Why do you put down other religions?

The following are responses to reader questions. Slightly modified for readability.

"Why spend so much time maligning other religions? We know that they are false. If something isn't of the True God, it will in time fall away anyway."

You apparently don't realize how many millions of people are enslaved to their false religion. Neither do you take into consideration the scripture that says, "how will they hear without a preacher"? If a person is born into falsehood and mom and dad and grandma and grandpa taught them falsehood all their lives, most people are not even thinking their beliefs are wrong. That is one of the main reasons why there is such strong opposition to the Catholic articles on this site. Besides this, people don't like to be told that they are wrong--even if it is the truth. But pride has no place when we are talking about where people will spend eternity. Fortunately, my friend, people are getting saved as a result of these articles.

Unfortunately, many professing Christians are smiling at people and telling them that they are okay with the Lord when in reality they are headed for the lake of fire--that is not love. Love is the truth. You may want to read http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/harsh.htm one more time.

Another BIG group of folks being helped are those that are saved and are being approached by cults and misguided people. These people are shaking the faith of Christians and the Christians are unequipped to respond--I am more than happy to help them. Many of the articles you see are based on inquiries and pleas of help from Christians who have written me asking for an explanation. One example is "Why the Apocrypha Isn't in the Bible". A Catholic man told this Christian man that our Bible is missing books. I've heard this one before and decided to do an article to shut that monkey business down.

Though you cannot seem to understand, people all over the world are being empowered by the site. Most of our visitors have always been return visitors. If the site did not have what the people needed, this would not be the case. Christians refer people they are trying to witness to to our site. A lady visited our church and as we were talking someone mentioned our website and the visitor said, "That's yours? I love that! It really helped me in...." Yes, I get it from every side for exposing false beliefs, but it is worth it for:

  1. those that get saved,
  2. those believers that are empowered,
  3. those that don't get into the cult because they've been warned; and,
  4. for those who leave the cult.

The Lord has showed me fruit in each of these areas.

I have been approached by about half-a-dozen Catholic apologists for a public debate for the exposure I am giving about little known tenets of their religion (I don't debate, the truth stands alone). The articles are being used on a radio show, people are printing them out for pastors/teachers/families, a liberal/heretical college class on Jesus refers to it as their only "pro-Jesus" website, it was the number one webpick for Maclean's (like a Canadian Time Magazine) issue on the deity of Jesus Christ, but it is mostly read by the common man, woman, boy and girl. I hear from them all. Some feel angry and stay angry, some get angry and get saved, some get saved, many are blessed. The Bible says that the gospel is an offense so if I didn't get flack from this ol' wicked world I'd have something to be concerned about.

Imagine a new Christian who doesn't know where to go to church--don't you know those cultists are out there in full force to bring those babes into their own particular brands of bondage? Who's going to stand up for THEM against the cultists? According you, Christians shouldn't, the babes need to find their way the best they can. Lord have mercy.

The Spirit of God gives each one of us strong inclinations towards certain things so that we can do battle. For me, the main things are: (1) seeing people saved and living a life of holiness (2) not tampering with the Bible and (3) Roman Catholicism. My site is an offensive site designed to equip the believer and witness to the unbeliever.

""Seems to me the Holy Spirit usually molds the mind and spirit of man as the spirit sees fit regardless of human intervention.""

Herein lies the problem--you say, "[it] seems to me". The issue is "What doth the Bible say?" In actuality, as stated above, the Bible says that WE CHRISTIANS are to tell the truth as empowered BY the Holy Ghost. "God hath chosen the foolishness of preaching" in order to spread the word. How would a person know about falsehood if someone didn't tell them?

Many people are in falsehood floundering for help. I hear from them. You should just see what freedom people have gotten, all praise to the Lord Jesus. On my own I could never even approach helping anybody. In fact, before Jesus Christ changed my life, I used to give a lot of terrible advice--I'm a new man.

" I wouldn't spend my time worrying about what other folks worship as long as I was solid with Jesus. Whatever you do foremost protect YOUR OWN SOUL and protect it carefully."

What would you spend your time doing, my friend? What is it that you would do if ministering? Would you just think about yourself and what you can do for yourself? The Bible says just the opposite in 1 Corinthians 10:24, "Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth." It is not my duty to guard myself. That's Jesus' job. I am already saved. Based on the word of God, I don't believe in that I'm-saved-one-day-and-unsaved-the-next-day business. The custody of my soul rests with Jesus Christ and I have the liberty to do His work and not sit around wondering if I'm going to make it in to heaven. The Bible says that I am ALREADY a citizen of heaven. The issue of going to heaven for me is not IF but WHEN!

" Why have you gone to such lengths to slam the Catholic Church? Is this kind of thing really God's work? Or is it something else? More of this world. Just wondered, why? Does this wins souls?"

Thanks for writing.

As a professing Christian, I am not sure how you can say that witnessing to people lost in a deluge of sacraments is of the world. Nevertheless...

Concerning our section on the Catholic religion, yes, it does save souls and sets many to re-thinking what they are involved in. In fact, the testimony of Tara is that of one Catholic who came to Christ as the result of the section on Catholicism. She wrote about a year ago, but didn't tell me she was Catholic. She asked a series of questions about infant baptism and other things. I discerned that she wanted to know God but didn't understand what the gospel was about. Over the course of a few months she got saved, started going to a Bible-believing church (had a few run-ins with the Charismatics, Adventists and Calvinists), started her own Bible study, is working on her fiancées salvation and growing in Christ. She is a perfect example of why the section is there. It has a three-fold purpose:

  1. to see Catholics saved, not trusting in their multi-billion dollar organization to get them to heaven (it'll never work).
  2. to keep those who are seeking God from going to the Catholic religion for answers and direct them to salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. to witness to Christians that the Catholic religion is not Christian. It is a series of works, sacraments, man-made traditions, and paganism. To call evil good is sin and many professing Christians are calling Catholicism Christian.

I don't know half the fruit that the site is bringing, but the Lord let's me see enough to keep going. Many Catholics write here angry--but if what they believed was true and verifiable in the Bible they wouldn't get mad. I don't get mad at atheist sites. I just think they are pitiful and need to be saved. On this site, people are hearing what too many professing Christians are SCARED to tell them. If you have the truth and don't tell it and let someone go to the lake of fire THAT IS HATE. What I do is LOVE.

Do you think that the road I tread is the easy road? I get it from every direction, nevertheless, the truth stands and I won't back down. Jesus said this in John 15:18-19:

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

If this website was for me, I would not do it because I'd be disillusioned--you share from your heart and get kicked in the teeth. If it was for people, I would not do it for there is much hatred bestowed on me. This site exists for Jesus Christ and Him alone as powered by His Holy Precious Spirit. The Lord Jesus told me ahead of time in His word that the world hated Him and that it would hate me. I have seen this saying come to pass.

I must note that not all mail that I get is hateful or angry. We have a lot of Bible-believing Christians all over the world that say, "Amen! Best site I've ever seen!" I do thank the Lord for those that do write with their words of encouragement and love.

SOURCE: www.Jesus-is-Lord.com