From Vapor To Floods

by Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001)

(Loyal Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana for over 42 years)

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 - I Have Sinned
Chapter 2 - Pleiades and Orion
Chapter 3 - Strength and Beauty
Chapter 4 - I Am Not My Own
Chapter 5 - Seven Bible valleys
Chapter 6 - When Absalom Burned Joab's Farm
Chapter 7 - When God Hides His Face From The Righteous
Chapter 8 - Saved But Not Converted
Chapter 9 - After His Kind
Chapter 10 - A Brook In The Way
Chapter 11 - His Mercy Endureth Forever
Chapter 12 - God's Peculiar Treasure
Chapter 13 - Dwell Deep


        Someone has said that preaching is pouring back to the congregation in a flood what is received from the congregation in a vapor.  The membership of the First Baptist Church of Hammond joins with me in sharing this volume of sermons that we have given to each other.  It is my hope that the reader can feel both the flood and the vapor and will receive showers of blessings from these messages.

        At the conclusion of each sermon to sinners scores of people have been saved.  During the invitation following the sermons to saints thousands of God's people have knelt at the altar, making decisions that deepened their Christian experience.

        Not only am I sharing with you, the reader, the great truths contained in these messages, but I am sharing with you thousands of hours of study, gallons of tears, and an immeasurable amount of love that was poured from my pulpit to my people through the spoken word and now to you through the printed page.

        I am especially indebted to Mabel Boardway and Gail McKinney, who typed the manuscript; to Elaine Colsten, the proofreader; to Jennie Nischik , Nancy Bewley, and Judith Anderson of the Hyles Publications Department who have helped in the preparation, and will help in the distribution of the vapor received from the congregation, the flood poured back from the pulpit, and the showers of blessing which we trust you will receive from our labors.


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