Welcome To The Freak Show!

by Jeff Godwin

       The "Christian" Rap band D(ecent) C(hristian) Talk are currently at the forefront of another wave of "crossover" in the BILLION dollar-a-year Contemporary Christian Music industry. If you ask me, “DC” stands for “Deceitful Characters.”

Founding member Toby McKeehan says he and the other Talkers aren't in it for the money though:

"We didn't get together to be stars. We share the same call - to use the stage to let people know about Jesus."(1)

At $35,000 per show, that's one expensive stage!(2)

The three members of DC Talk met at Jerry Falwell's Lynchburg, Virginia university in 1987. For those who may not know, Jerry Falwell is perceived to be one of the most conservative Baptist voices in America. Here's what Dr. Jerry thinks of his "boys";

"During Toby, Michael, and Kevin's tenure at Liberty University, it was obvious to me that God had great plans for these three young men and their powerful program."(3)

God's plan must have "misfired" somewhere, because according to Terry Watkins, director of in Alabama, DC Talker Kevin Smith was kicked out of Liberty for a "drinking" problem!(4).

Like many, many "Christian" Rockers before them, DC Talk have had enough of the stuffy confines of the "Christian" music label, and long to break out into the "real" music world;

"Smith, WHO LISTENS MOSTLY TO SECULAR MUSIC, would like to see DC Talk expand its vocabulary. 'NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE ABOUT GOD. We're getting into being able to speak about our personal lives and our public lives, that kind of stuff, without constantly throwing in the church,' he says."(5)

But wait a minute! I thought the original goal was to use the stage to tell people about Jesus. Funny how things change as time goes by, isn't it? This band has now fallen so far, they even open some of their shows by performing the old Beatles' song, "Help". For those who don't remember, the Beatles were atheists, Communists, Christ haters and God mockers. If DC Talk think they're serving God through this kind of music, THEY'RE the ones who need help!

DC Talk's newest release is called "Jesus Freak," and leader Toby McKeehan starts some concerts off by screaming, "WELCOME TO THE FREAK SHOW!"(6)

There's just one problem, Toby. My Lord Jesus Christ is not a "freak." He is the only begotten Son of God (Philippians 2:9-11).

There's an interesting story behind the making of DC Talk's "Jesus Freak" video, which has broken all kinds of records throughout the music industry. In the film, DC Talk suck in their cheeks, glare at the camera, and take turns jumping and cowering in a little stone cell while strobe light flashes illuminate their bug-eyed faces. This is the most popular "Christian" video in America.

"Jesus Freak" was directed by an Englishman named Simon Maxwell. Here's a little history for DC Talk fans: Maxwell broke into the secular Rock video industry in a big way by directing the "Closer" video for the satanic and vile band, "Nine Inch Nails". (NIN have made a video showing a monkey crucified to a cross). DC Talk WERE WATCHING ONE OF NINE INCH NAILS' VIDEOS, and LIKED Maxwell's style. Their management then contacted Simon Maxwell at the Underground in Los Angeles, and hired him to do the "Jesus Freak" project.(7)

It's also interesting to note that "Nine Inch Nails" singer Trent Renor is producing an album for another Satanic secular band called Marilyn Manson - whose leader is associated with Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan! What a wicked thread ties all these liars together!: LaVey supports Manson, who uses Reznor, who uses Maxwell, who directed the biggest video DC Talk ever ever made.

Here's some straight talk, if you can handle it:

DC Talk are bad, bad news!

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