Grace and Truth

by Pastor Jack Hyles

(Chapter 11 from Dr. Hyle's excellent book, Grace and Truth)


Judges 16:22, "Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven."

Samson was not a Jewish "Jolly green giant." He was no gullible Goliath. He was no retarded Hercules, nor was he an overweight Romeo.

The truth is Samson was one of the great spiritual giants of the Bible. No wine nor strong drink ever entered into his mouth. He belonged to the most consecrated group, the Nazarites. Of him it is said, "The Spirit of the Lord came upon him," more than of any other man in the Old Testament. He was brilliant. He thought of the idea once of tying the tails of 300 foxes together. He set them on fire and let them loose in the grain fields of the Philistines.

He was strong. He once took the jawbone of a donkey and slew 1000 men.

He was a great leader. He ruled Israel as a judge for 20 years. No president has ever held office that long in the United States.

Yet, sad to say, he fell into sin. He lost his hair and his power. The Philistines put him on exhibit at a great festival and public sacrifice to Dagon, their pagan god. The great temple of Dagon was filled to capacity and 3000 were on the roof. They gouged out the eyes of Samson, bound him and made him grind at the mill.

Picture Samson going round and round at the mill. Suddenly he feels the top of his head. With complete shock and delight, he becomes aware that his hair is growing again. He begins to feel stronger. The load seems lighter. Though his eyes will never see again, his hair can grow again, his strength can return and his power can come back to him. He will never be the Samson he once was but God can use him again. He is weak now, but he will fight again.

Peter is cursing and denying the Lord now, but he will preach at Pentecost and see 3000 people saved. Job is proud now because he stood for God and went through the persecution, but he will be revived and once again give God the glory He deserves. Jonah is running now, but he will return and preach one of the great revivals in history in the city of Nineveh. John Mark is in Pamphylia now, turning back and leaving the first missionary journey, but he will feel his hair growing again and regain his power and write one of the four Gospels. Jacob is cheating now but he will return to ask forgiveness and become a prince in the sight of God. Thomas is doubting now, but he will return and believe that Jesus is his Lord and his God. He will give his life in service in the country of India. David is committing his awful sin now, but he will return and become the greatest king ever to sit on the throne of Israel. James and John are seeking the best seats now but they will rise again and become pillars in the New Testament church. Abraham is lying about Sarah being his wife now, but he will return from Egypt to become the friend of God.

The gushing wells may be stopped for a season, but soon the living water will gush through again. The beautiful tree in the forest will lose its leaves, but when spring returns, it will begin to bud.

Samson feels his hair growing again. He laughs and cries and prays and laughs and cries and prays for one last victory. The hair does grow. The power does return. The time comes when he asks a lad to lead him to the two middle pillars of the heathen temple. He gives one last prayer to God and he asserts one last lunge. He drags the pillars; the roof falls and all the people are killed. Samson also is killed and as he looks in the face of his Lord he possesses victory.

Is someone reading this who was a Sunday school teacher but lost his power? Feel the top of your head. The hair may be beginning to grow again. Is there one who was a soul winner but has drifted from God? God can use you again. Is there one who was a bus worker who now is on the shelf? Maybe your hair is beginning to grow again. Rise up, ye Samsons, and enjoy other victories. God has them for you!


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