America Is On The Brink Of Total Destruction

By David J. Stewart | January 2013

Isaiah 13:11, “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.”

       Everything is going-to-hell-in-a-wheelbarrow so fast in America that it's mind-numbing. It was reported in the news last week that 22 high schools in Philadelphia are installing condom dispensers to combat an epidemic of Sexually transmitted Diseases (STDs) amongst adolescents. Sex-education in public schools has done the exact opposite of what educators claimed. Instead of preventing premarital sex, it has greatly encouraged it, robbing youth of their innocence. Add to the morally toxic mix a culture of sexual degeneracy in popular music genres, sleazy and violent video games, sexually suggestive music video and dirty-minded and violent television—It's all a recipe for disaster!

America's youth are rebellious against all forms of decency, manners, morality and civility, which is not surprising. The U.S. Supreme Court sinfully banned prayer and the Bible from children's daily school lives since 1963. You cannot educate a child without creating a monster. Teachers ought to include God as the basis of every subject. America's children have grown up without hearing the Bible. Romans 10:17 says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Removing the Bible from America's classroom can only end in disaster. America today is far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. America is on the brink of total destruction—morally, politically, agriculturally, educationally, economically, socially and in every other manner. God will not be mocked. The nation that rebels against the Word of God is doomed, it's just a matter of time.

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD...” —1st Samuel 15:23

As crazy as the news has been in recent years, I cannot help but still get shocked when I read about the heinous things happening across America. In Gary, Indiana a father put his son in a cage, beat him and starved the boy to death. The 13-year-old was buried by his parents under their property. They fled to Kentucky. The father was just sentenced in January of 2013 to 80-years in prison. Also in today's news for January 15, 2013 it was reported that 18 human heads were confiscated at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Creepy! Another news story told about a man's wife who had sex with her step-son, and then they both tried to kill the father for the insurance money.

Listen to this incredibly accurate and eye-opening statement...

"In the United States today, there is a pervasive tendency to treat children as adults, and adults as children. The options of children are thus steadily expanded, while those of adults are progressively constricted. The result is unruly children and childish adults." Dr. Thomas Szasz, PhD

The news is becoming more outrageous every day! People act like little spoiled brats! Our nation is reaping what it has sown by banning God's Word from children's school curriculum. Without God we've invited the Devil into our schools and nation. Godless people do Godless things!

Who Will Go To America  |  Don't Be A Religious Nut

Americans are arrogant and stubborn in their rebellion. On December 31, 2012 (New Year's Eve), Kathy Griffin kissed Anderson Cooper's crotch on national television, referring to his male organ as a “sardine” that she wanted to kiss all night. She asked on CNN if she could “tickle his sach.” Shameless Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper's Crotch On National TV (CNN's new low). Unbelievably, two days later Griffin appeared on The David Letterman Show and was praised, defending her sex-perverted behavior and saying that she was not sorry in the least. Prestitute Media Oks Sexual Harassment Against Men (Slutty Griffin brags on Letterman). Griffin should have been arrested, fired and shamed publicly. Instead she's a national icon for oral sex. If a man did what she did, his name and career would be ruined for life. America has deteriorated so much.

Best And Worst TV Shows (by the Parents Television Council)

Griffin has also removed her dress on CNN. It's all staged for show and the public can't get enough of Griffin's sexually-perverted antics. To make matter's more bizarre, Anderson Cooper is admittedly a proud homosexual. Righteousness lifts up a nation, but sin brings a nation to its knees. It's been said that Americans always do the right thing after trying everything else first. 

I am fully convinced that the Griffin/Cooper incident on CNN was staged. It doesn't surprise me at all because CNN's Anderson Cooper is an admitted flaming homosexual. Gays are taking over the media, politics, the courts and our nation. You haven't seen anything yet how sick this country is going to get. We are a nation of sinful thoughts. Mark my words, there will be rape gangs of homosexuals just like in Genesis 19:1-10 in Sodom, when gays tried to break down Lot's door and rape the angels from Heaven. Pedophiles and pederasts have been raping children taken through the CPS system for years, and the administrative judges are key players. Senator Nancy Schafer Was Murdered By The New World Order For Exposing The CPS Pedophile Ring. There needs to be an investigation into CPS, the courts and their connection to third party elite groups (case in point, BOYS TOWN).

Psalms 66:7, “He ruleth by his power for ever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.”

Psalms 67:4:, “O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.”

Psalms 96:5, “For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens.”

Here are 50 evidences that America is on the brink of total destruction...

50 Signs That America Is On The Brink Of Destruction:

When it comes to an end, the "adjustment" is going to be extremely painful. Those that understand what is happening and have prepared for it will have the best chance of surviving what is about to hit us. I honestly don't know what everybody else is going to do. Many of the people that don't see the coming collapse approaching will be totally blindsided by it and will totally give in to despair when they realize what has happened. But there is no excuse for not seeing what is coming - the signs are everywhere.

So with that being said, the following are 50 bold predictions for 2013...

#1 There will be a major fight between the Republicans and the Democrats over raising the debt ceiling. This will be one of the stories that dominates news headlines in the months of February and March.

#2 Most of the new "revenue" that will be raised by tax increases in 2013 will come out of the pockets of the middle class.

#3 No matter what "fiscal deals" the Democrats and the Republicans make in 2013, the federal budget deficit will still end up being greater than a trillion dollars for the fifth consecutive year.

#4 The credit rating of the U.S. government will be downgraded again in 2013.

#5 The Federal Reserve, along with major central banks all over the globe, will continue to wildly print money.

#6 There will be more criticism of the Federal Reserve in 2013 than at any other time since it was created back in 1913.

#7 The term "currency war" will be used by the media more in 2013 than it was in 2012.

#8 The movement away from the U.S. dollar as the primary reserve currency of the world will pick up momentum. This will especially be true in Asia.

#9 The economic depressions in Greece and Spain will get even worse and unemployment in the eurozone will go even higher in 2013.

#10 A financial crisis in Europe will cause officials to grasp for "radical solutions" that will surprise many analysts.

#11 The unemployment rate in the United States will be higher by the end of 2013 than it is now.

#12 The percentage of working age Americans with a job will fall below 58 percent by the end of the year.

#13 At least one "too big to fail" bank will fail in the United States by the end of 2013.

#14 By the end of the year, more people than ever will understand what "derivatives" are, and that will be because they have caused major problems in the financial world.

#15 We will see the beginnings of another major housing crisis before the end of 2013 and foreclosure activity will start rising once again.

#16 We will see another new wave of "tent cities" start to go up in communities around the nation before the end of the year.

#17 There will be another major drought in the United States this upcoming summer and there will be widespread crop failures once again.

#18 The massive dust storms that we have seen roll through cities like Phoenix in recent years will become even larger and even more intense.

#19 Traffic along the Mississippi River will be significantly interrupted at some point during 2013. This will be a very negative thing for the economy.

#20 Food prices will soar in 2013. This will especially be true for meat products.

#21 In some of the poorer areas of the globe, major food riots will break out. Governments will have trouble containing the civil unrest.

#22 There will be more genetically-modified foods in our supermarkets than ever before, and more Americans than ever will reject them and will seek out alternatives.

#23 The average price of a gallon of gasoline in 2012 was about $3.60. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in 2013 will be lower than that. Yes, you read that correctly.

#24 The number of vehicle miles driven in the United States will continue to decline in 2013.

#25 The Dow will end 2013 significantly lower than it is right now.

#26 When the final statistics for 2013 are compiled, U.S. share of global GDP will be less than 20 percent for the first time in modern history. Back in the year 2001, our share of global GDP was 31.8 percent.

#27 The U.S. Postal Service will continue to experience massive financial difficulties and will lay off personnel.

#28 As violence in our public schools becomes increasingly worse, more Americans families than ever will decide to home school their children.

#29 The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress will make an all-out attempt to pass gun control measures in 2013. When their efforts on the legislative front are stalled somewhat by Republicans in the House, Obama will use his executive powers to further his gun control agenda.

#30 One of the cities with the strongest gun laws in the nation, Chicago, had 532 murders in 2012 and it is now considered to be one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. By the end of 2013, the murder total in Chicago will be above 600.

#31 There will be an increasing amount of tension between state governments and the federal government. The issue of "states rights" will move front and center at various points in 2013.

#32 CNN will continue to sink to horrifying new lows. Piers Morgan will end up leaving the network before the end of the year.

#33 The number of Americans on food stamps will surpass 50 million for the first time ever at some point during 2013.

#34 The U.S. trade deficit with China in 2013 will be well over 300 billion dollars.

#35 The phrase "made in China" will increasingly be viewed as a reason not to buy a product as Americans become more educated about the millions of good jobs that we have lost to China over the past decade.

#36 We will see increasing cooperation between the governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico and border restrictions will be loosened.

#37 There will continue to be a mass exodus of families and businesses out of the state of California. The favorite destination will continue to be Texas, but Texas residents will become increasingly resentful of all of these new transplants.

#38 There will be some truly jaw-dropping examples of violence by parents against their own children in 2013. Many of these stories will make headlines all over the nation.

#39 The percentage of Americans that are obese will continue to rise and will set another new all-time record in 2013.

#40 There will be more war in the Middle East in 2013. But it will only set the stage for even more war in the Middle East in 2014 and 2015.

#41 U.S. troops will be deployed in more countries than ever before in 2013.

#42 Volcanic eruptions and major earthquakes along the Ring of Fire will make headlines all over the globe in 2013.

#43 Giant sinkholes will continue to appear all over the United States and all over the globe, and scientists will continue to struggle to find an explanation for why it is happening.

#44 The peak of the solar cycle in 2013 will cause significant problems for satellite communications.

#45 The U.S. government will put more resources into the surveillance of the American people than ever before, but most Americans won't mind all of this surveillance because they have become convinced that it is important to give up some of our liberties for more "security".

#46 Our infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, sewers, electrical grids, etc.) will be in worse shape by the end of 2013 than it is now.

#47 The percentage of "two parent households" in the United States will continue to decline.

#48 "Political correctness" will reach ridiculous new heights during 2013, and more Americans than ever will start to rebel against it.

#49 There will be more anger at the wealthy in 2013 than at any other time in modern history.

#50 There will be some shocking political scandals in Washington D.C. in 2013. We will see some high profile resignations by the end of the year.

SOURCE: 50 Predictions For 2013

The Modern Family” by Christopher Lloyd is a disgusting popular show on ABC television that promotes the sin of homosexuality. Children sass their parents. In one episode a teenage girl is going to spend the night sleeping in a hotel with her boyfriend, Her parents are afraid to say “no” and give her their credit card to pay for it. Over my dead body if I were that parent! The Godless program has drawn tens-of-millions of U.S. viewers. It should be called “the modern Sodom and Gomorrah” or “the heathen family.” When you watch that kind of junk, you're conditioning yourself to embrace and accept homosexuality. You're constantly being bombarded with the deviancy of the planet.

Our nation is being turned into a mediocrity, indifferent, apathetic, devoid of God. It appears that America has turned the corner and she is not coming back! If America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great. Sadly we are no longer a great nation like we used to be. We are the last generation offering any hope to future generations. Listen to what sheriff Richard Mack stated in January of 2013...

Concerning the present Obama gun-grab and corruption of Congress, Sheriff Richard Mack stated:

“This is a very historic time for us. ... This is absolutely the most critical time in American history since the Civil War. I'm not kidding. This is the most critical time. We are the generation, right now deciding if we're going to go along with the Communist agenda that's going on in Washington D.C. right now; or if we're going to maintain and preserve our Constitutional republic. This is America!”

January 18, 2013; Sheriff Richard Mack; The Infowars Nightly News

Like Obama On Gun Control, Hitler Used Children To Push His Propaganda Schemes

Although the Soviet Communist regime crumbled in the 1980's, the same International Banking Cartel (Wall Street) that pioneered and financed Lenin's Revolutionary War are at work today (their successors of course). Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler (free online fascinating book by Antony C. Sutton). Wall Street And World Revolution! Television is clear evidence of the moral decline in our nation. Everything has become so perverted, sick, uncouth, irreverent, offensive and inappropriate. God will not continue to bless a nation that sins. The problem is not that God has forgotten man, but that man has forgotten God.

The Root Of The Matter

The root of the matter is that we ALL need to GET RIGHT WITH GOD!!! 

I'm going to end this article by preaching against the evils of divorce, because we have a serious selfish pride problem in this country. The backbone of any nation are its families. Why do you think FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and other perverted TV network stations are pushing garbage shows like Family Guy and American DAD! It's to corrupt our homes, thus escalating the breakdown of America to facilitate a New World Order. Out of CHAOS will rise up ORDER! (i.e., New World Order).

Feminism is totally destroying America! One of the most destructive evils in America today is the sin of divorce. NO WOMAN, who is right with God, would ever divorce her husband! Let me say it again... NO WOMAN, who is right with God, would ever divorce her husband! And the same goes true for husbands. No husband who is right with God would ever divorce his wife... EVER! Divorce is a sin, especially if your spouse doesn't want the divorce. The idea that it's ok to divorce your spouse if love is gone is Satanic to the core. Love is A CHOICE! Once you decide to love someone, you can NEVER take it back, otherwise you never loved that person to begin with. Marriage-Part 16 ('my husband has destroyed all my love' or 'I don't love her anymore'; Dr. Hyles, Full MP3)

Your a MONSTER if you abandon someone in their sorrow and tears! I can't think of anything more heartless and evil than a person walking away from a lifetime marriage commitment, a vow, a PROMISE to remain with that spouse for the rest of their natural life! I absolutely hate the REO Speedwagon song, “It's Time For Me To Fly.” What a shallow attitude toward marriage!

And shame on foolish women like Mandy Moore for singing garbage like, “I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week.” Yeah, and God could give us what we deserve right now! Aren't we glad that God doesn't immediately put us in Hell-fire where we belong because of our sins? Mandy Moore presents a really bad attitude in this song, encouraging tired and struggling wives to quit, throw-in-the-towel, turn and flee. What a shallow country we live in today. If your marriage is broken and your spouse imperfect, just leave, quit and go start over somewhere else. It's wickedness!!!

This selfish generation only focuses on ME, MYSELF and I. All the music is about how your being treated, instead of how you ought to treat others. The Devil's music is all about leaving instead of staying. Much wicked thinking is propagated through music, like David Gates' popular 80's song, “It's Sad To Belong To Someone Else When The Right One Comes Along.” Only God knows how many divorces that song caused! Nearly every married person has doubts during difficult times of a marriage about whom they chose to tie-the-knot with. That's very normal. But you honor your vows to please God and be faithful. It's been said that the first 25-years of marriage are the hardest... LOL (i.e., laugh online). Seriously, anyone can quit! But it takes a special heart and person to weather the storms of marriage and hang-in-there when all hope seems gone. God rewards stayers, not quitters! Your marriage is more important to God than you could possibly ever realize. Sadly, marriage has been cheapened by the Godless Playboy philosophy in America.

Nearly everyone who files for divorce DEMONIZES their former spouse as if they were the Antichrist. Hypocrites! Oh, you're just so perfect aren't you? I'm talking about slackard husbands here too! The sad evil truth is that the spouse who STRIKES FIRST IN A U.S. COURT WINS! Any lawyer will tell you that. It's almost guaranteed, and it's an agenda of the New World Order, to destroy marriages and families. There's nothing just nor fair about the lucrative divorce racket in America! Lawyers and judges who process divorces are the scum of the earth! There's no money in the marriage-mending business these days. The scum bankers want you to lose your home to bankruptcy because of a divorce. They can't steal your home if your marriage is mended.

President Obama appointed a Hispanic lesbian judge, Judge Nitza I. Quiñones Alejandron, in November of 2012 to U.S. District Court. Do you think lesbians judges will be righteous and just in their rulings? NO WAY! Here's a sicko lesbian judge in Texas who refuses to marry straight people until gays can also get married. Lesbian judges are becoming very popular in America. Infamous lesbian tennis player Billie Jean King has been portrayed as a judge on TV. Gays are in control of the newsmedia, New York Times, Hollywood, The White House and they're homosexualizing the nation. Psalms 9:17 warns that God will turn all the wicked into Hell. Gays love to see lesbians in power, to further the cause of the wicked and to stop the cause of the righteous. The wicked and the righteous will NEVER get along. Proverbs 29:27, “An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.” We see President Obama and other wicked people praying (all a pretense), but the Bible teaches that God doesn't hear their prayers. Proverbs 28:9, “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.”

President Obama has already appointed over 200 gays and lesbians to government positions during his years in office. Shame! Shame on Mr. Obama and America's homosexuals in power! God will have the final laugh when He casts the wicked into Hell forever (Isaiah 13:11; Psalm 9:17; John 3:36). If you think I'm angry over sin, you don't even want to know how angry God is. Psalms 94:3, “LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked triumph?” Ah, Job has the answer for us in Job 20:5, “That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?” I don't hate anyone, I hate sin and evil (premeditated sin), which God hates! Psalms 97:10 commands Christian believers to HATE EVIL. Sin is destroying America, punishing authoritative husbands and fathers, turning women into feminist rebels and ruining our homes. No amount of gun-totin' patriotism will save our nation. Only repentance toward God will save our country, and NOTHING else!

And let me add, NO psychiatrist will ever tell a wife that she is lazy, rebellious, and needs to get right with God. Rather, 95% of the time a DRUG is prescribed. This is another woeful evil in America. Many Americans are fat slobs who don't have control over their appetites, so they beg the Pharmaceutical companies for a drug to make them trim. Many Americans can't control their sex appetites, so they take birth control pills. A drug for this, a drug for that. No drug can replace personal discipline and character, which are foreign words to many people today. 

The truth is that most people end up in a psychiatrist's office because of stubbornness and rebellion. The answer is NOT in a prescription drug, or in some heathen shrink's advice. The answer is profoundly simple... GET RIGHT WITH GOD IN YOUR HEART!

Marriage and the Character of a Martyr (a needful MP3 sermon by Pastor Jeff Owens)

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