America: A Nation of Evil Hypocrites!

       As a measure of how wicked America has become, one need look no further than Wikipedia. David Lee Roth, lead singer of the hellish Rock band, Van Halen, was known for his backstage whoremongering . . .

“…from the stage, [Roth would call] out, ‘Blonde, pink top, sector A-4,’ pointing out the girls he wanted to see after the show. Whatever crew member’s name Dave saw flapping around the girl’s neck backstage at the end of the night would get a $100 bonus at breakfast the next morning. As far as intimacy went, it was a little like the invention of the drive-through window at McDonald’s, but the morale of tour staff remained high.”

SOURCE: NEW YORK POST; article titled, Why Rocker Never Struck Out; June 22, 2007

You won't find one mention of this or anything else negative about David Lee Roth on Wikipedia, which is an encyclopedia by, for and of the public. No one in America has anything negative to say about Mr. Roth? David Lee Roth is a piece of trash! I'm not condemning anyone, for we are all guilty, rotten, hell-deserving sinners; but Mr. Roth parades his wickedness publicly and has destroyed the lives of millions of teenagers throughout his demonic career. Van Halen's music is of the Devil—praising the Devil, fornication, prostitution, sexual immorality, rebellion and every sin imaginable. Who is on the Lord's side? (Exodus 32:26).

Yet look under Dr. Jack Hyles (1926-2001), who faithfully pastored for 55-years and led millions of lost souls to Jesus Christ, who gave away millions-of-dollars to the poor, who helped so many people his entire life. Wikipedia errantly and maliciously portrays Pastor Hyles as an evil sex-cult leader, a thief, an adulterer, a tyrant and everything else negative imaginable. Wikipedia also publishes many crimes and sins committed by former staff and church members that were in any way once connected with Pastor Hyles' 55-years of ministry, even if just a temporary church member. It is so evil what Wikipedia is doing to assassinate the name of the greatest preacher and man of God of the 20th century!

How is it that a slime bucket like David Lee Roth is praised on Wikipedia as a good man, when in reality he destroyed the lives of MILLIONS of young people, leading them away from God and into sin? Not one mention is made of anyone connected with Roth who committed crimes or horrible sins. Certainly, David Lee Roth worked with many people throughout his career who committed horrible crimes or sins. Not one mention is made on Wikipedia. But some wicked people have dug up every crime and sin they could find, that was committed by anyone who attended a church that pastor Hyles pastored, or attended his Bible college over the decades. Pastor Hyles' enemies (who are moreover God's enemies) are using Wikipedia in an attempt to establish GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. That is wrong, evil and malicious.

I'm sure Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, would defend himself by saying that Wikipedia is solely published by the public. But that would be a lame excuse. When you help destroy other people's good names by spreading manure about them, you are just as guilty. Anyone can take a handful of carefully selected information and assemble it to demonize someone else. Mr. Wales is just as guilty as the mainstream newsmafia, who are not held accountable for the tens-of-thousands of lives they utterly destroy for profits. I wouldn't give Wikipedia a penny!!! Ecclesiastes 12:14, “For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Thank God, Judgment Day is coming!

In fact, this is exactly what the enemies of Jesus did to have Him crucified as a criminal. The perfect, holy, sinless Lamb of God was crucified as a criminal because the evil Scribes and Pharisees distorted and misrepresented the truth about Him. They successfully demonized the name of Jesus by misrepresenting the facts. This is the same evil thing that pastor Hyles' enemies have done to him. They're a bunch of malicious liars, using the easily exploited online tool of Wikipedia to spread their lies and manure!

This is how ungrateful the American people are! This is why God has damned America! This is why we have lost tens-of-millions of jobs and are becoming slaves to the New World Order. We are an evil nation of hatemongers, whoremongers and warmongers! We're a bunch of ingrates getting exactly what we deserve as a nation. The Communist Police State is just getting started in America!

When God sends us a Godly man to bless us with the truth, we declare war on him and try to destroy his name, reputation and ministry. But when scum like David Lee Roth destroys the lives of millions of young people and lives a life of whoremongering women, no one says one negative word on Wikipedia. It shows the evil hearts of the majority of America's people. God is damning America by giving us over to the New World Order. We will become slaves in a short amount of time, economically and in so many others ways. Police State tyranny is upon us because of our stiffnecked wickedness, arrogance and sinful pride as a people.

Wikipedia allows false slander and gossip, just so long as it can be cited in some trashy tabloid, or a personal opinion in a hateful book or a wicked irresponsible and biased newspaper. The information is often false, but once it becomes a citable source published in some newspaper, people naively accept it as truth (which it is not). So, yes, Wikipedia's owners are complicit to the lies they help propagate. It is obvious when an article on Wikipedia has become a smear-campaign, and the owners of Wikipedia should be legally held responsible for such injustice and assassination against a good man's name, life's work and character. Believe none of what you hear my friend, and only half of what you see.

Things happen in ANY giant gathering of people, because people are people are people. But you hardly ever hear about anything evil that happens in America's thousands of concert halls, ball park stadiums, and massive public gatherings. Instead, First Baptist Church is continually demonized even if one isolated incident occurs. The hateful newsmedia doesn't tell the truth, that it's just one person behaving foolishly on an individual basis. So instead the wicked newsmedia destroys the name of the entire church. Evangelist Lester Roloff is correct when he says that next to the Word of God, the newsmedia are the most powerful force in the universe. The manipulative newsmedia can make evil demons appear as righteous saints, and righteous angels as evil demons on a whim. And so it is.

I have changed the information in Wikipedia numerous times, to say good things about Pastor Jack Hyles; but some evil person(s) has nothing better to do but monitor Wikipedia changes and remove anything good that I say about this good man of God to whom America owes a debt of gratitude. Wikipedia is dishonest, rigged and extremely biased. It is a lousy source of reliable information, because if I only tell someone negative things about you, they will likely think bad of you. There are thousands of good things about Pastor Hyles that Wikipedia won't tell people; but they willingly allow and publish BASELESS RUMOURS and UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS! Shame on Jimmy Wales for allowing this injustice!

"Who is on the Lord's side?" Exodus 32:26

Police State USA!

 "Ye that love the LORD, hate evil..." —Psalm 97:10