Faith In God Is The Only Hope Of America

by David J. Stewart
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Psalms 44:7, “For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me. But thou hast saved us from our enemies...”

       I read Psalms 44:1-8 in the Bible today, which immediately spoke to my heart concerning America. The Bible teaches that a nation is NOT saved by weapons of war, neither by man's power and might; but rather, by trusting upon the name of the Lord. ...

Psalms 44:1-8, “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old. How thou didst drive out the heathen with thy hand, and plantedst them; how thou didst afflict the people, and cast them out. For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and thine arm, and the light of thy countenance, because thou hadst a favour unto them. Thou art my King, O God: command deliverances for Jacob. Through thee will we push down our enemies: through thy name will we tread them under that rise up against us. For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me. But thou hast saved us from our enemies, and hast put them to shame that hated us. In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever. Selah.”

No amount of Tea Party protesters, freedom activists, nor gun-totin' patriots are going to save America from our Communist/Marxist enemies without trusting upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Psalms 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD: and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” God will not bless a wicked nation. Instead of worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, America worships professional sports, pleasure and self. The U.S. is an extremely idolatrous nation, worshipping singers and entertainers. “American Idol” is a fitting name for the popular TV show that has capitulated hundreds of talented people to fame, fortune and stardom. I'd rather be like Moses on the backside of the desert, than to be in Pharaoh's house living in the pleasures of sin for a season. There is nothing greater in this life than to trust upon the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, and then allow His Spirit to live through us day-by-day as we fulfill our purpose for being created, which is, to please God (Revelation 4:11).

The evil powers (spiritual wickedness in high places, Ephesians 6:12) behind the New World Order (NWO) know that the most important and final step to completely overthrowing any nation is to DISARM its citizens, which is why the Obama Administration is fighting relentlessly to strip Americans of their guns. They will succeed because of the decadence of our complacent, partying and irresponsible American culture. We are asleep at the wheel. We are as a sleeping giant that's been drugged, comatose and in a state of hypnosis. We are as a deer in the roadway that has been frozen from a car's headlights, about to be run over and killed. Americans are on the death train to Auschwitz and we really believe that we're just going to get a haircut, a hot shower and do some temporary labor and then everything will be ok and we'll return home back to normal. In reality...

Each death camp was expected to make a profit and each camp was in competition with the others to see which could make the most. Hence why hair was shaved from the heads of victims (to use in mattresses), gold teeth were taken out etc. There was even 'competition' to see which gas was the most effective, though each death camp eventually used Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide), whose effectiveness was found by an officer at Auschwitz called Fritsch. Each camp had to keep an accounts book that could be inspected. Jews were selected to help in the murder of other Jews, the Sonderkommandos, before they themselves were murdered.

Please read Dr. Ron Paul's alarming article, It Can't Happen Here! The Jews on the trains headed for the camps were lied to, just as Barack Obama has lied hundred of times since becoming U.S. president in 2008. Sin paralyzes its victim over time, callousing the soul and making a person complacent, indifferent and uncaring. As television leads America into new depths of wickedness and debauchery, a police state is quickly rising up around us to combat the increasing crime rate nationwide. Moreover, it is being used as a pretext by the globalist controlled CIA (who created Homeland Security after the 911 attacks) to take over America.

Our only hope is God's favor upon our nation, which has long departed. God will NOT bless sin. Americans must forsake sexual immorality, abortion, same-sex marriage, drunkenness, dirty magazines and internet smut, and all the evils which our nation deliberately commits as a way of life. Sexual immorality has become a part of mainstream American culture. Television is saturated with perverted advertisements for dating relationships (fornication), sex enhancement products and all manner of indecency. I saw a Cheerios cereal commercial the other day that begins with a woman zipping up her pants. That is sexually suggestive and evil to the core. Our American culture has become so evil that people don't even realize how far gone we really are. Everything promoted by corporate America today is filthy, corrupting society with their sex-centered advertising to boost sales profits. It is evil.

A Nation Saturated In Doubt And Sin

Today I stopped by a BestSeller bookstore, as I regularly do every couple months to see what new books people are being led to buy. I realized a long time ago that bookstores are actually weapons (the books are the ammunition) of the global elite who seek to mislead, indoctrinate and dumb-down American society. The books being pushed by The New York Times Best Seller List are all intended to mislead you in the wrong direction, making you think anything except THE TRUTH.

I noticed a big book of misinformation authored by former Vice President Dick Cheney himself (one of the biggest criminals of the century). The book is titled, IN MY LIFE. I wanted to vomit as I glanced through the book, reading the chapter titles, back-cover and seeing what the essence of the book was about. Cheney makes excuses and lies to cover-up for 911, when in reality the Bush administration orchestrated the whole thing. They got caught, but the lying newsmedia covered it all up, maliciously demonizing anyone who dared to question the bogus official story. In my movie A NATION IN PERIL, I made sure to include this footage showing the constant and blatant LIES of the Bush administration. I included this video footage so that it wouldn't be lost over the years, because people need to see this. Keep listening and you'll hear President Obama telling a bunch of LIES too. They're all a bunch of professional LIARS, just like lawyers. If you have any care, honesty, humanity and patriotism in you, this ought to make your blood boil and challenge you to do something to wake others up.

I noticed another book by Mormon Journalist and author Glenn Beck, titled, THE CASE AGAINST AN OUT-OF-CONTROL GOVERNMENT. In this latest book from Beck, he states that the answer to America is to return to the Constitution. What a shallow book! Beck doesn't mention the criminal banking cartel on Wall Street that has taken over our country. Everything being promoted these days is intended to mislead you. I heard Rachel Maddow on MSNBC last week talking about how the Bush administration lied the United States into war with Iraq. She's 100% correct. At a glance it appears that she's a truth-seeker, but the reality of the situation is that Maddow is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. She's a lesbian, a paid professional liar and part of the New World Order system, as is FOX NEWS and CNN (contains no news). Maddow downplays the Bush administration's involvement in the 911 attacks. The entire mainstream newsmedia has covered up the 911 attacks, protecting the Bush administration unquestioningly. They got caught, but they got away with it because of the power of the controlled newsmedia.

Satan Always Hides LIES Amongst TRUTH

The most effective deceptions are those lies that appear CLOSEST to the truth. Those corrupt politicians, apostate ministers, wicked singers, occult actors, devilish New Agers and demonic celebrities who can fool the public best by professing to be Christians are the ones that Satan promotes straight to the top. Satan loves fakes and frauds who are able to trick people, leading them into Hell. The Devil loves The Jonas Brothers, a purported moral boy band, who praise Satan when their song KIDS OF THE FUTURE is played backwards. I have learned that truth and righteousness co-exist. An immoral society doesn't care about the truth. Truth is for the righteous, who desire it. The wicked are only concerned with committing more sin. The righteous know that the truth is the best defense against tyranny and oppression, but a wicked people will reject the truth. It's important to understand that the truth can only make a person free if they want the truth. Jesus said in John 3:20 that sin hinders men from coming to the truth, because they don't want to repent of their sins, admitting that their ways are sinful.

It's important to understand that the best place to hide a LIE is between two TRUTHS. Any truth seeker learns this fact quickly. History is saturated with lies and deliberate misinformation; yet the truth somehow always shines through if the honest student keeps an open mind and a hungry heart for the truth. The plethora of overwhelming circumstantial and solid evidence surrounding the 911 attacks loudly indicts the Bush administration. I have noticed that people who embrace lives of willful sin also don't care about the truth. One sin begets another. The righteous (born-again believers) are truth-seekers. Salvation itself requires acknowledgement of the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the only begotten Son of God (John 1:12: 20:31). Jesus professed to be the truth (John 14:6). Jesus told Pilate that He came into the world to bear witness to the truth. John 18:37, “Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.” Christians hear the Lord's voice through His Words as Hebrews 1:2 teaches. The world today hates the Bible because it is God's holy Word.

Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Freemason and prolific author, said that. He's 100% correct! Satan always hides his deception amongst the truth, in apostate church doctrines and false Bibles. That's why Dave Mustaine, frontman and founder of the heavy-metal Rock band MEGADETH, stated in recent years that he won't perform concerts anymore with open satanist bands. The name of the game is deception, which Mustaine fully understands as a member of the occult. Openly professed satanist bands are missing the whole point of what the Devil is trying to accomplish, that is, deception. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light according to 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15. The Devil comes disguised as a harmless sheep, but he is a dangerous wolf. Success in the music industry comes at a high price, selling one's soul for fame and fortune. There is no backing out later on. The penalty is severe. Breaking Masonic oaths mean death. It's just as the EAGLES sing in their hit song, HOTEL CALIFORNIA... “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.” That's the occult. No one is given international fame and fortune until they sware their oaths in the occult. An investment is being made and they expect loyalty to their evil cause. The New World Order is of the Devil.

Americans are buying into the lies of the media, being spoon-fed lying propaganda by CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, and the entire mainstream newsmedia. Only an unrighteous people can be deceived with lies. The righteous love the truth. In fact, 2nd Thessalonians 2:10 says that when the Antichrist comes, he will deceive the masses of the world because THEY RECEIVED NOT THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH. What a statement, “the love of the truth.” Wicked men don't love truth, they despise it in their willful ignorance. When people are deflected by a sinful lifestyle that deadens their spiritual awareness, Satan gains the upper hand. Sin always undermines any civilization. Sin has numbed the American people. Few Americans these days are concerned about truth, justice and the Lord's way. The American way is IN-justice and deception. There is no justice anymore.

American society is filled with hatred for sinners, while partying and promoting the very Trojan Horse sins that cause men to sin. I recently saw a documentary on how the COSTCO store chain has become so successful, boasting of profits around $11,000,000,000 a year!!! One of the chain's sale representatives said that 25% of COSTCO's products are called “trigger” items, like paper towels, ketchup and other common household items. These products entice customers to come to the store. The goal is to entice customers to get them to purchase “treasure” items, like TV's, cameras and expensive electronic items which compromise another 25% of store merchandise. I thought about that sales tactic and realized that Satan operates the same way. The Devil entices people with trigger sins like lust and bitterness, which eventually leads to adultery and murder (which come at a high price to the sinner). Abortion is the result of sexual immorality, which is the result of feminist thinking, the Playboy philosophy and Rock music.


Faith in God is the only road to recovery for America. No amount of patriotism can restore our republic. There has been much talk by insane individuals about rewriting the U.S. Constitution to accommodate today's standards. If that happens, our nation's greatest document next to The Declaration Of Independence is gone. Wicked people are trashing out our government, economy and country. They have no concern for justice, mercy nor truth. They are evildoers through-and-through. It's hard for the average person to grasp the sick mindset of the global elite, who without hesitation murder tens-of-millions of victims through war, profiting from both sides of the war. The Devil has taken control over America because we let him. By giving the Devil an inch, he has taken a foot and become a ruler. By eating at the Devil's table, we have been poisoned as a culture. By playing with the Devil's fire, Americans have been burned. Sin always costs more than one wanted to pay, takes a person further than then planned to go, and keeps them longer than they intended to stay. All of Satan's apples have worms!!!

All the rhetoric being circulated in American society today means absolutely nothing unless we return to FAITH IN THE GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE. Faith in God is the foundation of all morality. Without God there is NO moral benchmark, no moral standard. Apart from the Bible (God's laws), man's continually-changing, perverted, standards become the norm, which worsen each generation. This is what is happening in America. Same-sex marriage would have been shunned 50-years ago, but it is now the law of the land in most places. The U.S. Supreme Court will soon federalize gay marriage, making it legal as with abortion in 1973. God's judgment is inevitable upon our stiffnecked and arrogant nation of rebels. Faith in God is synonymous with morality, truth and justice. When God and the Bible are shunned, all forms of immorality, injustice and deception flourish and the people have no defense without the Word of God.

Even Jesus Christ Himself, when tempted by the Devil in Matthew 4:9-10, quoted the Scriptures to defeat and drive away the Devil. Not only have Americans rejected the truth of God's Word as Romans 1:25 foretold, but we have deliberately invited Satan into our schools, churches, homes and courtrooms across the country. HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

(Pastor Ralph Yankee Arnold)

Ye Must Be Born Again!

You Need HIS Righteousness!