Should Christians Go To Psychiatrists?

Psychology/Psychiatry... Man's Answer for Sin and Demon Possession

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:" (Philippians 2:5)

Psychiatry, A Lucrative Business

      In our modern, materialistic, sin loving, Christ-rejecting, money hungry, rebellious, hurry-rush society; psychiatrists are making big bucks!  Oftentimes, people who are merely tired and need a vacation are enrolled by some quack into a psychiatric program.  People sometimes get tired and feel the need to turn to someone for help.  To a lost a dying world of Christ-rejecters, a psychiatrist or psychologist is always the answer.  Of course, you had better have good insurance because it's not cheap. 

It's amazing some of the stories I hear. One woman with several children was having emotional episodes (panic attacks). In my opinion, she needed a vacation more than anything. Howbeit, She went to see her medical doctor. Immediately she was sent to see a psychiatrist (and put on drugs of course). This seems to be all too common these days. 

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:" (Philippians 2:5). Your problems can't even begin to go away until you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. John 1:12, "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name." You'll never find the "mind of Christ" in a shrink's office. Jesus said to SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES in John 5:39.

A co-worker once shared his painful experience of losing his wife to suicide after a long battle with her mental problems. Her husband ended up with $50,000 in medical bills. How sad! She was taking all kinds of drugs. Now we hear speculation and claims on the news that many of these risky drugs are actually causing people to commit suicide. "Shock therapy" is still being practiced today. Psychiatry is a booming business. How about the latest multibillion dollar scam with Pfizer's Neurontin. I'd highly advise you to go see your pastor before you go to a psychiatrist. Read the bizarre story of Ernest Hemmingway.

Ernest Hemmingway Suffered Much In Pain

The famous author, Ernest Hemingway was enjoying life and everything was fine until one day at age 52 he and his wife were involved in a plane crash while visiting Africa. Ernest suffered broken ribs and serious internal injuries. Unbelievably, their plane crashed again days later while going to get medical help. This time Ernest had cerebral fluid leaking from his head and was seriously injured. When they finally reached Italy weeks later Hemingway found out that he had sustained serious damage to his kidneys, liver and had extensive damage to his body.

Hemingway was a mess and never recovered from his injuries, suffering for the rest of his life. He went to Mayo Clinic at age 61 in Minnesota and received electrical shock for depression, came home and blew his brains out with a shotgun at his new home in Idaho. What a sad story. Hemingway suffered much in pain and I can relate to his affliction due to my own chronic neck pain and painful peripheral neuropathy in my hands, arms and legs. I enjoyed my life until one day in 2004 my chronic pain and neck stiffness began, and it's been downhill ever since. My life ended in March of 2004. Now I am just surviving. But God is good and has used my afflictions to humble me and compel me to serve Him as much as possible until my life ends or Jesus returns at the Rapture. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

Give God your heart and he'll comb the kinks out of your head.

say no to psychiatry

The Root Problem with Psychiatry

    The big problem with going to an unsaved psychiatrist is that they're not trained upon Biblical principles. "Drugs" and "coping sessions" are the means by which they try to cure people. The reality of sin is not recognized. They're trained upon the worldly principles of evolution, psychology and humanism. Increasingly, psychologists today are using New Age witchcraft (yoga, astrology, meditation, chants, et cetera). Pat Robertson of The 700 Club and CBN sends Christian workers who need counseling to New Age gurus.

God's Word + Psychology = Psychoheresy 

So-called "Christian" psychology is no better. The problem of sin is never addressed. The plan of salvation is never offered. The Person of Jesus Christ is never introduced. This is what's wrong with Dr. James Dobson and his "Family Focus" ministry--He preaches a health and psychology gospel, but God's plan of salvation is never presented. It's disheartening as a Christian to know that so many so-called "Christian" organizations never preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Folks, Hell is real! People are plundering into Hell by the hundreds-of-thousands every day

Even so-called "Christian psychologists" are bad news. Listen friend, you can go to all the shrinks you want to but you'll never have a sound mind until you get God into your life, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a SOUND MIND." (2 Timothy 1:7). A "sound mind" comes from God!!!

 We are NOT all children of God. Only those who realize their sinful condition and turn to Christ in faith for the forgiveness of those sins are God's children. Only those who believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose again three days later can become God's children. Only those who believe that Jesus Christ is God Almighty are God's children. 

It is a Satanic lie to teach that all people are God's children. I wish it were so, but the Bible says it is NOT that way. Most people are NOT saved and don't know God. We are all God's creation, but we are not all His children according to Galatians 3:26-29. Start asking around and you will find as I did that most professed "Christians" are not really saved. You must get saved friend if you want true lasting peace. You will never have peace until you repent of your unbelief and believe THE GOSPEL. "There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked." (Isaiah 48:22). Christ died, was buried and resurrected three days later. That's the Gospel according to 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. If you receive the Gospel (good news) of the Lord Jesus Christ as payment for YOUR SINS, then you are saved.

Your Probably Not As Crazy As You Think You Are

It’s been said that Christians at best are people and people at best are sinners. It's also been said that if you think you're going crazy, it's a good sign your not. Crazy people don't usually think their crazy. I once knew a teacher who had an outgoing personality. He would always kid around and make people laugh. I once jokingly told him he was crazy. I'll never forget his reply--He said, "Yes, I'm a little crazy, but not insane; the way you keep from going insane is by being a little crazy." I think he had a good point there. 

Everyone feels at some point in life like they're cracking-up, losing sight of their life and are tired. When feeling down, listen to Bible-preaching. Listen to the Bible on DVD. Watch a religious film about Moses, David, Samson, Abraham, Jeremiah, Esther, Peter, Jesus, The Greatest Story Every Told, Ben Hur, Jesus Of Nazareth (1978), ... there's a bunch of them available.

I used to hear people say, "You can't take life too seriously." I had no idea what they were talking about.  Life is very serious, how can you not take it seriously? As I grew older and started having heavier burdens of my own, I realized that I had to either let some things go or else I wasn't going to make it. Let go, Let God. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do about some things in life. It is these things that we must let go and place into the Lord's hands. 

 "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6). 

Sometimes we understand "why?" something is happening in our life; however, sometimes we do not. As you just read from the Bible in Philippians 4:7, there are two types of peace: once peace is "peace within understanding" where we know "why?" something is going on in our life. There is also a "peace which passes all understanding" where we have no idea "why?" something is happening but we trust in God anyhow. Friend, when you can't see the hand of God, trust the heart of God. 

You'll notice that "God" is not mentioned even one time in the book of Esther, yet we see the power of God at work. When you can't see your hand in front of your face, cast your cares upon God in prayer and claim God's peace which PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING. You can always have peace dear friend, simply trust upon the Lord. Put your problems into the Lord's Hands and wait on God.  

Humans Are Creatures Of Emotion

Christians experience the problems of life and the emotional struggles, just like the unsaved do. The difference is that we have faith in God in spite of the hardships; whereas, the unsaved refuse to have faith in God because of the hardships. I was saddened to learn that Christopher Reeves (former superman) is an atheist. He is a quadriplegic because of being thrown from a horse. 

It's sad that he lives from a wheel-chair with no hope of Heaven, no longing to see the Blessed Saviour, no peace that his sins have been forgiven, no assurance of salvation, no fellowship with the Holy Spirit--How sad! How Tragic! We have inherited so much in Christ and have so many reasons to praise God. Howbeit; being a Believer doesn’t necessarily make life EASIER, but it should become BETTER because now we have a new direction and a new perspective on life--God’s perspective. 

God only had ONE Son without sin, but he never had a son without trial and tribulation. We humans are creatures of emotion. God gave us (as human beings) the capacity to cry, laugh, fear, mourn, anger, rejoice, et cetera. These are NORMAL experiences of life; however, these emotions may become “overwhelming” at times and so help is needed. 

It is a shame that people have to hide their natural feelings. I spoke with one woman who said her supervisor at work forced her to go for counseling because she came to work crying. There are commercials on TV asking people if they have any of the following depression symptoms: feeling tired, worn out, stressful, fatigued, irritable, insomnia, headaches, feeling like crying for no reason, etc. 

Folks, this describes 90% of the working population. People that work for a living experience all of these things naturally. We all feel burned out sometimes. Often, it's the people who try the hardest to make a better life that face the greatest setbacks. Nevertheless, we all have problems and emotions. This does NOT means there is something wrong with us. We need to learn how to deal with life... from the Bible.  

Legal Prescription Drug Dealers

The medical industry (in my humble opinion) exploits people. Way too many people are taking drugs which they do not need. A drug for this, and a drug for that. Not to mention the negligence. A doctor once prescribed over 90 pills to me because he thought I had the flu. I started to take the pills but then went to another doctor when they weren't working after a few days. It turned out I just had sinuses. That was years ago, now I take a high dosage of pain-killers because of my permanently messed up neck. The chronic pain is constant and horrible. I don't like to take medications, but I thank God for them. Many people are taking drugs which they don't need.

We need to be careful is what I am saying. The Bible teaches that humans are by nature like sheep, we are gullible. We must not do something simply because someone tells us to do it. Very few people know about "homeopathic" doctors which offer "natural cures" for many so-called "incurable" conditions. There are many alternatives to drugs, but you'll never hear about them from your doctor or the drug companies. The whole drug industry is a big money-making scam! ...

If you don't believe me, READ THIS!

Unfortunately, if you go to the average medical doctor with any type of mental or emotional problem. You will end up in a psychiatrist's office and talking drugs, not the local pastor's office. When you sit down in front of a "Professional," everything you say "can" and "will" be used against you. You are creating a paper trail. If you think it's all "confidential," you had better think again. Have you ever noticed when someone gets into trouble with the law how their past all of a sudden becomes everyone's business. It may not happen to you, but it can. Also, if you apply for certain jobs, your records will be checked. I am being your friend.  

May I say, everyone needs help at some time in life. The big question is... where do you go for that help? I am NOT against doctors. I am simply saying that as Christians it is in our best interests if we stay away from unsaved "professionals" who are woefully ignorant of God's Word. We need to seek counsel from a Godly pastor or other qualified godly person. Unsaved doctors in most cases are acceptant of same-sex unions, divorce, feminism, abortion and other sinful behavior that the Bible prohibits.

I think what most people need is a little vacation (ok, a BIG vacation)! Making some positive changes will do more for most people then a month in a shrink's office. Change something in your life. Doing something radically different. Go find a homeless person and give them $20. Ladies, go visit a nursing home and bring someone some homemade cookies. The problem is that it is difficult for us to get away from all of our responsibilities long enough to go on a vacation. Then of course, it costs money we don't have. You know, a nice long walk may just be the little vacation that you need! I'll bet you haven't taken a long walk by yourself in a very long time... do it! You'd be surprised how your life can be enriched by something as simple as going for a walk each morning or afternoon.Exercise is important for the body, we need exercise.

I preach to myself in my articles as much as anyone. I half to make myself take a break or I'll never do anything for myself. That's not good. Most people do everything for themselves. I'm the opposite, rarely doing anything for myself. The Lord has to remind me, hey, it's ok to be nice to yourself once in a while.

I knew a man who's employer required him to go for alcohol treatments because of his drinking problem. The man's doctor put him on drugs and he ended up addicted to drugs instead. I'm not saying that drugs are a bad thing, sometimes drugs ARE necessary. However, I believe drugs should be a last resort; unfortunately, they seem to be the first remedy these days. Of course, because Big Pharma is getting rich from drug sales. Drugs, drugs, drugs!

The Bible Forbids Believers To Counsel With The Ungodly

Psalm 1:1 says “Blessed is the man that walketh NOT in the COUNSEL OF THE UNGODLY…”   Colossians 2:8, "BEWARE lest any man spoil you through PHILOSOPHY and vain deceit, after the traditions of men, after the rudiments of the world and NOT after Christ." 

Psychiatrists don’t take Satan or sin into account in their work. They train in heathen, godless universities where the Bible is laughed at and rejected. Psychiatrists and psychologists have replaced the word “SIN” with words such as "disease, dysfunction and addiction." The Bible speaks of “SIN” as the real problem and gives the answer. 

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God; Being justified freely by his grace through the REDEMPTION THAT IS IN CHRIST” (Romans 3:23-26).  

So the answer is in Christ Jesus! We read in I Peter 5:8...

 “...YOUR ADVERSARY THE DEVIL, as a roaring lion, walketh about, SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR:

Satan is real my friend and he’s out to get you! He hates you immensely. Your only protection is to become a born-again believer and then “SUBMIT yourselves therefore TO GOD. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). Notice that you must “submit to God first." Submit to the truth! Jesus said “ye shall know the truth, and THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE” (John 8:32). “...thy Word is TRUTH” (John 17:17). 

The Woeful Ignorance Of This Generation

So many people are WOEFULLY IGNORANT of God’s Word (psychiatrists and psychologists included)! Sadly, many believers are also ignorant concerning the truth. They know lots of Bible passages, but don’t have a heart-burning comprehension of the truth. Knowing a Scripture is one thing, grasping its true meaning and applying it to your life is another. We are commanded by God to “Study” (2nd Timothy 2:15).

"So-called Christian psychology is secular psychology clothed in pious platitudes and religious rhetoric." — J. Vernon McGee, Pastor and Bible Teacher

"The field of psychology is literally a mess today. There are as many techniques, methods and theories around as there are researchers and therapists. I have personally seen therapists convince their clients that all of their problems come from their mothers, the stars, their biochemical makeup, their diet, their lifestyle and even their 'Karma' from their past lives." — Roger Mills, Psychologist

The one underlying theme of psychiatry is that man is basically good and needs to reach his highest potential. This is New Age doctrine. They say this can be accomplished by teaching self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love—anything to make one feel good about oneself. 

This is Humanism... an insane form of thinking that invades the human mind, convincing it of it’s superiority over God and His Word. 

Self-worth, self-esteem and self-love are good things--Surely, God wants you to love yourself. 

"He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good." (Proverb 19:8). 

God wants us to love our self! Many people do not like who they are. Many people are frustrated where they're at in life. Most people do not feel that God loves them. God does love you and you should love yourself. If you love yourself, you will want to live for God. If we live for sin, we are hurting ourselves and those around us. It is not sinful to love one's self, for God himself loves us. What is sinful is when we place our own desires, ambitions and beliefs above God's Word. In this sense, it is sinful to be a lover of one's self.  

God Loves You Very Much

Oh listen my friend, God loves you more than you could ever imagine. God Almighty came into this sin-cursed world to be mocked, spit-upon, rejected, laughed at, ridiculed, lied about, slandered, framed and ultimately crucified on a cross for your sins and mine. That's how much God loves you. Do not look at your material possessions. Do not look at your health. These are NOT indicators of God's love. I know God loves me because the Bible tells me so (John 3:16; 1st John 3:16).

Lazarus was the good guy in Luke sixteen, but he lay at the rich man's gate in rags with the dogs licking his wounds. John the Baptist lost his head to Herod, as did James. Steven was stoned to death. Do you think God did not love them? You'll find that Steven saw Jesus "standing" in Heaven as the rocks flew and the crowd gnawed upon him with their teeth. Jesus gave him a standing ovation. Don't try to figure out life friend, just put your sincerest faith in God.  

Let’s hear from some of God’s men shall we:

Isaiah humbled himself and cried: "Woe is me... I am a man of unclean lips..." — Isaiah 6:5

The Apostle Paul said: "Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief." — I Timothy 1:15

Peter fell down at Jesus’ knees and said: “Depart from me: for I am a sinful man, O Lord.” — Luke 5:8

Job said: "...I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes" - Job 42:6

(Can you imagine what a psychiatrist or psychologist would say to these guys?)

We are warned that " the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves” (2nd Timothy 3:2). "Everyone that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord..." (Proverbs 16:5).  

“...For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:8).

Psychiatry rests on two false assumptions; the belief in EVOLUTION and the belief in HUMANISM. These principles are fundamental in all their current theories about the mind and how it functions. Genesis one tells us that God created man in His own image. We did not evolve from some lower form of life! Humanism teaches that man is the highest reality (not God) and determines himself what is good or evil. Both evolution and humanism are of the devil, the father of all liars! "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man" (Psalm 118:8).

Seek The Lord And He Shall Be Found

       The Christian should seek help from God through prayer and Bible study as much as possible. Memorizing scriptures and prayer are the Biblical ways to fight against temptation. Jesus said in John 8:32-26 that the truth shall make us FREE (and Jesus is the truth). Too many folks who are suffering from mental problems fail to realize that they are really suffering from a spiritual draught (or else you've never been saved to begin with). Jesus said, Ye Must Be Born Again (John 3:5-7).

Most people refuse to come to God (Romans 1:28). They sit in front of the hellivision (television) for hours, day-after-day. They listen to the Devil's music, watch the Devil's shows on TV and hang around the Devil's crowd. They read secular magazines instead of the Bible. Psalm 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God." Walking with God is no accident. If you search for God you will find Him. James 4:8 promises that God will draw nigh to those who draw nigh unto Him.

If you want to find God, He is already here. You simply need to remove all the manmade things that hide Him. Turn off the box. I realized years ago that many people block out God by always having a radio or a TV going. Sometimes we just need to turn everything off and be alone with God and His Word. This will do more to help you than anything. 

Seek To Join A Soul-Winning Church If You Can Find One

If you're not in a soul-winning church, find one if possible. But if not, you're better off not going to church than going to a liberal one that uses a corrupt Bible and has worldly standards. Make sure they only use the King James Bible.

A church that does not go soul-winning is a dead-beat church. A dead-beat church has dead-beat members and a dead-beat pastor. Matthew 28:19-20 is still in the Bible the last time I checked. We are commanded to "GO!" Do you know why God calls the feet of the soul-winner beautiful in Romans 10:15? It's because even the most eloquent speech and divine words of wisdom mean absolutely nothing if the feet are too lazy to carry the Gospel message to lost sinners who need it. Most believers today have spiritual gout in their feet.

As I mentioned earlier, you are well nigh hopeless if you refuse to accept Christ as your Savior (John 14:6). There is no truth nor peace apart from Jesus Christ and His precious Word. Many people are seeking for answers in the wrong places these days. 2nd Timothy 3:7 says that they are always learning but still never come to the truth of God's Word. Without the King James Bible you are well nigh hopeless my friend.

If you are a believer, then start living for God!  More Bible, less TV (or better yet, no TV)!  Be careful about friends.  Seek Christian friends who love the Lord.  Join a local Independent Baptist church.

If I wanted advise, I would find a person who "IS" what or where I want to be, not on the way there.  If you want to start a business, then find someone who has already successfully started their own business.  You don't want to take advise from someone who hasn't done it.  Likewise, find someone who "IS" what you want to become and find out how they did it.  I am amazed how young mothers take so much foolish advice from other young mothers.  A young mother should seek advice from an older mother who is happily married and has successfully raised her children.  It's not a good idea to listen to someone who is in the same boat your in. 

Find someone who has went through it and is now safe on shore.  I knew a married woman with several children who went to a psychiatrist.  It turned out that her psychiatrist was a young single woman with no children of her own.  How silly!  No married woman with children should be opening her mind and will up to a younger woman with no husband and no children.  This is what I am talking about.  Young married men shouldn't take advice from other young men (married or unmarried).  A young husband and father should seek counsel from an older faithfully married man with children.  This is good advise.

Make sure you get enough exercise.  You'll feel the difference!  Oftentimes, something as simple as exercising on a regular basis can really make you feel better about yourself.  Natural energy in the body turns into stress if it is not exercised out.  It is important to take care of the temple (body) which God gave you.  After all, the Holy Spirit lives within our temple.

Also, the foods you eat have a big effect on your mental health.  If you drink lots of soda or eat lots of sweets, you will feel lethargic and rundown.  Fatty diets and overindulgence at the dinner table will catch up with you as well.  There's tons of information online to guide you to better eating.  Drink lots of natural spring water.  I drink bottled spring water.  I also have the 5-gallon bottled water.  Get plenty of fresh air and learn to take deep breaths several times a day.  Find a natural multivitamin and mineral supplement for yourself to take daily.  Avoid synthetic vitamins. 

Make sure your house is clean!  Did you ever notice that a clean house seems bigger inside?  I live by the motto: A place for everything, and everything in it's place.  I also live by the saying: Why do tomorrow what you can do today?   People create stress for themselves by waiting until the last minute.  I get my taxes done every year by the end of January.  I want to get them done as soon as possible.   Don't use snooze alarms, they weaken your character.  You decide what time you want to get up and then get up at that time.  Here's little saying that helps me wake up...

When you wake up, get up...and then when you get up, wake up.  

Leave a little early for work.  I like to think that to be on time is to be late.  Why risk a ticket, an accident, stress yourself out and drive like a maniac to get to work because you couldn't get up 10 minutes earlier? Don't spend what you don't have!  if you can't keep your checking account from hitting bottom all the time (bounced checks), then close your account and use money orders until you can get back on your feet.  As believers, we must take control of our own lives and become disciplined.  The Christian life is not magic, it is simply that we obey the written Word of God.  The Bible is a Book of character.  Jesus said what He meant, and meant what He said (John 14:1,2).  So should we.

Though the things I have just mentioned may seem silly, you'd be surprised just how much better you'll feel about yourself, life and everything around you if you do them.  You likely won't hear these things in a psychiatrist's office.  What you will hear is that you need to come back for several more sessions...costly sessions.   Save the money.  There are so many little things that you can do to enhance your life. 

I knew a man who went to the doctor to have his blood pressure checked.  His blood pressure was slightly over normal, so the doctor immediately wanted to put the man on high-blood-pressure medicine.  The man asked the doctor if drugs were immediately necessary.  Of course, the doctor replied "yes."  The man was surprised that the doctor didn't first recommend a change of diet or exercise.  The doctor simply wanted to put the man on drugs.  The man did NOT take the drugs and never went back again to that doctor again.  The man started eating a better diet and exercising.  His blood pressure quickly went back to normal.  We can do much to help ourselves.  You really are your own best doctor.  No one can take can of you except you.

Also, don't listen to gossip.  So much harm is caused by listening to the garbage people have to spread.  Humans are prone to gossip, it's in our nature.  We must be spiritual (Christ-minded) and learn to bite our snake-poison filled tongue when the urge comes to gossip.  Many people are depressed because they listen to gossip, read all the bad news in the newspaper, listen to all the bad news on the radio, and see all the bad news on the TV.  At some point in our Christian lives, we must realize that...GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT.  If you want help, start by stepping away from all the garbage in your life.  This is the hardest part for most people.  Start reading good books.  Avoid overly critical people or people with bad attitudes that discourage you.  Don't listen to gossip.  just say, "I don't believe it." 

If your confused, listen to a few sermons to gain some direction in your life.  Here's a real good start.

Many people avoid going to pastors for advice.  I think one reason is that many folks feel a pastor is only going to suggest Bible reading, prayer and church attendance as a cure--AND THESE ARE ESSENTIAL friend if you want to grow in the Lord.  However, you'd be surprised at all the wisdom a Godly pastor can help you with.  You won't know until you try.  I'd infinitely rather see you seek counsel from a godly Pastor (a man of God) than to see you walk into a child of the devil's office.  A lost person is a child of the devil.  And by the way, the right kind of pastor WON'T ask you for any money for his services.  A man of God is not interested in money over people.  Yes, there are plenty of phonies out there.  I have shared many practical ideas with you that I believe are good for everyone.

I hope something in this article has been of use to you.  I mean no offense to anyone, I just want to help others.  So many believers are walking into psychiatrist's and psychologist's offices.  We are not to walk in the "counsel of the ungodly."  Rather, we are to meditate and delight in the Law of the Lord as we are commanded in Psalm one.  Many of these "health professionals" are using New Age witchcrafts and don't even realize it.  The whole concept of yoga is Satanic.  The teachings of feeling the earth's power and energy are of the devil.  The only energy I'm interested in is the Holy Spirit of God. 

In closing, I realize that in some situations, drugs have been a blessing to some people.  I am not against the use of drugs if they are legitimately needed to help people.  I think medicine is a gift from God and should be used whenever necessary.  However, I believe that, all too often, drugs are needlessly prescribed to people when they are not needed at all.

Here's Proof

I think that there are MANY alternative solutions to the emotional and mental conditions that people have.*  Being honest with one's self is a good start.  Remember...The truth can be dealt with, but a lie cannot.  Are you a born-again Christian friend?  If not, Click here on "How to be Saved."

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