Web visitor asks, "Are Psychiatric Drugs Bad?"


I received the following e-mail in October of 2005...

Dear Webmaster,

I'm a male at the age of 22 and living in Germany. I'm German.  I'm born
again. I found your website very interesting, especially those articles
about Marilyn Manson, Osbourne and the other guys and the activities of
the catholic church.

I became a Christ during a serious crisis. I am in psychiatric treatment
and consume antidepressants and narcoleptics. I read you strongly
criticize those medications.

The opinion of Christians about psychiatric drugs is quite non-unique. I
became ill by consuming marihuana-like products. This is not the only
thing that made me ill, but it's one big factor in the developing of my

Now I feel almost healed. Jesus is washing my mind and the hate against
god and humans became much less and more rare.

I want to live my life for Jesus. This includes, that my brain is
healthy. With an ill brain, I cannot serve Christ as good as with an
healthy one.

Do you know that some people say, Jesus can heal although through pills?
I'm no materialist.

I don't think that any pill can heal. Only God can really heal. But god
can not only use humans to change someone but also pills. Do you agree?

Why are you against psychiatric medications? I know that there are many
bad teachers in the amount of all psychiatrists and psychologists. But
did you make the experience, that a good talk with a brother or a sister
can lead you to a new point of view? Have you never taken aspirin when
you have headache in order to be able to read the bible without
being disturbed by the pain?

Of course aspirin is no replacement for the grace of Jesus. Praying is
always better than going to a doctor. But is feeling the pain necessary?
I'm not sure...... Probably the discussion could be extended to all
pharmalogical products.

I know that psychiatric drugs are said to have many side-effects. But I
have heard of a woman that reacts allergically to usual water. Can we
blame the water in this case?

I hope you can help me in understanding your opinion and give me some
advice, how to continue my treatment.

Yours sincerely,

Name withheld for privacy

Here's my response...

*Hello Markus,

      Thank you for your e-mail.

First of all, I must inform you that I am not a doctor and my opinions are unqualified at best according to the medical industry.  Please do NOT make any medical decisions concerning your medication(s) without consulting your doctor.

I'm not against medicine.  Unfortunately, as a web search can quickly prove, many drugs on the market today do more harm than good...so how can they be called "medicine?"  In fact, doctors killed 250,000 people in America in the year 2000. 

Do a web search under "Doctors kill 250,000"

Do a web search under "doctors leading cause of death"

Do a web search under "dangerous drugs"

I would recommend that you research the pharmaceutical industry.  Read G. Edward Griffin's eye-opening "World Without Cancer" to learn the shocking truth.  The whole drug industry is a scam.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not against modern medicine at all.  What I am against is doctors pushing drugs to make trillions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry.  Doctors are required by law to treat certain symptoms a certain way...the pharmaceutical way.  Go to any doctor and there's a 95% chance you'll be leaving with a prescription for something.

If your medications have helped you, great!  All I'm saying in my web article is that a lot of drugs...like Neurontin...are useless.  Look at Vioxx.  Look at Depakote.  Look at Ritalin.  Look at the dangers of Tylenol.  There is nothing wrong with medicine (drugs) if they are legitimately applied.  Unfortunately, 100,000 patients died last year because of drugs.


Just make sure that you research the medicine that you're taking.  Some of the psychiatric drugs are known to cause suicidal tendencies, but you won't hear that from most doctors.

Again, I'm not a doctor and can't legally advice you.  Please ask your doctor about the medications you are taking for possible side-effects.  You have a right to ask and know.  Do your homework and you'll see where I'm coming from.  If you really want to be shocked, do a web search under the "dangers of vaccinations."  Whoa!

Hope that helps...

Kind regards,


*Disclaimer: Everything on this page is simply my personal opinion.  I am NOT a doctor.  Please do not do anything without talking to your doctor.  All I'm saying is that you as a patient have a RIGHT to know all about the medication(s) you are being prescribed by your doctor.  Often not enough information is provided (or the patient blindly trusts the doctor and doesn't ask).  BEFORE you take the drug, ask questions.  Type the name of your medication online and then the word "warning" or "caution" or "side-effects" to see if there are any concerns.  You'd be surprised!