Best Chinese Fried Rice

By David J. Stewart | February 2012

My Homemade Fried Rice Best... Very Delicious!!!
(ham, bean sprouts, green onion, yellow onion, mixed frozen vegetables, egg, peanut oil, salt, Chinese rice wine, chicken broth)

The secret to great fried rice is NO SOY SAUCE!!! Ironically, every recipe online calls for soy sauce. For years I was unsuccessful at making delicious fried rice. Something was wrong and I just couldn't figure out what. Why was my rice so different from the restaurant's great rice? Sometimes my rice was inedible and I had to trash it. Usually it was edible, but loathsome to finish. I was ruining my rice with soy sauce. I realized that all the recipes online and in cook books calling for soy sauce were terrible. Kikkoman's is great soy sauce, but not for rice. Look at my homemade rice pictured above. The browning of the rice was done with my wok at high temperature. Most recipes tell you to add soy sauce to color the rice. Yeah, and you'll totally ruin the flavor.

I've also learned that too much sesame oil causes upset stomach. You can add 1/8 teaspoons if you'd like to the rice BUT NO MORE. Sesame oil is strong and more than a few drops will dominate the flavor of the rice. And finally, I learned that sugar doesn't taste good in my rice. You'll find recipes online calling for as much as 1/4 cup of soy sauce in your rice. That's a sure way to ruin your rice. Today, I don't use either soy sauce, sugar or sesame oil in my friend rice.

You're going to love this rice. As you can see in the photo above, I made the rice nice and brown without soy sauce by just browning the rice in the wok with the wok's heat.



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