Convert from Netherlands Says "Thank You!"

I received the following inspiring e-mail in April of 2006 ...

Hello David. I just wanted you to know how EFFECTIVE this website has been and still
is for me! You are such a blessed person for being able to pull this off. This is a
miracle. This WHOLE website consists of plain TRUTH! I want to thank you so much.
Just by accident 7 months ago, I hit your page with the "welcome to hell" message.
After I read that, I read how to "get saved".

From that beautiful moment on.. EVERYTHING became different. A wonder happened! I
felt so different, I never felt so good in my life! The way I talked, the way I
handled myself in situations, the sins I turned my back to, the love I was being
able to show to others such as my girlfriend. I simply was "born again"!

In those last 7 months, I have developed into such a different person. The Holy
Ghost in me becomes stronger day by day. I turned my back to ALL religions and fully
concentrated to One Person, and that Person is my Lord and Personal Savior Jesus
Christ. Everything falls together like a puzzle.

I just wanted to let you know, how important you have been in my life David! I will
never forget you. God bless you!

Sylvester, the Netherlands

Thank God for the wonderful testimonies of people such as Sylvester, who are courageously turning their backs against false religion, and are coming to Christ for salvation.  Amen!