Irresponsible Tithing!

By David J. Stewart

       I believe one of the biggest sins in America is irresponsible tithing. All across America, churchgoers regularly tithe to apostate ministries that do more harm than good. According to Grounds For Giving, there are approximately 300,000 churches in America. Sadly, most of them are nothing more than religious businesses.

America is going to Hell because of silent Christians. Is it cowardliness, laziness, a lack of faith or a little of each? The average church congregation meets multiple times weekly behind closed doors like a cult and never preaches the truth to it's local community for fear of persecution.

In sharp contrast to apostate churches today, the Church in the New Testament book of Acts preached the truth publicly (Acts 20:20) and were horrible persecuted for it, "...And at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was at Jerusalem..." (Acts 8:1). Stephen was martyred in Acts 7. Herod was martyred in Acts 12. Paul was beaten by an angry mob and almost killed (Acts 21:31,32). How does this compare to the apostate church today with her golden chandeliers, stained-glass windows, padded pews, lush carpeting and milquetoast pastor who dare not offend the wealthy members of his congregation? It is evil.

The biggest problem is that believers continue to irresponsibly tithe to these apostate ministries. Why? Most people think they're pleasing God by tithing, because that's what some apostate preacher has brainwashed them to believe, even though the church they're tithing to is apostate.

Here are some SIGNS OF APOSTASY in a church:

That lists eliminates 99% percent of America's churches and rightfully so, because they're apostate! I'm not trying to be unkind, but as long as believers foolishly continue to financially support apostate ministries, nothing will change. America is going to Hell. How will Catholics know they are being deceived by the Devil if we as believers fail to warn them? There's an estimated ONE BILLION Roman Catholics in the world, and it's the largest religious denomination in America by far. Yet, seldom is heard a negative word about this diabolical prisonhouse of religion from America's churches. Why?

It is irresponsible tithing to donate money to any ministry that is not aggressively trying to win lost souls to Jesus Christ. By the way, I believe that believers ought to give all their money to Christian causes. Let the heathens donate money to Godless secular organizations such as United Way and Red Cross. Christians should support legitimate soulwinning ministries that relentlessly work to get people saved. The unsaved won't give to God's work, so if we don't do it, then who will? I am not encouraging anyone to stop tithing and giving to God's work, not at all. I'm just sick and tired of believers giving money to dead churches and apostate ministries that want to spread the love around, while their pastor takes frequent trips to the Holy Land and Hawaii, and the truth is censored and suppressed for fear of losing financial support. It is the churches' duty to preach the truth.

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