Pat Robertson “Pleased” with Immoral, Anti-American, Communist U.S. President!

By David J. Stewart

       We are in trouble America! In an interview with CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, conservative Pat Robertson said he was "remarkably pleased" with President-elect Barack Obama. Sadly, millions of followers of Robertson's The 700 Club are likely to support an immoral, abortionist, gay-friendly, anti-American Communist U.S. President. This is just another clear indicator that Pat Robertson is of the Devil, a false prophet masquerading as a preacher of the Gospel. Robertson has publicly approved of Communist Barack Obama and the Socialist government Obama has vowed to set-up...

Pat Robertson’s NWO God: U.S. Will Embrace Socialism

Kurt Nimmo
January 4, 2009


Robertson gets his flock ready for a future of socialist servitude.


On December 23, the “conservative” preacher Pat Robertson told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux that he was pleased as punch with the election of Barack Obama. “I am remarkably pleased with Obama. I had grave misgivings about him. But so help me, he’s come in forcefully, intelligently. He’s picked a middle of the road cabinet. And so far, if he continues down this course, he has the makings of a great president,” [emphasis added] said Robertson.

Obama’s “middle of the road cabinet” consists of people hailing from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the secretive Bilderberg group. Timothy Geithner, Obama’s pick to head up the Treasury, is head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and is the Fed’s main liaison with Wall Street. Obama’s so-called Economic Recovery Advisory Board will be chaired by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker. Obama has outlined his geopolitical plans in Foreign Affairs, the mainstay periodical of the Council on Foreign Relations, and his wife, Michelle Obama, is a member of a branch of the CFR in Chicago.

The CFR has only one purpose and that is to push for world government. Carroll Quigley, the Georgetown University history professor and historian for the CFR wrote the following: “The Council on Foreign Relations is the American Branch of a society which originated in England… (and) …believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.”


False prophet, Pat Robertson has publicly stated (see above video) that God told him in private that the American people will embrace Socialism “to alleviate their pain,” i.e., the economic pain and suffering they're now experiencing. What most Americans fail to realize is that the “PAIN” has been artificially induced by the criminal thugs who own and control the Federal Reserve System. They control the flow of money, which means they control everything. The recent housing crisis, economic recession, lack of health insurance, and massive unemployment have all been deliberately created by the powers that be to BREAK US, i.e., to force Americans into submission. It's an age old tactic. If you can make people miserable enough, they'll do whatever you want them to. So now here we are in 2009, and most Americans are begging for a change, even if it means embracing Communist Socialism.

Sadly, few people realize or care about the consequences of Socialism and Communism (which are synonymous). Americans are now in a no-win situation because of their own indifference, stubbornness, love for sin and complacency. Whatever good times and economic rebound may be in store for the immediate future is only a smokescreen, which will quickly disappear down-the-road when American's will bitterly reap loss of their homes, jobs and freedom. The American dream will be no more. God doesn't need to judge America because our own foolishness, sinful pride, arrogance, stupidity and woeful ignorance have brought judgment upon ourselves.

In the preceding video, Pat Robertson also states: “The Lord said he's [Barack Obama] going to get anything he wants.” Robertson makes Obama sound like the Antichrist. What is it exactly that Obama is going to get? You can expect drastic changes in government over the next several years, all intended to turn America into a Communist Police State. Robertson further states, “The people are willing to accept it [Socialism] because the pain has been so bad.” It is a tragic day in the United States. How did the American people ever become so naive, gullible, weakened, indifferent and dumb that we'd actually embrace SOCIALISM?

Pat Robertson's False god

I can assured tell you that Pat Robertson's god is NOT the God of the Bible, because Socialism and Communism are diametrically opposed to the Word of God. The Bible teaches Capitalism, i.e., if any would not work, neither should he eat (2nd Thessalonians 3:10). The problem is that the criminal powers that be decided at some point in the 1980's to give away American jobs in order for greedy corporations to exploit foreign slave labor. It's all about money. So how can a man work when his own government leaders are stabbing him in the back by giving away his job to someone 10,000 miles away? Literally TENS-OF-MILLIONS of American jobs have been outsourced to Mexico, India and numerous other third-world nations. I called VISA recently and a woman from India answered the phone. Even worse, I called the IRS in Washington and an illegal Mexican immigrant answered the phone who couldn't even speak English. Americans wouldn't be feeling the “PAIN” which Pat Robertson says is a justification for Godless Socialism if our entrusted leaders hadn't BETRAYED us in the first place. The Bible calls it “spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Don't Play The NWO Game

The New World Order is here. Their goal is a Global Godless Totalitarian Communist Police State. American sovereignty means absolutely NOTHING to them. It's a RIGGED GAME. People are working two to three jobs to make ends meet, slaving themselves in the workplace, and losing their homes anyway; while the brokers, bankers, judges, lawmakers, lawyers and politicians have nothing to worry about. It's the blue-collar worker that suffers the most.

Here's just a few suggestions in my humble opinion for working people who don't have much money:

Sin is the culprit. Sin always undermines a nation, a city, a church, a home, et cetera. America is today a freak-sexual society, with its accompanying diseases, dysfunction and abuse, and no room for nobility, goodness or tradition. The God of the Bible has been abandoned for the superstar gods of pop, rap, rock and country music.

Socialism versus Communism?

Here are the definitions' of Socialism and Communism...


  1. A political theory advocating state ownership of industry
  2. An economic system based on state ownership of capital

Now here's the definition of Communism...


  1. A form of socialism that abolishes private ownership
  2. A political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

Did you read that... A FORM OF SOCIALISM!!! Communism is a form of Socialism!!! Anyone with a brain can see that Socialism is a road to Communism. Socialism is the Devil's foot in the door, but then he eventually takes away your home, which is Communism. The only difference between Socialism and Communism is simply a matter of time. In the end, Socialism always leads to a totalitarian form of abusive government known as Communism. Woe unto the American people!

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories." —Thomas Jefferson

"When all government . . . shall be drawn to Washington as the centre of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another, and will become as . . . oppressive as the government from which we separated." —Thomas Jefferson

And so it is today in Washington. We are living in a Socialist nation quickly headed for a Totalitarian Communist Police State. Few people realize that the Communist pillars are already in place in America.

The Danger of a Theory

Carefully notice that Socialism and Communism are both defined as “theories.” The word “theory” is interesting, and don't let it mislead you, because theories always lead to actions. Evolution is merely a “theory,” but it fueled Hitler's motive for genociding the Jews. Realistically, there's not a dime's difference between the two “theories.”

Pat Robertson's Judgment Cannot Be Trusted

Here is what Pat Robertson has stated publicly concerning Barack Obama becoming U.S. President...

I am remarkably pleased with Obama. I had grave misgivings about him. But so help me, he’s come in forcefully, intelligently. He’s picked a middle of the road cabinet. And so far, if he continues down this course, he has the makings of a great president.”


Why would any professed Christian minister be "remarkably pleased" with a Communist U.S President who approves of abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, taking away citizen's guns, et cetera? Obama is bad news. Pat Robertson says Obama, "has the makings of a great president." What apostasy!!! Obama is worse than Hillary Clinton, whom Obama has appointed as his Secretary of State. What a joke! This is so evil it is unimaginable. These people are ruthless criminals out to destroy America and Pat Robertson approves? What is wrong what Pat Robertson? I'll tell you, he's an opportunist who exploits Christianity to make a buck and is used by the illuminati (i.e., New World Order leaders) to influence public opinion.

Should it be surprising that Pat Robertson was also pleased with the biggest false prophet in the world, Pope John Paul II? Robertson actually referred to the demonic Pope as a man of "deep spirituality"...

"Pat Robertson Comments on Pope John Paul II's Passing VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., April 02, 2005 -- I am deeply grieved as a great man passes from this world to his much deserved eternal reward. John Paul II has been the most beloved religious leader of our age – far surpassing in popular admiration the leader of any faith.

He has been a man of great warmth, profound understanding, deep spirituality, and indefatigable vigor. It was my great honor to meet with him at the residence of my good friend, Cardinal O’Connor, in New York, and to sit in the Consistory during the mass he conducted in Central Park. I told him at the time how much the American people loved him, and he merely smiled. That love was shared not only in America but by millions all over the globe.

He has been a steady bridge in the transition of Eastern Europe from communism to freedom. His personal magnetism brought together all Christians in new bonds of understanding.

I pray for the Cardinals of the Catholic Church that they might have God-given wisdom in selecting the successor to this great man. Their task will not be easy, but with God all things are possible."


You've got to be kidding Mr. Robertson. And you call yourself a "Christian"? The Pope is the leader of the biggest false religion in the world, Catholicism! For Robertson to speak such gleaming words of praise towards such a Satanic imposter as the Pope, reveals that Robertson is in league with the Devil himself. BILLIONS of people are going to burn in Hell because of the Catholic religion, which falsely teaches that self-righteousness is the way to Heaven. Mark 7:7-13 and Romans 10:3,4 plainly condemn the Catholic Church as a false cult.

No born again Christian who loves the Lord would ever praise the Pope, who is leading one billion people straight into Hell. Pat Robertson praises the Pope because he'd be off TV very fast if he criticized the Pope, and because Mr. Robertson is a leader in the demonic Ecumenical Movement. Satan uses man's love of money to control the world. This is why 1st Timothy 6:10 refers to the love of money as THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Pat Robertson is exploiting the Gospel for personal gain, and to promote Ecumenism. First he praised the Satanic Pope, and now he's praising a Pat Robertson has sold out to Satan!

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