Woman asks, "Is it ok for a Christian to become a psychologist?"

I received the following letter in November of 2007 from one of my web visitors:

Hello Mr. David

God Bless you a million times. I'm soon going off to collage, and my brain hurts. I donít know what to study, i was thinking about psychology, but now that my eyes were opened spiritually by reading that article about psychology, i wonder if i should stop dreaming about becoming a psychologist. I just want your honest opinion, even if it's strict.  I donít know if thereís such thing as a Christian psychologist? Well if you may, please respond to me, even if it is a short sentence. : ) God Bless you a lot. Angela.

Here's my response:

Hi Angela,

      Thank you for your e-mail and the encouraging words.  I apologize for the delay in getting back to you... lots of e-mails.

I would recommend that you don't become a psychologist.  The Word of God is a Book of Psychology, which means "the study of the soul."  The problem with modern secular psychology is that it doesn't recognize man's inherent sin-nature.  There can be no harmony between Biblical truth and secular psychology.

If you did become a psychologist, you could lose your license for teaching your clients about their sin-nature.  You would be legally required to stick to a certain format, dictated by the same heathens at the American Psychiatric Association that now recognize homosexuality as a "normal" lifestyle.  The Bible calls homosexuality "vile affections" in Romans 1:26.  So the only true Christian psychology is the truth of God's Word.  People who use the term "Christian psychology" today are those who compromise God's truth with heathen philosophies.  The end result is what one website calls...


As a psychologist, you would get into trouble quickly if your patients reported you for preaching religion to them.  You would no doubt offend some people by the mention if SIN, but sin is the root problem of most people's troubles.  The average psychologist today sends many of their patients to a psychiatrist for medication.  Many of the drugs on the market today are dangerous, highly controversial, and don't work.  Pharmaceutical companies are getting filthy rich selling these drugs.  At best, the drugs only patch the underlying problem of sin. 

Many patients are diagnosed with "hormonal imbalance," or "a chemical imbalance of the brain," or "clinical depression."  However, the consequences of sinful thinking and living are NEVER taken into consideration.  For example: Feminism is a woeful sin, which the Bible condemns (Ephesians 5:22; 1st Samuel 15:23).  A woman who rebels against her husband's authority can never truly be happy.  No psychologist is going to advise a female patient to get right with God, and start obeying her husband.  Many diagnosis's can be made, except that your client is a sinner who needs to get right with God.  You wouldn't be allowed to tell people this without losing your license.

Please understand that I am just expressing my opinion.  I'm certain there are some wonderful psychologists out there who are Christians, and do incorporate their Christian beliefs carefully into their work; but I wouldn't want to have to sneak my beliefs into a profession that hates God, rejects the Bible, and is based upon the work of Sigmund Fraud (Freud).  The old guy commit suicide at the end of his life, go figure... the father of modern psychology.

Kindest regards,

David J. Stewart

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