Hillary Klinton, Go-Go-Girls & Glide Church

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       Every time I wonder if we are being too hard on the Klintons and churches that think they (the Klintons) are good examples of Christianity, I see something that assures me we are not. I had the privilege of spending the night last week with a Methodist pastor who is graduating this spring from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky.

By being a student of Asbury my minister friend had a rare copy of a book written by Chilton C. McPheeters titled, "Pardon Me Sir...Your Halo Is Showing" (ISBN # 0915143003). Chilton McPheeters is the son of J.C. McPheeters and J.C. was the president of Asbury Theological Seminary for many years prior to his death. Before becoming the president of Asbury, J.C. McPheeters was pastor of Glide Memorial Methodist Church in San Francisco for 18 years.

Glide Memorial Methodist Church was the one that Bill Klinton took Hillary to on May 10, 1982, for Mother's Day. Hillary told the press out on the steps of the church that being taken to Glide was, "the best Mother's day present anyone ever gave me."

There are many stories told about the goings on at Glide Memorial Methodist Church. I had doubted they were true until I read parts of the book by the son of former pastor, J.C. McPheeters. Chilton McPheeters says of his father, "Persons looking for a negative, judgmental and bitter response were regularly disappointed in J.C.'s reply" when he would be asked what he thought about what was happening at Glide since he left. He would often say that, "he prayed for his successor, The Reverend Cecil Williams every day."

Why would people constantly be looking to J.C. to see if he would say something negative about Glide Church? Well, let's take a look at what has happened at Glide since J.C. left to become president of Asbury Theological Seminary. Rev. Cecil Williams proudly tells what has gone on at Glide in his own words.

"The chairman of my official board is an admitted homosexual. And why not? This is one way for a person to find his sexual identity."

"Most of our people believe in the communal life. I have not married a single couple at Glide who had not already been living together."

"One qualification for our secretaries at Glide is that they be sexy and wear mini-skirts. If a woman is sexually desirable why not tell her so?"

"We had one of our girls who had given birth to a child out of wedlock stand before our church and tell the inner joy of having a baby without moral inhibitions."

"People become stimulated in our church happenings. We believe in people doing their thing and doing what they want to do. Several have become so stimulated...they have disrobed. One young man came to church covered only by a blanket. During the service he walked up front and threw his blanket down and stood there totally naked. If I had been there at the time I would have walked over there and patted him and said, "Man what a beautiful body you have!" Why? Because for me there is nothing dirty or sinful about nakedness."

"Glide Church sets the tempo for night clubs. We do our own thing and then the night clubs of the Bay Area pattern after us."

"It has promoted and encouraged financial support for the Black Panthers...Gay Liberation...and Anti-Vietnam War Protests. It helped to found and support...The Council for Religion and the Homosexual, an organization that seeks to gain acceptance of homosexual and lesbian life-styles as viable, alternate lifestyles."

"In 1967, Glide Church hosted a weekend `Happening' sponsored by the Artists' Liberation Front. It drew large crowds of young people, from drag queens to members of Hell's Angels. Naked men and topless belly dancers moved easily around a sanctuary filled with clouds of incense, the smell of pot, the sounds of drums and horns, all against a mood background of candles and flashing lights. Downstairs, this event provided sex films and improvised beds for the stimulation and release of sexual passion. All of this, along with dancing, singing and the chanting of Hindu mantras, the church intended to use to build bridges of understanding between polarized groups..."

"In May 1971 one of the first homosexual "marriages" took place in Glide Church. In 1972 Rabbi Abraham L. Fineberg was installed as "Rabbi in Residence" while go-go-girls danced in celebration of the occasion." "In 1974 Glide Church played host to a convention of prostitutes who proudly wore medallions with the inscription `74 the Year of the Whore'"

"Rev." Williams has also been quoted as saying he is, "tired of hearing about Jesus."  This is the church that Hillary so proudly said that Bill taking her to was the best Motherís Day present she ever received.  Folks, if you ever wondered whether the Klintons are serious about being Christians or not then please wonder no more.  See the sequel to this article "Foundry Memorial Methodist 'Cult'"

SOURCE: Hillary Clinton, Go-Go-Girls & Glide Church

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