“Gay Day” at Disney World is EVIL!

Out of the Closet and Into the Magic Kingdom
by Martin Mawyer, CAN President

“If the Baptists really want to make an impact on Disney … they’re going to have to shell out big bucks to hold their own ‘Crazy Christers Days’ at Disneyland.”

SOURCE: Michael Thomas Ford, writing for the gay web site “i-out.com.”  Note: since the writing of this article, the website no longer exists.  Thankfully another gay website is gone!)

Gay Days at Disney World was incorporated in June of 1990. And since 1999, I’ve been traveling to Orland, Florida, with my video camera to capture the event on film. What I’ve compiled is a shocking and disturbing exposé of gay behavior that has become as familiar to Disney World as Mickey Mouse and the inspiring statue of “Father Walt” Disney himself.  Imagine the reaction of many married couples who save every dime to plan their vacation with their impressionable young children.

They travel from across the country to Disney World, only to discover that the park has been taken over by red-shirted, orgiastic homosexuals. And imagine the horror of seeing the lovable and innocent characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, whom the children have been taught to accept and cherish, suddenly promoting the gay lifestyle to children. It happens every June at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Gay Days web site includes this disgusting introduction to gay activity at Disney World:

“Think you’re too old to go simply mad about the Mouse? OK, but wouldn’t it be cool to kiss your girlfriend in the Magic Kingdom, in front of Walt and everybody? Thousands of other lesbians and gay men have thought so, traditionally sporting red T-shirts to let each other know who’s ‘family’ on at least one magical day of the summer.”

With the cheerful strains of classic Disney music playing in the background, mainstream families with little children are subjected to seeing throngs of homosexuals wearing red T-shirts that proclaim: “A day of magic … a night of pleasure.” Throughout the day within Disney’s Magic Kingdom, they can be seen fondling each other, groping each other, engaged in open-mouth kissing, group urination in public restrooms – and worse. And that’s just during the daytime hours.

At night, thousands of homosexuals begin partying in earnest at Disney theme parks such as “Pleasure Island,” “Mannequins” and “MGM Studios.” “Hedonistic” barely describes the behavior. During the recently concluded “Gay Days,” I not only saw men kissing men, but these shirtless homosexuals were twisting the nipples of each other and fondling the butts and groins of their “lovers.” All of this occurs out in the open, in public, every year, at Walt Disney World.

This year they were expecting me and my camera, and they tried to have me arrested as I filmed the debauchery and drunken partying at one of the Disney nightclubs. I was told that the “patrons” were uncomfortable with my presence inside the club, and I was ordered to leave. Outside, I continued taping, but was ordered to stop. When I refused, I was threatened with arrest, although police never arrived when the Disney officials called them. 

Obviously, Disney wants to hide the sordid debauchery of this event on their property. The gay community has estimated it spent $15 million at Disney World during the recent 2003 Gay Days celebration, and that from 60,000 to 100,000 homosexuals attended the three-day orgy. That’s $15 million that Disney made from sponsorship of homosexual activity.  They can deny that they sponsor the event – as Disney officials do every year when controversy erupts over Gay Days – but the sea of red-shirted homosexuals at Disney World each year proves otherwise.

For years, the Disney Company has been thumbing its nose to the American public. When there is a protest over its sponsorship of homosexuality, the Disney brass can be counted on to ignore it, condemn it, or laugh at it. Boycotts, most notably the one launched by the Southern Baptists several years ago, have had some impact on Disney earnings – but not enough.  

Disney’s response to the boycott has been to accelerate its offensive entertainment offerings and continue to disregard the public that made them great. What will it take to convince Disney to stop its promotion of homosexuality and other perversion?  Having witnessed and filmed the activities at Gay Days for a number of years, I know that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why Christian Action Network will soon be distributing its compiled footage of Gay Days in videotape form in a national press conference, and to Disney shareholders.

I am firmly convinced that most of the shareholders who own stock in Disney have no idea that many of their earnings derive from such filth.  In fact, the entire concept of Disney World is a lie. The family-friendly atmosphere … the lovable Disney characters … it’s all a pretense. If you pay Disney enough money, you can do almost anything at Disney World. The homosexuals have proved that to be true. In just a few weeks Disney shareholders, and the public, will finally see for themselves what goes on at Disney World when the sun goes down … and the red shirts come off. END

An Insane "Gay Days" Event at Disney

by Martin Mawyer, CAN President

There’s a new event this year during “Gay Days at Walt Disney World,” which begins June 2 and runs until the 7th.
For all the “homosexual” boys and girls arriving in Orlando, there will be a “Gay and Lesbian Youth Meeting” at Cinderella’s Castle. This event is being billed as a place for kids of “ALL AGES” to “meet each other to make this day even more special!” (All exclamation marks and caps are theirs.)  Not surprisingly, this event will take place behind Cinderella’s Castle and at the entrance to Fantasy Land. 

A lot can be read into this meeting place: Are we to believe that homosexual children are being treated like step children by the straight world, but old enough to engage in their sexual fantasies?  Regardless of the hidden and subliminal messages, this event raises disturbing questions. For instance, how do children of ALL AGES know whether they are gay or lesbian? Does an eight-year-old know his or her own sexuality? What about a five-year-old. Remember, this meeting is only open to “Gays and Lesbians,” but children of ALL AGES. 

You might cringe at the thought that kids as young as 4 or 5 will be at this meeting, but they surely will be. You can count on it. Their homosexual parents WILL take their little kids and parade them around as Gay and Lesbian Tykes. But how do these kids know they are homosexuals? Forget about the little ones. How does a 13 or 14-year-old know he or she is homosexual?

There’s only one way to know for sure. And that means these parents are allowing them to engage in sex. Yet, more probable, it’s because these parents are making a determined effort to turn them into homosexuals, by taking such actions as: Carting them off to “Gay and Lesbian Youth Meetings.”  

Yes, these young kids are being TRAINED (emphasis mine) into a gay or lesbian relationship. And what a great place to start? Disney World! Where fantasies come true! Take the little tykes into a seabed of 100,000 homosexuals, introduced them into the raucous sex that is all around them, show them other little children who are homosexual, and maybe they can force their homosexuality on their kids. 

But there’s a more insidious problem than just taking them to a “Gay and Lesbian Youth Meeting” at Cinderella’s Castle.
This event is being advertised on the Gay Day website. And that means any sexual pervert in the world can see -– and make plans to attend –- an event where hundreds of little kids are going to be dropped off by their parents to meet each other.

Pardon me, but this is simply crazy!

Do the homosexuals not know that there are sexual predators in the world? Are they so warped in their thinking that they would dare drop off kids at an event being advertised on the Internet? You can imagine what a sexual predator will think:
Here’s a gathering of children of ALL AGES who are going to be dropped off, BEHIND Cinderella’s Castle, for the unthinkable proposition that some are meeting each other for sexual partners. 

And these homosexual “guardians” don’t think that a sexual pervert is going to find this as an attractive gathering point for potential victims? Amusement parks are already one of the most dangerous places to leave children unattended, without advertising it on the Internet and without telling sexual predators that kids are gathering to find sexual partners.

The whole thing makes my stomach turn. Perhaps yours too. But if this makes you sick with concern, think about all the unsuspecting families that will be arriving during Gay Days who know nothing about this event. Disney, as you probably know by now, refuses to warn unsuspecting families about Gay Days during June 2-7. They would rather take the hard-earned money of these parents than warn them about the hotbed of homosexual activity they will find both inside and outside Disney Theme Parks. Still, these parents need to be warned. 

That’s why this year CAN will be warning families arriving at Disney World during Gay Days. The details of our plans will not be revealed here – not yet. We’re not about to give away our strategy to Disney or militant members of the homosexual community at this point. But if you want to volunteer, or help in any way, let us know.

If these homosexuals don’t mind dragging their own little kids (of ALL AGES) to a gay and lesbian youth meeting, you can be assured that they could care less about what happens to anybody else’s child arriving at Disney World.


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