Saved from Romish Chains

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not." - John 1:5

I am Brother Craig Moss of C.J. Moss On-Line Ministry, I was very impressed with the truths on your page. Growing up as a Roman Catholic, I discovered problems with the differences between The Church and the Bible. I was in Catholic School as a child, and served as an alter boy. I had for a while toyed with the notion of becoming a priest. The one thing that stood in the way of my doing so was my conscience. I could not tell people that it was proper to pray to statues, when the Bible said that it was not.

As I read Gods precious Word (KJV), I found that there were many more things wrong with the Catholic Church. I could find nowhere the place called purgatory, all I saw was Heaven and Hell. I was told all my life that being a born again Christian was wrong, and that they were all a bunch of self righteous hypocrites. Thus I believed that for a long time, and rejected every one that ever approached me with the gospel.

I was brought to a place in my life two years ago, where I was destitute, and the trials of life had beaten me down so far that the only way I could look was up. I looked toward heaven, (Catholics do believe in the existence of God), and asked God to show me what I needed to do, I was at my wits end. I went in the house and layed my weary head to rest and after a while dozed off to sleep. The next morning I awoke to a knock at my door, I opened the door to find a man there who was a bus minister for a local Baptist Church. He wanted to know if my kids would be able to ride the Church Bus to Church on Sunday. I asked the boys if they wanted to or not, and they said that they did. The man asked me if everything was ok, and being honest I said no, and told him of my trouble. He asked me if I was saved, and I said "saved, what's that?" He asked if he and his son could come back on Tuesday night. I said "please do", and he parted. After he left, I got to thinking, I recalled what I had asked God the night before.

I waited eagerly for that man to come back that Tuesday night, because I needed to know more. He and his son showed up as scheduled. We talked for a while, as we read scripture (KJV) together. I finally realized that night that I was lost and in need of a Saviour. I remember it like it was yesterday, I got down on my knees and called upon Jesus Christ, and He saved my soul from Hell, I never questioned that again, I knew that moment I was saved. What I didn't know that night was that "saved" meant "born again". When I realized that it was the same thing, I realized also how badly I was deceived by the Roman Catholic Church.

I immediately desired to read the Bible in full, and within 6 months I did just that. I am so blessed!! Saved from Hell! My God supplies all of my needs!! I want for nothing!! Both of my sons have come to accept Christ as their personal Saviour, and we are excited!! Now I run a bus route for my local Church. God has called me into a street ministry, and I spend my weekend evenings walking the streets of Lexington North Carolina, sharing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying generation of teenagers. I have seen the Lord save several souls, and draw others back who had gone a stray. The Lord has nudged me to build an on-line ministry...

Brother Craig Moss | SOURCE