Rosie The Riveter

By David J. Stewart

       In 1942, a popular song about a patriotic female defense worker called "Rosie the Riveter" provided the name that became synonymous with this new kind of feminist American woman...

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the six million women who entered the workforce for the first time during World War II, many of whom worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and material. These women took the places of the male workers who were absent fighting in the Pacific and European theaters. The character is now considered a feminist icon in the US, and a herald of women's economic power to come. Rosie and her slogan "We Can Do It!" were featured on posters, magazines, and more.

SOURCE: Rosie the Riveter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In reality, it was deliberate Communist brainwashing intended to remove mothers from the home.  According to William Guy Carr, a diligent historian and Commander in the U.S. Navy, every war and revolution since 1776 has been financed on both sides by the monstrous International Banking Cartel... 

"While the general public has been led to believe that Communism is a movement of the workers (Soviets) to destroy Capitalism, "Pawns In The Game" and "The Red Fog Over America" prove that both British and American Intelligence Officers obtained authentic documentary evidence which proved that internationalist capitalists operating through their international banking houses had financed both sides in every war and revolution fought since 1776.  Those who to-day compromise The Synagogue of Satan direct our governments, whom they hold in usury, to fight the wars and revolutions so they further Pike's plans to bring the world to that stage of the conspiracy when Atheistic-Communism and the whole of Christendom can be forced into an all-out war within each remaining nation as well as on an international scale. [emphasis added]

There is plenty of documentary evidence to prove that Pike, like Weishaupt, was head of the Luciferian Priesthood in his day."

SOURCE: PAWNS IN THE GAME, Introduction, page XVI, by William Guy Carr, 1958

These elite Banksters, all members of the occult, are still working relentlessly today to bring about a New World Order at all cost...

"Al Capone and his gangsters were gentleman in comparison with the international bankers."

SOURCE: PAWNS IN THE GAME, Chapter Five, page 52, by William Guy Carr, 1958.

It is important to understand that feminism is a Communist agenda, which began long ago and is intended to ruin America.  It was no coincidence that 6,000,000 American women were forced into factories during WWII.  It is no coincidence the The Beatles were Communists, who praised Communist Russia in their song "Back In The U.S.S.R."  The British Invasion in the 1960s brought Rock 'N' Roll's demonic message of rebellion, immoral sex and substance abuse to America.  This was all part of the Communist agenda to subvert America from within.  Christianity and the traditional family are under attack like never before.  Lest you think that sounds like paranoia, consider the following statement by brutal Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin:

"The best revolutionary is a youth devoid of morals." 

SOURCE: PAWNS IN THE GAME, page 126, by William Guy Carr, 1958

It is no coincidence that God was banned from the Public School System on 1963, and the unverifiable myth of Evolution is being taught instead to brainwash children.  All archeological and historical data on record supports the Bible's claim of divine inspiration from God.  and Please read Devilution.

Feminism is Rooted in Communism

America is largely Communist today and the average person doesn't even realize it.  Wake up America!  It was Karl Marx, the Jewish founder of modern Communism, who said...

"I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above. We must war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed."

SOURCE: Epperson, New World Order, pg. 119

One of the most hideous evils destroying the United States today is feminism, another Communist subversion...

Feminism is a grotesque fraud perpetrated on society by its governing elite. It is designed to weaken the American social and cultural fabric in order to introduce a friendly fascist New World Order. Its advocates are sanctimonious charlatans who have grown rich and powerful from it. They include a whole class of liars and moral cripples who work for the elite in various capacities: government, education and the media. These imposters ought to be exposed and ridiculed.

Women's oppression is a lie. Sex roles were never as rigid as feminists would have us believe. My mother had a successful business in the 1950's importing watchstraps from Switzerland. When my father's income increased, she was content to quit and concentrate on the children. Women were free to pursue careers if they wanted to. The difference was that their role as wife and mother was understood, and socially validated, as it should be.  Until Gloria Steinem and the CIA came along.

SOURCE: Gloria Steinem: How the CIA Used Feminism to Destabilize Society, by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

As a tragic consequence of the evils of feminism (i.e., the women's liberation movement), America has been cursed with murderous abortion, vile lesbianism, a skyrocketing divorce rate, and a cesspool of other sins.  Feminist women have been duped by the Devil, falling hook, line, and sinker into his diabolic plot to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10).  Feminism isn't about equal rights for women, it's about rebellion against God and the authority which God has ordained in our homes, churches, and government.  Feminists want equality of authority, just as Satan wanted equality of authority with God (Isaiah 14:14).  The Bible commands a wife to obey her husband (1st Peter 3:1).  Women are forbidden to have authority over men in the church (1st Timothy 2:12).  Feminism is a rot to America.

It was Gloria Steinem who stated...

"By the year 2000, we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God."

Norman Rockwell was an Occult Freemason

God says that a woman's place is in the home...

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some are already turned aside after Satan." 1st Timothy 5:14,15

Painted for the cover of the May 29, 1943 edition of The Saturday Evening Post, Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter (pictured to right) gave visual form to this phenomenon and became an iconic image of American popular culture.

To no surprise, Norman Rockwell was an occult Freemason.  Freemasonry is a antichristian organization, committed to building a New World Order (i.e., a Global Godless Totalitarian Communist Police State).

Communism is synonymous with demonic Freemasonry...

F.D.R. Lenin & Trotsky Mackenzie King

The founder of the Red Army, Freemason Leon Trotsky, takes the salute
- "There are no absolute rules of conduct, either in peace or war. Everything depends on circumstances."

- "As for us, we were never concerned with the Kantian-priestly and vegetarian-Quaker prattle about the "sacredness of human life". We were revolutionaries in opposition, and have remained revolutionaries in power. To make the individual sacred, we must destroy the social order which crucifies him. And that problem can only be solved by blood and iron. The man who recognizes the revolutionary historic importance of the very fact of the existence of the Soviet system must also sanction the Red Terror."

- "It was during that period that I became interested in freemasonry. ... In the eighteenth century freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of the revolution; on its left it culminated in the Carbonari. Freemasons counted among their members both Louis XVI and the Dr. Guillotin who invented the guillotine. In southern Germany freemasonry assumed an openly revolutionary character, whereas at the court of Catherine the Great it was a masquerade reflecting the aristocratic and bureaucratic hierarchy. A freemason Novikov was exiled to Siberia by a freemason Empress.

I discontinued my work on freemasonry to take up the study of Marxian economics. The work on freemasonry acted as a sort of test for these hypotheses. I think this influenced the whole course of my intellectual development."

Leon Trotsky
My Life: The Rise and Fall of a Dictator

The consequences of women entering the workplace have been absolutely devastating upon America morally, and the New World Order gang couldn't be happier.  Most American women today don't even hesitate anymore to get an abortion for the sake of pursuing a career.  It is evil.  Rosie the Riveter is a symbol of godless feminism, which has destroyed America's homes.  The divorce rate has skyrocketed in the United States, while women increasingly enter the workforce. 

"We Can Do It!" is the message which Rosie the Riveter sends to America's women, but it's not a matter of whether or not women "CAN" enter the work force to do men's jobs; It's a matter of whether or not they "SHOULD."  I have news for all the working women in the United States... The war is over!!!  You can go home now ladies. 

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