by David J.  Stewart

I have written a book of 36 chapters concerning salvation.  The Lord impressed upon my heart years ago to share with others the life-changing and heart-warming truths which have blessed my life so much.  My book is copyrighted but you are welcome to use it freely.  A good place to start is PUT ALL YOUR FAITH IN JESUS.  Another great chapter is THE GIFT OF GOD.   Also, please read HOW TO KNOW YOUR SAVED.  I use the Bible extensively, the King James Bible exclusively.  My book took one year for me to write.  I humbly present it to all who would allow me share my heart through my book.  May God bless you!

Below are hyperlinks to my book.  I pray you will be enlightened and blessed, Dave.  

My book has never been sold, I did not write it to make money; I wrote it to help people who desire to understand more about salvation.  If you have battled with the assurance of your salvation--My book WILL help you.  


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