Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


When in my early twenties I was out soul winning one day in a little East Texas town called Marshall, where I attended college and where I pastored for three and a half years. I drove out on the Longview Highway to visit a Mrs. Clark. There in a beautiful brick home I led her to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As soon as she was saved, she began to beg me to go across town and witness to her unsaved sister, Mrs. Hamilton. I promised her that I would, and in a few moments I was on my way. Since Mrs. Clark lived several miles west of Marshall and Mrs. Hamilton lived at the extreme east end of Marshall, it took me about twenty-five minutes to make the drive.

When I arrived at Mrs. Hamilton's house, I knocked on the door and she answered very quickly. I said, "My name is Jack Hyles. I just won your sister to Christ, and she was very insistent that I drive over and tell you how to be saved."

"Oh, yes," said Mrs. Hamilton. "I am already saved. My sister couldn't wait until you got here. She called me on the phone and led me to Jesus Christ"

The next Sunday both couples came forward during the invitation and professed publicly their faith in Jesus Christ. Mr. Hamilton made me a lovely cedar pulpit, and to this day the same pulpit is used in that little country church.

Isn't it refreshing to find a new Christian winning souls so soon?

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