Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


When a person is saved, his life should be changed. While preaching along this line recently I was reminded of a wonderful story.

Many years ago I was preaching a revival in a small Louisiana town in a very small church. One night the young lady who had the lead in a senior play in a nearby high school was converted. The next night she brought her boy friend, Dwayne, with her to the service. Dwayne was the quarterback on the state championship football team, and the first night he came, he too was saved.

The following night he brought the entire football squad with him. They sat on the front rows of the church. To my delight (and quite frankly, surprise) the entire squad came forward during the invitation and received Christ as Saviour. You never saw so many big husky fellows in the altar in your life as we had that night.

After the service Dwayne and the football squad went to a restaurant to eat. Of course, everyone knew that they were members of the state championship football team. When the food was served, the big burly fellows started to eat when suddenly Dwayne stood up in the busy restaurant and said, "Wait, fellows! We are not heathen any more. We're Christians! Christians pray before they eat."

All the fellows gulped down the food that they had in their mouths at the time and bowed their heads. Then Dwayne shouted again, "Fellows, this ain't no way to pray. Christians are supposed to get on their knees to pray."

The entire football squad got out of their chairs and down on their knees beside the tables. The other customers watched them thank God for the food, and knowing Dwayne, I am sure the prayer was a lengthy one.

Within twenty-four hours the entire town knew that the football team had been saved. How long did it take the entire town to find out that you got saved? Do they know it yet?

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