Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


It is amazing how the Holy Spirit can give wisdom and leadership to soul winners. A year or so ago I was out soul winning on a typical soul-winning day. I knocked on a door to make what I thought would be another average, usual call.

Immediately upon hearing the purpose of my visit, the little lady said that she was Jewish and would not be at all interested. She was obviously cool to what I was saying. I prayed for the Lord to give me wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to lead me as I talked to her.

Suddenly I said, "I am glad to hear that you are Jewish because I am half Jew myself." (With my Texas' accent, I was somewhat less than impressive.)

She looked a little startled to find that I was half Jew. I then proceeded to say, "And besides that, I have an Elder Brother who is all Jew." This really shook her up. I could tell that she did not have any idea that I was talking about the fact that I had become a new creature in Christ and that He was my Elder Brother.

Still she said nothing. (Perhaps she was stunned.) I continued, "Yes, that is Right. I am half Jew, my Elder Brother is all Jew, but any day now I will become all Jew too."

By this time her curiosity led her to exclaim, "What in the world are you talking about?" Then I explained to her that Jesus, my "Elder Brother" was born to Jewish parents and reared in a Jewish home. I explained how I had been born again through faith in Him and that now He had become my "Elder Brother." Then I explained that Jesus was coming at any minute to change me into His likeness.

I could tell she was very interested, and in a matter of a few minutes she, too, had an Elder Brother who was a Jew, was half Jewish herself, and was expecting to be made in His likeness at any moment.

As you go soul winning, ask the Holy Spirit to lead you. It is wonderful to follow His leading.

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