Child of Divorce

"Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word."

"I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation."

PSALMS 119:9, 99

This testimony was written by a 15-year old young man.  This testimony reminds us that divorce is hard on children--we married people must obey God and stay together with ONE marriage partner until death parts us.  Divorce is a sin!  The Bible says that only then are we at liberty to marry again. Jesus made it very clear that we are under the marriage bond as long as our spouse lives despite the fact that you can get man's divorce papers.

When we marry, we are no longer two separate people in God's eyes. We become one person. That's why divorce has such a devastating impact. It is not in the divine plan. Jesus says that remarriage while your spouse is alive is adultery. This is a hard thing. Even the disciples wrestled with it. They said, if the case with a man be so, it is good not to marry. For single people reading this, take your time and closely examine a potential mate because when you marry, the only way you will be freed from your partner is by death.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

My parents have been divorced for about nine years. I am 15 years old. I have two brothers and one sister. All I remember from before my parents got divorced is that there was a lot of fighting between my whole family, not just my parents. When my parents finally had enough of each, they decided to get a divorce. They told us this in the living room. I remember sitting on my couch at the right side of my mom, and my sister on the right. My brothers were there too. My dad was sitting down. As soon as one of my parents told us what was going to happen, my sister started to cry, one brother said something like " I'm living with dad" the other brother just shook his head. I was just feeling scared and wondering what was going on.

My sister and I moved away with my mom and we got along fine. I didn't see or even consider my dad. I pretty much forgot about him and my outside family. My dad had a girlfriend that he moved in with. During this time, I didn't know anything about God or Jesus. I went to church on Christmas Eve, and everything that I heard there went out of my head by the next week. I remember being very afraid of death. I used to stay up and wonder what it is going to be like. Since I didn't know anything about heaven, I thought that when I die I'm just going to be laying there in darkness doing nothing. And I wondered why I was even borned [sic]. I was terrified of that thought. But know, I can hardly wait until I die. Not for the reason of depression or not wanting to live any more, I just want to live with Jesus. But I know that Jesus wants me to witness on earth so that with His help we can save as much people as possible.

After about 7 years living with my mom, my brother moved in with me because of certain problems happening in his life and my other brother moved away and lived on his own. And I started seeing my dad every weekend. I loved the time we would spend together, because he would take me to do things that my mom would not do. He would take me to movies every weekend, spend time with me.

But there was a bad side to this, I realized why I didn't see my dad for a long time, it was because of his girlfriend. She turned a little crazy, I guess. I don't want to get into that subject now. But my dad finally kicked her out of the house and I went to go live with him and his mom in the same house I grew up in. One of my brothers became saved with the help of my aunt and uncle. He moved out with some of his buddies from high school. I didn't know anything about this because he was a drug addict and drunk a lot.

After three months of living with my dad, he found a new girlfriend. Throughout the months they are seeming to get closer and closer together. But what my dad doesn't realize is that he has a son that who still depends on him. Now me and him almost never spend time with each other expect on Saturday mornings when he takes me to my bowling league.

My sister had a baby girl when I moved in with my dad.

About the beginning of December, my saved brother gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to go to church with him. I said sure. I went and I was bored out my mind because I didn't know what the Pastor was talking about. So I didn't go again.

My brother asked me every week if I wanted to go, but I just made excuses. I finally got a Bible and went on a regular basis. I met people there and got involved with a youth group after church and Wednesday nights. They were all very nice people. After a couple of weeks I just asked my 2nd hour teacher what a Christian is. She told me, and I decided that I wanted to become one and walk with Christ the rest of my life, and for my everlasting life. That was January 26, 1997.

When I got out of church that day, I went over to my Mom's house because my sister was having a Super bowl Party. I didn't even care too much about the game, because I was so happy of what I had just done. Thank you Lord. I started reading out of the Bible and boy was I loving it. The first book I read was very scary, Revelation. I guess that wasn't good to start out with. I read: Ruth, Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude, and Revelation. I'm just started Galatians, I'm going to start Genesis tomorrow.

My church was so happy, but my family (except for the brother that invited me) didn't really care for it. But it [getting saved] changed my life for ever on. Praise God. Now I'm still living with my dad and grandma. My saved brother is living with a friend from church, my sister is living with my mom and she now has two children a boy and a girl. She gave the boy up for adoption. I am happy that she done that and didn't get an abortion. My other brother is living with some girl and I haven't talked with him in such a long time.

I go to a special school for people who have special talents in: Visual Arts, Theater, Dance, and Music. My major is Visual Arts. I just got back from my Monday Bible Study at school...It's pretty neat to have a Bible Study at school, because in my school there is a lot of satanic things.

Two things that I saw really bug me; a person wrote on his book bag a big fish (like the one that has JESUS in it), but he wrote "Satan" inside of it. Another thing is a person wore a shirt that on the back in big red letters had the number 666 on it. A lot of people at my school where stuff like that, but it gets to me after a while. But one of the teachers there holds a Bible Study after school every Monday. I went there tonight, but none of the other kids turned up, so we just talked about stuff that was happening in our life. So that was pretty cool.

And that's my testimony so far.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless you.