori Amos: 'father Lucifer' Satanic lyrics, claimed she wanted to marry Satan in interview

  • Throbbing Grissle: promote Satanic ideologies

  • Twisted Sister: rebellion, wear women’s make-up, violent album art (Stay Hungry)

  • Van Halen: cross-dressers, bi-sexual, promote every sin imaginable, including Satan worship in "Running With The Devil," promote immorality, rebellion, extremely offensive and harsh sound, produces a spirit of hatred and anger

  • Venom: album title Welcome to Hell, pentagram and goat imagery

  • White Zombie: Anti-Christian imagery, Singer looks like a Zombie (Not a good role model for impressionable children)

  • Wednesday 13: Too many to mention – This freak is as dangerous as Manson

  • And of course all black metal bands, as all promote Nazi, pagan and anti-Christian ideologies.

And hundreds more...

Ye Must Be Born Again!