Pastor Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)


A number of years ago I taught my little course on soul winning at the Trinity Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. After the course, one of the men was driving back to his home town to get his wife and return to the evening service. He stopped and offered a ride to a hitchhiker on the way and proceeded to use the soul-winning method of the "Roman Road" on the hitchhiker.

After explaining the wonderful story of salvation, he led the man to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It was one of those unusual experiences when Heaven bends low. In tears, the hitchhiker reached in his pocket and pulled out a deadly weapon, showed it to the soul winner, and said, "I secured this weapon a while ago with which to commit a murder. I got in your car with the plan to kill you, rob you, and steal the automobile. If you hadn't won me to Christ, you would now be a dead man."

He handed the weapon to the soul winner. He even returned with the soul winner to the service that evening, came forward during the invitation, and professed his faith publicly in Jesus Christ. Not only that, but he stood behind the pulpit and spoke to nearly a thousand people concerning his salvation.

It was an experience never to be forgotten to see the soul winner, the potential murderer, and the weapon all before us with the two men arm in arm, rejoicing because it pays to be a soul winner.

Here is at least one fellow who owes his life to a simple little soul-winning course taught to a small gathering one afternoon in Florida. Soul winning always pays!

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