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(1) Joel Osteen: The Prosperity Gospel’s Coverboy by Jackie Alnor, June 2003

Move over Robert Schuller, the Church of Laodicea has a new star on the rise in the world of positive motivational Christianity. It’s Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, whose motto is "Discover the Champion in You." He is the son of Pentecostal preacher the late John Osteen. But where his dad lacked in charm and charisma the 39-year-old son makes up for it in the style of a Tony Robbins with the looks of a Richard Gere. 

(2) Joel Osteen: The Leaven Of Lakewood by Robert Liichow, Inner City Discernment Ministries, 10/04.

I want to begin this article by giving credit where credit is due.  When it comes to the Lakewood charismatic
mega-church there are aspects of this ministry which must be cited as worthy.  To begin with the church was originally started by John Osteen, who was originally a Southern Baptist pastor but after receiving the “baptism” in/with the Holy Spirit he became enamored with the charismatic renewal movement in its early stage and eventually became associated with the Word of
Faith (WOF) cult.

(3) Joel Osteen: Preaching a False Positive with a Smile by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 2/05
Joel Osteen, positive confession with a smile.

(4) Apprising Joel Osteen's Word-Faith Teachings by Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries, 2005

If these “teachers” would just leave it at self-esteem, perhaps it wouldn’t be as much of a concern. But unfortunately they don’t, and Osteen and Meyer, et al, then attempt to convey the idea to the unsuspecting masses that what they “preach” is in line with the historic orthodox faith which was once for all handed down to the saints (Jude 3, NASB). However, these false prophets of “Christian” self-esteem, such as Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer have been shown clearly to be a part of the cult of the Word Faith Movement. And as such, they do not represent the Christian Church and are definitely not worthy of the support of true Christians. 

(5) Osteen's Ignorance by Discernment Ministries International, 9/05

If there has been one article on our website which has drawn more criticism is the reprint of "The Leaven of Lakewood."  DMI has received numerous emails from people who believe Joel is truly one of God's most anointed servants and a force for good within the Church and world. Almost all of the complaints and calls for us to take down that article seem to focus in on my concern over his lack of theological training.  Many people simply cannot see the need to go to seminary in order to be a pastor of a church.  The following comments are taken from an interview given on Larry King Live, June 20, 2005.  I will let Joel speak for himself and you, the reader, be the judge whether or not a formal biblical education is of benefit to someone who serves as "pastor" of the largest congregation in America.  My comments will be in Ariel font, King's and Osteen's in New Times Roman.  I have tried to tie the salient points of the interview together, which at best can be described as a stream of consciousness on both King's and Osteen's part.

(6) Joel Osteen: Smile When You Lie by Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries, 2005

Unless you have been living on another planet you have no doubt heard of, or even seen America’s smiling pastor Joel Osteen, head of Lakewood Church, one of the largest professing Evangelical Christian congregations in the world. What needs to be understood here is that the only way someone like this could even be considered an Evangelical is due to the disturbing low ebb of discernment today in the Body of Christ. Here is a man who at best has such an alarming simplistic message concerning Christianity–and at worst is yet another of the many Word Faith teachers currently infesting our Lord’s Church–an alarmingly arrogant breed who are now fearlessly spouting their doctrines of devils.

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