Land Of The Free?

...or land of the rebellious and irresponsible!

By David J. Stewart
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No Freedom for Babies

The United States is known as "THE LAND OF THE FREE"; BUT, what does that mean?  Freedom for whom?  Does freedom give us a RIGHT to do anything we want?  Does freedom give a person a God-given right to murder their own child in an abortion?  Do abortion doctors have a God-given right to murder other people's children?  Do Supreme Court justices have more authority than God?  God commands men not to kill in Exodus 12:13; yet the Supreme Court says it's ok to kill babies!  Herod was a Sunday School teacher compared to the evil judges, legislatures, lawyers, doctors, and politicians who continue to permit the murderous abortion of tens-of-millions of babies!

President George W. Bush hypocritically said in 2001...
"I believe human life is a sacred gift from our creator," Bush said in an August 2001 nationally televised address on the stem-cell issue. "I worry about a culture that devalues life, and I believe as your president I have an obligation to foster and encourage respect for life in America and throughout the world."

Respect for life?  What a hypocrite!  The Bush administration has given billions of dollars to the biggest mass-murdering organization in America--PLANNED PARENTHOOD! (appropriately called "Planned Murderhood" or "Planned Herodhood").  Bush said this in his State of the Union address in January of 2006...

"Human life is a gift from our creator and that gift should never be discarded, devalued or put up for sale."

Beauty salons fuel trade in aborted babiesThis quote is from a leader who has the blood of over 2,500 of our troops, and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis on his hands, because of his unconstitutional, unprovoked, and baseless war.  Clearly, Bush is a puppet for the New World Order.  These evil conspirators have no heart, no conscience, and no concern for justice.  They do Satan's will.  Any civilization that can murder it's own babies is controlled by the Devil.  Even the Church of Satan openly admits that America is absolutely a Satanic nation. 

Abortion is murder!  If America were truly "free," then those little babies would have a "right" to life as much as the mother does.

No Freedom for Husbands of Rebellious Wives

Feminism is a two-headed monster! The feminist movement is the brainchild of Communism, as is the homosexual movement and the civil rights movement.  These "rights" groups have done exceedingly much to undermine America's moral integrity.  After Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, his wife Coretta spent the remaining years of her life promoting homosexual rights.  So much for their alleged Christian roots.  Martin Luther King Jr. denied the deity of Jesus Christ, lived as a whoremonger, and was involved in at least 64 Communist fronts.  Please read my recent article on The Dangers of Feminism, which addresses the Feminist/Communist connection.  You may also want to read Feminist Theology, which is a clear indicator of just how insane feminism has become.  Feminists hate the man's authority so much that they have even redefined God to include a feminine side (which is damnable heresy). 

The entire American court system today is feminist biased.  It is wicked in the sight of God that the American court system REFUSES to recognize a husband's Biblical RIGHT to "rule" over his wife (Genesis 3:16).  Every husband has a God-given right to RULE over his wife.  Yes, that means he has a right to track her time, and her friends, and her whereabouts, and her spending.  A feminist loathes the thought of being accountable to a man.  Feminist logic dictates that a wife is EQUAL in authority with her husband; but God says NO!  A wife is commanded by God to OBEY her husband, just as Sara Obeyed Abraham, calling him lord.  1st Peter 3:6 states, "Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord..."  There are victimized husbands all across America, who's rebellious wives divorced them, and now those poor men have to pay alimony.  It is a sore evil in America when a wife can rebel against her husband year after year in a marriage, and then punish the husband further by taking him before a heathen judge to FORCE him to support her.  Why should a husband have to support a lazy, irresponsible, and rebellious wife?  Husbands have few rights in the American court system.  If a man's wife decides not to obey him anymore--there is nothing he can do about it!  This is horribly wrong.  A rebellious wife needs to be punished by the courts, not rewarded.

Divorce is an evil sin, and God hates it (Malachi 2:16).  Rebellious wives ought to be locked up in prison, not given alimony.  No psychiatrist will ever diagnosis a wife as being "rebellious" against God or her husband.  We live in a rebellious world (Ephesians 2:2; 1st John 5:19).  Every day, millions of people are misdiagnosed.  Drunks are said to be "sick."  Rebellious wives are said to be "depressed."  Homosexuality is called "genetic."  Gambling is considered an "addiction."  At what point does personal responsibility and character come into the picture?  Much of what the feminist movement defines as "abuse" nowadays is perfectly acceptable behavior for a Biblical husband.  For example: feminists teach women that it is abusive for a husband to track his wife's time.  Not at all!  Every husband has a right to know where his wife is at at any given time.  The responsible working father and husband is under severe attack in America.  Even "Christian" wives have been brainwashed by lying demonic feminist propaganda.  "Christian" women are increasingly divorcing their husbands.  Divorce is a horrible sin, and there are NO grounds for a divorce.  Proverb 31:12 ought to be every Christian wife's life verse ... "She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."

No Freedom for Parents

12-year-old with cancer taken from her parentsWith Communistic programs such as Bush's New Freedom Initiative Act, parents should be worried.  Bush wants to mentally screen every child in America, and drug millions of them.  Just wait until Hilary, or some other nut, takes office.  Do you think you own your child?  Think again!  If you take your child to a doctor, and the doctor gives you a referral to another specialist, etc.--you had better go!  If you don't do what the doctor recommended, then you can be charged with "neglecting a child," which is a very serious offense.

You can plan on having a CPS case worker visiting your house for the next 5-years minimum.  Of course, you'll likely be getting a new case worker every 3-months.  You will be scrutinized like a criminal.  Your house will be combed over by the authorities, looking for further signs of negligence.  All this because perhaps you didn't want your child becoming a guinea pig for the latest new drug on the Pharmageddon market.  It's amazingly hypocritical that the same government that permits the murdering of babies, will charge parents as criminals for not drugging their child with proven potentially dangerous drugs.  Don't be fooled, you don't own your child in the eye's of the government--they do!  Fight them and you will lose your children!  Please read, Forced Drugging.

America is fast becoming a police state.Many mothers have wept in bitter tears in court, as their children were legally taken away from them, because of nothing more than whipping the child in discipline.  I knew a woman who took her daughter in the bathroom of a library to give her a needed spanking.  As she left the bathroom with her daughter, she noticed a woman on the phone, with a disgusted look on her face, and in her tone.  The mother sensed possible trouble and left the library as quickly as possible after returning her books.  As the mother was leaving the library, she saw several police cars racing into the parking lot.  It was too late.  The police abducted her children on the spot.  God says in Proverb 13:24 that a loving and responsible parent spanks their child from an early age; yet idiots like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Benjamin Spock call it child abuse.  Do you think you own your child?  Not in America!  You may lose your kids to the system if you spank them or refuse to make guinea pigs out of them

If you don't vaccinate your child, you can be charged with child abuse.  Yet, vaccinations have been PROVEN deadly in millions of cases.  The U.S. government paid out $800,000,000 in lawsuit settlements between 1990-1997 to parents of children who either died or suffered permanent health damage because of vaccinations gone awry.  So instead of informing parents of viable natural methods to protect children, the government remain silent to allow the Pharmaceutical companies to continue making trillions of dollars in blood money (and millions of children suffer).  Did you know that autism is caused by the mercury in vaccinations?  Yep!  Mercury is used as a substrate in the vaccination to allow multiple vaccinations in one shot.  Record numbers of Americans are today suffering with autism as a result.  Do a web search under "vaccination dangers" and plan to be shocked. 

There is a raging malicious war against the home in America today. 

No Freedom for Homeowners

Cities may seize homes for economic development, court rules Increasingly, American citizens who were guaranteed "it could never happen here" are having their homes confiscated via EMINENT DOMAIN.  I saw a Chinese-American woman crying on the news.  She said her parents had lost their home in China, because the Communist government just took it.  She moved to America decades ago, and bought a home here, and was guaranteed that no one would ever take away her home again.  Well, she just lost her home to the almighty U.S. government.  When people mean nothing to the government, government needs to be overhauled.

Our government is out of control.  Few Americans realize the negative impact of the Godless Federal Reserve System upon our nation's financial future.  We are presently nearing $10,000,000,000,000 in national debt!!!  Ultimately, we will ALL lose our property to the New World Order banking system and government, because the borrower is servant to the lender (just as the Bible states).  America is nearly $1,000,000,000,000 in debt just to China.  Where will this reckless abandonment of financial responsibility end?  It can only mean the ENSLAVEMENT of the American people to the international government (the beast system). 

Karl Marx's 1st Plank of his Communist Manifesto called for property taxes.  Yes, property taxes are a form of Communism.  Think about it ... you don't truly own your home as long as you have to pay property taxes to the government.  Don't pay your taxes and they'll take your land away faster than you can say "What happened?"  Even if you work for 30 years and pay off your house for your wife before you die, they'll take away her house in a heartbeat if she doesn't pay the full amount of property taxes.  In all of America's larger cities, property taxes have skyrocketed upwards of $5,000 to $10,000 (and some people are paying MUCH more).  It's criminal on the part of our government (city, state, and federal included).

Homeowners should NOT have to pay one penny in property taxes.  If a man's home is paid off completely, and he chooses to live at home, grow his own food, live a simple life, and not work a job--he shouldn't be forced to work a job to pay government taxes in order to maintain his right to own HIS home.  It's HIS home, and NO ONE should ever be able to deprive him of his home.  The scam of property taxes has caused MANY poor, elderly, sick, and widowed people to lose their homes.  God will punish the crooks and thieves who steal people's homes and properties. 

No Freedom for Victims of Drunk Drivers

Oh boy, freedom!  We just think we can do anything we want to do in America.  America is a land of boozers and drunk drivers.  The great hypocrisy of all this is that the government and beer companies KNOW that alcohol kills and injures millions of people each year; yet, they do NOTHING to stop it.  American beer companies kill millions of people annually around the world.  I'm so tired of seeing cars wrapped around streetlight poles, and flowers placed at numerous crash sites because of drunk drivers.  God warned us that alcohol was DECEITFUL in Proverb 20:1; yet, most men don't care about what God says. 

There is NO freedom for the millions of victims of alcoholic beverages.  The woman in the photo to the right had her life destroyed because of a drunk driver!  Do you think she is beautiful?  Do you think any man would enjoy looking at her face?  Budweiser will NEVER show you this woman's face.  Coor's won't show you the truth.  Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Smirnoff won't show you the graveyards of victims caused by their liquid Devil.  Miller high-life?  You mean Miller low-life!  Do you think the folks working at Old Style Beer will show you this woman?  No, they just want your money!

It is disgraceful for any nation to allow such a deadly and deceitful substance as alcohol to continue to destroy lives.  Alcohol needs to be outlawed!  It is a menace to society.  Drunk drivers should be charged with first-degree murder when they kill some one while under the influence of alcohol.  And another great hypocrisy of the beer companies and government is that MOST alcohol-related traffic fatalities involved drivers who had been drinking; but were not legally drunk (BAC of .08).  Clearly, the .08 Blood Alcohol Content limit is flawed, and is actually an incentive for beer drinkers to push it to the LIMIT of .08!!!

Everywhere we go nowadays, people are bombarded with advertisements to "Drink Responsibly"; yet, in spite of the warnings, people are still being maimed and injured by drunk drivers.  Little children are still being killed.  Who's kidding who?  What the lying beer companies will NEVER tell you is that NO AMOUNT of alcohol is safe while driving.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) position on the relationship between blood alcohol concentration and driving is that driving performance degrades after just one drink."


The alcohol companies are a bunch of dirty rotten LIARS!

As Homosexuals Gain Freedom; Christians will Lose Freedom

As homosexuals begin to start marrying, and adopting children--the hatred towards sin-hating, Bible-believing, Christ-honoring, people-loving, soulwinning, Christians will become intense!  Already, Christians are being maliciously labeled as "homophobes" and "hatemongers" by the homosexual community and their godless supporters.  The word "terrorist" is starting to be hurled our way as well.  Homosexuality is not about "rights," it's about obeying God--and God says homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13).  The problem is that the U.S. government doesn't care about what God thinks.  The Supreme Court doesn't care about God's Word.  The homosexual movement hates God's Word, so they've corrupted it into a lie (Romans 1:25).  An effective gimmick that Satan has employed nowadays is to send homosexual ministers into the ministry.  These sinister ministers claim that the Word of God is ambiguous, and unclear concerning homosexuality.  The Devil's crowd uses this lying propaganda to defend such wickednesses.  I heard Bill Clinton while president, shamefully say, "How can I make a decision concerning whether abortion is right or wrong, when leading theologians can't even agree on whether abortion is right or wrong?"  Do you see what the Devil is doing?  Well, maybe leading theologians can't agree; but the Word of God is extremely clear in Exodus 20:13 ... "Thou shalt not kill.

Walt Disney owns the godless History Channel.  Recently, on the History Channel, was aired another video in the "Histories Mysteries" series titled "Sodom and Gomorrah." The video features the ancient Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and presents information from skeptics who doubt the Bible's accuracy concerning what led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  One of the main skeptics, Dr. Carole Fontaine, a feminist theologian and faculty director at Andover Newton Theological School, states...

"We sometimes find when we look at Bible stories that people think they know what they say.  When we look more closely we sometimes find that the text is ambivalent."

Ambivalent?  According to Dr. Fontaine, the greatest sin of the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah may have been their lack of hospitality towards guests visiting their city, and not sexual deviance (never mind the mob of queers about to break down lot's front door and rape the guests - Genesis 19:4-9).  Unbelievably, Fontaine claims that homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah may not have been the sin which brought God's judgment.  This is one of Satan's most cunning tactics ... he deliberately spreads misinformation to CONFUSE people, to obscure the truth, to blur the line between right and wrong, and to draw people farther and farther away from the Word of God.  The ONLY hope we have as Christians is to anchor ourselves to the preserved, infallible, and inspired Word of God!  Only ignorant people can be doctrinally victimized by the Devil. 

So as the Bible is corrupted more and more, and as homosexuals are increasingly accepted into society as "good" and "moral" people; Christ-honoring Christians who take a stand against the evils of homosexuality WILL be greatly hated, persecuted, ostracized, arrested, and eventually even killed.  I frequently receive hate mail from people who accuse me of wrongfully "judging" homosexuals.  I do not condemn them; but God expects me as a Christian to stand against evil (Psalm 94:16).  Homosexuals have actually written me to remind me that Jesus taught love, and homosexual love shouldn't be suppressed because of inconsistent religious dogma.  In reality, the love which Jesus taught never had anything to do with sex.  Jesus taught us to love (Greek: agape) others.  "Agape" is God's love, true love.  This is the love that causes us to treat others the way God tells us to treat them.  So homosexuals cannot have "agape" love since they are defiantly and blatantly DISOBEYING the plain warnings of the Word of God prohibiting the abomination of homosexuality (Romans 1).  The world's love is temporal, sensual, conditional, and without natural affection. 

The saddest thing about all this is that 99% of all Christians are already eerily silent concerning the evils of homosexuality, abortion, pornography, etc.  The average professed "Christian" fills 18" of pew every Sunday, sings a few hymns, tithes, and then does NOTHING for God the rest of the week.  Boy, aren't they spiritual?  They never give out any Gospel tracts, rarely ever share the Gospel with anyone, and are accidents waiting to happen.  These are the ignorant believers who vote for mass-murdering occultists like George W. Bush.  They are the believers who think divorce is acceptable in certain situations.  These are the believers who know enough Bible to be dangerous. 

Land of the Irresponsible

America is not as free as we think it is!  Love for sin has CURSED the American people!  Women think they have a "right" to get an abortion; but they do NOT in God's eyes.  If they weren't so irresponsible to begin with, 99% of all abortions would cease.  The splendor and good times we have enjoyed in the past is coming to a screeching halt in the future.  We can only exploit China and Mexico's slave market so much before it catches up with us.  As our economy gradually deteriorates into a mirage, and our dollar continues to devalue, and our hospitals continue to face bankruptcy, and our debts continue to rise, and insurance premiums skyrocket, and our health coverage declines, and jobs pay less and less, and houses cost more and more, and the stock market become worthLESS, and lawyers become greedier and greedier, and the government makes it harder and harder to file for bankruptcy ... something's gotta give!  The smoke and mirrors in Washington won't work forever. 

America is an immoral cesspool of iniquity--millions of murdered children, pornography everywhere, evolution in the public schools, legalized prostitution in Nevada and escort services nationwide, gambling around the country, booze flowing like rain in a thunderstorm, Hellivision, Hollyweird, Broadway, MTV, people corrupting the Bible, fake ministers preaching a wealth and health Gospel, homosexuality, lesbianism, astrology, witchcraft, séances, sex orgies, rock-n-roll music and concerts, dead churches, indifference--SIN ALWAYS UNDERMINES ANY NATION! 

As America continues to enjoy the pleasures of sin, the nation is equally spiraling downward into Hell.  It is no coincidence that our economy is deteriorating alongside our morals.  Moral decay brings economic ruin and eventual enslavement (loss of freedom).  I realize that America is still the land of the free, and many people would love to come to America to live; but cannot.  Please don't misunderstand me, I am not bashing my country, not at all.  I love America!  What I am saying is that the sins of the American people over the past several decades ARE CATCHING UP WITH US AS A NATION.  That $9,000,000,000,000 we owe is frightening.  When the government has grown so big for its britches that its forcefully drugging children, we've got big problems.  The alcohol companies may not care about the small percentage of victims devastated because of the booze they produce; but God sees it, and hates it! 

As a nation, we are in big trouble with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are a nation of hypocrites!  We claim "In God we trust" on our money, while allowing legalized fornication and adultery.  Pornography is everywhere, and is a sin (Matthew 5:28).  They even had the gall to make the official slogan of Las Vegas ... SIN CITY!  Is this how we thank God for our freedom?  Americans account for 25% of the world's sex-tourism, exploiting young girls in poor nations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, and the Philippines.  It is wickedness.  Is this how we thank God for our freedom?  America is a land of idol worshippers, the idols being singers and entertainers.  Rock concerts are nothing more than Satanic ceremonies, where people PRAISE their degenerate heroes--reprobates such as Elton John, Gene Simmons, Madonna, Britney Spears, and Mick Jagger.  God will not share his glory with another (Isaiah 42:8).  America is an idolatrous land of entertainment worshippers. 

The United States is an irresponsible nation. We are irresponsible with our finances, our schools, our military, our government powers, our laws, our communications, our churches, our advertising, our children, et cetera. With all the preventative measures allegedly being taken by the tobacco companies to keep children from smoking ... 4,500,000 children are regular smokers in the U.S. (SOURCE: American Lung Association). Freedom brings with it a great responsibility! Americans have increasingly shown that they are irresponsible with their freedoms; therefore, we are losing them one by one. 

The United States is one of the only countries in the world that allows children under 18 to be sentenced to life without parole (PBS documentary video: WHEN KIDS GET LIFE). Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report that more than 2,000 inmates are currently serving life without parole in the United States for crimes committed when they were juveniles; in the rest of the world, there are only 12 juveniles serving the same sentence, according to figures reported to the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.

What is wrong with Americans? We foolishly allowed a small group of wicked men and women (the U.S. Supreme Court) to remove the Bible and prayer from the daily lives of our school children in 1963. Then when those poor children grow up without a moral compass and commit horrible crimes, we lock them away for life in prison without hope of parole (while the Corrections Centers Of America owned by the Globalist elite profits handsomely from it, making billions-of-dollars annually). It's a racket in America, at the expense of your children. Truly, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Was the Bible and prayer really all that bad in the lives of children?

The Devil has sold us the lie in America that evolution is not religion, therefore it can and should be taught to school children.

Free to Take Over Other Countries and Kill Innocent People?

We speak of the "value of life" while killing 50,000,000 babies in abortions! We spend billions of dollars a year on our pets, while 1 our of 4 children are still dying in Afghanistan by age 5 due to malnutrition. We save the whales, while killing the children. America has gone insane as a nation! We have killed innocent people in Iraq, calling them "bastards" as one U.S. soldier labeled them. No, we Americans are the bastards. Look what we did to the Iraqi peopleLook here at what our Depleted Uranium did to them. God sees this great evil, and He's MAD!!! Iraq never attacked the U.S. Iraq never threatened to attack the U.S. No Weapons of Mass Destruction were ever found, and the Bush administration ADMITTED making a mistake.  No links were ever established between 911 and Iraq. 

So why did we attack Iraq?  No one can give a legitimate reason. The "terrorist" threat came out of nowhere—no doubt a fabricated plot to justify a wrongful war against an innocent nation. It is mass-murder, and America is guilty as a nation.  The Bush administration did this great evil in OUR name, with OUR money and with OUR blessings. I won't have any part of it!  The sickest thing of all is that the average American hates the Iraqi people who are defending their country, for no other reason than that the Bush Administration and the whorish newsmedia have brainwashed Americans. 

We removed Saddam from power, tortured his sons mercilessly (gutting them from head-to-toe and stuffing them with pig dung) and then hanging Saddam Hussein in public. So why are we still occupying Iraq? The truth is that Israel now has one less enemy and UN troops will NEVER leave Iraq. The Illuminati now own Iraq lock, stock and barrel. Did I mention that the Globalists are stealing Iraq's oil-trillions of dollars worth. American troops are there to protect Chinese oil companies, pumping all the oil to China.

Our nation is being exploited by greedy evil men for their own selfish agendas; but the average American thinks everything is just fine. America's sons are needlessly dying on foreign soil as paid mercenaries. We don't belong in Iraq.  Our sons are being paid to kill innocent people, under the disguise of "freedom." Freedom for who? I highly recommend that parents steer their children AWAY from the military until they stop exploiting our children. If you have a son or daughter who has died in the military, then I sympathize with you greatly. 

However, let's work to prevent other parents from needlessly losing their children as well. How many more thousands will die? I hate to say it, but the average person is an idiot concerning what's really happening in the world today. I ask you to start doing your homework and educating yourself. Information is power. 

I get sick every time I hear someone demonizing Iraq. America is indeed “The Great Satan.” I love my country, but I have to admit that we have turned this once great nation into a cesspool of iniquity. We are the spoiled—aborting, gambling, boozing, divorcing, prostituting, American IDOL, stealing, fornicating, defiling, corrupting, nakedness in public, sensuality on television, sleazy Country music video, violence, et cetera. America is a Godless MONSTER to the rest of the world. Everywhere America goes we leave a trail of broken lives and destruction. If nothing else, the murdering of tens-of-millions of our own children through abortions makes us THE GREAT SATAN! 

We surely are! Some idiot said, "If you don't like America, then leave." That's a coward's way out. The wife who divorces her husband is a selfish coward. The father who abandons his family is a selfish coward. And the man who would rather abandon his country than try to salvage it is a selfish coward. I criticize the evils in my nation because I love America and am saddened to see God's hand of blessing removed from it. Only a blinded fool couldn't see the massive deterioration of America.

Sadly, the average American is indifferent and could care less. It's time for us to speak up, speak loud, and speak the truth! Freedom does not give anyone the "right" to disobey God's Word, or do wrong. Land of the free? Freedom for who?