Disney's 'Hercules' Movie Blasphemes the Gospel

By David J. Stewart | April 2008

This is just so sickening!!!  Here are the lyrics from Walt Disney's movie Hercules.  The song is titled, THE GOSPEL TRUTH...

The Gospel Truth
From "Hercules"

Back when the world was new,
The planet Earth was down on its luck.
And everywhere gigantic brutes
called Titans ran amok!

It was a nasty place!
There was a mess wherever you stepped.
Where chaos reigned and earthquakes
and volcanoes never slept!

And then along came Zeus-
He hurled his thunderbolt-
He zapped!
Locked those suckers in a vault!
They're trapped!
And on his own stopped chaos in its tracks.
And that's the gospel truth!

The guy was too type A to just relax.
And that's the world's first dish.
Zeus tamed the globe while still in his youth.
Though, honey, it may seem imposs'ble-
That's the gospel truth!

On mount Olympus life was neat
and smooth as sweet vermouth.
Though, honey, it may seem imposs'ble-
That's the gospel truth!

(Later on in the movie)

He ran the Underworld,
But thought the dead were dull and uncouth.
He was as mean as ruthless-
And that's the gospel truth.
He had a plan to shake things up-
And that's the gospel truth!

(Later in the movie)

Young Herc was mortal now, But since he did not drink the last drop
He still retained his godlike strength-
So thank his lucky star!

But Zeus and Hera wept
Because their son could never come home.
They'd have to watch their precious baby
Grow up from afar.

Though Hades' horrid
Was hatched before Herc cut his first tooth,
The boy grew stronger ev'ry day
And that's the gospel truth!

Walt Disney is straight out of the pits of Hell.  Satan is using Disney's movies and music to brainwash children, leading them into apostasy and heathendom.  The muses (i.e., Hercules daughters) do their job of singing songs in the movie and several times state "...that's the gospel truth."  Myth is now Gospel truth???  And here I thought the Bible was the ONLY Gospel truth.  They seem to present Hercules as a 'Jesus-type' hero who went into the river of death and brought out a soul, Meg's, and thus by doing such a deed that was in his heart (due to love) he became a god.  Clearly, Greek mythology and the Word of God are diametrically opposed to each other.  The Bible is Truth; but Greek mythology is fiction.  It is obvious that the heathens at Walt Disney don't see any difference between the Bible and Greek mythology.

Reality of Truth verses Myth

It is a dangerous thing to confuse children between reality and fiction.  As Christians, we see the stark danger of referring to any myth as "the Gospel truth."  This is the danger of teaching children about an omnipotent and omniscient being called "Santa Claus."  The producers at Walt Disney don't view the Gospel of Jesus Christ as reality, so they attack it by diminishing it's message to that of mere mythology.  This is a horrible sin and blasphemy against God. 

Popular children's author, C.S. Lewis, believed the Book of Job is "unhistorical" (Reflections on the Psalms, pp. 110), and that the Bible contained "error" (pp. 110, 112) and is not divinely inspired (The Inklings, p. 175).

"I have the deepest respect for Pagan myths, still more for myths in the Holy Scriptures" (The Problem of Pain, p.71)

C.S. Lewis was an unsaved heretic, who is burning in hellfire this moment.  C.S. Lewis is popular with the Devil's crowd today, because he gave the "appearance" (2nd Corinthians 11:13-14) of being a true Christian; but he was an imposter working for Satan.

Young children are extremely impressionable, which is exactly why Hillary Clinton wants to confiscate your preschooler...

Hillary Clinton’s Hostile Preschool Takeover


Sen. Hillary Clinton ignited few fireworks, speaking before the nation's largest teachers union over the July 4 holiday. But one proposal is proving explosive: state-run preschool for all families.

Clinton's proposal — introduced Thursday in the Senate — would give states $28 billion over five years to incorporate the nation's 120,000 preschools now run in firms, churches and storefronts into a government-run system. READ MORE

SOURCE: Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton’s Hostile Preschool Takeover - The Hillary Project - HillaryProject.com

And you can bet that the children in government-controlled preschools are going to receive an unhealthy daily dose of witchcraft, New Age, Evolution and homosexual training, just as other public schools kids do now...

Judge orders 'gay' agenda taught to Christian children
Rules kids need teachings to be 'engaged and productive citizens'

By Bob Unruh | February 24, 2007
© 2008 WorldNetDaily.com

ButchA federal judge in Massachusetts has ordered the "gay" agenda taught to Christians who attend a public school in Massachusetts, finding that they need the teachings to be "engaged and productive citizens."

U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf yesterday dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by David Parker, ordering that it is reasonable, indeed there is an obligation, for public schools to teach young children to accept and endorse homosexuality.

Wolf essentially adopted the reasoning in a brief submitted by a number of homosexual-advocacy groups, who said "the rights of religious freedom and parental control over the upbringing of children … would undermine teaching and learning…"

SOURCE: Judge orders 'gay' agenda taught to Christian children

Children are gifts from Jesus Christ (Psalm 127:3).  God has entrusted you to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4).  Every child belongs to God, and each parent has been entrusted by God to train that child (Proverb 22:6).  How sad that most of today's parents either murder their child by abortion, or surrender that child to the Satanic public school system to be brainwashed with demonic philosophies.  The battle today is over the Word of God.  Teach your children that the Bible is God's Word... every Word of It!  In this insane world in which we live today, the Word of God is the only Thing that makes sense anymore.

Walt Disney is of the Devil

Walt Disney is leading the way in corrupting children's minds, inoculating them from the Truth of God's Word.  Disney has incorporated witchcraft, New Age, demonism, and sexual perversion into many of their movies.  For example: Take a look at NARNIA, which features Pan, the sexual god of rape and sexual lust.  It is no coincidence that Tumnus (Pan) is found alone with an innocent little girl in his home.  As a point of reference, consider the demonic movie, Pan's Labyrinth, featuring an innocent little girl at the mercy of such a hideous demonic creature. 

In the Disney movie, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, Christian parents are demonized, heathen parents are glorified, and fundamental Biblical teachings are attacked.  The Devil wants your children!!!  Satan isn't going to send a representative of the Church of Satan to your front door.  No, rather, he's going to lure your kids away from God using Walt Disney and C.S. Lewis, and all the other demonic influences on children today.

Disney even exploits Jesus Christ, featuring 'The Holy Land Experience,' a Christian theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Greek mythology is saturated with sexual immorality, demonism, and idolatry.  As the sky god, Zeus had easy access to the women of the world and took full advantage of it.  Zeus slept with anyone he could god or human.  Disney is so messed up!!  It is a shame that Disney would refer to the pagan immoral teachings of Greek mythology as "the Gospel truth."  The Gospel is not a trifle matter.  Romans 1:16 states: "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."  The Gospel (i.e., good news) of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation to those who believe.  We are dirty, rotten, guilty, hell-deserving sinners; but God sent His only begotten Son into the world to pay for our sins.  Jesus' redeeming blood is what washes our sins away (1st John 1:7; 1st Peter 1:18,19; Revelation 1:5). 

We see that fans of Satan have also perverted the meaning of Biblical words such as "wicked."  It is common nowadays to hear people refer to something good as "wicked" or "wicked cool."  This is sinful.  If "wicked" now mean something good, and "the Gospel truth" is no more truthful that Greek myths, than what bastion remains of Christianity?  Don't let the Devil rob you, or your loved ones, of the Truth of God's Word.  The best defense is a strong offense.  I cannot overstate the importance of teaching children the Word of God.  This is why Sunday School is so important. 

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