Remembering Terri Schiavo

by David J. Stewart

Matthew 25:40, “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

       It's been almost 5-years now since the torture and murder of Terri Schiavo. My blood boils every time I think about it. It was an act of utter cruelty, inhumanity and brutal injustice. How could this happen here, in the so-called Land of the Free? Terri has not been forgotten.

Terri Schiavo's crime was the inability to eat and drink without assistance. Her family offered to take care of Terri with their own money and in their own home. The judge said no, let her die.

Every time I think about what they did to poor Terri, it breaks my heart. Terri smiled when her family came to visit her. She laughed, she cried, she loved.

In March of 2005, by court order, Terri's water and feeding tubes were removed. She slowly dehydrated and starved to death, until blood came from her eyes and mouth . . .

Terri Schiavo Bleeding From the Eyes and Mouth Attorney Says

by Steven Ertelt | Editor
March 26, 2005

Pinellas Park, FL ( -- An attorney for Terri Schiavo's parents told Fox News Saturday morning that Terri Schiavo's medical condition due to her starvation and dehydration is growing perilous. Terri is now reportedly bleeding from her eyes and mouth.

Barbara Weller, an attorney for Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schindler told Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" that blood was coming from Terry's eyes and tongue.

"Her eyes are sunken and her skin continues to flake off," Weller added.

Terri looks so poor in health now that Weller described her as resembling "an Auschwitz victim."

Without such eyewitness descriptions, the world may never know the kind of pain and suffering Terri is enduring in her final days. At the request of Michael's lawyer, euthanasia advocate George Felos, videos and cameras are banned in Terri's hospice room.

Terri's parents, family and attorneys are also limited to the amount of time they can spend with her each day and they may not be present with Terri if the ultimately passes away...

SOURCE: Terri Schiavo Bleeding From the Eyes and Mouth Attorney Says

If Terri had been a dog, or a terrorist or a mass-murderer, she would have been protected by the law. Think about that! There is a law in Florida which prohibits the inhumane killing of a horse; but not a human being like Terri. What is wrong with our nation? Have people lost their minds?

Can you imagine having no water, no food and being unable to cry out for help until you perish? That poor woman died an atrocious death, bleeding from her eyes and mouth, while the authorities who had the power to save her didn't. The news showed a young boy in handcuffs, who was arrested for attempting to bring Terri a cup of water. Can you imagine?

This is the same rotten and arrogant nation that fired Judge Roy Moore, for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from his court building.

Our nation has already slaughtered over 50,000,000 precious gifts from God. Psalm 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.” The Bible teaches that children are God's property, but He passes that property over to the parents. This is a reward, i.e., a bestowed honor, from God. Instead of simply creating more people, God has honored mankind by entrusting parents to raise up children for the Lord.

Instead, our nation kills them! So it doesn't surprise me that our nation also killed Terri Schiavo, mercilessly torturing her to death. I want to puke every time I hear about truth, justice and the American way. The “American way” is anything but truth and justice. The truth is that Terri Schiavo was unjustly murdered. The truth is that tens-of-millions of children have been unjustly murdered. What's one more life, right?

The newsmedia has forgotten about the beloved Terri Schiavo; but God hasn't, and neither have those who love God. We remember you Terri, you are not forgotten!

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