Just "Doing Church"

by David J. Stewart

I received the following inspiring e-mail in July of 2005 ...

Dear David:

I just found your website this afternoon, and must let you know I am very encouraged by what you have to say. I just left my Baptist church a couple of months ago because of the pastor's lack of discernment in allowing the study of "The Purpose Driven Life" in the Sunday school class (I told him how unBiblical it is, but to no avail), and I am not growing spiritually. We are just "doing church".

I tried encouraging our "leadership" to research the Illuminati and the NWO, but to no avail. The church used to be led by Freemasons; could this have something to do with the perceived absence of the Holy Spirit's presence in this church?

I pray the Lord will send my way brothers and sisters who feel the way that you do. I agree with all I have read on your website so far, and I thank God
for your faithfulness to Him! I think that the Lord may be leading me to start a house church...I have had this burden for a while. I will be meeting with another Christian couple next week in my home to study the Word, praise the Lord, and pray together. What I have seen in modern American churches
today doesn't even come close to following what the first century church


Your sister in Christ,
Cynthia ______

I receive e-mails like this daily from my web visitors, upset at their local dead churches.  America's churches are in sad shape spiritually because the men of God are few.  While preachers are dime a dozen nowadays, fervent men of God are an endangered species.  What America needs is real men of God...men with guts and determination...men who are ticked off enough to get MAD (Make A Difference)...men who aren't afraid to rock the boat and offend people...men to whom TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS mean more than anything else...men with vision.  But you say, "Don't we need pastors who are loving and compassionate?"  Of course we do, but we need BOTH.  A true man of God possess strength and beauty, grace and truth, love and hate.  I saw a bumper sticker today that read "Hate is Sick".  Well, not all types of hate.  As believers, we should all hate sin and wickedness.  A pastor should have as much hatred for sin as he does love for his people.  In fact, a pastor who doesn't preach against sin doesn't love his people.  I recently learned of a gay Baptist church in San Francisco.  That pastor (and I use the term loosely) does NOT love his people.  A pastor is not just someone that collects a paycheck, which is about all today's clergy amounts to.  A pastor is supposed to be a man of God that preaches the TRUTH, like it or lump it, take it or leave it, turn or burn, it's Jesus or hell.  If you don't like that, then get right with God!

All across America, people go to some dead church every Sunday to have their ears tickled and their backs scratched by some milk-toast joke of a preacher who couldn't preach his way out of a paper bag.  America's pulpits need to be turned up to "flame broiler".  There is nothing wrong with America that couldn't be corrected by preaching...eye-opening preaching.  Too many pastors get up behind their pulpits week after week and never educate their people concerning the TRUTH about what's going on in America.  Their sermons are all about fireworks that never get lit, waterfalls that never flow, stars that never shine.  In other words, they gather around the Word while never lifting a finger to change anything.  Who wants to belong to a church like that?  That's right, dead people. 

The sad fact is that most pastors can't enlighten their congregation because they are in the dark themselves.  Even worse, MOST pastors have the attitude that secular matters such as the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, and Government scandals don't belong in the pulpit.  Thus, they never investigate and expose these evils to their people...so the problems get worse and worse.  Well the truth needs to be told!!!  Let me say that again...

The truth needs to be told!!!

If preachers don't tell society the truth, then who will?  The news media is not telling the truth.  The radio is not telling the truth.  The newspapers are not telling the truth.  Folks, their is a diabolic conspiracy by evil men in high places to destroy America, Christianity, the Word of God, our Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, churches, families, marriages, and everything called decent and holy...and the devil is behind it all.  I actually had a Christian man write me, using the excuse that "Satan must run his course," saying we should just sit back and not fight the inevitable.  What???  Are you nuts???  Would you please show me that from the Bible?  Show me one verse that says were supposed to just sit back and let the devil take control without a fight.  I triple-dog dare you!!!  On the contrary, Psalm 94:16 proclaims, "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"  I actually had a professed Christian man write to tell me that Psalm 94:16 was an Old Testament verse that didn't apply today.  That is NOT true.   Malachi 3:6 declares that God CANNOT change.  God is the same God today as He was back in the Old Testament.  God still expects us to STAND UP AGAINST THE EVILDOERS (like George W. Bush for murdering tens-of-thousands of innocent people) and the WORKERS OF INIQUITY (like the Zondervan Publishing company for perverting the Word of God).  We must stand!!! 

 "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." -Ephesians 6:13

God didn't write two books, He only wrote One.  The same God that passionately hated sin in the Old Testament still hates sin today...and God expects us to do something about it besides pray.  Our founding fathers prayed, and then went to war to fight for their freedoms.  If we don't start defending our freedoms, then they will surely continue to be stripped away from us.  Our freedoms are not eroding, they are being STOLEN.  Evil inventions such as the Patriot Act, National ID cards, forced drugging, property confiscations, squandered social security, U.S. troops being misused as hired mercenaries to kill, surveillance cameras everywhere, airport screening (breast groping), anti-hate speech laws, the godless federal Reserve system, deliberate open borders, forced euthanasia, NAFTA and CAFTA, tyrant judges, evil lawyers, wicked politicians...our freedom is fast disappearing. 

As Cynthia diligently recognized and stated in her e-mail at the beginning of this article...'We are just "doing church"'.

America's churches need to get back to Biblical door-to-door soul winning (Acts 20:20).  Churches need to start exposing the evils of 911, the Iraqi war, and the massive corruption in Washington.  It's because America's churches haven't addressed these issues that they have flourished as weeds among the people of God.  When Anita Bryant took a stand against homosexuality in the 1970's, where were the churches to support her, to back her up?  No where!  Please read, The Problem With Christians.

Are you just "Doing Church"?

"Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light." -Ephesians 5:14

Thanks much Cynthia, I'm always encouraged to receive e-mails from folks who are awake to righteousness.  I look forward to meeting you in heaven too.

Kindest regards,

David J. Stewart