Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


It pays to be nice. When soul winning it always pays not to reveal your identity early. When teaching soul winning, I suggest that one make some positive impression in the mind of the sinner before revealing his identity. This could be done by simply a "Good morning, how are you?" or "What a lovely home you have!"

A vivid illustration of this occurred in a former pastorate. I learned that a certain lady had started a campaign against me. She was not a member of my church. In fact, she had never seen me, but she had read some articles I had distributed in the local high school against dancing. She decided that I was a disgrace to the community and should be pressured into leaving, so she started a first-class campaign against me and my ministry.

I heard that whoever she was, she was a very influential person in town, so I went to the mayor, who was my personal friend, and asked him if he had heard any rumors. He suggested that I go and talk to a certain city councilman's wife, and he intimated that she was the person.

The next day it was snowing (in Texas!). I took my Assistant Pastor and we went to see the city councilman's wife. Bear in mind, she had never seen me. When she came to the door, I gave her a smile, a friendly "Good afternoon," and told her how lovely her home was. She invited us in, and I saw a twelve-year-old girl in the house. "Is this your sister?" I asked.

Blushingly she said, "No, this is my oldest daughter."

"It couldn't be," I said. (Boy, was I pouring it on!)

"Yes," she said, "we married rather young."

"Well," I said, "she certainly doesn't look much younger than you." (Boy, was she falling for it.)

About that time a cute little curly-headed girl came toddling in. I picked her up, gave her some candy, bragged on her beauty, and immediately won her friendship.

After about ten minutes of such behavior, I put my hand out and said, "By the way, my name is Jack Hyles," and I prepared to duck. I didn't need to duck, however. Her mouth flew open a foot (and that is about how big it had been), and she said, "You are....Jack Hyles? Well, I already know that most of the things I have heard about you are not true." She apologized and invited me to come back to see her husband that evening.

This I did, and to top it off, I won her to Christ, I won the city councilman, and I won the twelve-year old daughter to Christ-and I had won the hearts of the entire family.

It pays to be courteous, it pays to be nice, and sometimes it pays to be unknown.

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