Sinful Times Ahead for America

By David J. Stewart

       There is legislation in the works called the “Employment Non Discrimination Act” (ENDA) that is going to force Christian businesses to hire homosexuals and create a non-offensive work environment for them. The following is quoted from the movie SILENCING THE CHRISTIANS...

“Mainly though, ENDA (Employment Non Discrimination Act) is an attack by the government on religious freedom. It is the government telling people what they can believe. When it comes to sexual conduct and sexual activity, ah, people come to their beliefs on that through their religious frame of reference, whatever that is. For the government to come in and say, we're now going to tell you what you can believe and what you can think, that's an incredible violation of freedom of conscience.” . . .

“What it means is that, a church for example, who would not normally hire homosexuals, to work in their environment, will be forced to.” . . .

“As you can see, our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion are hanging in the balance. Laws and actions that would have been unthinkable, even 20 years ago, are becoming reality. People just like you and me are being arrested, threatened with lawsuits, their losing their jobs and struggling to pass their values to their children.” . . .

“On his website,, the new President laid out his plans to support, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Americans. It includes doing away with the 'Don't ask, don't tell policy', allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military, expanding Hate Crimes legislation, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, opposing a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages, passing the Employment Non Discrimination Act, and expanding adoption rights for gays and lesbians. And in addition, he's promised to appoint federal and Supreme Court judges who are compassionate towards gays and lesbians. What that really means is that he's going to appoint judges who will rewrite the Constitution, if necessary, to make it say exactly what they want it to say. So connect the dots.”

“Same sex marriage means that school children are going to be taught that homosexuality is normal, moral and the equivalent of a marriage between one man and one woman, Hate crimes laws means that Christians, even pastors, will be prosecuted for teaching what the Bible says about homosexuality. And the passage of the Employment Non Discrimination Act, well, that means that churches and ministries and Christian businesses are going to be forced to hire homosexuals and create a non-offensive work environment for them.”

You can read the Obama-Biden Plan for yourself. The issue is not about Civil Rights, it's about Christians being allowed to exercise their freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

John 16:2, “Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”

“And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life" (John 5:40)

Notice that Jesus said “ye will not come,” not ye cannot come.

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