Is the US the Next Mexico?

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
December 04, 2004

womenAs I learn about the elite conspiracy ("New World Order") I feel like a turkey finding out about Thanksgiving.

Mankind is indeed in the malignant grip of a satanic cult that subtly controls media, government education and business. Afflicted by this debilitating spiritual cancer, mankind is too deformed to diagnose its ailment.

In "Puzzling Neighbors: A Historical Guide to Understand Modern Mexico" (1987) Salvador Borrego describes Mexico's turbulent blood soaked history and poverty in terms of a conflict with agents of an "alien" force.

"During more than 160 years, Mexicans have been hounded by influences which are foreign to their essence, by a phantom, an X factor which not all have identified..."

The "alien" force is London-based international finance and its corporate tentacles using Freemasonry and the United States government as hand puppets.

According to Borrego, this force replaced disobedient Presidents like De la Huerta, Madero and Carranza by fomenting coups or revolutions and then withholding credit and weapons. If this didn't work, it resorted to assassinations or "gunboat diplomacy" such as in Iraq today.

Masonic finance promoted pawns like Calles, Portes Gill, Obregon and Cardenas (Presidents from 1924-1940) who implemented alien and economically devastating Communist policies.

With the blessing of FDR, a fellow Mason, Lazaro Cardenas confiscated Church property and forbade government and military from attending Mass. Men in military uniform were forbidden from entering brothels or churches, as if they were equally degrading.

School children were required to sing the Communist hymn "The International." Farms were collectivized and food had to be imported. Banks, mineral resources and private enterprise were "nationalized" at the expense of living standards. Arms and ammunition were sent to aid the Communists in the Spanish Civil War. Despite typical Masonic talk about "free speech," a government monopoly over newsprint continues to this day.

The Saturday Evening Post (April 9, 1927) expressed surprise at the Marxist inroads in Mexico. "The Zionist Club, which has nothing to do with the Judeo-Palestinian organization by the same name, is the place where the professional agitators, both Mexican and foreigners,celebrate their reunions."

Borrego's account makes clear that Communism is a creation of the British Masonic financial cartel and a model for the New World Order. For an armed revolt to receive the status of "revolution" it must serve the interests of "world revolution" i.e. the concentration of wealth and power in their hands.

Do not feel bad about yourselves, Borrego tells now-cynical Mexicans. Mexico has "a long heritage of hopes and disillusions, of struggles and defeats, of humiliations and false victories."

Increasingly this message applies to us all. "The foreign policy of the United States has been a monopoly of a group alien to the American people since Woodrow Wilson," Borrego writes. (89)

America is "also a nation partly occupied by its enemies..." Its security and standard of living are also "being corroded and damaged by a "Factor X", the same invisible factor that has damaged so many other nations." (117)


Essentially the New World Order represents the overturn ("revolution") of Christian civilization and universal standards of truth, justice and love. They are replaced by disciples of Lucifer, bankers' agents posing as Christians, humanists, socialists or revolutionaries. They define truth to serve the banker purpose and call it "progress." Christ was crucified for the New World Order.

Mexican President and Freemason Emilio Portes Gil said as much in 1929:

"The struggle is not just beginning, the struggle is eternal: the struggle began 20 centuries ago [with the Crucifixion]. In Mexico the State and Freemasonry have been one and the same thing in recent years, two entitles that marched side-by-side because the men who have been in power adhere always to the revolutionary principles of Freemasonry." (92)

The same is true of the United States. In the last century, Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, Bush Sr. and Jr. and Clinton all have been Masons.

Helen Peters provides exceptional insight into Freemasonry as an instrument of British Imperialism in her essay Masonry and British Israelism.

She writes: "Masonry is spiritual and political Communism dedicated to British-Jew domination of the world and is enacting the scheme of British Israel [the creation of a kingdom of God on earth] to deceive and lure the people to believe that the New Age Kingdom World Government is a plan of God."

To understand "British Jew domination of the world" read my
"The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism." Jewish Finance and British Aristocracy have intermarried. According to Burke's Peerage, they are now indistinguishable.

Peters says the US government is run by Masonry in the interests of the British Empire.

American masons pledge allegiance to the Grand Lodge of England located in London.

"How many masons are aware that behind the face of philanthropy Masonry is the instrument of power and subversion of the British Empire?" she asks.

She cites Albert Pike's Morals and Dogmas, which say the lower degrees are "intentionally mislead by false interpretations." (p.819)

'The Masonic spirit (deification of man in an earthly bliss) has permeated the churches...and imprisoned their members with the aura of counterfeit humanitarianism," she writes. "The spiritual deception of the New Age Millennium is the veil that covers the political spiritual unification of the world under the British Empire."

When "a nation becomes insinuated with a spiritual force dedicated to a world state...national sovereignty becomes a farce...." If we "cannot escape the treason of World Brotherhood, we are indeed aliens in our own land in pursuit of destruction...."

"Diabolicism has never had a more dedicated ally than the American people whom it has made world citizens via its propaganda of a coming World Kingdom of God Masonic paradise. We cannot save America if our allegiance transcends the Constitution."

Finally she says, "Absolute tyranny must be erected upon mind control.... Man can become enslaved and betrayed with his own thoughts. He has indeed become a mental robot, completely unaware that he is such, and absolutely oblivious to the invisible power that controls him."

"So then, as a man thinks to do "good" he does evil; as he proclaims Christ, he denies Him; as he seeks truth, he tramples it; as he strives for political freedom, he engages in sedition. In all these things he has the image of respectability and believes in his heart he does right."

See also Helen Peters, The Union Jack: Masonry and British Israelism


The lives (and deaths) of many millions are based on a hoax of one kind or another. Our political and cultural leaders are chosen and overpaid for perpetuating these lies. World Trade Center Seven was demolished on Sept. 11 by its owner and no mainstream media investigates why. History professors, journalists, novelists, politicians, law enforcement all take part in the pathetic charade called the West. Their inflated salaries are really pay-offs. We are indeed in the grip of an "alien" force.

Since the so-called "Enlightenment" Western civilization has lost its moorings. It has exchanged dedication to spiritual and moral absolutes for Judeo Masonic solipsism and deception. (See my "How University Betrays Students") We have traded allegiance to our Creator's design for the worship of Mammon.

While the masses feed on spiritual junk food, wealthy Satanists secretly plot mankind's future.  Wars ensure that enemies of World Government destroy each other.  In Iraq, US national power is exhausted and discredited and while religious people are annihilated.  Money is made.

Fellow Turkeys.  Welcome to the New World Order.  It isn't new at all.

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